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QUESTIONS The first generation of computers were based upon All processing of computers is done in Turbo switch on computer

is in When you put on the computer in the morning it is called Video RAM is there in the The second generation computers were based upon Computers components are cooled by He is known as the father of computers RAM stands for RAM consists of binary numbers 1s and For seeing the, output you use In programming you use the following keys The number of keys in a keyboard With CD you can Printer is a device which Mouse is a device which A scanner scans Laser printer is a device which With digital camera, you can store In MICR,'C' STANDS FOR Track ball has a Cards for card reader were made from Dumb terminals have terminal and Dot matrix printer uses what for printing Hard disk is Zip drive is used for A CD can hold approximately how much of data Dot matrix print characters with the help of Computers understand the language Computer program which controls the operations of computer is called A computer language which is used for drawing pictures on the screen is A software package for creating printing artwork is called Computer language used on Internet is Which are the main types of softwares -system utility and System software are of two types -operating systems and Real time operating system is a following types of software Compression tools compress data on A computer program used for Business applications is Debugging tools are there to debug errors in Computer understands only one language and that is Computer language used for scientific calculations etc. The language used for development of various games is C ++ allows you to develop for windows and

OPTION 1 Transistors Monitor back panel Hot boot CPU Transistors Power supply Herman Hallerith Random Allowed Memory 0s Monitor Arrow keys 100 read input input picture input text Colour ball plastic Mouse hammers removable backup data 200MB dots Machine

Assembles LOGO Word processing PASCAL application applications application software Hard drive LOGO printers source language LOGO C DOS

Visual Basic is a development tool It directs other components of the computer to perform the tasks specified in the program instructions .---------------are the raw facts from which --------is derived. There are two basic types of disks -floppy disk and Printed copy is often called Which printers do not use physical impact to transfer character to paper? Data representation in a computer uses the number system It is collection of facts and figures This act of performing some action to convert into useful from It is type of action to be taken on data It converts accepted instructions into machine language It temporary holds the data received from Input device

Yes input unit Data. Information low disk soft copy

Impact Decimal Data Data Data Input Unit Keyboard

OPTION 2 Ics CPU is not there Cold boot Keyboard Ics Mother board Grace Hoppers Ready Access Memory 2s Keyboard Function keys write output output text output pictures Code track paper Speakers slugs fixed processing 700 MB squares Assembly

OPTION 3 Valves keyboard front panel Warm boot monitor Valves Monitor Charles Babbage Random Access Memory 3s Mouse Alpha keys 88 101 Both a and b Both a and b Both a and b Both a and b Both a and b Both a and b Character football rubber keyboard mouse Both a and b updating 1000 MB circles High level language

OPTION 4 Conductor RAM All of these None of these ROM Chips Fan Newton Random Added Memory 4s Joystick Num keys 110 None of these None of these None of these None of these None of these None of these Coding None of these metal Scanner nibs None of these None of these 2000 MB squares Low level language

Operating System COBOL DTP JAVA new word processing operating system Floppy drive COBOL Keyboard machine language FORTRAN C ++ Internet

Interpreter BASIC Spread Sheet BASIC computer language translators commercial software Both a and b BASIC programs High level language BASIC JAVA Both a and b

Complier ALGOL Excess LOGO complex None of these utility software None of these FORTRAN language Low level language C ++ SQL None of these

No output unit Data, output hard disk blank copy

Not confirmed ACU unit Input , information soft disk hard copy

None of these control unit Output, input None of these write copy

Non-impact Number Information Information Information output unit Memory

Linear Binary Processing Processing Processing Processing Unit Processing Unit

Non-linear Integers File File File Memory Unit File

CORRECT ANSWERS (C)Valves (B):CPU (C)front panel (B):Cold boot (C)monitor (A):Transistors (A):Power supply (C)Charles Babbage (C)Random Access Memory (B):2s (A):Monitor (b):Function keys (c)101 (C)Both a and b (B):output (A):input (C)Both a and b (B):output (C)Both a and b (C)Character (A):ball (B):paper (C)keyboard (A):hammers (B):fixed (A):backup data (B):700 MB (A):dots (A):Machine

OPTION NO. 3 2 3 2 3 1 1 3 3 2 1 2 3 3 2 1 3 2 3 3 1 2 3 1 2 1 2 1 1

(B):Operating System (A):LOGO (B):DTP (B):JAVA (A):application (C)language translators (B):operating system (C)Both a and b (B):COBOL (C)programs (B):machine language (B):FORTRAN (B):C ++ (C)Both a and b

2 1 2 2 1 3 2 3 2 3 2 2 2 3

(A):Yes (D):control unit (A):Data. Information (B):hard disk (C)hard copy

1 4 1 2 3

(B):Non-impact (C)Binary (A):Data (C)Processing (B):Information (A):Input Unit (B):Memory

2 3 1 3 2 1 2