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G.R. No. L-18766, People v.

Lopez, 14 SCRA 30
Republic of the Philippines SUPREME COURT Manila EN BANC May 20, 1965 !R! No! "#1$%66 THE PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES, plaintiff#appellant, &s! RAMON LOPEZ, 'efen'ant#appellee! Office of the Solicitor General for plaintiff-appellant. Mauro B. Cresencio for defendant-appellee. BENGZON, J.P., J.: At 10(00 a!)! of *ece)be+ 21, 1960, the Chief of Police of Bacua,, -u+i,ao 'el No+te, app+ehen'e' th+ee, st+an,e+s /ho /e+e loite+in, in Pa,ao, a sitio of Bacua,! A ba, /hich they /e+e ca++yin, /as confiscate' /ith the follo/in, contents( th+ee ca+bines, calibe+ !00 Ml1 one +e&ol&e+, calibe+ !221 th+ee flashli,hts /ith batte+ies1 t/o ca+bine a))unition )a,a2ines, fully loa'e'1 t/el&e +oun's of ca+bine a))unition1 one balison,1 a sc+e/ '+i&e+1 se&en false .eys, one of /hich /as a )aste+ .ey1 t+ouse+s1 shi+ts1 an' a pai+ of shoes! Afte+ an in&esti,ation, the afo+esai' pe+sons 3 Ra)on "ope2, Manuel Buico an' A+tu+o Caniete 3 /e+e cha+,e' in the 4ustice of the Peace Cou+t of Bacua, /ith the c+i)e of ille,al possession of fi+ea+)s an', in a sepa+ate co)plaint, the c+i)e of ille,al possession of false .eys! 5ollo/in, the t+ans)ittal of the +eco+' of the case on ille,al possession of false .eys to the Cou+t of 5i+st 6nstance of -u+i,ao 'el No+te, an info+)ation /as file' the+ein a,ainst the th+ee accuse', thus(

7he un'e+si,ne' Assistant P+o&incial 5iscal accuses MAN8E" B86C9, RAM9N "9PE: an' AR78R9 CAN6E7E of the c+i)e of 6""E A" P9--E--69N 95 5A"-E ;E<- co))itte' as follo/s( 7hat on o+ about the 21st 'ay of *ece)be+, 1960 in the )unicipality of Bacua,, P+o&ince of -u+i,ao 'el No+te, Philippines, an' /ithin the =u+is'iction of this >ono+able Cou+t, the sai' accuse' /ith 'elibe+ate an' c+i)inal intent an' /ithout la/ful cause 'i' then an' the+e /ilfully, unla/fully an' feloniously ha&e in thei+ possession, custo'y an' cont+ol se&en ?%@ false .eys, one of /hich is a pic.loc. o+ )aste+ .ey!A C9N7RAR< 79 "AB! ?A+ticle 00C in +elation to A+ticle 005, both of the Re&ise' Penal Co'e@, /ith the a,,+a&atin, ci+cu)stance that the offen'e+s ha&e been p+e&iously punishe' fo+ an offense to /hich the la/ attaches an eDual o+ ,+eate+ penalty, that is, sa)e th+ee accuse' /e+e on 2C *ece)be+ 1960 con&icte' of 6lle,al Possession of 5i+ea+)s by the 4ustice of the Peace Cou+t of Bacua,, -u+i,ao 'el No+te, an' the+eby sentence' Ato suffe+ i)p+ison)ent of th+ee ?0@ yea+s each an' fine of P2,000!00 eachA in C+i)inal Case No! 0%C! 7his ti)e, ho/e&e+, Buico an' Caniete plea'e' ,uilty! "ope2, plea'in, not ,uilty, stoo' t+ial! Afte+ the p+osecution p+esente' one /itness, sai' accuse' )o&e' to 'is)iss the case on the ,+oun' that the facts cha+,e' in the info+)ation 'o not constitute an offense! 6t /as a+,ue' that an essential ele)ent of ille,al possession of false .eys /as not alle,e', na)ely, that the pic.loc. o+ false .eys in the possession of the accuse' /e+e Aspecially a'apte' to the co))ission of the c+i)e of +obbe+y!A 7he+eupon, the t+ial cou+t 'is)isse' the case! 7he p+osecution, /ith co))en'able sense of 'uty, appeale'! A+ticle 00C of the Re&ise' Penal Co'e p+o&i'es( AR7! 00C! Possession of picklocks or similar tools! 3 Any pe+son /ho shall /ithout la/ful cause ha&e in his possession pic.loc.s o+ si)ila+ tools specially a'apte' to the co))ission of the c+i)e of +obbe+y, shall be punishe' by arresto mayor in its )aEi)u) pe+io' to prision correccional in its )ini)u) pe+io'!

