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Phillip Wittke Meditation (8:30am) Research Paper February 22, 2014

Energy Manipulation and Meditation Vital force, orgone energy, zero point energy, etheric energy, chi, qi,

kundalini, prana, vibes, aura, and bio-electricity. These terms are just some that are used, by countless cultures around the world, to describe one thing; the subtle energy that flows throughout all living beings. Evidence of this energy has been seen in ani- mals, such as the way an electric eel can use it to generate large fields of electrical cur-

rent outside of its body, the way sharks can map the ocean floor, and the way birds can travel the exact same migratory path every year with precise accuracy. The ease and abundance of this flow of energy in human beings, has been associated for thousands of years with the overall physical and mental health of a person. The human body has ways of detecting this energy and even has organs dedicated to it. The pineal and pitui- tary glands are both directly tied to the human bodys ability to sense and actively expe- rience this electromagnetic phenomenon. (Brown) Not only can we detect this subtle electricity. According to thousands of years of ancient texts, religions, and even in modern research, we can also manipulate it. There have been many different techniques created that are supposed to help cultivate and move this energy within and around the body. The easiest and most common way is through meditation. To many, it can sound strange that we can produce electricity within

our bodies but in an experiment done by M.D. Lawrence Wilson, Wilson practiced a mediation technique, designed on focusing the energy to move down the front of your body and up the back, with a sensitive volt-ohm meter attached with one end on his head and one on his right hand, reported that there was a small reading in the current. (Wilson) In this paper, I will be focusing on some of the different meditation techniques, and practices used throughout time, and the purposes of manipulating our energies. Some of the earliest descriptions of this energy can be found in ancient Indian texts, called the Vedas, around 1500 to 1000 BCE. In this context, the internal energy is known as kundilini, and was described to be like a serpent coiled up in the bowels, and the goal is to uncoil it so that it may rise up the spine to cleanse the chakras, and come to rest in the sahasara chakra, above the head, to reach ultimate enlightenment or di-

vine oneness. (qi) There is also prana, in the Vedic texts, which described the energy that surrounds us and that we take in with our breath. The ancient Indian practices for manipulating energy can still be seen today in modern practices of yoga. In traditional Chinese philosophy this practice of moving energy is called qigong. The term, Qigong,is derived from an older term, nei kung (Mandarin) or nui hung (Cantonese), which translates to internal work (or cultivation), and was associated with many of their medical practices. In their description, there are three distinct frequen- ciesof this energy; ching,which is associated with and said to be stored in the or- gans; Chi,(the most commonly known, and often refers to all of the internal energies),

resides in the breath and circulatory system of the body; and shen," which is associat- ed with the mental health, the nervous system, visual and auditory acuity and eye hand coordination, as well as psychicabilities, such as telepathy or intuition. (Kostynick) Chinese practices can be seen today in several forms including tai chi and acupuncture. The reason why acupuncture is supposed to be effective is because there are energy lines that run throughout your body near the surface of the skin called meridian chan-

nelsthat are associated with different organs, which can be effected by puncturing with

needles. These same effects can also be achieved through meditation, according to some scholars and ancient texts. In modern science, the term for this energy is bio-electricity. In a report, Dr. Wil-

son writes about this energy, and its healing properties. He says, We are polarized, or

directional in nature. This means that the electrical charge or etheric charge of a person must be in a certain way, or the body simply does not function well. If the charge is re-

versed for some reason, the person is said to be upside downin his or her thinking, feeling and even bodily functions. This eventually leads to an early death.(Wilson) These are just some of the different descriptions of this energy provided over time. These cultures and sources all have different theories as to the best directions, purposes, and means of manipulating this energy, however, they all seem to have a few things in common. That is that they use focus, breathing, and physical practices to pro- mote the cultivation and movement of our life forceto promote good health. In these

practices, they all use a visual meditation techniques to see and focus on the energy, in the minds eye, moving throughout and around the body. Typically, these meditations also require that you focus on your breathing, as a way of transporting the energy, and that you put yourself in different physical poses to promote the circulation. This use of

visual meditation is somewhat similar to a body scanmeditation, however, rather than

just focusing on relaxing each part of your body, you imagine the energy running through it, in specific directions, to, as they say, open up the different channels that en- ergy runs through. These energy channels are well known, and as I mentioned earlier are used in acupuncture, and have even been mapped, as you can see in the image below.

Meditation is essentially the fundamental practice of moving this energy through- out your body. It is used to help heal (both the self and others), it is used to reduce stress and calm nerves, and it has also been used for self defense, in several different

Meditation is essentially the fundamental practice of moving this energy through- out your body. It is


martial arts. This energy is what many cultures feel is the driving force of all life. When the flow of this current is disrupted or diverted, we can experience health problems, bad

moods, or other negative side effects. Without chi, or etheric energy, or prana, or what- ever you call it, flowing through and around us, we would cease to live. WORKS CITED:

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