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Section A : Grammar [40 marks] [Time suggested : 20 minutes]

Questions 1 10 Rearrange the words to make correct statements. Write the sentences with the correct punctuation in the spaces provided.


father my a teacher is. .

2. to bathroom the sing is likes in Maria. . 3. slice bread I every day of eat a. . 4. sing !"in skillf l is not in cho"sticks. .

#. I"in dra$n $hat is he $ith has ha""y. . %. trees is made "a"er from. . &. today him taking the to 'amantha clinic is. . (. $hite ) na*s is cat and tail s has c rly. +. to father s ho se bo ght a ne,t my a cl b s$imming. 10. mother a thirteenth chocolate cake birthday "arty my baked for. .

[20 marks]

Questions 11 20 The following sentences contain one error which is underlined. Write the correct word in the boxes provided.

11. 12. 13. 14. 1#. 1%. 1&. 1(. 1+. 20.

-ater are im"ortant to every living thing. My grandfather*s ho se is in the end of the road. .he f rnit re in this hotel are fashionable and elegant .ina "o red the so " on the bo$l. .he boys $as in the classroom after school last .h rsday. My brother climbs off the ladder to resc e the cat. .hese are the ne$ "lates that mother b ys last month. /li drove him father*s car to $ork yesterday. -e sa$ a monkey s$inging " the river to the other side ' 0y left her handbag at the table.

[20 marks] Section B : Vocabulary [20 marks] [Time suggested : 20 minutes] Questions 21 - 30 Part A Identify the things fo nd in the food chain of grassland and $rite the ans$ers in the bo,es "rovided.






[# marks]

Part B 1ill in the bo,es $ith the correct names of "arts of the body.

2%. .his "art 3oins the head to the body2

2&. .his is the "art bet$een the hand and the lo$er arm2

2+. .his "art 3oins the ""er arm to the lo$er arm2

2(. .his is the "art at the bottom of the feet2

30. .his "art 3oins the ""er leg to the lo$er leg2

[# marks]

Question 31-40 4ead the te,t and choose the correct ans$er. -rite the correct ans$er in the s"ace "rovided. I am 31. 555555555555555555555 6thirtheen7 thirteen7 tirtheen8 years old. I live in 9 ala ) m" r7 $ith my mother7 my father7 my brother7 'ally7 and my cat7 1iffy. -e do lots of f n things as a 32. 55555555555555555555 6family7 family7 family8. -hen $e are $atching television7 I love to 33. 5555555555555555555 6lie7 laid7 lay8 my head on my father*s stomach beca se it*s like a soft 34. 555555555555555 6blanket7 mattress7 "illo$8. -hen it*s a very cold 3#. 555555555555555555

6nighte7 night7 nigh8 I love str ggling " to my mother. /nd $hen my brother and I are "laying7 I love to 3%. 5555555555555555555 6tesse7 tease7 teese8 him. :e doesn*t mid it beca se he*s very nice. I like 3&. 5555555555555555 6soccer7 netball7 tennis8 b t sometimes I miss the ball $hen I kick. I love "ing "ong and I*m really good at that 3(. 5555555555555555555 6"lay7 thing7 game8. .he lady $ho lives across the street7 /nne7 is a 3+. 555555555555555555 6$ido$er7 $ido$7 $ido$ess8. ;ver since her h sband died she makes "ens and "encils to sell. I like going over to /nna*s ho se. 'he al$ays $ants me to dra$ 40. 555555555555555 6"ict res7 frames7 "hotos8 of cats for her to " t " on her $alls7 cabinets7 and refrigerator.

[10 marks]

Section C : orms an! unction [20 marks] [Time suggested : 30 minutes] Questions 41 - "0 Write the correct responses in the spaces provided to fit the situations.

[20 marks] Section C : orms an! unction [20 marks] [Time suggested : 30 minutes] Questions "1-#0 tud! the pictures and the information given. Then complete the table with the correct answers. is$ A is$ B is$ C

/ngelfish 1lat body7 high fins7 small head

<oldfish 4o nd and short7 flo$ing tail

)oach )ong narro$ body :ardy and ada"table7


=eacef l7 b t eats smaller fish >ark green and black 4M 1# )ife e,"ectancy of # years % .y"e of s"ecies )ifes"an 'ha"e of body Aolo r =rice Behavio r #1.

? iet and fragile7 sensitive 4ed and $hite 4M %0 )ife e,"ectancy of 1# $eeks & <oldfish #2. #3. ##. #(. ? iet and fragile7 sensitive

"layf l @ello$ and orange 4M30 )ife e,"ectancy of 3 months

# @ears 1lat body7 high fins7 small head >ark green and black #&. #+.

' )oach 3 months #4. #%. 4M30 %0.

[20 marks] ()* + PAP(,