-uch c+i)e of ille,al possession of pic.loc.s o+ si)ila+ tools has, acco+'in,ly, t/o ele)ents( ?1@ possession of pic.loc.s o+ si)ila+ tools specially a'apte' to the co))ission of the c+i)e of +obbe+y1 ?2@ such possession is /ithout la/ful cause! 7he info+)ation alle,e' that the accuse' possesse', A/ithout la/ful cause !!! se&en ?%@ false .eys, one of /hich is a pic.loc. o+ )aste+ .ey!A ?E)phasis supplie'!@ A pic.loc. 3 a tool use' in, loc.s 3 is in itself specially a'apte' to the co))ission of +obbe+y of the .in' p+o&i'e' fo+ in A+ticles 299 ?a@ 0 an' 002, pa+! 0 of the Re&ise' Penal Co'e( AR7! 299! Robbery in an inhabited house or public building or edifice de oted to !orship! 3 Any a+)e' pe+son /ho shall co))it +obbe+y in an inhabite' house o+ public buil'in, o+ e'ifice 'e&ote' to +eli,ious /o+ship, shall be punishe' by reclusion temporal, if the &alue of the p+ope+ty ta.en shall eEcee' 250 pesos, an' if ?a@ 7he )alefacto+s shall ente+ the house o+ buil'in, in /hich the +obbe+y /as co))itte', by any of the follo/in, )eans( 0! By usin, false .eys, pic.loc.s o+ si)ila+ tools! ?E)phasis supplie'@ AR7! 002! Robbery in an uninhabited place or in a pri ate building ! 3 Any +obbe+y co))itte' in an uninhabite' place o+ in a buil'in, othe+ than those )entione' in the fi+st pa+a,+aph of a+ticle 299, if the &alue of the p+ope+ty ta.en eEcee's 250 pesos, shall be punishe' by prision correccional in its )e'iu) an' )aEi)u) pe+io's p+o&i'e' that any of the follo/in, ci+cu)stances is p+esent( EEEEEEEEE 0! 6f the ent+ance has been effecte' th+ou,h the use of false .eys, pic.loc.s o+ othe+ si)ila+ tools! ?E)phasis supplie'@ -ince, of loc.s is one /ay to ,ain ent+ance to co))it +obbe+y, a pic.loc. is per se specially a'apte' to the co))ission of +obbe+y! 7he

'esc+iption in the info+)ation of a pic.loc. as Aspecially a'apte' to the co))ission of +obbe+yA is the+efo+e unnecessa+y fo+ its sufficiency! Not/ithstan'in, the o)ission of such supe+fluous 'esc+iption, the+efo+e, the cha+,e of the offense of ille,al possession of a pic.loc. is &ali'! Be fin' both ele)ents of the c+i)e clea+ly alle,e' in the info+)ation in Duestion! 5u+the+)o+e, the info+)ation alle,e' ille,al possession of Ase&en ?%@ false .eys!A 7heRe&ise' Penal Co'e, in A+ticle 005, 'efines Afalse .eysA to inclu'e Athe tools )entione' in the neEt p+ece'in, a+ticle!A A+ticle 00C 3 Athe neEt p+ece'in, a+ticleA 3 )entions Apic.loc.s o+ si)ila+, tools speciallya'apte' to the co))ission of the c+i)e of +obbe+y!A 6t follo/s that the te+) Afalse .eysA appea+in, in the info+)ation sufficiently 'esc+ibes such tools! B>ERE59RE, the o+'e+ Duashin, the info+)ation is he+eby set asi'e an' the case is +e)an'e' fo+ fu+the+ t+ial, /ithout costs! 6t is so o+'e+e'! Bautista "ngelo# Concepcion# Reyes# $.B.%.# Barrera# Paredes# &i'on# Regala# Makalintal and (aldi ar# $$.# concur. Beng'on# C.$.# took no part.