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1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1.0 Industry Overview 1.1. Introduction Bharti Airtel communication 2. SWOT ANALYSIS 2.1 Strengths 2.2 Weakness 2.3 Opportunities 2.4 Threats 3. PEST ANALYSIS 3.1. Political Factors 3.2. Economical Factors 3.3. Social Cultural Factors 3.4. Technological Factors 3.5. Demographics Factors 3.6. Legal Factors 3.7. Competitors Factors 3.8. Government regulations Factors 4. MARKETING MIX 4.1. Product 4.2. Price 4.3. Place 4.4. Promotion 5. RECOMMENDATION 6. BIBLIOGRAPHY 7. REFERENCE 8. CONCLUSION 1

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: 1.0 Industry Overview:

Telecommunications industry distributes the actions and assistance of transmitting communication through electronic systems of cables, telephones radio or television. The growths of telecommunications industry are, New technology Competitors. In the past datas are transmitted using coaxial or twisted pair cables. Now technology has shown tremendous growth for using optical fibers. Using communication satellites the telecommunication industries came as flourishing industry. Cellular phone network became a vital role after the increase of improved telecommunications engineering. Top enterprises became to share their investment in this telecommunications industry. Telecommunication industry is becoming a numeral one. Inter Services Digital Network (ISDN) make the industry as a numeral system and enhanced the speed and quality of the Wireless communication. Wireless communication is the distances occupied to be short or very lengthy. When the situation is obvious its abbreviated as "wireless". Generally wireless communications is considered be a division of telecommunications. (Source: / )

1.1 Introduction-Bharti Airtel Limited:

Bharti AirTel Company that Formulated on 7th July, 1995.Its a public limited company. Internationally, Bharti AirTel owns 3rd biggest mobile operator in Asia. Its a leading integrated telecom services giving by Bharti AirTel limited. Bharti AirTel Limited has grown successfully in partnership with various leading companies of the world -, Vodafone, Singapore Telecom, Warburg Pincus, and British Telecom.

Business Divisions: Four Business Divisions are there

1. GSM technology in India & Srilanka. 2. Total customers 11, 05, 11,416 in India. 3.13,62,464 outlets. 4. Network in 4, 34,795 towns and villages 83% coverage. 5.1million customers within six months of launch in Srilanka. 1. Provide broadband services, data and telephone services in 95 cities. 2. That arrounds.29, 28,254 customers. . 3 1. Long distance wholesale voice and data services 1.1.3 million customers

Network Equipment Equity Partner {Strategic} Partners of Telemedia services and Long Distance Services Wipro, Tellabs, Cisco, Nokia, Siemens, Alcatel Lucent, ECI. Partners of Information expertise IBM Customer services operation IBM Daksh, Firstsource & Aegis, Hinduja TMT ,Teleperformance, Mphasis, Impartiality Partner SingTel 4

Vision/Mission of Bharti AirTel:

"To provide global telecom services and delight customers Loved by more customers Targeted by top talent Benchmarked by more businesses We will meet the mobile communication needs of our customers through: Error- free service delivery Innovative products and services

Cost efficiency

Bharti Group of Companies:

Bharti AirTel Limited Bharti Teletech Limited Bharti Del Monte India Pvt. Ltd Bharti Foundation Bharti AXA General Life Insurance Company Bharti Infratel

Corporate responsibility:
Bharti Airtel limited promotes the employees to take judgment and devise the industry - relationship process between the public and surroundings. Corporate Social Responsibility in Bharti Airtel limited covers more public contact programs. This program is connecting the business of Bharti Airtel 5 The spirit of Bhartis dedication to CSR is surrounded in the company Values, which curtail its warm seized idea. The ethics are: Respond to the needs of customers Expectation and Good result From employees Progress the services resourcefully Visible and insightful in dealings with the shareholders morals, equality and life form will be proper conference and going away from submissive and lawful necessities Esteem greetings given towards shareholders and the public. Developing the atmosphere CSR way of life and pledge all through a three-split approach: Engage with shareholders Guarantee the policies and performs to the Shareholders Conducting programs for employees, and for the public. In Bharti Airtel Limited, each employee is aware to Corporate Social Responsibility issues and thus procedures are prejudiced.

