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Your guide to accommodation



I really enjoyed my time in halls of residence. I made lots of friends and settled in to student life very quickly. University accommodation is ideal because it offers you a place to study, eat, sleep and socialise in safe, informal surroundings; a place where you can be at the heart of student life, but nd your own space when you need it.
Michael Lewis, Psychology student.



Your guide to accommodation

Where will you be LIVING?

At Birmingham we offer a fantastic range of accommodation, all of which provides a safe, secure and sociable start to your university experience.
Whether you prefer the picturesque location of the Vale Village with a view over the lake, or to be closer to the campus in Pritchatts Park Village, there is something to suit your needs. Villages offer several different types of accommodation, ranging from en-suite study bedrooms to self-contained apartments, with the option of being self-catered or on our Meal Plan so that it ts into your lifestyle. All of our rooms have wireless internet access and IPTV. There is a team of staff on hand to help you 24 hours a day ensuring that you feel safe here. Making the most of living with us For most people, making new friends is a huge part of the experience of living in University accommodation. To make sure you get the best out of your time with us, we encourage you to take part in the life and activities of the accommodation. There are numerous opportunities to get involved, from volunteering, participating in our green initiatives, becoming an elected member of the Residents Association, becoming a Student Mentor or being part of our Welcome Team. There is something for everyone and the varying opportunities will enhance your experience, as well as providing you with a chance to meet new people. Other activities include events, trips, sports and the chance to be part of the social life of your accommodation, with the social centre in each village helping you to make the most of living in University accommodation and settle into student life. LIVING LIVING is our Accommodation Service, designed to help you with all your accommodation needs during your time at Birmingham. Our team are on hand to answer any queries you may have regarding accommodation. You can contact the team either via phone or email or you can pop into LIVING which is located in University Centre on the Edgbaston campus.

Wherever you choose to live, it will be a memorable, amazing time of your life. The people around you and the great range of things to do will make you feel right at home
Paul, 3rd year English and Drama.


Freshers Guarantee Scheme The University guarantees a room in University or nominated bedspace in third party private provider accommodation to rst-year undergraduates provided you have: p Applied to our University through UCAS (not clearing) p Have accepted our academic offer rmly p Have submitted the accommodation application by 31 May 2014 (Home/EU students), or 31 July 2014 (International students) p Conrmed by 1 September 2014 that you are coming to this University p Come to Birmingham on your own (not with family or a partner) p Applied for accommodation for a full academic year Students holding Birmingham as their insurance offer should still apply and their application will be held until all guarantee students have been accommodated. Postgraduate Guarantee Scheme The University guarantees a place in University accommodation to all rst year postgraduate international and Non-UK EU students providing you have: p Accepted our academic offer rmly by 1 September 2014 p Submitted the accommodation application by 31 July 2014 p Come to Birmingham on your own (not with family or a partner) p Applied for accommodation for a full academic year

If your application does not fall under one of the above guarantee schemes you are still strongly encouraged to apply for accommodation. In practice, LIVING is usually able to offer accommodation to most applicants, and where this is not possible you will be advised of the other options available to you. If you are coming to Birmingham with a partner, we have a small number of double studio apartments which are ideal for a couple. Our accommodation is offered on a 42 week or 50 week contract basis (for postgraduates). If you only require accommodation for part of the academic year then you are still encouraged to apply, however students applying for a full years accommodation will take priority. If you would like information about living in the private sector, LIVING will be happy to provide advice.

