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Model SPA-511


I Illustration to buttons

Fig.1Control Panel


Frequency up- searching / Minute Frequency down- searching/ Hour !olume up/ Set switch !olume down/ Open Radio channel Memory/ $oc% Radio channel read / Close $asting Circulation Cleaning On-off

On-off/Setting confirm Radio or ! /"! Switch/ On-off #lower On-off/ or Switch Spa $ight On-off Surfing pump & On-off 'iew pump ( On-off



Surfing pump) *circulation pump On-off/Set Circulation Cleaning "ime

Heating On-off / Set Pre-heating Set "emperature +ote ,"he functions listed with -lue letters only wor%s on the condition of on-off

II Function Summary
1Max. with 6 KW heating system, set pre-heating, set and display temperature 2With 3 sur ing pumps,1 !ir!ulati"n pump, 1 #iew pump, and 1 $l"wer.
) Spa lights, 0C audio-input / isplay of radio frequency and preser'e &1 channels

2!olume display and 34 frequency ad5ustment 6Circulation cleaning and time set of circulation cleaning 4(0 hours display and time set 3Memory preser'e once power off 7Fahrenheit 8 Celsius degree switch & functions

11:eys with -ac%light

&($oc% setting

13%hree-phase "r single-phase, a#aila$le of &&1-&(1!9C or ((1-(01!9C 1&'h"i!e with '( un!ti"n, offering a 9C supply for circumscri-ing ! or "! 1)'h"i!e with p"wer !"ntr"l 16Choice with gal'anoscope de'ice

III Operation

Fig.3"emperature +ormal isplay Fig.&Senor on/short circuit display 1 ;hen you first start the spa/ the -ac%light will -e dimmed and the $C will show the current time and

temperature, <f there is a pro-lem with the circuit -oard the controller will display the code =>&? , ;hen the radio frequency is displayed as =---? it indicates that the spa is in =power off? model/ and pre-heating and circulation cleaning function is off,

2 Lock memory Mode@optional functionA

"he memory loc% will start wor% -y pressing


*ey in the status of power offwhen the spa


has not -een ad5usted for a period of )1 minutes, ;hen the memory loc%ed %ey is pressed ";<C>

the spa will $e!"me unloc%ed and the word $OC:> will disappear,

3 Adjusting Time
<n the status =Power off and the pre-heating and circulation cleaning are not starting, Pressing



ad5ust time , "he Minute and Hour display flash at this time, <t will add & hour when



each time and the hours can -e ad5usted continually when pressing the

without stopping, "he hour ad5ustment range is +-23. <n the status of time setting <t will add & minute when pressing could -e added continually when pressing the 1B27 "he system will quit the time-setting status automatically after 6 seconds without pressing any -uttons


each time and the minutes


without stopping, "he minute ad5ustment range is

4 Set pre- circulation-cleaning

<n the pre-set mode circulation will -e automatic once per day, "he display will show clearly whether circulation is in action or not, See following Fig 2-6



Fig.)Circulation-cleaning off

Fig.6Circulation-cleaning on

;hen setting the Circulation-cleaning the display must -e in the =Power off? status and the $C display =---?

1 ,ress

to enter Circulation-cleaning setting mode and the $C again t" "

shows and flashes

,and will

then the !ir!ulati"n w"r*s "n. ,ress disappear. 2-,ress minutesand

the !ir!ulati"n !leaning, and the

h"urs to ad5ust the time,

<t will add & minute when pressing "he ad5ustment range is 1B27, <t will add & hour when pressing ad5ustment range is +-23.


each time and the minutes could -e added continually, each time and the hours could -e added continually, "he


9fter setting the circulation cleaning pre-set timing/ go to neCt step.


2 Set start o !"r!#lat"o$

.et lasting time "r !ir!ulati"n

4 %"$"s&ed


to set the circulation timesD it will show the minimum@2 minutesA on the $C and this time will each time, /t will add 1 h"ur $y pressing ea!h

not flash, <t will add 2 minutes -y pressing

time %he maximum w"r*ing time is 10h"urs and )) minutes. ;hen you ha'e completed this procedure continue to the neCt setting,

&- <f all settings ha'e -een correctly/ set Press

automatically@press %ey = ? to clear settings and eCitA,

"r !"n irmati"n / the system will quit this mode

'''Not"!e''' 1 All the setting o !irculation-cleaning must be set on "o#er OFF status $ !irculation "%M" and O&O'( are not #orking #hile setting the circulation cleaning)

5 Set preheating *i re+uired,

Only one pre-heating setting is allowed each day if required,"he $C figures whether pre-heating settings are set or not can show clearly in the following

.ee "ll"wing Fig.1-2



Fig.1Pre-heat On 2Pre-heat Off Pre-heating is set when the spa is in the =Power off? status and the $C display shows =---?

