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Remote Hypnosis Sagas Ch.

1 by ~SuperSpinnerSpinner on deviantART
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Remote Hypnosis Sagas Ch. 1

by ~SuperSpinnerSpinner, Dec 10, 2009, 6:57:15 AM Literature / Prose / Fiction / Romance / Erotic


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Chapter 1 I read erotic stories all of the time. First, at a young age there were the romantic situations in my favorite fantasy stories. This eventually elevated to more ahem "mature" scenes of love, and slowly but surely my fascination with mind control seeped in until the girls I read about were no longer loving humans but automated dolls willingly obeying the narrator. And every story involving hypnosis started the same; either a hypnotist is just naturally skilled, a skeptic decides to try it at a party, or the main character buys a magic mindmelting device online (or via snail mail back in the day). I'm not like that. I'm an electrical engineering student well versed in IR signals and control functions. This is what you get when you combine a Y-chromosome, engineering, and an overhyped sex drive. It all started one day over summer vacation. It was the weekend after my eighteenth birthday, and I had the day off from my internship at SUO Electronics (a television/visual electronics developer), but as always I was tinkering a bit with some of the novice design work I had been doing during the week. Since it was my first internship and I didn't really seem to know my stuff, I observed the wireless systems techies redesigning the remote control for a new television. With all of the rush to finish in time for a Black Friday release, prototype after prototype slowly found its way to the electronic graveyard, and some days I snagged a few to take apart at home. Mom was gone for the weekend (research, as always), and my younger sister Lilly was down in the basement playing video games. Sixteen years old, avid gamer, C-cup. Interested? I'm sure you could understand where this deprived boy was coming from at the time. I always wanted to just try breaking out a pocket watch or a spiral or something. All of those dirty stories of mind control were just streaming through my mind, and the urge to even just get her to utter the word "hypnosis" had my drives running at double speed. It was only eleven a.m. I still had at least four more hours until she would emerge from that cave like a zombie, squinting at the daylight. How would I go about this? Pocket watch? Spiral? Those sounded too Hollywood for me, but I still got excited just at the thought of her swaying sleepily in rhythm with the tickings of a clock. And even though I didn't "seem" to know electrical engineering, my countless hours ripping apart computers, televisions, and radios taught me all about preassembled systems. I can't reveal what I did in those four hours, for fear of letting the information get into the wrong hands. But I will tell you this using the guts of six reject remotes I was able to concoct a new controller. Allalong I fantasized of Lilly, panting like a dog or begging for my love.Referencing reliable sources like Wikipedia and other sites, I found out how to fully manipulate brainwaves with two small poles... Two would that work? I sat and thought about that for some time, combing over the details so as to perfectly allign the poles with the brain. My sister would make a great test subject, but how would I get her to sit still between two poles just to have her brain wiped? I doubt she'd be less than willing.I looked back down to the newspaper upon which I kept all of my tools and noticed I had struck gold. Literally. Her earrings. She only had one piercing in each ear, but she had a large collection of dangling earrings.

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Remote Hypnosis Sagas Ch. 1 by ~SuperSpinnerSpinner on deviantART

Perfect, I thought. I snuck into her room upstairs (not that I needed to, but I do love spy movies), and noticed her box of earrings. Picking through I found a pair of long dangles that could easily conceal the two small nickel poles. By the time I got back down to the kitchen table where I was working I could hear footsteps coming from beyond the basement door. Crap. In some cases, though it's nothing an engineer should ever do, one needs to rush through his work in order to let his fruits come to bear. In the five seconds it took for her to exit the dark basement cave I had hooked up the pair and thrown them on the other side of the table, sitting back down to my work as if I had never moved from my spot. Lilly groggily wiped her eyes and stretched out, shaking away the effects of this morning's gaming marathon. She hadn't put in earrings yet, but her eyes eventually did stray to the pair on the table as we exchanged our general pleasantries. The entire time I nearly bit my tongue to sustain my collectedness. "Where did these come from?" My heart stopped. I knew she would ask it, but that didn't mean I dreaded the question. It's not like the entire thing was planned out perfectly. "Andy, did I leave these here?' "I guess," was all I could think of as a response. Her face held no suspicions, and she put the earrings in. Casually, I reached for the special remote, playing the part of an absentminded engineer fussing with buttons. One of the programming functions I added involved a combination of the pause button and three button, which would most likely activate a hypnotic state in her. I pressed the two lightly, to no avail. Then I clicked harder. And harder. "Easy there," said Lilly. "Don't break your complex thingamajig." I had gotten used to her rough idea of humor. Very sarcastic and bitter to the point of just being cruel sometimes. I knew she never meant harm, she was just being her witty self. "I'll be in my room." That mocking smile didn't look like hypnosis. Then again I didn't really think it had a look. Something was wrong with the device. All of my hard work ended in failure. Such is the life of an engineer, I suppose. Ashamed, I attempted to retreat to my room with the remote when I noticed something. It was too light. Underneath I saw that the battery cover had come loose and the batteries fell out. I don't think I had ever felt both stupidity and relief before as I did then. Duct tape rescued me again, and with fresh batteries I headed up to Lilly's room. The remote couldn't fit in my pocket, so I held it behind my back. When I entered I saw her on her laptop, still wearing the same earrings. But with her already mesmerized by her computer, the hypnotic effects would be less apparent, and in case of failure could lead to an awkward conversation at dinner with Mom when she got back. "Hey Lilly, can I borrow your TV for a bit?" "Umm, no. I need it." "But you're not even using it." "So? I still need it." I could hear she sounded annoyed. "Look, I'll just take it for now-" Before I could even get halfway across the room, she was up and blocking my path. Though she was a good six inches shorter, I was still aware of her strength and her tendency to use force when angry. At least she didn't look like a zombie anymore. Her eyes flared as she stood on tip toes to intimidate me (and she did).[01/12/2012 11:06:15 p.m.]

