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The White Hole to Future

Human quest is a quest for Truth or Lost Knowledge; a WHITE HOLE OUT OF DARKNESS. The problem with modern science is that it fails to perceive and integrate the information and vision they have developed to understand Nature and the Universe sensibly such that common man can understand it. Einstein said Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. Scientists are so obsessed with conquering Nature into predictable mathematical language that they fail to perceive simple Realities of Nature and Life. Their quest for Reality of Nature at cosmic level has led to them to BLACK HOLE and Singularities. They have failed to comprehend a way out. Their quest has led them to atom and beyond it to God Particle and Strings. From what they perceived Scientist have developed multitude of visions of universe; mechanical, relativistic, chaotic, origin from Singularity [Big Bang], Inflationary World Scenario, Parallel and Multiple World Scenario, Ekpyrotic World Scenario, Holographic Universe, Electric Universe, Creative and Self Organizing Universe and so on. Non-Linear science visualizes that universe originates from a Little Perturbation in vast sea of energy. Quantum scientists understand that much of atom is empty space that is full of energy and there is nothing called matter. They say that the reality called atom and objects we observe manifest when we observe it. Quantum science concludes that at the fundamental level there is no energy, no information, no space, no time, only pure potentialities, singularity and pure possibilities. What exists at the deepest level is A WORLD OF PURE INTELLIGENCE [We can visualize it as Light or knowledge]. They say that it is intelligence that manifests as energy, space-time and matter. This conclusion of quantum science has many parallel with ancient mystics of East and their thinking. These mystics visualized 1] Universe as Living Being with parallel world originating from Single Soul or God and His Conscious field and His Intelligence that is absolute. Here the male and

female or parallel worlds are one its fullness. They understood Universe as absolute CONSCIOUSNESS and INTELLIGENCE OF GOD OR LIGHT UNFOLDING AND ENFOLDING 3] We humans are understood as individuated souls born out of it in time. We are only relative to the universal and are supposed to live vibrating one with it. Note - Ancient people knew GOD AND COULD COMMUNE WITH HIM and thus had all the knowledge of Nature and Life. All the ancient culture and practices were directed to make humanity vibrate one with Nature and God. In modern terminologies we can assume that at ground level it is the union of two energies; Pure Kinetic and Pure Potential. This union of two pure state of energy or spirit is singularity. Out of this singularity, duality and creation of parallel world and entangled hierarchies of multiple worlds manifests. The monistic state is a creation phase. It is passing phase in time cycle. The reality is Duality where Kinetic and potential energy exist as ratio and creator spirits exists as Balancer. In this dual state when in one world the ratio favors the potential in the other it favor kinetic and vice versa. This dual design is evident in earths energy cycle that manifest as day and night cycle. When West awakes to sun light and goes into kinetic state its potential state decreases. The opposite now happens in East. When sunlight peaks in west a sudden inversion happens. It gives way to darkness and simultaneously opposite happens in east. We see here 1] A parallel world that is conscious and hence instantaneously communicated. 2] Existence of element or particle [God Particles that gives mass to matter] that perceives and switches the flow direction and controls. 3] What happens in a particle spreads to the whole system in time and thus we have time bound communication. The base line to human quest to understand nature and God is that it should include the two basic premises of Energy and Matter, which says nothing is created or destroyed and everything is Transformed and initialized. The key here is to perceive the Transformation process that conquers time and initializes the Whole Universe and helps it perpetuate eternally

To understand the universe from the above premises of energy and matter all we need t is observer the day and night energy cycle in which we live. Earth works to balance the energy to matter ratio on earth thus maintain its temperature. This cycle from material perspective has time direction that tends to collapse in time by virtue of gravity unless a second force balances it from within. This force comes from life See Fig below.

What scientists and physicist in particular have failed to note are 1] Energy and material cycle and where it is tending 2] The role of life in nature and perceive the existence of second SpaceTime Field that works opposite to gravity.