Environmental Analysis and informations of the organizations are separate into internal (strengths and weaknesses) and external issues (opportunities and threats). Once these issues concluded, SWOT investigation concludes what may support the firm to complete its objectives, and what difficulty should be overcome to complete the desired consequences. Source: ( dictionary) 6 2.1 STRENGTHS: Price gain Present influential in superiority service Biggest sharing network Capability to continuously improvement Extremely skilled workers Commercial enthusiasm Airtels improved fair play and advertise top. 2.2 WEAKNESSES:

Evidence integrity Price anxiety Call for Government sustain Responsiveness Vending and advertising 2.3 OPPORTUNITIES: Maintain enthusiasm and dedication Airtels marketplace growing at other service contributor Accomplish superior worth service Mutual trade needs to be survey Little dispersion level in urban. 7 2.4 THREATS: Overseas deal Global movement Need inclusive equality in telecom tariff Other rivalry


In 1985 DOT (Department of telecommunication) was trustworthy to grow telecommunication Industries. Due to high taxes the tariff rate are more over high earlier. At the moment it becomes little bit low due to permit fees with income sharing plan and extended the permit period from 10 years to 20 years. US$23 billion contract among South Africa's MTN and India's Bharti Airtel Limited which take place after the difficult scheme concerned much interference beginning from supporting leaders and unions.


Earlier Inflation rates were higher. Singapore Telecommunications (SingTel) purchased additional 1.52% shares in Indias leading private telecom Bharti Airtel limited and will pay up to INR 3008.4 crore in three part payment collection more than 18 months. SingTel supposed, it has penetrated into a unconfirmed share pay for agreement with Bharti Group body to procure an further 7,30 thousands of issue shares in Bharti Telecom, a supporter company of Bharti AirTel. Bharti AirTel Limited holds approximately 45.3% of the share capital of Bharti telecom. As a result of the acquisition, SingTels efficient curiosity in Bharti Telecom will increase market share in growing mobile market 8 and has more than 110 million customers. Bharti Airtel Limited has standard economic growth and development of Indias economy registered a growth of 21%. (IANS) the price war in the telecom sector firm has in use of duty pay on Bharti Airtel Limited, which place a net turnover of INR.2, 209.8 crore (INR.22.098 crore/$479 lakh) for the section ended December 31, a modest 2.4 % rise from the year-ago period.


Bharti Airtel Limited binds up with twitter in this year. Bharti Airtel Limited, the leading mobile carter in India, said it has attained a pact with Apple (AAPL) to vend the iPhone in the upcoming months, Bharti Airtel said it has put forward a bid to participate in the countrys 3G bandwidth public sale;

winning bidders would be permitted to offer 3G services. Bharti Airtel selects long-term and contrarians funds are believed to be collecting shares of telecom firm. Bharti Airtel, which registered 2.5 million downloads of mobile applications contained by 30 days to begin of its application stores, its possibly the first pointer that operators, and not handset makers, will drive this space in emerging markets. Fifty-year-old Mittal took over the charge from Harsh Pati Singhania after the conclusion of FICCIs 82nd Annual General Meeting (AGM) which was attended by Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee. 1. Educate and Inspire 2. Support Talent to Bloom Scholarships and Mentorship 3. Public Health 4. Rural Empowerment 5. Disaster Relief 6. Cultural Connect - Be one with India's diversity Source: ( (The Wall Street Journal reports) 9

Bharti AirTel Limited provides roaming services and other value added services first time in India telecomm industry. Customer care services are efficient. Gateway of e-commerce, Bharti AirTel Limited Introduced the broadband services, extensive distance services, and internet services. Nokia Siemens will be expanding and upgrading the operator's 2.5G network to increase network capacity by 50 percent in eight service areas. Bharti Airtel Limited has started its Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) services, this service play a vital role in the country. Bharti AirTel Limited invest Rs 500 crore in network improvement and another Rs 100 crore in connected activities in the current economic in the North East region.


Free market democracy. Product development and back office processing are one of the benefits. Steady profitable position, elongated improvement Bharti Airtel having enormous market prospective in the largest consumer markets.


