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REGU'ATIONS &&&&&&&&&&& Made under section 54




These Regulations may be cited as the Weights and Measures (Sale of LPG) Regulations !"1!



#n these Regulations unless the conte$t re%uires other&ise' ()*ct)) means the Weights and Measures *ct+

Weights and Measures gas Regulation

(),alibration ))means the set of o-erations that establish under s-ecified conditions the relationshi- bet&een .alues of %uantities indicated by a measuring instrument or measuring system or .alues re-resented by a material measure or a reference material and the corres-onding .alues reali/ed by measurement standards0 0,ertification0 means the issue of a &ritten statement by a third1-arty based on a decision follo&ing that -roducts -rocesses systems or -ersons ha.e fulfilled s-ecified re%uirements+ 2,ommissioner0 means the ,ommissioner for Weights and Measures+ 2cylinder0 means a -ortable refillable container (that may be seamless &elded or bra/ed) of &ater ca-acity bet&een ".3 litre and 13" litre+ 2cylinder shell 0 means container &ithout a .al.e or any other readily detachable -art such as a .al.e -rotection ca- boot or shroud+ 2Gross &eight0 means the &eight of any goods including the &eight of its container ()S# 4nits)) means the #nternational System of 4nits for the time being a--ro.ed by the General ,onference on Weights and Measures and &hich are s-ecified in regulations made under this *ct. 2mar50 means hard1 stam-ing embossing or embedding of cylinders+

2net &eight0 means the &eight of any goods e$cluding the &eight of its container 2-remises0 includes any land or any building or other structure and includes train boat shi- aircraft or any other .ehicle e$ce-t -remises used solely as d&elling house. 2tare &eight2 means the &eight of a container fitted &ith a .al.e but &ithout any other readily detachable -art such as a .al.e
Weights and Measures gas Regulation

-rotection ca- boot or shroud+ ()&eight)) means mass sub6ected by gra.itational force+


Gene/.l /e1ui/e2en-s


!ART I0 SA'E OF '!G C)'INDER (1) The tare &eight net &eight and gross &eight shall be in S# 4nits and clearly painted conspicuously


At least once in every twelve months, a cylinder shall be tested to ascertain the declared quantity

M./3in4 .nd '.bellin4

;or any gas cylinder the follo&ing information shall be legibly and -ermanently mar5ed around the nec5 or collar+ a) 8ame of the o&ner or -ac5er+ b) Serial number c) Tare &eight

Inspe5-ion* .nd Tes-in4


#ns-ection and testing of a cylinder at any -remises shall be conducted in order to ascertain the follo&ing -articulars a) 8ame of the o&ner or -ac5er+ b) Tare gross and net &eight


Where another -arty or -erson is authori/ed by the ,ommissioner to carry out ins-ection and tests on his<her behalf he or she shall conduct such ins-ection and testing as -ro.ided under sub regulation (1) of this regulation.


The ,ommissioner or any other authori/ed -erson shall enter all the findings of his e$amination and testing in ;=RM WM*<G<;<*.1 *.! *.9 *.: and shall obtain on the said ;orms the signature of the manufacturer or as the

Weights and Measures gas Regulation

case may be of the -ac5er or his authori/ed agent (:) When the ,ommissioner or authori/ed -erson is satisfied that the gas cylinder tested conforms to all the -ro.isions of this regulation he shall authori/e the sale distribution or deli.ery of such cylinder. ins-/u2en-s


*ll dealers selling gas in cylinders &hose net content declaration is by &eight or .olume or a combination thereof shall maintain a measuring instrument of at least accuracy class ###.

2.6i2u2 pe/2issible e//o/

Ma$imum -ermissible error on gas cylinder should not be greater than one -ercent (1@) of the declared tare &eight during filling or re1filling and t&o -ercent (!@) of the declared gross &eight at the retailer or &holesaler -remises.

Re7e5-ion o8 C9linde/s

*ny gas in cylinder not conforming to all or any of the -ro.isions of this regulation such cylinder shall not be distributed or deli.ered until it has been re1-ac5ed re1-rocessed or re1labeled as the case may be in accordance &ith the -ro.isions of this regulation. (not resol.ed)



*ny -erson &ho contra.enes the -ro.isions of these regulations shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable to a fine as -ro.ided for in the *ct. !ART II0 FEES (1). Metrological su-er.ision acti.ities shall be charged Tshs. 3""<C for each gas cylinder D!""<1E 7=W F= G=4 *S,HRT*#8 F*THS =;



,7H,I#8G< W7*T M*RI#8GS< 7=W =;TH8<F#;;HRH8T ,GL#8FHR S#JHS 13"<1E

(!). ,*L#KR*T#=8 ;HH ;=R HLHRG G*S LH7#,LH T*8IHR *8F G*S ST=R*GH T*8I S7*LL KH TS7S 3"<C !<1E ;=R H*,7 L#TRH. (9) The certification fee for e.ery gas .ehicle tan5er and gas storage tan5 shall be
Weights and Measures gas Regulation

Tshs !3<C !<1E for each litre W7*T #8THRL*LE SH,. 1B =; W M M *,T ,*P 9:"E (:) ,*L#KR*T#=8 L#,H8SH ;=R G*S ST=R*GH T*8I G*S LH7#,LH T*8IHR =R G*S ;L=W MHTHR S7*LL KH TS7S. 1 """ """<C P*#F #8 RHSPH,T =; HLHRG L#,H8SH *8F ;#;TG PHR,H8T =; PRHS,R#KHF ;HH ;=R RH8HW*L =; L#,H8SH. #S= 1":>: PHR#=F#, #8SPH,T#=8 Far es Salaam D.-e.. . *bdallah . = Iigoda (MP) Minis-e/ 8o/ Indus-/ies .nd T/.de

Weights and Measures gas Regulation