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Graduate Student / Graduate Alumni Committee



inspire a lifelong connection to and affection for Lehigh.

MISSION: To cultivate continuous engagement through meaningful relationships in support of the university's mission. FY14 STRATEGY: Retain; Acquire; Grow FOCUS AREAS:
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Constituents : (Graduate Students; Graduate Alumni; Parents; and Friends of the university): Improve marketing segmentation and messaging; identify presenters, subject matter experts and topics of interest. Virtual Programs: Continue the development of Mountain Talks and career and professional development programs. Young Alumni: Improve involvement in all aspect of our Alumni Relations programs from volunteering to event attendance with particular attention to Reunion. Outreach: Bringing Lehigh to where our alumni live (regional clubs) or where they have professional/personal interest (affinity). Volunteer Opportunities Online: Dramatically increase our volunteer base. As ambassadors, they are a force multiplier promoting all things Lehigh.

Committee Chair(s): Staff Liaison(s): Committee Members: Vision: Tom Spencer '69, *chair Kathleen Hutnik '84, asst. chair *George Kuczynski'74 accepted temporary leadership role as chair until such time as Tom is ready to return to active duty Susan Lopez, Danielle Moyer Krista Kobeski '07, Tonya Amankwatia '08G, John Hughes '65, George Kuczynski '74, Fred Zamparelle '08, Kevin O'Sullivan '91, Jonathan Green '92 Strengthen and diversify alumni base with targeted efforts towards including graduate students, graduate alumni, and past and current Global Village participants in Alumni Relations events and programming

INSTRUCTIONS Goals should always be: S Specific M Measurable A Achievable R Realistic T Time Bound

1. Goal/Objective. Briefly describe each goal/objective and when the goal/objective should be met or accomplished. 2. Tactics. Identify specific approaches/strategies/tactics that must be implemented to reach the goal.

3. Progress. Rank the progress of the goal.


Stage one is " due diligence", that is, determining what programs LUAA and alumni associations at peer institutions are currently offering to grad students and graduate alumni.

- determining what other peer institutions are doing to include graduate students and alumni in their overall alumni organizations, - examining current LUAA programs for ASAs and undergraduate alumni to determine what would be appropriate for us to emulate, - speaking with focus groups of grad students and alumni to learn what aspects of LUAA they find appealing and what they would like LUAA to offer them
Progress: X
25% Complete 50% Complete 75% Complete 100% Complete


Tactics: Progress:
25% Complete 50% Complete 75% Complete 100% Complete


Stage two involves assessment of what we've learned in Stage one, careful consideration and analysis of what LUAA should offer and how it should be marketed, and the development of a plan consistent with our mission.
To be developed.


25% Complete

50% Complete

75% Complete

100% Complete

As reported during the January 14 conference call, the Graduate Life Outreach Committee has undergone a temporary change of leadership. George Kuczynski has graciously agreed to serve as chair while Tom Spenser undergoes medical treatment. In addition, we have experienced a change in LUAA staffing affiliated with our committee. We are happy to welcome Samantha McGinty and Danielle Moyer, with help from Susan Lopez. Our hope and expectation is that these changes will provide us with the needed stability to help us make faster progress in the coming months. Next steps: First, the LUAA staff will include graduate students in Lehighs Grad Fair Days at the Bookstore. While students are ordering their graduation regalia, they will also go through stations in which basic information is collected: future employment, contact information, starting salary, etc. This will also provide the students information on the rights and privileges as lifelong members of the Lehigh University Alumni Association. Second, the LUAA staff members are exploring creating a Graduate Student Affinity Group. They will work on the logistics of how this would work. The graduate associate deans are amenable to providing a college liaison, but we need more clarity on next steps. The challenge here, as with many efforts to reach the graduate population, hinges on the decentralized nature of graduate education. Third, it has come to our attention that the College of Education (COE) has already begun to reach out to their alumni. Our group will discern who is responsible for the outreach to see if we can learn and coordinate efforts. COE may be able to serve as a model for the three other colleges. At the March 1st meeting, we will invite approximately ten graduate students to join us for lunch and the first breakout session. This will give other board members a chance to learn about life as a graduate student at Lehigh. We also will solicit ideas from them on how to engage them both while they are here as students and once they leave Lehigh. We will also use the face to face time to review our goals and action steps.