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100 Beef Jerky Recipes

A . Douglas

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Beef Jerky #1
2 lbs round steak (or flank or brisket) 1/4 C. soy sauce 1 Tbsp. Worcestershire 1/4 tsp. ea. pepper and garlic powder 1/2 tsp. onion powder 1 tsp. hickory s oke!fla"ored salt Tri and discard fat fro eat. Cut eat in 1/# to 1/4 thick slices. $n a bowl eat and i' eat slices on

co bine all but

eat. %tir until seasonings dissol"e. &dd

thoroughly. (et stand one hour. %hake off e'cess li)uid and put o"en racks or shallow baking pan. *ry hours.

eat at lowest possible o"en te p

( aybe 1#+ or 2++) until it is brown, hard, and dry. Can take as long as 24

Beef Jerky #2
1 1/2 lb -lank steak %elect a 1/2 inch think flank or top round steak. tri away all fat then partially

free.e until fir . %lice across the grain in a 1/4 to 1/2 inch wide strips. /lace eat strips in a shallow dish or hea"y plastic bag. &dd soy or terriyaki sauce to co"er eat. $f desired onion or garlic powder or Worcestershire sauce eat fro ay be added. Toss to coat each piece. Co"er and refrigerate se"eral hours or o"er night. (ift &rrange arinade, drain will then air dry for a couple of hours. eat strips in single layer on fine wire screen or cake cooling rack. /lace eat is co pletely dried. %tore in

in low te p. o"en (101 to 2++ degrees) or slowly s oke!cook in s oker until air!tight container. %er"e as a snack or

Beef Jerky #3
1/2 ts /epper (2345 -34 63T) 1/2 ts 7arlic /owder 1/2 ts 3nion %alt 1 lb 8eef 4oast 1/2 c %oy sauce 1/2 ts 7arlic %alt 1/2 ts (e on /epper 2arinate 1 hour or o"ernight. 8ake in o"en 11+ to 10+, o"ernight for 1+ ! 12 hours.

Beef Jerky #4
1 -lank %teak 3r (ondon 8roil Coarse 8lack /epper 1/2 c %oy %auce 7arlic /owder Cut flank steak or london broil into 1/49 strips. %prinkle with garlic powder and coarse ground black pepper. 2arinate in soy sauce for 24 hours. 8ake in 11+ degree - o"en for 1+ to 12 hours. *3 :3T e'ceed 11+ degrees -.

Beef Jerky #5
2 lb (ondon 8roil 1/2 c %oy sauce 2 tb Worcestershire sauce 2 ts 7arlic powder 2 ts 3nion powder 2 ts -reshly ground black pepper 2 ts 4ed pepper flakes, less for sissies 2 tb (i)uid s oke -ree.e the (ondon 8roil or other lean roast. When ready to the roast fro Co"er the ake ;erky, re o"e

the and let partially thaw. When ;ust able to slice, first arinade, turn fro ti e to ti e and let arinade

re o"e all fat and then slice against the grain in thin (1/4 inch or less) slices. eat with the o"ernight. $n the orning line a shallow cookie sheet with a few layers of paper the upper rack with tooth picks

towels. /lace on lower rack. /lace upper rack in o"en in top position and lower rack in lower position. 6ang the beef slices fro o"en is real tight, you to escape. abo"e the paper towels. < hours at 1<+- a"erage te p is about right. $f your ight crack open the door a bit to allow the water "apor

Beef Jerky #6
2 lb 4ound steak, chuck steak or roast 1 ts 3nion salt 1/2 ts %alt 1/2 ts 7arlic salt 1/2 ts (e on pepper 1/2 ts %ausage seasoning 1/2 ts Thy e 1/2 ts 3regano 1/2 ts 2ar;ora 1/2 ts 8asil Co bine the spices in a dish. Cut the with a eat ha eat into strips less than 1/4 of an inch

thick. 4e o"e &(( fat. %prinkle one side with the co bined seasonings and beat er. Turn and repeat the seasoning and beating. /lace the strips on a cookie sheet or other flat pan. /lace in a 12+ - o"en for 4 hrs. Turn and put back for another 4 hrs. =eep the o"en door propped open for the entire ti e to allow the oisture to escape. With a gas o"en, the pilot light ay be enough to pro"ide the heat. %tore in a plastic bag. &lso pillowcase. *o not store in a paper bag. ay be stored in a

