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Scientific Exploration Fund

Proposal Form: New Species Expedition

1. Title of Expedition: Jaws of the deep 2. Taxonomic Focus (max 2): Mitsukurinidae

3. Expedition Aims and Objectives: In this expedition, we want to discover a new specie about sharks. And we also want to learn other sea animals, if we cant find a new specie about sharks then we will try to learn and find other kinds of species. Class: Chondrichthyes Subclass: Elasmobranchii Section: Lamniformes Family: Mitsukurinidae Category: Mitsukurina

The distribution of the globin sharks is the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic and their length is about 2-3 meters long and they have a big liver. And it always live in the area of 200 meters below the sea level.

4i. Expedition Leader: Helen ExpertiseCatching the fish, sailing and photography. Organisation: Helen, Judith, Alan and Hugo

4ii. Expedition Members:

1. Name: Hugo Nationality: Chinese

Relevant experience: No


Name: Alan Relevant experience: No

Nationality: Taiwanese


Name: Judith

Nationality: Chinese

Relevant experience: Good artist.


Name: Helen

Nationality: Chinese

Relevant experience: Studied photography for 3 years so that can be a photographer.

5. Details of the Expedition (include ALL information including costs, time spent on the expedition, location etc. : Species: There are hundred types of fishes, mammals, reptiles and planktons in the sea for us to explore, however, we chose sharks as our ultimate exploring opposition in a place in the Pacific Oceans called Mariana Trench. According to scientific research and observation, sharks are only just at the twilight zone of the ocean, which is 200 meters below the sea level. We can use a simple way to lure them out is to pour some blood to the ocean face; sharks can smell blood from even miles away, so next we will just get ready to seize it using professor Alans equipment. Another adequate reason is that there are just a few types of shark in the sea around Mariana, so it is a perfect chance to explore more of them, for example like Goblin sharks, which are poorly known whether by their living style or diet, and it also lives in the Mariana trench. This is why we want to choose sharks in such a remote place, so that we have bigger opportunities to find new species of them Location: We decided to go to the Mariana Trench of the Pacific Ocean for several reasons. Firstly, Shanghai is located near the sea, so that we don t need to book a flight or use other transportations for us to get there, we just need a boat or maybe a yacht and it can save more money for us. Although we should spend more time for us

5. Details of the Expedition (cont.): to get there, we are still more convenient at some other points. Secondly, we decided to discover the animal, which live in the sea, so we have to go to an ocean and the Pacific Ocean is near us. And the sharks which we want to find is always appear near the Mariana Trench so it should be a very good chance for us. And we will start from the dock of Shanghai and travel for three or maybe four days, and finally, we will arrive at the Marian Trench of Pacific Ocean. Equipment and price: For safety: Camera system 12000x1=12000] Signaling device (e.g. whistle) 11x4=44 For capturing Anesthetic rifle 18x100=1800] Steal net 10000x2=20000 For keeping alive 1.Water bottle 30x4=120 2.Sun scream 369x2738 Other 1.Suitcase 1000x22000 2.Day bag 179x4=716 3.Rain jacket 20x4=80 4.Water shoes 56x4=224 5.Notebooks 3x4=12 6.Eating utensils 29x4116 7.Sun hat 49x4=196 8.Sports shoes 498x4=1992 9.Medicine cabinet and medicine[250x1] 10.Pigs blood.[2x40=80] Cost + Travel There are several parts of the cost. Basically, it can divide into the following part: equipment cost, travel cost and water cost. Certainly, we need a lot of equipment during this expedition and it will cost a lot. But what we can do is think in many different ways and consider in a cheapest way. Rent a big fisher ( include oil and the fisherman): 35000/ day. [35000x14=490000] Total: 531302 RMB

5. Details of the Expedition (cont.): Some important things we need to consider about: 1. How can we drink water? Weve got two solutions for solving this problem. One is buy a seawater purifier and another one is carry enough water. Whatever which way we choose, we both need to carry the water. If the seawater purifier is broken during the expedition, then we need reserve water for us to drink. And according to the survey carry water is cheaper. 2. How can we attract the sharks? At the first time, we thought of using some animals meet, and finally we decided to use the pigs blood for two reasons. Firstly, it is cheap. We just need to cost 4 yuan per kilograms. And secondly, pig is not rare so that we can find it very easily.

6. Training Requirements: We dont need it.

7. Additional Comments: Science expedition- Video draft 1. Title (Black background and white title): Jaws of the deep 2. Introduction: Action 1: Take at Shanghai Aquarium (Aim at fishes and sharks). Voice: Hugo/ Helen. (Should be adding subtitles.) Action 2: Group manager introduce to this expedition (Why we do this and our main points.) (Should be adding subtitles.) 3. Species introduction: Action 1: Hugo introduces. (Why us chose sharks and introduce a little bit about sharks.) (Should be adding subtitles.) Action 2 (cover line): Sharks photos. 4. Location introduction: Action 1: Helen introduces. (Why we chose the Mariana Trench of the Pacific Ocean.)(Should be adding subtitles.) Action 2 (cover line): Dynamic route with the map. Action 3 (cover line 2): Pictures of the Mariana Trench. 5. Equipment introduction: Action 1: Alan introduces. (The equipment we chose and the benefit of them.) (Should be adding subtitles.) Action 2 (cover line): Pictures of the equipment. (Voice: Alan) 6. Cost + Travel introduction: Action 1: Judith introduces (The way we saved money.)(Should be adding subtitles.) 7. Troubles we will face and how to solve it: Action 1: Helen introduces. (Should be adding subtitles.) Action 2: Judith introduces. (Should be adding subtitles.) 8. Our benefits: Action 1: Hugo or Helen introduces. (Should be adding subtitles.) 9. End: Action 1: Rolling subtitles: Group manager: Helen. Huang Species expert: Hugo. Zhu Location expert: Helen. Huang Equipment expert: Alan. Chen Cost + Travel expert: Judith. Fang Video made by Helen. Huang Voices by Helen. Huang and Hugo. Zhu