Here in the INNER SPACE -TIME FIELD of life gravity force is TRANSFROMED into Anti-gravity force. Life originates from single cell. Biologists trace life to DNA and Genes. It is increasingly becoming evident that gene is not the controlling element. Dr. Bruce Lipton clearly argues that an Epi-Genetic factor controls Genes and Life. Dr. Bruce Lipton sees the influence of environment on life. He is seeing one side of it. At best gene can be visualized as weights a BALANCER uses to balance the balance. The fact that life has inner space where gravity is transformed into anti-gravity invariably means lifes control is basically EndoGenetic. Both Epi-Genetic and Endo-Genetic Nature of Life are realties. It could be understood from one celled state and two celled state or Creation and Sustenance. In creation state Creator is Endo Genetic Force. It is a singular phase. The Dual state and multiple state is the created state where the Creator is EpiGenetic and works as Restrainer or Balancer or Sustainer. Thus ancient spiritualist sought answers from deep within life than outside. We can visualize the Dual state or Parallel world as Light and Darkness. The Creator resist the fall into BLACK HOLE [DEATH HOLE]. When darkness grows then Creator is forced to manifest as WHITE HOLE [BIRTH HOLE] within the darkness. Here in the WHITE HOLE darkness is transformed into Light or Gravity is converted into anti-gravity. The inner field of life carries information or Spirit or Energy that unfolds and differentiates in time to form the whole system. It sustains the Material body. From above Fig we can visualize universe originating from two Primal Personalities or Life Biology has not evolved from the mechanist world view. Suppose we try to evolve biology to meet the advancement in modern physics, we would end in ATOM OF LIFE and a GOD PARTICLE [MALE] that dances in relation to another GOD PARTICELE [FEMALE] in another ATOM OF LIFE which forms the parallel World. These Atoms of Life have INNER SPACE-TIME. These Atoms of Life can be visualized as SOULS. The dance of God Particle in soul gives the life its vibrancy. This vibrancy is communicated instantaneously and in time bound manner with

trillions of the worlds that form the whole system called life. The instantaneous communication takes place through INNER SPACE and time bound communication takes place through external world. See Fig below.

Note what is Atom of Life is explored in the article The String, Atom of Life [Soul], Consciousness and Future Technologies? [Ref-1] People are awakening to this reality. Dr Deepak Chopra speaks the reality elegantly [Ref -2]. There are three levels of dance of God Particles in soul that communicates to whole system. First level of dance can be visualized as breathing where gravity force is converted into anti-gravity force such that the system survives against time. This could be compared to day and night energy cycle on earth. The Second Level manifests through creativity that leads to build up of complex molecules, rearranging of genes and chromosomes and the division of one world into two creating new universes in its own image. This is MITOTIC DIVISION and renewal of the body from time to time. This could be compared to climatic cycle. When a single cell divides it leads to loss of Creator Spirit or Energy of Life. Thus in time it leads to a point when the masculine Spirit or Spirit of Life diminishes.

Eventually there comes a point when the Creator has to leave its world and conceive in the parallel world to recreate or conquer time and restore the system back into New Time Cycle. This is Third level where Spirit of the Male conceives in female world and grows out of it to conquer time and initialize it. In creation state God Atom that is 2n state becomes reduced to n and opens up to spiral down to the core of the feminine or parallel world to conceive and conquer time. The new one celled state formed from union of two spirits masculine feminine, later divides to create its own mirror images to from the whole system within the parallel world. It later take a new breath and to start a New Time-Cycle. Biological creation is thus is Ekpyrotic as Dr. Neil Turok, Prof. Paul Steinhardt and Prof. Burt Ovrut suggested. [ Ref- 4] Life is sustained by Spirits or Energies that works from within against gravity. See Fig Below. The ancient spiritualist understood it as a Life Force, Consciousness and intelligence, Brahman, Holy Spirit, al Ruh and Quds.

