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2014 Price List and Registration Form
200-1215 West Broadway, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6H 1G7 Canada Tel. 1-604-739-9836 / Fax. 1-604-739-9839 / Email:

International House Vancouver - Registration 2014

personal information
First Name Family Name

program information
Registration Date: (dd/mm/yy) School Start date: (dd/mm/yy) School Finish Date: (dd/mm/yy)


Native Language

General Programs: (Please check all that apply)

IHV-15 Semi-Intensive AM IHV-15 Semi-Intensive PM IHV-20 Semi-Intensive Plus PM IHV-35 Intensive Plus Combined course (25 lessons) hours hours 25 hours (homestudy only) Combined course (30 lessons) IHV-20 Semi-Intensive Plus AM IHV-30 Intensive Pathway Program (PP) Private General Private Executive 15 hours Other: 20 hours

Date of Birth (dd/mm/yy)


Street Address




Intuition Homestudy (Check weekly study hours)

Postal Code Country

Home phone

Mobile phone

Work Experience Programs: (Please check all that apply)


Work & Study Basic (Hospitality) Work & Study Gold (Hospitality) Work & Study Premium (Hospitality) Working Holiday Basic Professional Internship Ranchstay Volunteer

Work & Study Basic (Retail) Work & Study Gold (Retail) Work & Study Premium (Retail) Working Holiday Premium

Emergency Contact Name

Emergency Contact Phone Number

Approximate Level of English: (Check appropriate box)


Lower-Intermediate Upper-Intermediate


Junior Programs:
Childrens Adventure Program Vancouver (CAP) Junior Program Vancouver (JP-Van) Junior Program UBC (JP-UBC) Summer Winter

accommodation and miscellaneous

Type of housing: Homestay Full Board Homestay Self Catering Not needed
Housing Start: (dd/mm/yy) Housing Finish: (dd/mm/yy)

Student House Private room Shared room


payment details
Total Course Cost Accommodation fees Airport transfer Health insurance

+ + +

Registration fee Accommodation arrangement fee


+ +

Medical problems or allergies:

= Total Cost Due


Students registered for 1 month or less of housing must give 2 weeks written notice if leaving before the registered housing nish date. For students registered for more than 1 month of housing, 1 month written notice must be submitted if leaving before the registered housing nish date. No refund will be issued for students dismissed from the IH Housing program. Refunds are issued on a pro-rated basis. The Housing Placement fee is non-refundable.

All payments must be made in Canadian dollars. All payment documents must include: [1] Full name of student, [2] Course start date

Do you require airport transfer?

Arrival date (dd/mm/yy) Departure date (dd/mm/yy)

On Arrival: For Departure:

Yes Yes

No No

Yes, I have read, understand and accept all of the enrolment conditions and refund policies.

Arrival time (hh:mm) Departure time (hh:mm)

Airline & Flight No. Airline & Flight No.

Type or sign full name and date to indicate you have agreed to the terms and conditions.
Type full name or Signature Date

Do you need medical insurance?

Insurance Start: (dd/mm/yy)

Insurance Finish: (dd/mm/yy)


(All students MUST have medical coverage for their full study period at IH Vancouver)

( is the official medical insurance provider for IH Vancouver)

Agents Information (Optional)




how did you hear about us?

Friend Internet Magazine Agency Other__________________



International House Vancouver - Price List 2014

general programs
Program IHV-15 Semi-Intensive AM IHV-15 Semi-Intensive PM IHV-20 Semi-Intensive Plus AM IHV-20 Semi-Intensive Plus PM IHV-30 Intensive IHV-35 Intensive Plus Pathway Program Time 08:50-11:40 13:30-16:20 08:50-13:20 12:30-16:20 08:50-15:20 08:50-16:20 08:50-15:20

Lessons / Week 15 15 20 20 30 35 30

1 - 3 weeks $280/wk $200/wk $310/wk $310/wk $345/wk $370/wk 8 weeks minimum 1-3 weeks $585 $810

4 - 12 weeks $260/wk $175/wk $290/wk $290/wk $325/wk $340/wk $325/wk

13 - 24 weeks $240/wk $160/wk $270/wk $270/wk $300/wk $320/wk $300/wk 4+ weeks $565 $790

25 weeks + $220/wk $145/wk $250/wk $250/wk $275/wk $295/wk $275/wk

Combined courses
20 group lessons 5 individual lessons 20 group lessons 10 individual lessons

Time 08:50-13:20 afternoon 08:50-13:20 afternoon

young learners programs

Program *Childrens Adventure Program *Junior Homestay Program **Residential Teen Program (UBC) **Residential Junior Program (UBC)
* Fees shown do not include accommodation.

Ages 5-12 13-17 14-17 9-13

** Registration Fees are not charged on these programs.

1 Week $395 $395 $1,595 $1,695

Add / Weeks $395 $395 $1,155 $1,255

intuition home-study programs

Program General English Semi Private Tutorials Professional English Professional English Student to Teacher 15 lessons 20 lessons 25 lessons One to One Two to One One to One Two to One $1,350 $975 --$1,600 $1,150 $2,000 $1,500 $1,800 $1,350 $2,250 $1,625

private tutorials
Program General Private General Semi-Private Student to Teacher One to One Two to One Hourly rates $60 $80 $75 $90 10 hour package $550 $700 $700 $800 40 hour package $1,900 $2,500 $2,200 $2,800

English for Specic Purposes One to One English for Specic Purposes Two to One

* Fees shown are per week per student and include accommodation in single room with half board (arrival Sunday, departure Saturday), enrolment and accommodation placement fee.