Bharti AirTel is connected with Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) .MVNOs having complete power over the SIM tag, brand name, advertising, invoice, and customer care functions. OSS and BSS to maintain the MVNO, Bharti AirTel Limited nearly keep own OSS/BSS processes and procedures to separate those of the MVNOs. The government of India is marketing three to four slots of spectrum across the nation. It has fixed Rs 3,500 crore as the reserve price for pan-India spectrum Bharti AirTel takes this opportunity to reserve the place in spectrum. 10 Leading Indian mobile service provider Bharti Airtel plans to expand its service in other SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) countries including Bangladesh. Government of India going to Launch Mobile Number Portability (MNP).The mobile number portability (MNP) would allow the users to switch service providers without changing phone numbers. However, the service

got delayed due to it delay in security clearance from the government. At present its introduced by Bharti AirTel Limited in Chennai and Bangalore. Source :(


Bharti Airtel is such a unique outstanding private Limited, its having many competitors, there are Telephone Line Operators Cellular Phone Operators BSNL Vodafone Essar MTNL Aircel Reliance Communications Reliance (GSM & CDMA services) Tata Teleservices Tata Indcom MTS Uninor-Telenor 11 Idea, acquired 40.8% stake off spice communication at Rs 77.30a share for Rs 2,716 cores. There was a share swap in which spice share holder got 49 idea shares for every 100 spice shares held. Telenor unitech deal, Telenor is in the process of acquiring controlling the stake of 67.25% in unitech wireless via equity infusion. TTSL-DOCOMO Deal, 26 % shareholder in Tata Tele Services (TTSL), Japanese carrier NTT DOCOMO acquired.


Bharti Airtel Limited is awaiting 2G Spectrum in 10 circles. Under government telecom policy, all telecommunication Industries band to pay their License fees of 6 % to 10 % and another 2 % to 6 % of their annual revenues as spectrum charge. These mechanisms are not valid to internet service providers. Bharti AirTel announced that it wills set-up a new terrestrial cable network in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. The company signed a MoU to this effect with the Royal Government of Bhutan.

4 MARKETING MIX: 4.1 Products:

There are four different kinds of product in Airtel. There are MOBILE BROADBAND DIGITAL TV FIXED LINE Our seamless mobile network across 23 circles. Speed upto16 mbps on Airtel Broadband. the magic digital TV and a future entertainment. telephone connection at your home. 12 Mobile includes some different product like 1. Pre-paid

2. Post-paid 3. Blackberry 4. Wireless 5. Hand held. Value Added Services (VAS): VAS plays a vital role in AirTel Mobile Services. The different value added services provided by Airtel are Instantaneous sense of balance Enquiry (24X7) boost ups facilities Identification Caller line Hello Tunes & Ring Tones GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) Easy Postpaid invoice collection Company Solutions

4.2 Price:
The Call rates in the minds of the consumers are one of the highest for Reliance compared to other service providers. Further, the consumer seems to be spoilt with promotional offers, with almost all the players offering various 13 promotional schemes. Reliance, Hutch, Airtel, Idea, and Tata have nearly the same perception about Promotional schemes among the consumers. From the survey it was found that the selection of a service provider was very much dependent upon both Price of the connection and call rates as well as the Promotional schemes that the company launches. Customer base cost strategy Elastic price methods Restricted by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India

AirTel Prepaid Plans

Tariff plan Showing 6 Plans AirTel Regular Prepaid ONE TIME CHARGES P - Rate 60 seconds Price Pack (INR) INR.49 Free Charge Airtime Pack (INR) Nil Incoming Calls (INR) Free while in abode network MONTHLY CHARGES (OPTIONAL) Airtel Other GSM Local Rates INR 1.00 INR 1.00 Subscriber Trunk Dialing INR 1.50 / minutes INR 1.50 / minutes International Subscriber dialing America and European (Fixed Line), Hong Kong, Malaysia(Asian), Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore(Asian). INR 6.40 Gulf countries, Africa, Europe, and SAARC .

