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November 24, 2013 Dear Mr.


Hi, my name is Rob Xombie and I am a graduate of the UW Medical program from 2011 and a native of Cromers, WA. You probably do not remember me, but we actually did meet back in 2010 in Washington, DC, while interviewing for a potential Administrative Residency at Cromers Hospital. I ended up completing my Administrative Residency (and staying on an extra year and a half as a Project Coordinator) at the Cromers Associates (MFA), a large multi-specialty physician group practice, which is affiliated with the University. My time at the MFA consisted of working directly under their Chief Operation Officer, Ms. Bonit sKAA. During my three years in this position, I was able to gain a great deal of experience in healthcare operations and project management. The time I spent with the MFA was a period of rapid growth for the organization and I am a proud benefactor of that wealth of experience. Even though the is an ambulatory care center, and not a full-fledged, in-patient hospital, we employed over 900 doctors in over 50 clinical specialties, who cared for thousands of patients every day. I believe, the projects and challenges I faced at the, have prepared me very well for a career in hospital operations and project management. Despite very much enjoying my experience working at the and the experience it provided, in June of this year, I finally decided to make the transition back home to Connecticut. This had been my inevitable plan since coming to in 2008 for the HSML program. I parted on excellent terms with my former employers and can produce sparkling references attesting to my dedication and hard work. Since moving back, I have been working at my fathers small business in The reason for my message today, is that I wanted to make you aware of my strong desire to be a part of Hartford Healthcare. I truly believe that your organization is a leader in this area, and I admire HHCs proven record of creating access to care for patients by enhancing local healthcare delivery capabilities. I have witnessed the continued growth of your organization first-hand growing up in and aspire to one day be a part of this growth. To that end, I constantly scour your website looking for vacancies in Operations/Project Management/Strategic Planning/Management, where I have experience and training, and feel I could be a great asset to your organization. Just the other day, I applied for a position (15428 PRACTICE MANAGER HDICAL GROUP) in your medical group.If there is any advice you would wish to impart on me, I would be extremely grateful for that opportunity. I have enclosed a copy of my Resume as well as a reference letter from