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NOTE: If you use other ENB's and have made custom tweaks, you might want to back u the enbseries folder for those rior to co ying over the !NENB files in the ne"t art of the installation# That way you can co y them back if you decide to install a different ENB#


%irst of all, download ENB&eries v'#()* from the enbdev#com website: htt :++www#enbdev#com+mod,tesskyrim,v'()*#htm

-irror: htt :++www#i aradigm#org+ ages+ nenb+enbseries,skyrim,v'()*#.i

/o y d0d1#dll from the 23ra er4ersion2 folder to your main &kyrim folder, saying yes to overwrite 5this will also make sure you are using the right version and not one from another ENB, which is im ortant6#

Ne"t, co y everything from this mod's 27$To&kyrim%older2 directory to your main &kyrim directory 5should end in &team8 s$9common$9&kyrim6 saying yes to overwrite when rom ted#

:ownload the enbhel er#dll and co y it to the enbseries folder in your &kyrim directory 5created by the revious ste if you didn't already have one#6 This is needed for er$ weather settings and underwater su ort: htt :++dev$c#com+skyrim+enbhel er+

The default ENBoost config included with !NENB is set u for an N4I:I8 card with 7;B< 4=8- running on a *)$bit O&# If you have a different card, use this utility to view the correct settings, then edit the a ro riate section of enblocal#ini: htt :++www#i aradigm#org+ ages+ nenb+ENBoost#html

Ne"t download the !NENB,fi"es lug$in from the main file section and co y !NENB#es

to your &kyrim+:ata directory# -ake sure it is checked in your lugins list from the launcher or whatever mod manager you use#

=E/O--EN:E:: >-emory atch removed ending &?&E$su how to com ile it yourself though:

orted version# @E=E is

htt :++forums#bethsoft#com+to ic+7)AB(*0$shesons$memory$fi"$ctdils$thread$(+C D(0(AB)E*+

8lso, there is a non$&?&E version out now 5not tested6: htt :++www#ne"usmods#com+skyrim+mods+B'0'B+

On the to ic of &?&E lugins, I also highly recommend everyone download and install the &table u;ridsToFoad lugin 5htt :++www#ne"usmods#com+skyrim+mods+)7B1(6 which will hel revent certain crashes that can ha en even at the default u;rids value of B#

8lso, in addition to the -emory 8llocation !atch I suggest o ening the &?&E#ini it laces in your &kyrim $9 :ata $9 &?&E folder and adding the following:

G;eneralH /learInvalid=egistrationsD7

This will clear out broken OnI date scri ts from removed mods over time and hel eliminate bloating saves and another ossible cause of instability# Native &?&E feature, verified by ro modders like 8rthmoor, author of the unofficial &kyrim atches#

htt :++www#darkcreations#org+forums+to ic+0EB($skse$cleans$invalid$scri ts$from$old$ mods+

Fastly, o en your &kyrim!refs#ini file from your :ocuments$9-y ;ames$9&kyrim directory, and set b:raw&hadowsD7, bTrees=eceive&hadowsD7, b&hadowsOn;rassD7

5may need to add manually6, b:rawFand&hadowsD7, and b%loat!oint=enderTargetD7# 5This is reJuired for all ENB configurations#6

I!:8TE: &ee the G8NTI8FI8&IN;H section of enblocal#ini for more information on various additional 88 o tions#



It is recommended whenever you install a new ENB or u date, that you run the &kyrim launcher to u date your config files before checking the above settings, as they can sometimes get reverted after running the launcher for the first time after an u date 5or after a video driver u date6# Kust o en the launcher, verify your settings, and close it as normal# Lou don't have to change anything to u date your settings, Must running the launcher is enough# Then check the above values in &kyrim!refs#ini to make sure they are still correct#


In your &kyrim Fauncher settings, set 8ntialiasing and 8nisotro ic %iltering to 2Off 5best erformance62 since both are handled by the mod with better Juality and faster erformance# @O3E4E=, for the record you /8N set %N88 on in the launcher under the advanced settings, and it :OE& hel to smooth things out even more# If your system can handle it, this is a decent and erformance$friendly com liment to !NENB's &-88, which looks Juite a bit like ENB's Edge88# If your system really has some muscle though, I suggest trying out ENB's Trans arency88 5in enblocal#ini6 which doesn't look near as blurry as %N88 or Edge88#

In your video card settings 5N4I:I8 /ontrol !anel or /atalyst /ontrol /enter6 make sure both 8ntialiasing and 8nisotro ic %iltering are either off or set to 28 lication /ontrolled,2 and the 2Te"ture %iltering $ Negative FO: Bias2 5or something similar6 is set to 2/lam 2 or 2Off2 5this is taken from the official ENB documentation#6 8lso, if your video card settings su ort 8mbient Occlusion for &kyrim, make sure that is off as well as it will

conflict with the better looking ENB version from this mod# -ake sure 4sync is set to 28 lication /ontrolled2 as well since !NENB does this through ENB 5and don't try to force it anywhere else either6, and if you have a 2-a"imum re$rendered frames2 o tion I suggest also setting it to 28 lication /ontrolled2#

One final consideration:

If you have any color+saturation+vibrancy settings enabled through your video drivers or any mod that adMusts fog, lights, or lets you configure color and other values in$game, I highly recommend turning them off until you have decided how you like this ENB configuration by itself#


O tional :e th of %ield:

If you would refer to use :e th of %ield, which actually looks retty cool 5es ecially for screenshots6, sim ly enable it from the in$game ENB config editor 5see hotkey section6# /lick to save the configuration at the to of the editor and it will remember your reference# 8lternately, you can manually edit the same value in enbseries#ini#

NOTE: This ENB configuration uses &ub!i"el -or hological 8nti 8liasing 5included6, which is better than %N88 with very low erformance cost# If you would refer to use a different screen s ace anti$aliasing 5like a custom %N886, you will need to change the !=ONL setting in enblocal#ini to oint to the correct #:FF# Or if you would refer to turn off this mod's 88 altogether, for e"am le to force another method through video drivers, you can edit enblocal#ini and set Enable!ro"yFibrary to false#

!erformance O tions:

If you find the default version too slow, first test setting &i.e&caleD'#) and

&ourceTe"tures&caleD'#) under the G&&8O,&&IFH section of enbseries#ini# Lou can try lowering &i.e&cale and &ourceTe"tures&cale even lower to something between '#0 and '#), though you must do this manually by editing the file in note ad or something similar rior to running the game 5can't be modified in$game6# If that still seems too slow you can set Enable8mbientOcclusionDfalse under the GE%%E/TH section and+or :etailed&hadowOualityD( under the G&@8:O3H section#

-O=E O!TION&: v7#B)< enables custom configuration of the @:*$based mode B shaders via the in$game ENB config editor# 5&ee the articles section#6 v7#A( enables interior day+night se aration for @:* effects#


ENB @otkeys:

Insert D Take a screenshot# !age :own D /lear 4=8-# &hift<Enter D Toggle in$game ENB config editor#

&kyrim /onsole: P D O en in$game console# Ty e 'tm' 5without the Juotes6 and ress Enter to hide all gra hical @I: elements for unobstructed screenshots# Ty e this command in the console again 5or restart &kyrim6 to turn the game dis lay back on#