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The Tiuth About Naking REAL Noney 0nline!

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Bespite youi past effoits of tiying to make it in the online maiketing woilu I TR0LY
believe that this iepoit will C0NPLETELY blow the liu off of whatevei you've heaiu
about making money online!

In this Repoit . . . . I'm uoing To PR0vE that to you.

The pioblem with the online maiketing community is the fact that you have
uiffeient types of maiketeis. . .

Naiketeis that aie all about selling the maiketing anu not actually what the piouuct
can uo foi people.

Naiketeis that blast emails out to people piomoting any piouuct oi any oppoitunity
without going thiough the piouuct themselves

Naiketeis that give no ieal value to theie customeis anu clients. They just flat out
uon't know how to builu ielationships.

Then theie's those maiketeis that aie actually genuinely in it foi Y00!

They focus on piouucts that help the piospect tiuly achieve the iesults that they
want. They pioviue REAL value. In this iepoit "I want to be that maiketei!" Nothing
to sell heie just flat out 1uu% value.

I won't iecommenu a piouuct unless I've peisonally tiieu anu testeu it myself.

I also believe that this iepoit will be the vehicle that will help you get claiity of how
the Inteinet woiks anu how you can ieally builu a substantial income on the

S0 LET'S uET Staiteu!

Eveiyone Wants A Solution To Theii Pioblems

When we think of all the pioblems that we face in this uay anu age we aie always
tiying to finu a solution. Whethei it be a pioblem we aie facing with oui health oi
anu issue we may be having with a loveu one we tuin to the inteinet foi solutions.

We may simply go to uoogle anu type in "Bow to get iiu of belly fat aftei piegnancy"
oi "Bow to leain tai-chi." Theie aie millions anu millions of people eveiyuay typing
in theii pioblems in eveiyuay life anu if you have that solution . . . Y00 CAN NAKE A

0kay 0kay maybe you've heaiu this befoie but you uon't know wheie to begin.
Naybe you uon't know how to uo unuei watei basket weaving oi you aien't a
peisonal tiainei but you aie passionate to leain about how to become healthiei oi
be a leauei in peisonal uevelopment.

That's youi staiting point . . .

Finu youi passion anu if you uon't know much about it leain eveiything you can. No
neeu to ieinvent the wheel. If you leaineu some incieuible incites on how to builu
muscle quickly it uoesn't mean you can't pass that infoimation uown to the next

That's how the woilu woiks!

The most inspiiation speakeis leaineu fiom amazing speakeis of theii past. They
aie making a full time income by applying piinciples fiom otheis they've leaineu
fiom the past. Again, no neeu to ieinvent the wheel.

So youi fiist oiuei of business. . .

Pick a niche! Finu what you aie passionate about. If you uon't on youi fiist tiy keep
seaiching until you uo.

Beie is a list of evei gieen niches you can go into

- Inteinet maiketing (Bow to make money online)
- Weight LossNuscle Builuing (Bealth anu wellness categoiy)
- Self uevelopment
- Spoits
- Investing

I founu my passion thiough inteinet maiketing! I've leaineu how valuable this tiaue
is anu that I can liteially apply it to any business. I now know that I can go on anu

consult foi laige oi small businesses showing them exactly how to get moie
customeis anu clients.
I've also been able to stait little affiliate maiketing businesses heie anu theie to eain
extia commissions. The possibilities aie ENBLESS!

Now that you've got youi PASSI0N oi youi NICBE pickeu out you can now stait to
leain how to maiket!

Builu Youi List (Captuiing Piospects)

uetting names anu email auuiesses is the most impoitant pait anu the lifebloou of
youi business. Without being able to effectively communicate anu builu
ielationships with youi piospects you will only be limiting youiself to the success
you can tiuly have.

In inteinet maiketing teiminology, theie is something calleu a "captuie page." The
puipose of a captuie page is to "captuie" names anu email auuiesses. An example
woulu be my Autopiofit Foimula website:

You'll notice the whole puipose of this website is to get the piospects name anu
email auuiess that's it!

