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Flf,rdrelicensee of Lubrizol lnc.- USA

Water Supply
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foruse upto 93'C. Suitable Life of50years Operational Pitting, orLeakage NoScaling, Corrosion Cost Saver Aesthetic lnstallation Easy and Five Decades theWorld forover Proven across Bacterial Growth Retards Tough Reliable and Fire Resistant forInstallation Required NoElectric Source NSF listed compound Made from CPVC (TempRite Tan Tan 309 and 3'11) 88628


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AnlS0 :2008 9001 Company


- USA, - Bangalore Pipes Pvt. Ltd. is thelicensee of Lubrizol to Ashirvad (chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride) manufacture andmarket Flowguard CPVC plumbing inIndia. systems with itsmanufacturing base in Ashirvad Pipes anlS09001-2008 enterprise from Lubrizol artmachinery Bangalore, uses CPVC compound and state ofthe Ashirvad Flowguard technology to process thecompound. andadvanced quality Pipes assures the highest international standards. CPVC &Fittings

Approved by National Foundation Sanitation

Ashirvad Pipes andFittings GPVC aremade raw material. from NSF approved National Foundation is an independent nonSanitation governmenttbody in USA for water purity thepiping system to be standards aridcertifies water applicaton. used forpotable drinking

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D2846 %',-2', ts 15778ASTM ts 15778 ASTM D2846

NSF National Safetv Foundation Germany DVGW Deutscher Verein desGas-Und Wasserfaches Regulations Advisory Scheme WMS Water Kingdom United I

CSTB Centre scientifique ettechnique dubatiment France

TSE Turkish Institution Standard Association CSA Canadian Standard BISBureau of lndia Standards


Carrying Hot Water Heating from Solar

Solar Heater

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ASHIRVAD FLOIYGUARDTT CPVC Pipesare pinedto ftings wih thehelpofAshirvad CPVC wtridr is one stepfast setting solvent cernent place Thebonding dueto solvent cementtakes ofthenntingsrrhces. dpmicalfusion the useof Ashirvad Sol'rent Cement eliminates primer tre needof cement alsoeliminates upto2'only.Thissolvent forjoining. electric / heatsource

Appartment Building



Pipe Extemal CPVC Carrying Hot Water from Solar Heater

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to ._ CPVC Expansion Not recommended connect CPVC Loop in Every Floor directly pipes to the water h e a t e ro u t l e t .O n e - Fixed (RlGlD) Joint meter long metal nipple shouldbe connected forMovement I Free so to theheater r--lWithout Clamping directly pipe Cpvc isnot thatthe Line to Bathroom *by the damaged buildupof excessive .tt,v heatfromthe radiant ihl!' flue.

inside the wall For which are not embedded CPVC oioes important to Waterfrom Boiler/Solarwater heater, etcit ismost butarecarrying Hot by Ashirvad Pipes Pvt.Ltd.Useone expansion loopsupplied use readymade joints loopforevery 12ft run ofthepipe, betweentwofixed Ashirvad expansion

AshirvadCPVCPipes and Fittings have excellent chemical resistance and withstand salty and aggressive water can withvariations in PHvalue of condition it.Thiseliminates water flowing through andgalvanic corrosion, bothelecholytic purity leading towater over entire life span ofthe CPVC Piping Systems.