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Kuthumi Invites Light Workers to Experience The Rights of Passage on a Journey to Connect To the Blessed Mother

A Journey to Medjugorje, Bosnia Transmission Received By: Dr. Norma J. Milanovich January 2012
Greetings, Kuthumi: In the Light of the Most Radiant One, I come to the computer requesting a message regarding the upcoming journey to Medjugorje in April of this year. Please protect me in the Threefold Violet Flame of Purity and send through the information that we need regarding this most Sacred Journey into the Unknown.

Good Afternoon, Dear Daughter and Light of the Universe. It is I, Kuthumi, connecting to your essence to provide you with the information that you are requesting. I come with Metatron and Melchizedek to welcome you into a higher arena that allows the soul to peer into the future and predict the outcome of human events with precision and skill. We three form a Tetrahedron and a Trinity of Power to hold an energetic around you that will provide shields of such strength that nothing (in the present and in the future) will be able to touch you or your essence again. This Sacred Geometric Triangle will only expand, each day, as more and more choose to join you on your quest to bring peace and Light to the planet. It will only get stronger and stronger as the souls of Light Workers, worldwide, choose to step into this New World that we now begin to form around you and that what is now contained within this Tetrahedron of Light. This Sacred Geometric Field is being programmed and instituted NOW, this instant in time (as you bring through this message for the world) to advance the co-creation of the Seventh Golden Age on Earth. It is the Merkabah of Creation and the Light that is needed to anchor the Christ Consciousness Grid to the Voice of the Adam Kadmon on the Earth Plane. It is the Light of God that must be strengthened at this time. What I describe here comprises a most auspicious opportunity for Light Workers on Earth for it defines the program that includes the Rights of Passage that each is preparing to experience. The outcome will include a complete restructuring of souls. In other words, that what comprises each soul today will no longer exist tomorrow, nor will it even be deemed important, (from the future perspective of this world). The Rights of Passage exist 1 of 3

like pathways to the Higher Worlds where what is essential in defining the soul of tomorrow is the only thing that is important to understand and become. There comes a time in each Light Workers Journey where he or she must comprehend the total transformative change that occurs when the Threefold Violet Flame (that St. Germain commands) is fully activated on Earth. Now is that time for this understanding to come forth and we, the Trinity of Power, stand before you and call forth those Mighty Light Workers who are destined to participate to step forward NOW to receive this next instruction (and the power that comes with it) that is about to come forth on Earth in this most critical year of 2012. The Cosmic Clocks are quickly ticking and they are opening a passageway for the Sacred Cosmic Fire and Mighty Victory to enter Earths stratosphere to cleanse and purify all that must be raised into a higher Octave of Light. This can only be accomplished through a window of time and through the assistance of the Blessed Mother, who commands the directive for the Divine Feminine to be returned to Earth. Thus, the next Journey is planned for Medjugorje, Bosnia & Herzegovina, because of the energetic field that has been created around the Divine Feminine and Mother Marys visitations to your world. Yes, Dear Commanders from afar, this phenomenon is real. The Divine Mothers pleas for peace and the Light of God to return to the planet are indeed reality, and, all of this has been designed by Melchizedek and Metatron in preparation for the next phase of the Divine Plan that must be put into place within the next few months of time. To accomplish such a goal, a group of strong souls is needed to step forward NOW to access the highest reaches of their minds, as they further activate and install a grid in and around Medjugorje in preparation for the Cosmic Fire to flood the Earth plane in this critical year. This group of Divine Souls will work with Mother Mary and the Celestial Hierarchy to further open the portal that is already present there, (due to the assistance of millions of souls who have already journeyed there to do sacred work). Those citizens of the lands who presently enter this vortex from the far corners of the world all go there on Faith. This group must complete this journey not only on Faith, but also with the firm belief that they venture into this higher dimensional portal to fulfill destiny. Melchizedek needs a group of souls to be present in this area in April, so that Mighty Victory can align the codes of creation within each participants DNA so that all will sing the song of creation in harmony with the Celestial Hierarchy. The result of this excursion will bring balance to the world in the years to come and through this balance many of Earth will find a comfort that they have not felt before this action was complete. Everything will be facilitated through the Celestial Hierarchy and the group members and all will be raised into the higher octave of Mighty Victory. This means that the group members must be purified and cleansed before they even arrive on the scene. Thus, a strict program for purity and advancement will be instituted before the journey commences, and this program will be guided by Melchizedek. It will begin 4 weeks prior to arriving on the scene, and each member will be asked to partake of this Seventh Dimension Protocol. So, for those who step forward to complete this next step of the mission, know that this practice is critical and must be a part of the commitment each will make to journey to this sacred part of the world at this time. The Divine Mother welcomes her Children back to the land where time forgot. She thanks each for hearing her pleas to come and to participate in this Blessed Work for the planet. It 2 of 3

is with great confidence that I say that all who attend will experience working with the Divine Feminine is a way that not one understands today. If you analyze the past journeys, you will notice that the agendas have all been more masculine in nature, than feminine. Do you not agree? That is because the world (symbolically) was operating more from one hemisphere, dominating the other. It is like the Yang dominating the Yin. During the time of this journey in April, this group will work to balance and harmonize this energetic, which means that the membership will be working with the Hierarchy when the world is operating from the opposite hemisphere. It is during this time that this group will begin to experience the power of the Mother, as the Divine Feminine begins to come to life. It is destined to be the time of New Beginnings. It is destined to be the time when everything comes to life and begins to operate following a new set of laws and rules. It is destined to command the Portal opening into the Fifth Dimension and shall forever after be called the TIME OF THE NOW. During the journey, each member will merge with the Divine Mother and receive the messages for the program that each carries. Each member will be responsible for transcribing the messages and bringing life into them. The responsibilities will be awesome. The job descriptions will all be enhanced. The rewards and blessings will be obvious. And the souls will be renewed in this brief moment in time. All participants must come with no doubts, fears, or challenges blocking their way. Each must wear their Badge of Courage and their Medal of Honor that were earned in Atlantis over 10,000 years ago. These will be your e ntry tickets that will allow you safe passage into the unknown, where you will sit at the feet of the Mother, who gave birth to this planet so many eons ago. Mysteries and suspense will lurk everywhere and constantly. The agendas will be quieted and pondered. Much knowledge and wisdom will rise from the consequences of the work that will be completed, and Metatrons presence will be made known to the entire group membership. This is why purity must reign supreme, so that the energetics of this journey can be aligned with the Christ Consciousness Grid that is destined to shift in the etheric. Go now, Oh Daughter of Light, and send out the clarion call to those who have signed up to join us on this excursion into the Fifth Dimension and beyond. Do not waste a minute. Gather them from all over the world and take them to the spiraling portal where Mother Mary waits. Time is of the essence. Go forth now and create the peace that surpasses all understanding. Adonai in the Light of the Most High. I AM KUTHUMI.

Copyright 2012 by Athena Leadership Center and Dr. Norma J. Milanovich. All rights Reserved.

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