Keep in touch
Follow us on Twitter @livingatbham and Facebook birminghamaccommodation to ask questions, see deadline reminders and to help you nd other students who youll be living with. You can also view 360 tours of our accommodation at:

LIVING is open Monday to Friday, 9.00am5.00pm (from 10.00am Tuesdays) Tel: 0121 414 8000 Email:

Your guide to accommodation

Choosing your accommodation

It is important you spend time choosing the right accommodation for your rst year at Birmingham. Our wide range of accommodation types ensures we can provide accommodation for all needs and budgets.
We offer a wide variety of accommodation types; ranging from single study bedroom accommodation based in cluster ats sharing kitchen and bathroom facilities, en-suite accommodation, where each bedroom has its own bathroom but ats share kitchen facilities, and studios and apartments, where residents have exclusive use of a kitchen and bathroom. Single study bedroom, en-suite or studios and apartments? p Single study bedroom  From 82 per week p En-suite study bedroom From 126 per week p Studios and apartments From 180 per week Meal Plan or Self-catered? Once you have chosen your accommodation type, you should consider whether you would like self-catered accommodation or if you want to take a Meal Plan (see page 4 for more information) which is provided at the Vale Village. Self-catered accommodation is available across all villages. Once you have decided which type of accommodation you would like, and whether you want Meal Plan or not, you then have a number of different options available to you, across our three villages. Each village is described over the next few pages, and there is a summary table at the end to help you with your choices.

Apply online As soon as you have your offer of a place to study here you can apply for our accommodation. You can apply online at applyaccommodation

I lived in Maple Bank in my rst year it was my rst choice because of its location on the Vale. I loved the friendly atmosphere that came from living in a block with lots of other students.
Lucy, Second Year International Relations

Your guide to accommodation

The Vale Village

The Vale Village is home to nearly 3000 undergraduate students and provides a wide range of accommodation to suit all needs and budgets.
The Vale Village is centred on the Hub, which is the home of the Meal Plan, offering a restaurant, caf, bar and convenience store, as well as Hub Help, a reception service for the Vale offering assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. The Vale Village, set in beautiful parkland, is just a short walk from the University campus. It is made up of six individual residences, centred around the lake. The Vale is home to Vale Fest, a student-run summer festival full of music, food, comedy and fun after the exams are over. It also hosts a huge reworks display over the lake, each year in November. Meal Plan Meal Plan is a exible and convenient way to eat at the University of Birmingham. During term time your Student ID card is credited with a set weekly food budget which can be spent at The Hub or at the many catering outlets on campus, from sandwich bars to cafes to takeaway outlets. Approximately half the students on the Vale take up Meal Plan, providing an excellent opportunity to socialise with your new atmates and reducing the time spent food shopping, cooking and washing up. The Hub is undergoing signicant redevelopment during the Summer of 2013 to enhance both quality and variety of the food offer and also providing some excellent new venues to socialise in.

I lived on the Vale and loved being catered. There was so much choice and being able to just swipe your card to pay was simple. Perfect when you dont want to cook!
Jamie, Third Year Human Biology

Single study bedroom accommodation

Aitken Aitken is made up of 23 houses and ats housing 147 students. Each single study bedroom has a wash hand basin, with shared kitchen/dining rooms, and shared bathroom facilities. With Meal plan Weekly fee 135 Total fee 5,650 Maple Bank Home to 435 students across 87 ats. Each at has ve study bedrooms, a shared kitchen/diner, and shared bathroom and toilet facilities. Self catered With Meal plan Weekly fee 81 116 Total fee 3,420 4,866 Tennis Courts Located opposite the Vale Village and accommodates 694 students in single study bedroom accommodation. Flats range between four and six bedrooms, with shared kitchen and lounge, and shared bathroom facilities. Self catered With Meal plan Weekly fee 106 136 Total fee 4,445 5,691 Postgraduate Accommodation (Centre Court) Self catered Weekly fee 111 Total fee (50 weeks) 5,568

Your guide to accommodation

En-suite study bedroom accommodation

Elgar Court Houses 236 students across 40 ats. Each at has ve or six en-suite study bedrooms, with a shared kitchen and dining area. Self catered Weekly fee 132 Total fee 5,530

Ive loved every minute of living in Elgar and the Vale has denitely become my home from home. Living in halls has allowed me to meet a huge variety of people and its been a great place to spend my rst year away from home!
Rosie Bentley, First year BSc Physiotherapy

Mason Accommodates 840 students in 159 ats. Each at has ve or six en-suite study bedrooms and shared kitchen and dining areas. Self catered With Meal Plan Weekly fee 141 176 Total fee 5,925 7,375

