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PRODUCT NAME: Equate brand Tampons TARGET GROUP: Females ages 13-60 years THE HISTORY: Equate is a one of Walmarts private label brands. In 1962,
Walmart was founded by Sam Walton in Bentonville, Arkansas. It started out as a small business that quickly grew. Today it is the worlds second largest public corporation.

THE IDEA: I am interested in changing the package not only for the
tampon, but for the pad as well. This is a product for women, so giving the packaging a more feminine feel is the new vision. I would want to see packaging available at a smaller size for easy carrying in a purse or bag, that is feminine and discreet. One idea would be to create a package similar to the design of many hold, probably, up to 4 tampons. This would be great for ladies on the go with a small handbag. To create a more feminine packaging, I would use a new color scheme. It doesnt have to be full on pink, but I think having some pink elements would do the trick. I like that the

old design packaging is simple, so I couldnt stray too far from that. Keeping a modern, clean and simple design that shows femininity on a broad range. Advertising the product will be simple, as mart. Walmart has frequent mail and instore sales ads where the product could be featured. Also, online the product can be featured.

chewing gum packages, with an easy slip close casing that would it is part of that huge corporation, Wal-

Style Guide

Century Gothic. BlackJack.

display fonts are in BlackJack and sized 16,24,56 (muiltiples of 8) Century Gothic and should be point

Dusty Rose, Pantone 250 EC, CMYK: 6 19 0 0 RGB 238 210 248 HEX: e5bfdb Mauve, Pantone 237 EC CMYK: 7 48 0 0 RGB: 229 153 199 HEX: e39ac3 Warm Fizz, Pantone 2582 EC CYMK: 45 62 16 0 RGB:150 113 157 HEX: 9053a1 Periwinkle, Pantone 272 EC CMYK: 63 55 19 1 RGB: 112 115 156 HEX: 7171b5 Sea Turtle Green, Pantone 3295 CYMK: 68 32 42 5 RGB: 89 139 140 HEX: 00806c Sea Foam Green, Pantone 322 CMYK: 38 4 26 0 RGB: 159 207 195 HEX: a9dcd8


Gill Sans
Body copy for marketing should be 9 or 10 point in Gill Sans, with variation on italic, bold, and light italic.

Style Guide
LOGO: The logo will be used strictly for
packaging, as that is its sole purpose; product branding. There is no general need for it to be produced in print, as it as a child-brand of Walmart. The color version will always be in package design. For any print relating to the brand, the mark is to be printed in the black and white version. The logo should be placed no further than 1 inch from the edge of the package, and no closer than .25 inches.