Set (re&eat"$)

Time setting or "reheating

!ontinual time o preheating

"reset temperature

5 %"$"s&ed

1 ,ress

and enter Pre-heating setting mode/ and the $C

flashes of =O+? , the ,34546% i!"n

will lash / and then the circulation wor%s on, Press

=OFF? without flashing,

again t" turn off pre-heating, "he $C will show

2 ,ress


h"urs to ad5ust the time,


<t will add & minute when pressing "he ad5ustment range is 1B27, <t will add & hour when pressing ad5ustment range is +-23.

each time and the minutes could -e added continually, each time and the hours could -e added continually, "he


9fter setting the heating pre-set timing/ proceed to the neCt step,

3- ,ress

to set the circulation timesD it will show the minimum@&1 minutesA on the $C and this time will each time, /t will add 1 h"ur $y pressing ea!h

not flash, <t will add &1 minutes -y pressing

time%he maximum w"r*ing time is 10h"urs and )+ minutes. ;hen you ha'e completed this procedure continue to the neCt setting, &-Press
O !+ SET

again <t will show = S>"? on the $C panel, Press

-utton to change the setting

temperature, "he range of temperature setting isE 1)7&+

)- ;hen e'erything is set correctly/ press the


t" !"n irm, the system will quit the pre-heating setting

'''Not"!e''' 1 All setting o preheating must be in "o#er OFF mode- just turn on the spa " the L!. #ill display /---0 $ "lease note that it sho#s 1on1 or 1o 1 on the L!.) 1on1 means preheating is turned on mode) #hen the time o pre-heating is as same as current time- the heater #ill start #orking) 1o 1 means the heater #on2t start to #ork an any time) 3 !irculation "%M" and 4(AT(5 #ithout #orking #hile setting preheating)

* O(erat"o$ o preheating

;hen the preheating time is as same as the current time/ the $C screen shows =on? and the tu- is also filled with water, "he heater will start to wor%, "he heater/ circulation pump and time counting wor% at simultaneity, "he countdown time will -e shown on the $C screen/ till the preset time is finished, uring the preheating/ "he preheating will -e turned off automatically once the preset time is finished, Or Pressing the



*ey !an st"p preheating.


'''Not"!e''' i) 6hen setting temperature is lo#er than or e+ual #ith #ater temperature " (7en the "reheating is on- but the circulation "%M" and 4(AT(5 are not #orking ii) 6hen the 4(AT(5 is /I0 type rame " The po#er o circulation "%M" must reach 89:6 Other#ise the heater #on2t #ork due to not enough #ater pressure to dri7e pressure s#itch) iii) !onditions meet the abo7e /$0 " and the 4(AT(5 is still not #orking" "lease short the line o #ater pressure s#itch

+ !irculation-cleaning
;hen the current time is as same as the presetting time/ the preset is and the tu- is filled with water/ the circulation cleaning will start/ the circulation pump wor%s at the same,, "he $C shows the countdown time, 9ll the surfing pumps and -lower will wor% for )1 seconds at e'ery )1 minutes, "he wor%s at e'ery &2 minutes. uring the preheating/ the Circulation cleaning will -e turned off automatically once the preset time is finished, or Pressing the

%ey can stop directly,

, Operation to "o#er O'; OFF

Pressing the %ey r"m p"wer-" status t" enter the p"wer-"n status. %" pressing the in the status " p"wer-"n t" enter the p"wer-" status. %he 8'( s!reen sh"ws the "n "r " . .ee "ll"wing Fig.0-1+





- Temperature setting
Fnder the status of =Power-on? can setting temperature, /t will add 1 !entigrade $y press temperature will -e added continually till reach 01 centigrade@&16 Fahrenheit A -y press

ea!h time"the with"ut st"p.