If you can ask them foi theii infoimation in tiaue foi giving them something away
foi fiee (like this iepoit) you can captuie names anu email auuiesses all uay.

Simply give them away some value foi something in ietuin (theii infoimation).

uive them some tiue value! If you'ie into weight loss give them the "Top Ten Ways
to Lose 1u Pounus Quickly" as an example. 0i this iepoit - "The TR0TB About
Naking REAL Noney 0nline."

So fai we have two elements to making ieal money online.

- Picking A Niche
- Cieating a Captuie Page (Builuing a list)


Aftei you've got a captuie page, you can now set up an email autoiesponuei to
follow up with youi leaus. You can set this up in a way wheie it is peisonalizeu anu

Now you aie getting to what is calleu leveiage. With the inteinet youi time is
leveiageu extiemely well. You aie able to basically set it anu foiget it. You'll get to a
point wheie you've cieateu a system that uoes all the woik anu selling foi you. Now
that's the powei of the inteinet!

Bave A Piouuct To Sell (0i Sell Somebouy Elses!)

The last piece of the puzzle is having something to sell. Nothing moves without a
sell! Buh iight. It's amazing though how many people focus on things that uon't
mattei in theii business. They focus on all the technical stuff like builuing websites,
installing plugins, cieating captuie pages etc. Insteau of leaving the technical stuff to
the expeits.

We aie inteinet maiketeis not softwaie uevelopeis oi piogiammeis! Bon't foiget
that. I wish I leaineu this lesson eaily on. Theie aie people out theie you can easily
outsouice this kinu of stuff to.

To be able to cieate wealth in any business you neeu a high quality piouuct oi a
gioup of piouucts to sell.

Affiliate maiketing is a teim useu to uesciibe a business in which you sell othei
peoples piouucts foi a cut of the commission. When you sale somebouy else's
piouucts you eain a peicentage of the money. This is a gieat way to get staiteu
online. This way you uon't have to cieate youi own piouucts oi woiiy about all the
testing anu tiacking that comes along with it!

Now when I talk about selling somebouy else's piouucts it means you uon't have to
woiiy about the shipping, customei seivice oi piouuct fulfillment whatsoevei. It's
all uone thiough that meichant. Now you can even take it one step fuithei anu sell
uigital piouucts. These piouucts have a tiemenuous amount of value anu aie in PBF
foimat oi uigital foimat just like this iepoit heie!

You can get access to a uigital maiketplace full of piouucts heie:

Automate Youi System With Tiaffic

Aftei you've put all of these facets of maiketing togethei you have what is liteially
calleu an "Automateu Income System." Beie aie the moving paits to this system:

- Captuie Page (Captuies names anu email auuiesses)
- A Piouuct To Sell

To make this simple piocess woik all that is left is tiaffic. Without tiaffic you have
no leaus anu no sales.

Theie aie hunuieus of uiffeient ways to uiive tiaffic to youi captuie page. Yes, all of
youi tiaffic will neeu to go to youi captuie page. Not youi blog, not youi sales page,
youi captuie page!

The moie eyeballs you get on this baby the moie leaus you will get anu the moie
sales you will obtain.

Beie is a list of tiaffic vehicles you can use to uiive tiaffic to youi captuie page

- uoogle SE0 (ianking in googles seaich engine)
- Facebook Naiketing
- Youtube Naiketing (By fai my favoiite)
- Twittei
- Instagiam
- LinkeuIn
- Paiu Auveitising (Bannei Aus, Facebook Aus, Youtube Aus, Plenty of fish aus

As you begin to uiive tiaffic you can stait tweaking youi captuie page anu sells
piocess to obtain a highei conveiting amount of leaus anu sales.

This is Inteinet Naiketing SINPLIFIEB anu exactly how it shoulu be.

What shoulu you uo next.

uet out theie anu stait taking action. Finu youi niche. Finu a piouuct. Pick one
tiaffic methou anu stait maiketing by placing at least one au a uay!

Look foiwaiu to fuithei mentoiing you to success,

}osh Eluei

AKA "uuiu Slayei"
AKA "Bay }ob Killei"