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TEST RESULTS The prototype power supply was built and load of 0.

3 kW average power with maximum 1,000 V output voltage was connected. The experimental results of the prototype are given in this section. For the proposed Half Bridge converter configuration, the power supply was tested at the output voltage at 600. The test results of the both simulation and experimental indicate that the proposed method performed as expected. The photograph of the constructed power supply is given in Fig. 6. The experimental waveform for the inverter output voltage or the voltage at the primary of the transformer for the maximum duty cycle is given in Fig. 7. Graph for output voltage versus the load current of 10 mA to 200 mA is shown in Fig. 8a. graph for output voltage against the input voltage over an input voltage range of 180 V to 240 V is plotted in Fig. 8b. and it is observed to show good regulation characteristics. The constant power operation was also tested and the load current versus output power graph is shown in Fig. 9.

CONCLUSION This paper presents the design of a high voltage dc power supply at 1 kV, 300 W with SMPS technique. The design presented covers high frequency transformer, closed loop controller and the actual power circuit. The proposed method of closed loop control for high voltage dc power supply was studied under various line and pulse load conditions. The converter designed is built for the specifications mentioned earlier and its performance was observed with hardware implementation. The constructed converter is found to work satisfactorily as per the specifications. The entire converter was constructed with the readily available low cost components in the local markets.

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