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Curriculum Vitae of ROOPA BOSE #213 Canara Bank Colony, 2nd cross, Nagarbhavi, Bangalore 560 072, India

Contact n !ber" 0#$%5053#51&0$0 233#7265 Email id" roo'abosea!d(g!ail)co! roo'a*benaras(yahoo)co)in +B,-C.I/ .o 0ork in a 're!ier co!'any related to ato!ic energy and hel' enhance the organi1ation and contrib te to its gro0th .o lead a tea! o2 3 ali2ied analysts in a''lied sciences related to a''lied inorganic&analytical che!istry in a leading che!ical science a22iliated instit tion .eaching in a 're!ier instit tion in 2ac lties like energy sciences & a''lied geosciences & a''lied nano science & a''lied !aterial science and related che!ical sciences) 4-5-64C7 IN.-4-5. 1) 5e'aration , 're concentration and ' ri2ication o2 ele!ents like the si8teen rare earths 9incl ding scandi ! and yttri !: , 1irconi !, ha2ni ! , niobi !, tantal !, rani !, thori ! and others 'resent in trace and ltra trace levels 2ro! do!inant geological& other !atrices sing !ethodologies like solvent e8traction, !e!brane se'aration, solid 'hase adsor'tion and other state o2 art techni3 es) 2) 4e!oval o2 to8ic conta!inants like rani ! , arsenic, seleni !, lead and cad!i ! in !ine 0ater &'ortable 0ater sing vario s nat ral and synthetic adsorbents) 3) 5ynthesis and characterisation o2 nano !aterials and a''lication o2 the sa!e 2or adsor'tion o2 di22erent ele!ents at 'arts 'er !illion 9 ''!: and 'arts 'er billion9''b: levels as 0ell as 2or se'aration o2 !a;or !atrices) %) 5tandardisation and o'ti!isation o2 vario s dissol tion 'roced res to obtain a single sol tion o2 the re2ractory !inerals 'rior to the co!'lete che!ical analysis o2 the sa!'le) 5) Characterisation o2 !aterials sing di22erent state o2 art techni3 es like <=5 , >.I4, .-?, 5-?, 4a!an 5'ectrosco'y )

.-6C7IN@ IN.-4-5. 1) .eaching st dents s'ecialising in inorganic and analytical che!istry) 2) @ iding and teaching research scholars in analysis and characterisation o2 nat ral sa!'les&!aterials o2 varying nat re) 3) Aelivering lect res on ' blic a0areness regarding radiation and its 'eace2 l ses) -ABC6.I+N6C DB6CI>IC6.I+N5 Ph.D. in Chemistry, Bangalore Bniversity, India, 2001 Dissertation Title" E5t dies on the 5olvent -8traction o2 Brani !, .hori !, Firconi ! and 7a2ni ! 0ith 6nti'yrine in the 'resence o2 Chloro acetate&=erchlorateG Master of Sience in Inorganic C hemistry, Aelhi Bniversity, India, 1#$# Bachelor of Science(Honours) in Chemistry , Banaras 7ind Bniversity,1#$7 H+4I -<=-4I-NC=resent Aesignation" Scientific Officer in 6to!ic ?inerals Airectorate >or -8'loration 6nd 4esearch, Ae'art!ent +2 6to!ic -nergy , India since 1##0) -<=-4I-NC-" .0enty 2o r years o2 analysis o2 geological sa!'les like di22erent rock ty'es9e8a!'le" @ranites, Aolostones, li!estones, 3 art1 , syanite etc): and di22erent ' re !ineral 2ractions like !ona1ite, 8enoti!e, 1ircon, il!enite, r tile, co l !bite, tantalite, brannerite, garnet, galena, etc ) 5killed in o'ening ' o2 the sa!'les by acid digestion sing 7>&7Cl 7N+3 & 725+% & 'erchloric acid) Aigestion o2 the re2ractory !inerals by 2 sion sing di22erent !ost s ited 2l 8es like borates, bis l'hates, bi2l orides, 'hos'hates and carbonates at best s ited te!'erat res 2ollo0ed by leaching 0ith acids to obtain a clear sol tion 7ighly e8'erienced in vario s 're concentration techni3 es like solvent e8traction ,ion e8change, adsor'tion, coJ'reci'itation and others 2or the se'aration o2 ele!ents 'resent in trace and ltra trace levels 2ro! the do!inant !atri8 ele!ents) .horo ghly e8'erienced in se'aration and analysis o2 n clear ele!ents like rani ! , thori !, as 0ell as other ele!ents like transition !etals,