,ress again " and the temperature is show 1)#$% F&hr'(h'it) "he range of ad5ustment is 1)7&+#$%*+,- F&hr'(h'it)

1. Operation 5adio < !.


. UM . /

Fig.11Radio frequency is &12,( MHG"Sa'e the present frequency to channel ) @Sa'e channelA or >Cchange the frequency form channel ) to the present @Searching channelA

first pressing

is the O+/OFF %ey for radio and C and it is only a'aila-le in the status of power on, "he is turning on the radio " the second pressing will turn off the radio and turn on

the C at the same time"and the third pressing= "will turn off the radio and C simultaneous 0$C will show present frequency and 'olume of the radio after turning on the radio

1<n the wor%ing of radio/ the present radio frequency can -e changed -y pressing



2 Pressing the %ey 3


4 will ta%e out the memori.ed radio frequency"Pressing the %ey 3

continually will ta%e out the memori.ed radio frequency from channels will -e sa'ed at present channel -y pressing this %ey continually<f none of the channel" $C will display =---? 5 Press the %ey 3


4 could memori.e the present radio frequency " Pressing the %ey 3

continually will memori.e the present radio frequency in different channel "he channel of maC is

&1"+ame of channel is 1-7

6"he 'olume can -e changed -y pressing %ey 3

O !+ SET



. UM ./

11 Operation o "ump
/ operates pump & 7"he #utton "perates pump 2 7"he -utton "perates pump 3;hen Circulation cleaning and heating @including preheatingA turn on/ circulation pump will -e wor%ing automatically, "he #utton
. UM . 8

12 Operation o lasting circulation cleaning

Press the %ey

at any time to turn on or off the lasting circulation cleaning/ wor% mode is li%e the

preset circulation cleaning, "he surfing pumps and -lower wor% for )1 seconds at e'ery )1 minutes, wor%s for &2 minutes at e'ery &12 minutes/ and repeat in this program, Once any surfing pumps or -lower pump -e start/ the without wor%ing, "he can not wor% if the circulation pump is without wor%ing, IM"O5TA'TE Please ensure that the function is not in use whilst -athing in the spa,

13 Operation o spa lights

Press the

$utt"n t" control the O+/OFF of the $> lights and the Fi-er optic lights,

14 Setting the constant Temperature Settings

1Pressing the

$utt"n will start the constant temperature heating,

2;ith the setting a-o'e/ the circulation pump will wor% automatically, 3<f the temperature is set at )$9 when the water temperature reaches or eCceeds ) -9 the heater

will -e turned off automatically and the circulation pump will stop after 2 seconds, ;hen the water temperature reaches or is lower than ):9 the heater will start up again, & <n the case of an error the $C shows ?>&?, <f this happens/ the thermostatic heating system will +O" -e a'aila-le/ the heater doesnHt wor%,

15 Operating the Air =lo#er


controls the -lower,

1* Fahrenheit < !elsius Temperature shi t

<n the status ofPower off pressing the %ey

!an !hange the m"de " Fahrenheit 8 Celsius degree,

system can not start up, Howe'er the

1+ ;hen there is no water in the spa, 9ll water pumps and heating
corresponding signals will flash on the $C ,

1, "re7ent ree>ing unction?

"he heater 8 circulation pump will wor% automatically once the water temperature is -elow $9 when the water temperature is reach at &1/ heating will stop, "his function is only a'aila-le while the spa is on normal power supply,

I/ (lectric parameters
1 "er ormance inde@
Rated 'oltage 22+;<)+5= MaCimum wor%ing current6+ 6<22+ ;8:, < !oltage-resistance12)+;<1 minute without penetration <solati'e resistance=1+M> ;ater resistance grade/,?) >lectric shoc% resistancefirst grade

*$, Output loading inde@

eater 9C((1!/):; C & water pump 6'22+;<25P C( 9ir pump 9C((1!/1,4%w C & spa light 9C&(!/2; C & Surf ;ater pump 9C((1!/) HP C & water pump9C((1'/&HP C & water pump9C((1'/1,)2HP C & 9C&(!/&2; C &

Radio &A Frequency Range FM 34,1B&13,1MH. (A MaCimum Output Power &1; )A Spea%er3Idamp proof spea%er