Beef Jerky #7
1 -lank steak 1 Clo"e garlic, 1/2 c 6oney 1 /inch pepper 4 tb (e on ;uice 1/2 c %oy sauce 1 /inch salt /ut steak in for about half an hour, ;ust until fir . %lice steak across grain, about 1/4!inch thick. Co bine re aining ingredients and 11+ degrees, 12 hours. arinate steak strips in this for at least 2 hours. /lace slices on rack in pan and dry in o"en at inced

Beef Jerky #8
1/2 c %oy %auce 1/2 c Worcestershire %auce 2 tb =etchup 1/2 ts /epper ( ore for hot) 1/2 ts 7arlic /owder 1/2 ts 3nion %alt 1 lb 8eef 4oast 2arinate 1 hour or o"ernight. 8ake in o"en 11+ to 10+, o"ernight for 1+ !12 hours.

Beef Jerky #9
2 lb >ery lean -lank %teak or 8risket 1/? c Ta ari %oy %auce 1 7arlic Clo"e, Tri fat off inced

eat. Cut across grain into 2 pieces@ slice lengthwise with grain into i'ing bowl. add eat. 2arinate for

49 strips. Co bine soy sauce and garlic in 11 to 2+ dried. 8lot

inutes, stirring occasionally. *rain and arrange in single layer on eat on paper towel to absorb e'cess fat. %tore in tightly co"ered

cooling rack set in baking pan. 8ake o"ernight at 11+ degree - for 12 hours until container. Will keep for se"eral weeks. *oes not re)uire refrigeration.

Beef Jerky #10

2 !? lb beef 1/2 c %oy sauce 1/2 c Worcestershire sauce 2 ts &ccent 2/? ts 7arlic powder 2 ts 3nion powder 2/? ts 8lack pepper 2 ts %easoned salt Cut eat with the grain into 1/2!inch thick strips. 2i' all other ingredients to arinade. eat in arinade for 24 hours. /lace eat strips directly on the rack

ake a

%ub erge

in the o"en and cook for # hours at 11+ degrees.

Beef Jerky #11

1 kg 4ound steak ( se i!fro.en) 4+ 21 2 2 1 l %oy sauce l (i)uid s oke l 7arlic powder l 3nion powder l 8lack pepper

6a"e about 1 kg. round steak in a se i!fro.en state, then slice in 1 c . strips across grain. fridge. 4e o"e arinate eat fro eat in co"ered container for 4 hrs ( or o"er night ) in arinade . spread strips on racks placed on cookie

sheets. bake at 1++ degrees C. ( 2++ degrees -. ) for < to 0 hrs turn off heat and let sit in o"en o"er night.

Beef Jerky #12

(ean beef %oy sauce (e on /epper 7arlic %alt -ree.e lean beef for ?+ inutes.

%lice 1/4 inch thick. 4e o"e all fat. *ip into soy sauce to which you ha"e sprinkled le on pepper and garlic salt. %pread slices on cake racks placed on cookie sheets. /lace cookie sheets in 11+ degree o"en for 1+!12 hours. %tore in air tight container.

Beef Jerky #13

1 lb (ean beef 1/4 c %oy sauce 1 ts 7arlic powder %lice the lean beef (should cuts, flank or round steak) with the grain 1/4 to 1/2 inch wide and 2!< inches long. /ain on or dip the strips into a in 11+- for #!12 hours. i'ture of soy sauce and garlic powder. /lace on wire rack in a deep o"en pan@ dry co pletely

Beef Jerky #14

1 lb 8eef loin tip AA BB 1 lb 8eef brisket CettonDs 8arbecue %auce AA BB &nother with no sugar 3nion salt 7arlic salt $f necessary, roll out eat slices as thin as possible. Tri off fat. %et o"en at 2++ eat with sauce. /ut

degrees and line cookie sheets with foil. 8rush one side of salts. Cook for # to E hours. Turn

slices on cookie sheet@ *3 :3T %T&C=. %prinkle lightly with onion and garlic eat after < hours of cooking and brush with sauce. Cool and store in a tightly co"ered ;ar or sealed in a plastic bag.

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