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Hindi / nervous drudgery grudge imprudence indifferent / disinterested - destiny

1. Quality-related
, / talented skilled intelligent exception as an exception; - exceptional exemplary unconventional conventional recognized well known


4. Matter-related
, abstract; - immaterial natural artificial , solid, liquid, gas concrete material, physical

2. Process-related
/ : process objection execution implication - emulation, imitation degeneration abnormality evolution continuation perpetual separated well planned

5. Environment-related
pollution wildlife / sanctuary tiger reserve reserve forests biodiversity bio-safety climate change intl framework convention GM genetic engg. organic farming flora & fauna protection/conservation environment ecosystem eco. balance sustainable dev.

3. Emotion-related
emotion intent desire pain motivation / inspiration - deprivation consciousness

Hindi WHS MDG SDG Marxist Maoist Naxalites colonialism

6. Literature-related
satire sarcastic / ironical ironic / irony idiom simile figure of speech epic summary movie craft metaphor / sarcasm imagery personify literature vocabulary expression literary exp. poetic exp.

8. Time & place-related

- ancient , modern contemporary local regional global millennium decade century renaissance temporary - medieval

9. Constitution-related
constitution preamble - Executive - Legislature Judiciary MP; provisions Act bill - pending amendment CA universal - sovereign socialist - secular - MLA

7. Ideology-related
nationalist capitalist conservative, orthodox - liberal right-wing left-wing CPI leader humanist multiculturalism anarchist

Hindi democratic republic liberty equality fraternity dignity / unity justice FR - HR - SC ST OBC disabled reservation / integrity allocation transparency transparent auction competitive bidding domain suspect undisputed affidavit - power of attorney FIR (police) collective resp. - PC JPC CAG - CEC UPSC NCW


administration / system systemic systematic - institutionalized organized integrated interference competence - core competence training vested interests administrator - IAS bureaucrat superintendent inspector / commissioner


economy black eco. economic growth ( agriculture industry - infrastructure service sector retail sector / retail price technology engineering food processing mining large-scale value addition - improved ) GDP

Hindi / index well researched on an average estimation inter-related liberal economy liberalization privatization globalization polarization deregulation market-oriented reforms rate; supply demand black marketing hoarding PDS agri. commodities futures trade healthcare above factors tax taxation concession CAD fiscal deficit fiscal policy monetary policy revenue income; trade import; graph survey trends export; expenditure


Foreign affairs-related
NAM WTO - IMF UN diplomacy diplomatic sideline - appeasement look east policy Intellectual property geopolitics - geostrategy


Human indicators-related
literacy sex ratio urbanization mortality fertility migration longevity demography census workforce quality of life standard of living sources of life


aforementioned , mention however consequently so-called invention