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Downtown Oakland Association and Lake Merritt/Uptown District Association Joint (S.O.B.O.) Sidewalk Operations
Downtown Oakland Association and Lake Merritt/Uptown District Association Joint (S.O.B.O.) Sidewalk Operations

Downtown Oakland Association and Lake Merritt/Uptown District Association Joint (S.O.B.O.) Sidewalk Operations Beautification Order Committee December 18, 2013 - 11:30 a.m. The Leamington, 1814 Franklin Street, Suite 903


Michelle Lane; Martin Ward; Lorie Alemania;


Nola Montgomery, Joe Gallardo, David Weltin, Aliza Gallo


Steve Snider/District Manager, Victoria Decker/Office Manager, Fiona Simms/Administrative Assistant

Discussions held and decisions made by the SOBO Committee





The meeting was called to order at 11:37 a.m.


Public Comment and Announcements

Michelle announced that two new businesses are set to open in Old Oakland-Manifesta and SOBU.


Approval of the

The minutes of October 16, 2013 were presented to the committee for review.

Martin moved and Michelle seconded the motion to approve the minutes of October 16, 2013 with the addition of Aliza Gallo and David Weltin to the attendee list. The motion was approved unanimously.

minutes of October 16,



2014 Meeting Schedule

Staff suggested that the committee continue meeting on the third Wednesday of every other month. Michelle noted that more board member participation is needed in the SOBO committee and perhaps a mention could be made at the next board meeting.

No action taken.

Staff Updates

Andrew noted that there is a City Council meeting scheduled to determine the design of the permanent public space at Latham Square. There was discussion of the various options for the permanent design and the concerns that have come up. Andrew also noted that the hanging plant baskets were recently taken down and sent to Oregon for winter planting. There was discussion of community relations in the Valdez Triangle. Staff explained that they are working on the development of a community/merchant watch program. The Valdez Triangle community is motivated and organized. Their goal is to have 30 block

No action taken.

388 19th Street Oakland, California 94612 DOA Phone 510.238.1122 LMUDA Phone 510.452.4529 Fax 510.452.4530


captains and 300 participants by the end of 2014. They are working with Block by Block on this project and using the SMART system to facilitate the organization of this project.


Discussion of Block by Block employee compensation structure

There was much discussion of the proposed pay structure including the need for additional administrative support for Ted and additional homeless outreach and support. They discussed the impact the changes would have on the hours spent in the field. They requested that staff obtain a cost matrix for the new structure for further clarification.

No action taken.



Andrew listed the following SOBO priorities for the coming year:

No action taken.


Pursue grants around issues of safety and cleanliness


Develop position on public space development


Create homelessness support structure and program


Strengthen our positions with the Public Works Agency and the Oakland Police Department



Draft SOBO

Staff presented a breakdown of the PROW Maintenance line item and the year to date SOBO financial report. They also noted that there was a greater than anticipated underspend in the Security line item. Many Ambassadors left the program and staff has worked with the Block by Block executive team to refine the hiring process. In this time staffing hours were reduced resulting in the aforementioned underspend. Martin and Michelle proposed that the carry forward should be put into an Unallocated Carry Forward line item from which any committee could request funds for projects that their budgets cannot absorb.

No action taken.

budget review


No other items were discussed.



The meeting was adjourned at 1:02 p.m.


Minutes taken by: Fiona Simms, Administrative Assistant