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1) Knowledge of SAP Tables - This is the first & most important skill a functional consultant must have.

As we all know, SAP system stores all data in the form of tables. Hence it becomes mandatory for us, when we carry out any transaction, in which table data oes. !nowled e of tables will help you in preparation of "unctional Specification which we provide to technical consultant. !nowled e of table helps us to track errors & data retrieval operations. 2) LSMW/BDC # $henever there is mass upload of data to SAP system, knowled e of these data upload techni%ue becomes handy tool for functional consultant. $hile dealin with &'()s thou h functional consultant not supposed to write code of &'( but at least they should aware of SH'& & recordin . 3) Func !onal S"ec!f!ca !on "#e"a#a !on $ $henever client provides us a re%uirement which cannot be fulfilled throu h standard SAP confi uration, we have to o for * development with the help of A&AP consultant. At that time, functional consultant interacts with customer & understands his re%uirement. These re%uirements et transmitted to A&AP consultant with the help of functional specification. "or preparation of the same, you have to provide table name & data fields, lo ic of development, if conditions to be used, loops to be used etc. Thou h it appears to be very simple task but preparation of functional specification re%uired lot of skills. %) &n e#face ' (D& # $henever SAP system interacts with another SAP or nonSAP system, data transmission takes place throu h +', i.e. +lectronic 'ata ,nterchan e.+', is The computer-to-computer electronic e-chan e of machine processable business documents in a standard format )!nowled e of interface technolo ies l!*e &$Doc ' AL( becomes imperative when we are dealin with the client which is dealin with its vendors & customers throu h electronic transmission of data. +) ,ue#- - This is a handy tool if you want to create a small report havin few numbers of fields from a sin le table or .oinin two tables. ,f you know this tool, without the help of A&AP consultant you can create a small report & satisfy client)s re%uirement. .) Debugg!ng # ,n day to day operation, in the absence of desired output from a transaction, it becomes very critical to find out root cause of the iven issue. At that time this skill can act as ma ic. 'ebu in will help you to find out missin link. Thou h this is tool is havin lot of utility, but it)s difficult to use. /) S0a# fo#0s # $herever there is print output, there is a smartform. ,f you are in support operation, you will face ma.ority of print output issue. +-. #,nvoice Prints & Purchase /rder prints. Smartform has 0 drivin components1 Print Pro ram, 2ayout Set and "unction module. !nowled e of these will help you to resolve issue fast, at least you can e-plain issue fast to A&AP consultant.

1) SAP 2o es # SAP 3otes are provided by SAP itself as correction in code. SAP 3otes contains instructions to remove errors from SAP System. SAP 3otes can be searched & ,mplemented based on 3ote 3umber, Application (omponent, and ,mplementation Status. Transaction (ode is S23T(. 4) 5a#!an s $ 4ariants are input data which are filled in the selection screen and then saved so that at runtime the variant can be selected and then the entire selection screen is filled with the desired values. 16) C#ea !ng 7 T$Codes # "or any operations5transactions, in SAP system you can create 6*6 6T-(odes as per client re%uirement.