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McMaster University CS 4WW3/6WW3 Winter 2014 Assignment 1 Due: Feb 4, 2014 at 10:00am

January 18, 2014

Short Answers (5 marks)

1. (2 marks) Explain the purpose of a DNS server.

2. (3 marks) How does TCP/IP resolve conflicts among network applications using the same URL?

HTML and CSS Web Design (45 marks)

3. a) You will design a personal website using HTML, providing visitors information about yourself. You are encouraged to post additional information if you so choose, but your page should satisfy the following minimum requirements:

The page should display your name, your program of study, the University you attend, and contact information (e.g., your email address).

A short biography, which may include items such as your background, your interests, hobbies, work experience, family, etc.

At least one image that reflects something about you. For example, this may be a photo of yourself, or a picture representing your hobby and interests, a place you’ve visited, etc.

Your website must contain at least one external link to a document on the World Wide Web, and at least one link to another local document. For example, a personal website may link to the CNN news site (external link), and a link to another (local) HTML document (travels.html) that describes the person’s travel experience.

Your website must also include each of the following: a list, a table, and a form. The form will allow the user to submit feedback and rate the overall quality of your web- site. Include a menu with the four options (”poor”, ”good”, ”very good”, ”excellent”), and provide a text box for the user to enter comments. You may leave the form action attribute empty.


Host your web pages on the CAS undergraduate servers ( under your own accounts. Label your homepage as index.html and place your files in your /public html directory. If you do not have a /public html directory in your home directory, you can create one using the mkdir command. Ensure the file permissions allow for everyone to read your files, and visitors can visit to view your homepage.

b) You will create a webpage (resume.html) that will serve as your online resume with the use of a CSS file. Create an external CSS file, styles.css, that will specify the for- matting for your online resume. You should include the use of font and colour formatting, class selectors, and at least one generic selector. The webpage should be aimed at recruiters who are looking to hire recent university grad- uates. Some suggestions for content are: career objectives, education, work experience, volunteer experience, courses taken, relevant skills, awards, hobbies, and references. Your resume content should be clear, and make it easy for a recruiter to quickly assess your professional abilities.


This assignment is worth 12% towards your final grade.


All files are to be submitted using the Avenue system. Please ensure you submit all files with the correct names, as described below:

1. For Q1-Q2: Please include all your answers in a file (either .txt or .pdf format) named q1q2 (i.e., q1q2.txt or q1q2.pdf).

2. For Q3: Submit the following:

urls.txt: include the URLs to access your website in part (a), and the URL to access your online resume in part (b).

Your HTML files in part(a)

Your resume.html and styles.css files.