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Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.

Sitting on the stairs in the new house, the boy is pictured behind bars. The family, except for the children, are afraid of the concentration camp nearby. The boy does not understand why he is not allowed to play with the children at the farm. The boy is not allowed to go in the back garden, as the mother is afraid he may walk over to the camp. The soldiers show little respect to the Jewish prisoners. The boy is confused about why the farmers are disrespected and not treated as equals. He meets a Jew named Pavel, who used to be a doctor. He decides to go to the farm. The boy meets a boy named Shmuel who is a prisoner in the concentration camp. The tutor of the children reads them heavily biased writings that make the Jewish seem evil. Lieutenant Kotler beats a Jew for spilling his wine, and the mother and Bruno (the boy) are horrified. The father and the sister believe the Jew deserved it, but Bruno does not know why. Lieutenant Kotler catches Shmuel talking to Bruno and eating Brunos food, and Bruno says he was helping himself when Kotler yells at him. Bruno takes a number of trip to the camp over a number of times, without seeing Shmuel, and eventually sees Shmuel, with facial wounds, probably inflicted by Kotler. The family faces tragedy when Brunos grandmother is killed in a bombing on their home town. Shmuel and Bruno become great friends again. Brunos parents have a huge fight and Brunos mother yells that she married a monster. She is referring to the way he treats the Jews. Shmuels father is sent to the gas chambers, but he and Bruno dont know it yet. Bruno plans to dig under the fence into the camp where he can help look for Shmuels father. A thunderclap sounds, signalling danger when Bruno tries to get to Shmuel. Another sounds when Bruno gets through the fence. The family begins to look for Bruno, as the mother realises he has run away. More thunder sounds as they advance through the camp. Music is used to portray sadness and danger. Shmuel and Bruno are caught in a death march. They trample over dead bodies as they are sent to the chambers. Many Jews are herded towards the chambers. The music portrays tension as the family near the camp where Bruno is headed. The boys are inside the chamber, when the father enters the camp. The gas is poured in to kill the Jews as the father realises what has happened. The tense music turns to silence to signify death. The movie fades to black, with a view of the closed door to the chambers.

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