Studios and apartments

Shackleton Shackleton features 15 self-catered studio apartments, which are available to both undergraduates and postgraduates on a 42 week and 52 week contract basis. Standard Weekly fee 192 Total fee 9,600 Double 217 10,855

Shackleton Shackleton accommodation is situated above The Hub and houses 350 students in Meal Plan accommodation. Each at has between two to eight study bedrooms and a shared kitchen and dining area, with the majority being en-suite. With Meal Plan Weekly fee 172 Total fee 7,240

Mason Mason offers 36 self-catered studio apartments, including some larger apartments, which are available to both undergraduate and postgraduate students on a 42 or 50 week contract basis. Standard Weekly fee 230 Total fee 11,510 Large 246 12,330

Tennis Courts Tennis Courts en-suite accommodation houses 103 students in the newest developments on the Vale. Flats have between four and six en-suite bedrooms, with a shared kitchen and lounge. Self catered Weekly fee 133 Total fee 5,580

The Student Mentor Scheme provides advice and guidance to students living in University accommodation. Student Mentors will support you when you arrive and help you to settle into University life. They can help with a wide range of issues including shared living, your academic course, nancial matters and your general wellbeing whilst living and studying at the University.

Your guide to accommodation

Selly Oak Village

The Selly Oak Village is located adjacent to the south west of the Edgbaston campus, next to the Selly Oak high street with its numerous student amenities.
Jarratt Hall is home to over 700 undergraduate and postgraduate students. It is the closest residence to the University; with the Edgbaston campus just a ve minute walk away. It is also situated in the heart of Selly Oak, which is home to much of the student population, offering plenty of choice for bars, cafes and eating out, as well as having supermarkets close by. Jarratt Hall has a small social room on site with TV/games equipment available.

Jarratt Hall provides a strong sense of community, whilst located conveniently in the centre of Selly Oak - the closest hall to the University campus.
Samuel, Jarratt Hall R.A President 201314

Jarratt Hall En suite study bedroom accommodation Weekly fee 126 Total fee 5,280 Postgraduate Accommodation Weekly fee 133 Total fee (50 weeks) 6,645
Jarratt Hall

Pritchatts Park Village

Pritchatts Park Village is located adjacent to the north west of the Edgbaston campus, and accommodates students in a variety of residences with a popular Social Centre at its heart.
The Pritchatts Park Village accommodates nearly 800 students across four self-catered residences and is only a ten minute walk from campus. The Social Centre provides a great space for you to relax and get to know your fellow residents, offering a large lounge with a bar, large screen television, games facilities, vending area, quiet study zone, ATM as well as the main reception for the village. Pritchatts Park is conveniently located close to University train station, and is close to the popular Harborne village, a lively area full of bars, cafes and restaurants.

Living in Pritchatts House for my rst year was greatHaving a large at meant that I got to know people really quickly in Freshers Week which really helped me settle in.
Milly, Third year Music

Studios and apartments

Pritchatts Road houses The Pritchatts Road houses consist of four converted properties offering 55 exclusive single and double studio apartments. These studios are very popular with postgraduates and mature undergraduates and are offered on a 50 week basis. Small Medium Large Superior Weekly fee 180 194 209 230 Total fee (50 weeks) 8,980 9,690 10,455 11,475
Pritchatts Road Houses

Your guide to accommodation

Single study bedroom accommodation

Ashcroft Ashcroft is made up of four accommodation blocks close to the Metchley sports pitches. 198 students live in 33 ats, each offering six single study bedrooms, a shared kitchen and diner and shared bathroom facilities. Weekly fee 82 Total fee 3,425 The Spinney Six houses and twelve ats are offered in The Spinney, providing accommodation for 104 students in single study bedrooms around an attractive, landscaped area. Each at or house has between ve and eleven study bedrooms, a shared kitchen and dining area and shared bathroom facilities. Weekly fee 100 Total fee 4,180 Oakley Court Oakley Court offers 21 ats built around a beautiful, landscaped courtyard. The ats range between ve and thirteen single study bedrooms, with a shared kitchen and diner and shared bathroom facilities, with communal areas cleaned on a twice-weekly basis. In addition, there are a number of duplex ats where the residents of two single bedrooms share shower and toilet facilities. Single Weekly fee 111 Total fee 4,665 Duplex 118 4,935