Life or White Hole

Death or Black Hole

Fig Parallel world and white and Black hole relationship

Fig : Creation White hole within Black hole

All the visions of universe that scientists have presented are correct in their own way and can unite in all simplicity when we visualize universe as Living One. Life has Parallel World; male and female which are one. It is composed of matter and thus is essentially centripetal and leads to singularity or death. This makes time conquering and time initialization through EKPYROTIC SCENERIO from time to time a necessity. We know that when a sperm travels to conceive, it drops all its covers, to reach its destination. It is like a rocket that gives up its payload to get into a destined point. Sperms destination is a space deep within a single cell in the parallel world. Here it creates that little PERTURBATION in a potentially undifferentiated Egg cell. This triggers LIFE and its differentiation into whole being. From this point universe can be visualized as Big Bang Event from a point. The fact that it forms from a little perturbation in purely potential, undifferentiated field of energy enclosed in Egg cell gives credence to the vision of Nonlinear and Quantum Scientist. In a cell cycle or life there is a phase of rapid expansion. This means the INFLATION UNIVERSE SCENERIO is also true. When a living system differentiates into organism consisting of trillions of cells, each cell has complete information of the whole and thus it is HOLOGRPHIC. The God Particle that leads the spirit of the Father into the Mother is an Electric particle that moves in spiral manner into the parallel world. This means Universe is Electric. The male and female though exist separate are related, so it is RELATIVISTIC. Life essentially works as machine that wears out in time. But from living point it is designed to recreate and survive in time. Thus Living Universe Theory of ancient East is the only right approach to know the Reality of Nature. To understand this sensibly we need to extrapolate life back to a single cell, single atom and a GOD PARTICLE whose flutter creates information in the INNER SPACE and OUTER SPACE of life that bind the whole system into one. Modern science is aware of Space-time field or gravity field in which matter exists, but is ignorant of Inner space-time field of life that opposes and sustains the whole system. Nature and the universe can never be understood in isolation of Life. The nature with, plant animals and even young ones of adult humans is self-sustaining with no

time direction. Gravity is countered by the living world [See Fig- Parallel world that self sustains]. But the moment we include Adult Humans we see a time direction to the Universe. He is the only Life that is material centered and works with gravity force. In order to understand the reality we have to take few leaves from spiritual scriptures. Bible says God created everything and in His image He created Adam and Eve and gave the Dominion over Earth to them but forbids him from eating from the Tree at the Center. The tree at the center denominates the center point of gravity to which the external material world points. The fact that Adam and Eve were given the dominion over Earth invariably means humans knew God and Nature and lived vibrating one with it. But this state of communion was lost in time. Bible says Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit and thus fell from Light to Darkness. Bible also says Adam and Eve were coaxed to eat the forbidden fruit by a fallen angel. The angel fell from higher levels to the dark world below because of its EGO. This signifies fall of spiritual faculty of humans and spiritual faculty of the world. It is a journey from Light to darkness or Black Hole or Knowledge to Ignorance. This fall necessitates that God or Light manifest within darkness and manifest into WHITE HOLE to transform human souls and illuminate humans mind and restore him back to Golden Age. In Other words God Soul manifests to conquer time and initialize it. Human beings are central to the dram of creation and existence and this should account two basic laws of science that energy and matter is neither created nor destroyed but is only transformed. This means we need to understand Creation as awakening of Human consciousness and intelligence and leading them from darkness to Light by a single Primal Soul in which Duality and Multiple world is concealed. Survival of humanity on earth exists in conscious and intelligence of God Soul revealing to Transform human souls and illuminate their mind. This phenomenon is occurring on Earth through Christ and His Calvary Sacrifice. The fall of the created world begins with the Ego and Self. God at Calvary showed

the way out of it. He sacrificed His Self, to Give Life Back to the world. He revealed His heart so that we can gain Life and His Second Coming is revelation of His Mind such that we can walk in Light and Truth. Christs sacrifice is a Creation science. It is very much supported by Vedas of east. Yajurveda VS: 30-31 speaks that universe is created through self-sacrifice of the Creator. It is unfortunate that it is made into religion and a hiding place of all evil minds whose real objective is wealth. They have survived and flourished by virtue of human sweat and blood. The only people whom Christ condemned are the Clergies and He chose ordinary people to work to give Life and Light to the world. He knew that the Church that formed out of his Name also will be in filtered by evil minds. Thus Bible says that in the last days Gods Spirit will be poured on all souls and everyone will be awakened. Modern world dominated by west ruled by Christians speaks the Truth that this institution is filled with evil minds and needs cleansing and awakening. The modern materialistic world is an unconscious expression of conscious expression of leaders of Church. Modern science came as anti-to Churches in west that were amassing wealth in the Name of Christ and God. Note Clear signs of Awakening of Organized Christian Church is coming from the present Pope; Pope Francis. Must wait and see Bible and all spiritual scriptures contains in it Truth and Light. The only way the world can survive and enter Golden Age is awakening to Truth and Light or God beyond Religion as science. More about it is discussed in the fallowing links

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