INR 9.20 Sao Tome & Principe, Guinea Bissau, Diego Garcia, Cuba, Nauru, Solomon Islands, Sakhalin ,Vanuatu, Tuvalu, INR 40.00 14 Cook Islands, Norfolk Island SMS Home text INR 1.00 Country Wide text INR 1.5 World Wide text INR 5.00 OTHER DETAILS **The SMS charges as applicable is per 160 characters

AirTel Wireless Broadband Tariff Plans:

The following are the tariff plans available for AirTel Data Card: Post-paid Regular Plan Sketch 1 Sketch 2 Unlimited usage Data Card Rental INR.49 INR. 350 INR. 599 INR. 999 Free Usage - 500 MB 1 GB Unlimited Usage Additional Data Usage (/ MB) INR.0.10p/10 KB INR. 5/- INR. 3/- Free SMS/ Month - - 100 100 Bharti AirTel has also launched five new plans: Surf, Swift, Turbo, Freedom and Velocity. All these plans are affordable plans from AirTel and the tariffs have been considerably reduced to new plans.

Free digital TV connection :

Just pay for 12 month subscription - Rs4350/-

4.3 Place:
AIRTEL offers its mobile GSM services in 95 cities. 1. Distributors like wholesalers and retailers. 2. Channel distributions. 15 3. Store outlets 4. Marketing through sales assistants 5. Street vendors

4.4 Promotion:
Bharti AirTel Limited provides Global System for Mobile Communications mobile services across India in 24 telecom circles. Bharti AirTel Limited group offers broadband & telephone services in 94 cities The Enterprise services group into two subunits Carriers

Services Both these services are provided under the Airtel brand. AirTel Mobile Campus major power to connect with anytime anywhere access to associates and community. Huge size publishes banners and video advertising are the promotional activity to promote the sales. Big celebrities like Bollywood actor and actress and sports mens like Sachin are roped in to approve the product. Bharti AirTel got its naming tune from A.R. Rehman, he is the Oscar won person who delightful the music; this naming tune is the most downloaded tune in India. Extraordinary discounts in calling cards & sms services.

AirTel -Annual results in brief:

March 2009 March 2008 March 2007 16 Sales 34,014.29 25,703.51 17,794.43 Operating Profit 12,991.06 10,501.03 7,116.95 Interest 1,763.98 483.71 255.84 Gross profit 11,367.82 10,253.18 6,954.67 EPS(INR) 20.40 16.45 10.64

Pricing: In this market situation/ competitors of telecom providers go well with local conditions, then there should be flexible pricing mechanism (either at central or local level.) Improvement in technology: Bharti Airtel shift into third invention switches by replacing its c-dot switches. It will develop the quality of service to desired level and offer an instantaneous integration with the nationally network. Transmission towers wants be improve to avoid no signal pockets. Increased Focus: To increase focus on low end consumers. It should expand its rural network coverage to widen its customer base. 17 Flexible pricing mechanism The majority of perspective customers are teenagers, so AirTel ads should be more focused around them. Internet charges should be reasonable to the customers. Mms facility is also too costly Majority information technology corporate company use internet so they might require a high speed process AirTel need to make its on strong network to the Competitors. Need more customer attractions. Conduct extra curricular activities for the public to attract the social awareness.

GPRS - General Packet Radio Services GSM - Global System for Mobile CDMA - Code division multiple access TRAI - Telephone Regulatory authority Of India BSNL - Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited MTNL - Mahan agar Telephone Nigam Limited TTSL - Tata Tele Services MNP - mobile number portability DOT - Department of telecommunication IPTV - Internet Protocol Television OSS - Operational support systems MVNO - Mobile Virtual Network Operator ISDN - Inter Services Digital Network 18

7. REFRENCES: dictionary)

Bharti Airtel Limited (Airtel) is most successful brand in India with largest market distributors. Apart from other competitors, Bharti Airtel limited moving number one in the world. Success is based on three pillars1. Connectivity 2. Affordability and 3. Innovation The heart is connectivity, i.e. the network 19 Pre paid traffic plan services are more luxurious than post paid plan service. Bharti Airtel Limited begins extensive and prominent division to go with that of the challengers. The supply group shall build the creation detectable along with presented to well-located positions. 20