Pritchatts House This is centrally located near to the Social Centre and accommodates 163 students in single study bedrooms with hand-wash basins. Each at contains between 15 and 18 study bedrooms, a shared kitchen and dining area and shared bathroom. Communal areas are cleaned on daily basis, Monday to Friday. There are also a number of duplex ats where the residents of two single bedrooms share shower and toilet facilities. Single Weekly fee 96 Total fee 4,015 Duplex 100 4,200

Privately owned purpose built student accommodation

In order to maintain the Freshers Guarantee Scheme, the University has entered into agreements with private providers to supplement University stock.
These bed spaces form part of the Freshers Guarantee Scheme and you may be allocated one of these rooms in your rst year. These providers work very closely with the University to ensure that the cost and range of facilities and support provided is similar to what you would receive if living in University accommodation. LIVING will manage your application and allocation but you will receive your offer of accommodation which will include a contract from the private provider. The accommodation has good commuter links with the campus and city. A shuttle bus service runs between campus and some of these sites.

Residents Associations (RAs) are elected students who represent you when you live in University accommodation. They represent you on issues around accommodation but also on your academic course and other aspects of university life. Each committee manages a budget to help with this, contributed to by a small percentage of your accommodation fees.

Metchley Hall Self-catered studio and apartments with TV provided. For further information please refer to Weekly fee 185 Total fee (50 weeks) 9, 250

Liberty Court Self-catered, en-suite accommodation. For further information please refer to Weekly fee 115 Total fee 4,830

Liberty Gardens Self-catered accommodation with shared facilities. For further information please refer to Weekly fee 110 Total fee 4,620

Victoria Hall Self-catered, en-suite accommodation. For further information please refer to Weekly fee 126 Total fee 5,295

Your guide to accommodation

Next steps
You can apply for accommodation as soon as you have your offer of a place to study here. You will need your student ID and an email address to apply.
All accommodation is allocated on the basis of the date of application. Some accommodation is inevitably more popular than others, therefore rst choice accommodation cannot always be guaranteed. You are therefore encouraged to apply for your accommodation as soon as possible as this will increase your chances of getting your rst choice accommodation. Accommodation offers are sent out by email once you have fullled the entry requirements for your place at Birmingham and you have accepted your place. You can expect to receive your offer in August, within 14 days of having conrmed your place. Students whose places at Birmingham are unconditional can expect to receive their offers in June or July. Clearing, insurance and late applicants should still apply as soon as possible for their accommodation, but your application may take longer to process once you have conrmed you are coming to Birmingham. A 550 pre-payment will be required to secure your accommodation when you receive your offer. This is not a deposit; it will be deducted from the overall accommodation cost. You can then opt to pay for your accommodation in full, or in instalments. (This applies to University accommodation only. Third party private providers of accommodation deposit and payment information will follow with your offer, if appropriate). For more information on fees please visit accommodation/pay-fees.aspx

Apply for accommodation

as soon as you get your offer of a place to study at Birmingham (Usually from December onwards)

Guarantee Scheme Application Deadlines

Freshers 31 May Postgraduates 31 July

Offers of accommodation
are made once you have fullled the conditions of entry and conrmed your place at University (Usually in August)

Your accommodation is conrmed

once you have paid your prepayment (Usually August/September)

