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PD - Sample Questions

1. Which three of the following articulate symbolic intention and design image in a building program? I. Entry or arrival II. Procession or circulation III. estination or purpose IV. Meeting or conference V. Exit or departure (A) I,II, and III (B) I, III and IV (C) II, III, and IV (D) II, IV, and V

,. !he term *policy board+ is associated with which of the following agreements? (A) (B) (C) (D) ,oint venture architect-consu tant association oose association

2. !he architect will usually pay a consultant at the time" (A) (B) (C) ( ) the consu tant co!p etes the "or# the architect pro$ides the "or# to the o"ner the consu tant %i s the architect the architect receives payment from the owner

.. Which of the following building types would be -EA'! affected by land use and development control regulations? (A) (B) (C) ( ) housing hospita s co!!ercia federal

&. Which of the following climatic regions re#uires a greater number of design solutions to provide a controlled physical environment? (A) (B) ($) (D) 'ropica Arctic !emperate Arid

/. Which method of scheduling is most li.ely to have the best commitment from the architect(s pro,ect team? (A) (B) ($) (D) %ar chart C0M diagra! full wall schedule !i estone

(. Which of the following is %&! one of $amillo 'itte(s artistic principles of town building? (A) !he development of towns as formally ordered statements of linear circulation (B) 'he for!ation of p a)as and streets into organic spatia patterns (C) E!phasis on the infor!a nature of the c assica !ode of to"n p anning (D) 'he for!ation of to"ns as coherent organis!s to %e achie$ed through proper corre ation of %ui ding units *. Advantages of outside consultants are all of the following E)$EP!" (A) the+ are independent of a parent architectura fir! (B) additiona cross chec#ing of dra"ings (C) the+ are not a financia %urden during s o" ti!es ( ) they are usually paid by the owner direct

1. Which of the following is %&! a twentieth/ century new town? (A) (B) (C) (D) Williamsburg, 0irginia Co u!%ia, Mar+ and 2eston, Virginia 3reen%e t, Mar+ and

141 !he phrase *level of amenity+ is most li.ely associated with which of the following? (A) (B) ($) (D) sche!atic design conceptua design study interior design

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PD - Sample Questions

1. 5hich three of the fo o"ing articu ate s+!%o ic intention and design i!age in a %ui ding progra!6 (A) I, II, and III 2. 'he architect "i usua + pa+ a consu tant at the ti!e7 (D) 'he architect recei$es pa+!ent fro! the o"ner &. 5hich of the fo o"ing c i!atic regions re8uires a greater nu!%er of design so utions to pro$ide a contro ed ph+sica en$iron!ent6 (C) 'e!perate (. 5hich of the fo o"ing is 9:' one of Ca!i o ;itte<s artistic princip es of to"n %ui ding6 (A) 'he de$e op!ent of to"ns as for!a + ordered state!ents of inear circu ation *. Ad$antages of outside consu tants are a of the fo o"ing E=CE0'7 (D) the+ are usua + paid %+ the o"ner direct ,. 'he ter! >po ic+ %oard? is associated "ith "hich of the fo o"ing agree!ents6 (A) @oint $enture .. 5hich of the fo o"ing %ui ding t+pes "ou d %e AEA;' affected %+ and use and de$e op!ent contro regu ations6 (D) federa /. 5hich !ethod of schedu ing is !ost i#e + to ha$e the %est co!!it!ent fro! the architect<s pro@ect tea!6 (C) fu "a schedu e 1. 5hich of the fo o"ing is 9:' a t"entiethcentur+ ne" to"n6 (A) 5i ia!s%urg, Virginia

14. 'he phrase > e$e of a!enit+? is !ost i#e + associated "ith "hich of the fo o"ing6 (C) Mar#et stud+

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