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Job Description

Job Title: Customer Support Assistant

Group: Operations

Department/Division: Terminal Operations / Ops Planning/ Support Svc/ Car Park Evaluated Grade: DAC 04

Reports To (Title): Car Park Team Leader Line Manager Name:

Department and Job Number:



Job Holder Name:



1. Job Purpose (Explain in two or three sentences the main purpose of the job and why the job exists and how it contributes to the departmental end results) The purpose of the role is to provide information and parking service to passengers, airport users and general public: thus supporting and maintaining Dubai International Airports quality operation standards and making travel through the airport a worthwhile experience. 2. Minimum Qualifications/Education/Experience/Training/Knowledge (Indicate the minimum recruitment specification and also the ideal person specification for fully satisfactory job performance)

Qualifications and Education:

The job holder will be educated to a High School Diploma level or General Education Degree (GED) or will have an equivalent professional qualification.

The job holder will have at least 2 years experience in a related field.

Computing / Internet Communication and interpersonal skills Problem solving

Fluent in written and verbal communication (English and Arabic) Good interpersonal and problem solving skills Familiarity with another foreign language would be beneficial

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Job Description

3. Job Accountabilities and Current Objectives (Explain in not more than six to eight points the principal accountabilities that the job must achieve, and for each accountability explain what is done, and show the objective end result for the current financial year)

Job Accountability Area (What is done, to what, and why)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Ensure all relevant chairing booths items/system inventory are readily available to that may affect quality of service. Control the parking areas and ensure the parking spaces are available for users and divert the vehicles to the right spaces. Record the plate numbers of all cars which are existed in the parking and maintain it in the system to be as reference when its required. Issuance & renew the season card of all members. Ensure that Cashiering at the booth is in functioning condition, petty cash is correct and cash rolls and other essentials stationary items are in order. Organize the traffic in the parking & curb sides when its congested with vehicles. Follow up the status of Auto pay machines on daily basis to ensure all of them are operating properly (fill/refill petty cash) To draw on the spot passenger feedback, suggestions, recommendations, unusual questions, special request, etc. Advice the Team Leader of any equipment failure or unusual incidents that may affect quality of service. Carry out handover procedures inline with agreed standards of Car Park Procedure. Ensure that the system and its relevant equipments i.e. ticket machines, reader, dispensers, LAN, network status of the system and all-essential components are operating effectively and report to team leader upon shortage of stationary stock, emergency or any other unusual status declared at the airport.

Weighting (%) (Must add up to 100%)

10 10 10 10 10

6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

10 10 10 5 5



4. Communication and Working Relationships (Explain the people and levels and reasons both within and outside the organization with which this job has to interact) The jobholder extensively communicates with shift supervisor, shift staff members, and the senior officer inline to maintain effective working relationship. Daily communication with car park users to perform duty.

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Job Description

5. Key Dimensions and Related Job Results (Specify annual dimensions for any financial or budget responsibilities, and the nature and value of any transactions on which the job has an impact or contribution, and the number of employees reporting directly and indirectly to this job, and any other critical relevant dimensions )

The job holder will be responsible for cash Dhs 5000 per 12 hours 0 Direct Reports 0 Indirect Reports

6. Operating Environment (Comment on any specific factors that affect the job and how the job is performed, such as special conditions, travel, work pressure, etc) The division provides car park services to the airport users 24 hours on daily basis. The jobholder works mostly in mixed [Air-conditioned/Direct Sun Shine] environment. The staffs are split in to 4 groups; so 8 staffs share the workstation. 7. Key Competencies

(Select the critical competencies and behaviours that should be demonstrated to achieve fully satisfactory performance)

Critical competences:
Organising for results Attention to details and quality Safety and Security awarness Customer Service Orientation Problem solving and decision making Effective communication

Competency rating
3 3 3 3 3 2 3 3 3 3

Weighting (%): (Must add up to 100%)

10 15 20 15 20 20 25 25 25 25

Developmental Competences:
Interpersonal Ability Initiative and commitment to achieve Situational Awareness Decision making

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