Further information
Student support The University welcomes students with disabilities and offers support to make sure that students with disabilities can take full advantage of a university experience whatever your support needs. Within the accommodation there are some adapted ats suitable for students with disabilities. We positively encourage you to tell us if you have a disability in order to ensure the most appropriate accommodation is offered to you. We can also offer the opportunity to sample accommodation in some cases to ensure that it is appropriate, before accepting the offer. In addition, car parking is available at most sites for students who are blue badge holders. For further details visit and disability to register your particular needs, or contact LIVING to discuss your requirements in more detail. Universities UK Code of Practice The Universities UK (UUK) Code of Practice sets out the principles for the provision and management of our student residences and is fully supported by the University of Birmingham. All University-owned student residences comply with the regulations set by the Code. The Code establishes a set of standards and undertakings about our management practices and the relationship between the University of Birmingham and customers throughout their stay with us. It covers, among other matters, health and safety, maintenance and repair, and relationships between managers and you, our student tenant. For more information on the Code of Practice please see accommodation/Codeofpractice.aspx Car parking The University has a very limited number of parking spaces on its residential sites and therefore you are not encouraged to bring your own vehicle. You are not permitted to park vehicles at Jarratt Hall, except for blue badge holders by prior arrangement with reception for drivers who require access to a mobility parking space. The Vale Village and Pritchatts Park Village have a limited number of mobility parking spaces which operates on the same basis as Jarratt Hall above. In addition, the Vale Village and Pritchatts Park Village have a limited number of parking spaces for which permits are available from reception. There is for a termly or annual charge for permits at the Vale. Please note this operates on a rst come rst serve basis due to the limited availability of parking spaces. Visitors parking permits are also available.


Summary of accommodation 201314

Room types Name of accommodation
Tennis Court Tennis Court (centre court) Maple Bank Ashcroft Oakley Court Pritchatts House Pritchatts House (large) The Spinney Liberty Gardens

Selly Oak Hospital

Muntz Park
Cost per week*
106 111 81 82 111 96 158 100 110 135 116 136 & 140 151 157 118 100 132 141 133 126 133 133 126 176 172 230 246 192 180 185 269 230 246 217 217 194 209 230





Total cost

University of Birmingham Single bedroom with shared facilities (self catered)

Contract Parking*** Stirchley length**

42 weeks 50 weeks 42 weeks 42 weeks 42 weeks 42 weeks 42 weeks 42 weeks 42 weeks 42 weeks 42 weeks (limited) 42 weeks 42 weeks 42 weeks 42 weeks 42 weeks 42 weeks 42 weeks 42/50 weeks 42/50 weeks 50 weeks 42 weeks 42 weeks 42 weeks 42/50 weeks 42/50 weeks 42/50 weeks 50 weeks 50 weeks 50 weeks 42/50 weeks 42/50 weeks 42 weeks 50 weeks 50 weeks 50 weeks 50 weeks 50 weeks (limited) (limited) (limited) (limited) (limited) (limited) (limited) (limited) (limited) (limited) (limited) (limited) (limited) (limited) (limited) (limited) (limited) (limited) (limited) (limited)


Ra d

dle b


oa d


sL rd wa ar
is Gr
ad Ro pe or th

Wheelchair adapted

A4040 Vale Village

Vale Village Vale Village



3,420 3,425 4,665 4,015 6,635 4,180 4,620 5,650 4,866 6,350 6,605 4,935 4,200 5,530 5,925 5,580 5,280/6,290 5,580/6,645 6,645 5,295 7,371 7,240 9,670/11,510 10,350/12,330 8,080/9,600 8,980 9,250 13,450 9,670/11,510 10,350/12,330 9,115 10,855 9,690 10,455 11,475 15,000

Pritchatts Park Village Pritchatts Park Village Pritchatts Park Village Pritchatts Park Village Pritchatts Park Village Third Party Vale Village Vale Village Vale Village Vale Village Vale Village Pritchatts Park Village Pritchatts Park Village Vale Village Vale Village Vale Village Selly Oak Village Selly Oak Village Selly Oak Village Third Party Vale Village Vale Village Vale Village Vale Village Vale Village Pritchatts Park Village Third Party Third Party Vale Village Vale Village Vale Village Vale Village Pritchatts Park Village Pritchatts Park Village Pritchatts Park Village Third Party

(Meal Plan)

