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On or about 1/13/13, I was at the store buying groceries when my 18 year old son Connor invited a friend over

to my house at 171 Lincoln Street in Holyoke, MA. During this visit, Connor advised me, upon my arrival home, that his friend, Cyrus Fisher (whose nickname is Mike) had stolen his iPhone, which was less than 24 hours old. After searching the house, we found that not only had his iPhone been taken, but the title to my 2004 Ford F-150 pickup truck was also missing. It was not difficult to figure this out as I had just previously removed the title from my filing cabinet in the basement to the kitchen counter and signed the back of it, where the seller is required to sign in order to change ownership. I had done this as my son had his car Licensing exam scheduled at the DMV for the next day and I had made him a promise, that if he passed, I would relinquish him the older Ford pickup truck as a gift as you are allowed to sell vehicles to family members for only $1. That and the truck had approximately 130,000 miles on it, and I thought it would be a good vehicle to learn how to drive being a truck it would provide some safety features. I then returned the file to the manila file on my kitchen counter where I expected it would remain until his test at the DMV. I did not fill out any other information on the title and it clearly states on all Massachusetts titles that it is the sellers responsibility to fill out ALL the information on the title required by law or it is null and void, including odometer readings, buyers and sellers names and addresses, as well as the sale price which I did not fill out. Cyrus left my house before I arrived but returned, however, he refused to relinquish any of the property he had stolen, saying it was payment for an old Debt. I did not agree but even offered him $500 to return them and then get lost as I knew it would likely cost more than that in order to legally go through the proper channels in order to get our property returned. He again refused and began to raise his voice at both me and my son, who have a combined weight of approximately 260 lbs. Cyrus is over 6 feet tall and maybe 375 lbs. I asked him to leave several times and warned him that if he did not comply, I would be forced to call the police. He refused, and I called the police who took him away and arrested him for trespassing and was later fined a small amount. Approximately 1 hour later, Cyrus appeared again at the rear door of my home and was banging on the door and being loud and screaming obscenities, requesting that both me and my son have the balls to come outside and settle this like men. I again warned Cyrus that I would call the police if he refused to leave and that I have a local HPD Officer and family living next door as new residence as well as a police officer living across the street and a good tenant living beside me in my townhouse who I did not want to disturb. He chose to stay, I again called the police who this time refused to remove him from the property as he had shuffled his way down to the end of the drive way and was pacing the sidewalk in front of my house. Sometime between the police showing up and refusing to arrest or remove him, Cyruss girlfriend, Natasha Ortiz, showed

up in the common driveway used by myself, my tenant, and any guests, as well as Cyrus that day. She had allowed Cyrus to apparently use, or maybe not, her car that day and when she noticed that it had some apparent damage (what type I could not say for sure as I had never seen the car before and it looked pretty banged up). Natasha apparently thought that I or my son had done damage to her car that she was letting Cyrus use. She then came running up behind me and pushed me from behind, causing me to fall on the pavement of my driveway, which was seen by my son, Cyrus, my friend Gerald Bealeau, as well as at least 1 or 2 of the Police Officers. She then began screaming that I had damaged her car. I asked that one of the officers restrain her and arrest her for assault which they laughed and said they had not seen anything. I asked the 5 or so police officers (3 or 4 cruisers) to remove Cyrus from my property as this was now the 3rd time he had re-appeared after being arrested for trespassing, to which they responded he was no longer on my property, he was walking back and forth in front of my house on the sidewalk. I asked one of the police officers what could be done to have her car removed from our driveway, which he replied, off the record, Id just put it in neutral and push it out into Rt 202 so it would have to be towed. One other Police Officer went next door to check on his fellow police officers friends wife, who apparently said she was fine because he only spoke briefly and departed. Cyruss girlfriend then either took the car or came back later to retrieve it, Im not sure as I was disgusted I just went into my house and waited for the side show to end. I called the Police department once or twice at later dates, a few days later, to discuss my title and advise them that my sons phone had been found in a nearby snowbank by the sidewalk, but no title. I was then advised that my insurance company had revoked my insurance and the DMV my registration as Mr. Fisher had obviously taken it upon himself to fill out the rest of the information and retitle the truck. That was in December and I have been without a vehicle since that time. I finally filled out papers charging him with theft of the title about a month after being charged by his girlfriend of malicious damage to a vehicle (a felony) as well as larceny over $250 (also a felony) punishable by up to 20 years in jail combined as she apparently picked me to blame for damaging her car, which was probably already damaged prior to arrival, as well as removing items from her car which she claimed to be in value of excess of $250. She was somehow able to convince the District Attorney of his charade and both myself and my son are facing these charges which as you are aware will always be on my criminal record as charges or arraignments regardless of the outcome. I would like the charges dismissed and somehow the charges to not ever show up without having to pay for the process of having my record sealed as this scenario has already cost me several thousand dollars, but because I saw how the police responded and previous

situations, in business it is sometimes cheaper to just settle with an accord and satisfaction agreement which angers me to no end as I should not have ever been charged with either crime to begin with.

Greg Williams