Remote Hypnosis Sagas Ch. 1 by ~SuperSpinnerSpinner on deviantART

My fingers had been hovering over the pause and three buttons, and at this opportune moment clamped down. Immediately I could see the sapphire flames disappear from her eyes, and slowly her arms rose to her ears. Something drew her fingers to play with the earrings, and her glazing expression seemed to show her confusion. "Are you okay?" I couldn't help but grin as I said that. "No, I, uh..." She twirled and dropped to the ground, her back landing against the leg of the bed, but she didn't grimace. She just stared blankly, her eyelids fluttering. "Are you okay, Lilly?" I reiterated. "Can you hear me?" "Yes..." I grabbed her wrist and shook it lightly. Her muscles resisted slightly, but were generally limp. I lifted my finger to her left earring and touched it, and her arm instantly loosened completely, falling heavy in my grip. This proved she wasn't faking. There was no way someone as tense as Lilly could relax this much. I pressed the volume up arrow and select button to activate the programming function. I thought I heard a weak little sigh as the last of her tension floated away. "Lilly, I am your master. Do you understand?" She nodded feebly. "Speak when you are spoken to." I sounded so commanding in my own head, strong and in control for once. "Yes, Master." "You will obey me and do whatever I say, correct?" "Yes, Master." "You will love me more than you ever haved. More than a brother." This was getting strange now. How far should I go? "To you I am the love of your life, and you will want to please me. Obeying me will turn you on, and you will love being my slave. Understood?" "Yes, Master." "When you and I are alone you will lose all of your inhibitions and crave to please me. You will be giddy with excitement around me, and you can't control yourself." Then I pressed the simplest of commands: the play button. Lilly still looked a bit groggy, but quickly shook the sleep from her head and looked up, eyes wide and mouth curved. "Master!" And she leapt up, wrapping her arms around me and pulling me to the ground with her fall. This was it. She was on top of me, pinning me down and smiling childishly. Never before had I seen her like this. Her hands were on my chest as she reached in to kiss me. Just before contact my fingers hit pause and three, and she collapsed on top of me. I reached up and played a bit with her earrings, feeling her body get heavier as I did. Oh my God. This couldn't be better. My sneaky, tough sister was now a puppet, and I her marionette. I could do this. I could control her. And why just[01/12/2012 11:06:15 p.m.]

Remote Hypnosis Sagas Ch. 1 by ~SuperSpinnerSpinner on deviantART

her? I'm sure there's more that I can do. I pressed the play button. "Lilly, call Stacy. Tell her you want to hang out over here today." "Yes, Master." SUO Electronics was closed for the night, but someone remained behind. One of the janitors noticed movement in the dark main lab. "The place is closed. Get outta there!" The old janitor didn't want to deal with this, but someone had to. "As you wish," replied the mysterious figure. Then it grabbed a handful of equipment and hauled itself out the window and into the night.

Remote Hypnosis Sagas Ch. 1

by ~SuperSpinnerSpinner
Literature / Prose / Fiction / Romance / Erotic

So, this is the first Chapter of "Remote Hypnosis Sagas", a series that I plan to continue for a while. This story is erotic (somewhat incestuous right now), but contains no sexually explicit content. Still, it's PG-13 at least. Plot: Engineering student Andy loves to tinker with electronics, and one day alone with a cute girl and a pile of scrap electronics will start an adventure involving romance, fantasies, hypnosis, and technology.

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Nov 10, 2012

marionette is a type of puppet


Mar 29, 2010

i love this story so much im reading it a second time x.x


Dec 20, 2009 Hobbyist Writer

Quite an intresting story you've got here. I think this might go some intresting places. Nice work


Dec 20, 2009

Thanks! Currently writing chapter 2.


Next[01/12/2012 11:06:15 p.m.]

Remote Hypnosis Sagas Ch. 1 by ~SuperSpinnerSpinner on deviantART Add a Comment:

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