Aitken Maple Bank Tennis Court Shackleton Shackleton (large)

5,691 & 5,891 42 weeks

Duplex two sharing one bathroom (self catered) En suite (self catered)

Oakley Court Pritchatts House Elgar Court Mason Tennis Court Jarratt Hall (standard) Jarratt Hall (large) Jarratt Hall (new build) Victoria Hall

* The costs per week (rounded to the nearest whole ) should only be used as a guide as the accommodation fees are calculated on a daily rate. ** 50 week contracts are only available to PG students except for Shackleton, Mason and Metchley Hall apartments, where they are available for both UG and PG students. *** Parking is limited and there may be a separate charge. There is limited parking at The Vale. However parking spaces are for students with special circumstances. Please apply for a permit from The Vale Reception upon your arrival in September.

(Meal Plan) Apartments and studios for one person (self catered)

Mason Shackleton Mason (standard apt) Mason (large apt) Shackleton (studio) 3, 7, 9, 11 Pritchatts Road (studio) Metchley Hall (studio) Metchley Hall (one bed apt)

Apartments and studios for couples (self catered)

Mason (standard apt) Mason (large apt) Shackleton (apt) Shackleton (apt) 3, 7, 9, 11 Pritchatts Road (medium) Pritchatts Road (large studio) 7 Pritchatts Road (superior studio) Metchley Hall (two bed apt)

DISCLAIMER: Although this information was correct at the date it was published, details and other conditions are subject to revision from time to time. Services may be added, changed or withdrawn, and we do try to amend this information as soon as changes occur. Please visit accommodation for up to date information.


nd Hill Road

Fa rqu ha rR oa d

The Vale




The Vale

Key for sites

1 The Vale Village a. Maple Bank b. Elgar Court c. Shackleton d. Mason e. Tennis Court f. Aitken Pritchatts Park Village a. Pritchatts House b. Spinney c. Ashcroft d. Oakley Court e. 3, 7, 9, 11 Pritchatts Road Selly Oak Village Jarratt Hall (Dale Road) 


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Mead R ise


Some rset


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e tc h l e y P ark Ro ad





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Vin ce nt D

Roa d

Pr itc ha tts

Edgbaston Pool
North Gate

BMI The Priory Hospital


New Queen Elizabeth Hospital

University Rail il

Edgba sto nP ar k

Medical School





P 8 5

Kings Edwards School


n Road

4b 4b

Sports pitches S

A38 A

Tesco Express







West Gate

University of Birmingham
Gra ran ng ge Road

East Gate Main Entrance

ad Ro rn ste Ea

4 Third Party Accommodation A441 a.  The Beeches (Liberty Living) B15 2NL b.  Victoria Hall (Grange Road) B29 6BL Hill c. Canon Metchley  Hall Park 5 6 7 P P The Barber Institute Guild of Students Munrow Sports Centre 8



South Gate

Re s e r v

ok Road Bournebro

oi r Road





fi Oak



LIVING Accommodation Services, University Centre

Selly Oak
rb Hu

Selly Oak Park


Up l

oad dR n a

 Car parking Pritchatts Road (near Vincent Drive) North car park (North Gate) South car park (South Gate)

Key for room facilities

R ton
oa d


Meal Plan option En suite Studio


Self catered Shared bathroom

eR W d inn ie Rd

t ti



oa d

rn R

K at

ie R



Hill Ro

Selly Park
Pa rk



Green land R

Ro Edgbaston, Birmingham, ns i B15 2TT, United Kingdom ibb G


Selly Oak Rail

li o

Selly Park
ad Ro sh d a wli Ro Da on d oa rt R rbe ad Ro
Sel ly A ve


ng nsi Ke

DU Duplex (one shower/one toilet between two)



8223 University of Birmingham 2013. Printed on a recycled grade paper containing 100% post-consumer waste.

2d d



Ed gb a


d Ro a n Park sto

P ritchatts


Edgbaston Park






R rth No

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ro w Har

Ro tine en rp

Selly Park Road

Road Alton d R oa

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