Accommodation Type Homestay single room adult (full-board) Homestay double room adult (full-board) Private Bathroom supplement (subject to availability) Homestay single room for minors* (full-board) Homestay double room for minors* (full-board) Self-Catering Homestay single room Student House single room Sept - May (self-catering)*** Student House shared room Sept - May (self-catering)*** Student House single room June - Aug (self-catering)*** Student House shared room June - Aug (self-catering)*** Weekly rate during study period** $210 $189 $80 $245 $210 $175 $189 $119 $210 $133

Subject to availability Nightly rate outside study period $35 $30 $15 $38 $32 $30 $30 $19 $32 $21

*Students under 18 **Accommodation during study period is available from Sunday before the course starts until Saturday after the course ends *** Available to students of 19 years or over.

work practicum placement fees

Services Work & Study Basic Work &Study Gold Work& Study Premium Working Holiday Basic Working Holiday Premium Fees $400 $700 $1,250 $100 $300

other fees
Services Registration fee Accommodation Placement Fee Medical Insurance (optional) Custodianship fee Airport transfer one way * Airport transfer both ways* Fees $125 $200 $2 /day $95 $90 $160

* Transfer fees for more than 1 person and groups on request.

International House Vancouver - Dates and Conditions 2014

dates 2014
The recommended starting dates for General English, Business English, TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS and PP are as follows:

enrolment procedures
1. Read & understand all information provided in this form and in the brochure. Decide on the program you wish to study and the date you wish to start. 2. Fax, mail, e-mail or courier your completed Enrolment Form to IH Vancouver or an authorized IH Vancouver agent in your home country. You can also register on-line at: 3. Check the Canadian visa requirements for citizens of your country at: 4. Make your payment. Your non-refundable registration placement fees are due at the time of registration with the balance due at least 21 days prior to the start of your course. Acceptable forms of payment include: Bank Transfer, Bank Draft, Money Order, Canadian Cheque, Visa, Master Card, AMEX, JCB, Interac or Cash. ($5000 limit for credit card payments) 5. Once your Enrolment Form and payment have been received, we will send your Letter of Acceptance and Receipt of Payment. If you require a visa to enter Canada or a study permit, you must present your letter of acceptance at the visa issuing office nearest to you. 6. Arrive at school on your chosen start date by no later than 08:45. Upon completion of your registration, placement test and orientation session, you will be placed in classes. Elective classes may be chosen on your rst day.

Jan. 6 Jan. 20

Mar. 3 Mar. 17 Mar. 31 Apr. 14 Apr. 28

May 12 May 26 Jun. 9 Jun. 23

Jul. 7 Jul. 21

Sept. 2 Nov. 10 Sept. 15 Nov. 24 Sept. 29 Dec. 8 Dec. 22

Feb. 3 Feb. 17

Aug. 5 Oct. 14 Aug. 18 Oct. 27

2014: Jan 6, March 17, Jun 16, Sep 9

Cambridge (FCE & CAE) Start Dates:

School & National Holidays:

2014: January 1 January 24 February 10 April 18 May 19 June 20 July 1 August 4 September 1 October 13 November 11 December 25

New Year's Day Professional Development Day Family Day Good Friday Victoria Day Professional Development Day Canada Day BC Day Labour Day Thanksgiving Day Remembrance Day Christmas Day

program notes
1. All fees shown in Canadian dollars. Please contact us for US dollar rates. 2. One lesson is 50 minutes 3. Placements cannot be guaranteed for students whose payment is past due. 4. School policies on dismissal and dispute resolution are posted in the school. The refund policy for dismissal follows the cancellation policy guidelines. 5. A deposit for text books ($35 per book) may be required on the rst day of class. This deposit, minus a small fee of $5 per book will be refunded when the books are returned in good condition. 6. IH Vancouver reserves the right to change fees without prior notice. 7. Minimum age for adult programs is 16 8. Maximum number of students in class is 14 (for assessment purposes there might be more than 14 students in class for a very short period of time)

refund & cancellation policies

acceptance 1. Non-Refundable Fees
The Registration Fee, Placement Fee and all medical insurance fees are non-refundable.

bank information

HSBC Canada

2. Absence and Postponement Students wishing to postpone their studies or take time off, may do so with two weeks prior written notice. A $100 fee will be applied for the second such request. 3. Rejection by Immigration Canada Students unable to obtain a visa are entitled to a full refund less all non-refundable fees. Students must request a refund in writing four weeks prior to the start of their course and return the original letter of acceptance with a copy of the rejection letter issued by Immigration Canada to your registrar as soon as possible, otherwise cancellation policies will apply to the refund. 4. Applying through a representative Students who enrol through a representative office, must obtain their refund directly from the representative and comply with the representative's refund policies. 5. Cancellation Date of cancellation 30+ days before starting date 0 to 29 days prior to start date After 0% to 10% of program After 11% to 19% of program After 20% or more of program % refunded 75% 60% 50% 30% 0%

Broadway and Ash

Bank Address:

601 West Broadway Vancouver, BC, Canada V5Z 4C2

Account Name:

International House Vancouver

Account Number: Transit Number:

090-183959-001 10090

Swift Code:

Routing Number:


contact details
International House Vancouver
200-1215 West Broadway, Vancouver British Columbia, V6H 1G7 Canada Tel. 1-604-739-9836 | Fax. 1-604-739-9839 email:
For more information and Online Registration @

Note: All changes to your program must be submitted to the registrars office of the school in which you are enrolled. 6. Program changes Programs of study may not be downgraded once they have commenced. Program upgrades are based on availability.