9)6arning In ormation
a, -, c, Means for disconnection must -e incorporated in the fiCed wiring in accordance with the wiring rules, <f the supply cord is damaged/ it must -e replaced -y the manufacturer/ its ser'ice agent or similarly qualified persons in order to a'oid a ha.ard, "his appliance is not intended for use -y persons @including childrenA with reduced physical/ sensory or mental capa-ilities/ or lac% of eCperience and %nowledge/ unless they ha'e -een gi'en super'ision or instruction concerning use of the appliance -y a person responsi-le for their safety, d, Children should -e super'ised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance,
1 +

e, g, h,

etails concerning cleaning and other maintenance Cleaning and disinfection Fse and installation of a co'er,

f, Maintenance of water purity/ especially PH 'alues and chlorine concentrations,

i, isposal of water 5, Precautions to a'oid damage due to water %, Precautions to a'oid damage when the appliance is left empty for eCtended period,

$)$ Sub-clause 8 "he installation instruction shall state the su-stance of the followingE - >arthed appliances must -e permanently connected to fiCed wiringD - "he appliance should -e supplied through a residual current de'ice @RC A ha'ing a rated residual operating current not eCceeding )1 m9, - "he floor has to -e capa-le of supporting the eCpected load, - 9n adequate drainage system has to -e pro'ided to deal with o'erflow water, etails of how to follow the wiring rules/ for eCample/ specifying that parts are installed in the correct .one and that equipotential -onding is carried out,

6A5 'I'A


9+J>RR<S: OF >$>C"R<C SHOC:"Connect only to a circuit protected -y a Jround Fault Circuit lnterrupter, ( Jrounding is required, "he unit should -e installed -y a qualified ser'ice representati'e and ground, )FOR KOFR S9F>"K-"his product should -e installed -y a professional ser'ice technician/qualified in hydrotherapy -ath installation, 0ltHs prohi-ited to co'er the instrument with something while opeating, 2when using at the first time /#e sure there is water in heater pipe -efore staring, 6 parts containing li'e parts/ eCcept parts upplied with safety eCtra-low 'oltage not >Cceeding &(!/must -e inaccessi-le to person in the -ath7 3earthed appliances must -e permanently connected to fiCed wiring 7 7 the appliance should -e supplied through a residual current de'ice @RC Aha'ing a rated residual operating current not eCceeding )1 m9, &, <f the mains cord of this appliance is damaged/<t must only -ereplaced -y our ser'ice representati'e/9s special tools and/or parts are required

."luti"ns " Fault

:" p"wer supply


Ho1 to Sol2e t&e (ro3le0

1. %he ele!tri! lea*age swit!h was 1. 'he!* and eliminate the mal un!ti"n, $rea*ed " restart the spa

2. %he Fuse $e $rea* " :" display "n !"ntr"l panel

2. ,lease !hange use

1. %he plug whi!h !"nne!ted with the 1. t" !"nne!t the plug " the !"ntr"l panel l""se "r dis!"nne!ted panel and the main $"x 2. %he ,anel happened with mal un!ti"n 2. 'hange a new !"ntr"l panel 1. ,"wer " the light $e $rea* " 2. Fuse $e $rea* " 3. light $e $urn 1. 2. 3. 1. %" !he!* i !a$le " the light is well !"nne!ted with main $"x "r n"t 2. 'hange a use 3. 'hange a new lampwi!* 9="nater $urn 1. 'hange a new "="nater Fuse $e $rea* " 2. !hange a use 'a$le " the "="nater $e !ut " 3. !he!* i the !a$le " the main p"wer is !"nne!ted with the main $"x "r n"t. temperature dete!t"r $e !ut " "r 1. '"nne!t the temperature dete!t"r sh"rt!ir!ulate 2.'hange a new temperature dete!t"r plug " the temperature dete!t"r $e nundated $y water

84( light n"t w"r*

9="ne n"t w"r*

(isplaied 41FF in !"ntr"l panel

1. 2.

$eing in!apa$le " a!ti#ate water pump,and water pump i!"n lashing 5eater n"t w"r*, and heating i!"n "n panel lashing 8ea*age

1.water n"t a!hie#e the app"inted le#el 2. water dete!t"r n"t !"nne!t well

1. %" add m"re water t" ma*e it up t" the water dete!t"r 2. %" re-!"nne!t the line " water dete!t"r 1. setting water temperature l"wer then 1. set the temperature degrees higher the water temperature than the water in tu$ temperature@$etween 1) and &3 A' 1. sili!"n plaster n"t g""d 2. ,;' plaster n"t g""d 3. Bl"w "ut " the water pipe 1. %" rem"#e the Cets then re-install "ne 2. %" plaster "n!e again 'hange water pipe

1 2

1 3

1 &

1 )