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HMS Saas Demo Things included but not deployed at time of install or upgrade to 3.0: 1.

There is no Dashboard with Social Media Integration as sold in the Demo and discussions prior to purchase. 2. Concierge Module does not work 3. K I tachometers are limited in our !ersion when compared with the original demo ". I ad does not allow updating guest in#ormation at point o# contact during check in as the demo describes. The concierge on I $D does not work. %$ll &uestions we asked in the demo a #ew weeks ago and were told should actuall' work.( ). Ipad room status updates continue to be intermittent. *e ha!e been working with the +MS Support team to determine the cause o# this issue, but it remains unresol!ed. -. I $D #unction does not allow agent to update telephone in#ormation, to swipe a credit card into the s'stem, or to enter multiple credit cards into a guest record. It also does not allow agent to sa!e a new credit card into the guest pro#ile. $lso, the registration card #unction on the I $D onl' gi!es a blank screen. $nd, in the #unction, there is no capabilit' to enter notes into the guest record. /. 0sing the 1ast osting #unction on the I $D 2 there is no ta3 automaticall' applied to transaction codes as there is in the C !ersion o# +MS. 4. Confirmation, olio, and !eg card need to be customi"ed #S#$ as %e %ere told %e could do it after the upgrade from &.' and %e are not able to and no% %e ha(e no after hour communication to our guests. They also ha(e items that are not rele(ant to our hotel that need to be remo(ed. )t is causing confusion to our guests and internally. *hen originally purchased the soft%are, and sa% sales demos, %e as+ed %hether %e could add our information or customi"e the documents and %ere told yes. Then, again, %hen %e sa% the demo for the upgrade to 3.0, ) specifically as+ed the ,uestion on %hether %e could edit the documents. The person demoing the upgrade said that yes, it %as (ery easy to edit and customi"e the documents because the format had been changed to html %ith the latest upgrade.

Things that are still not %or+ing or are issues for us : 1. *hen a session is idle #or more than a #ew minutes %which can happen o#ten at the #ront desk i# we are speaking to a guest #or ).15 minutes(, +MS gi!es a 6s'stem con#iguration6 error message, and users are #orced to log out and re.log in. 2. $!ailabilit', occupanc', and !acant room7s reports are not consistent whene!er we ha!e reser!ations booked into Suite rooms.

3. 8ip Codes do not populate the cit' or state in a reser!ation ". 9eneral slowness o# the s'stem in the a#ternoons #or all users ). :o abilit' to add a note or con#irm that emailed documents are sent %#olios, con#irmations(; <3ample; when we email a #olio to a guest, the email simpl' contains an attachment. *e aren=t able to put a message into the bod' o# the email. $t the !er' least, we need a 6hello and thank 'ou #or 'our !isit6 message. -. CC Timeout K:>*: issues are still a big problem /. Intermittent da's not balancing