alkali ,alkaline earths, rare earths , nonJ!etals like 'hos'horo s, s l'h r, boron, silica and to8ic ele!ents like arsenic, anti!ony, bis! th, cad!i ! ,lead, seleni !, etc) by the res'ective state o2 techni3 es) Hell versed 0ith the o'eration and !aintenance o2 high end instr !ents like ato!ic absor'tion and ind ctively co 'led 'las!a ato!ic e!ission s'ectro!etry) 6lso 2l ent in the a''lication o2 basic analytical techni3 es like gravi!etry, vol !etry, s'ectro'hoto!etry, 2la!e 'hoto!etry, etc) >l ori!etric techni3 es 2or the analysis o2 rani ! 2ro! ''b to ''! range have been !astered sing 'ellet 2lo ri!etry and laser 2lo ri!etry) 7ighly e8'erienced in the analysis o2 soil and hydrogeoche!ical sa!'le treat!ent and detailed esti!ation o2 the constit ents) Co!'lete analysis o2 !a;or, !inor and trace ele!ents in rock sa!'les 'ertaining to di22erent ro nds o2 @eo=., the International =ro2iciency .est o2 6nalytical @eoche!istry Cab have been ndertaken 'eriodically) 6C7I-/-?-N.5 " 1. Application lecture on the to'ic E Bltra .race Cevel Aeter!ination o2 -le!ents in Hater 5a!'les sing 6to!ic 6bsor'tion 5'ectro!etry a2ter 5elective 5e'aration and =re concentrationG by 4oo'a Bose 0as delivered d ring the se!inar and 0orksho' on 4ecent 6dvances in 665 and its 6nalytical 6''lications held on #th ,an ary 2010 ,organi1ed by I565 , Bangalore Cha'ter) 2) 6ttended one day National 5e!inar on KN clear .echnology 2or @ro0th o2 the NationJN.@N J2011 organised by 4N5 Instit te o2 technology and Indian N clear 5ociety at Bangalore) 3) 6 detailed introd ction o2 the di22erent analytical techni3 es and 'roced res being 2ollo0ed in Che!ical laboratory,6?AJ54 0as 'resented to the ne0ly ;oined geologists and geo'hysicists o2 6?A,54,Bangalore in 6 g st 2011) %) 6ttended and 'artici'ated as a ; dge in a one day se!inar on E4ene0able 5o rces o2 -nergy, at 4/ College o2 -ngineering, Bangalore) 5) Aelivered a lect re on EN clear -nergyJ.he Indian 5cenario at Centre 2or Aevelo'!ent o2 .ele!atics , -lectronic City ,Bangalore in 2011) 6) =artici'ated in the sy!'osi ! ENational 5e!inar on @eos'atial 5ol tions 2or 4eso rce Conservation and ?anage!ent , organi1ed by 5tate 4e!ote 5ensing 6''lication Centre ,@ovt)o2 Iarnataka in 2012)

7) 6ttended as a delegate 2ro! 6?A, the EInternational Congress on 6nalytical 5ciences in 6dvanced ?aterial =rocessing and -nviron!ent I!'act 6ssess!entG , organi1ed by I565 , 2010 at Cochin,India) $. .raining i!'arted to 'ost grad ate st dents : .0o 'ost grad ate st dents 2ro! Christ College , Bangalore have been g ided 2or their 'ro;ect 0ork on 6nalysis o2 7ydrogeoche!ical 5a!'les) #)=artici'ated in a 7indi Co!' ter Horksho' ECo!' ter .raining in 7indi on BnicodeG , Aece!ber, 2012) 10)Aelivered lect re on 6to!ic -nergy L an overvie0 to st dents o2 vario s colleges o2 Bangalore,2012 ndergrad ate

11) Aelivered lect re on ato!ic absor'tionJ 2la!e and gra'hite and Ind ctively Co 'led =las!a 6to!ic -!ission 5'ectro!etry to 'ost grad ate st dents o2 Bangalore niversity,200#) 12) =artici'ated in Indian 5cience Congress held in Bangalore and other e8hibitions organi1ed by A6- 2or = blic 60areness on 4adiation and its =eace2 l Bses,2012) 13) Aelivered lect re onG Bhabha and his /isionG in di22erent schools 2or the 11th and 12th standard st dents o2 Bangalore,2012 1%)Aelivered lect re on E4ole o2 Che!istry in Brani ! -8'loration 'rogra!!e o2 India and Bses o2 4adioisoto'es in >ield o2 6gric lt re, ?edicine and Ind stry to NC-4. teachers , 201%) 15) Training : 6ttended National =rogra!!e 2or .raining o2 5cientists and .echnologists on E7arnessing Ceadershi' a!ong Ho!en E >ebr ary 20J2% , 2012 ,a A5. s'onsored 'rogra!!e organi1ed by Indian Instit te o2 = blic 6d!inistration ,Ne0 Aelhi) 16) 6ttended National =rogra!!e on E > t re Challenges to 5ociety 0ith the!atic o2 4eso rce and Aevelo'!entM .raining o2 5cientists and .echnologists on E7arnessing Ceadershi' a!ong Ho!enN >ebr ary 11J1% , 2013 ,a A5. s'onsored 'rogra!!e organi1ed by National Instit te o2 6dvanced 5t dies, Bangalore) 17) Aelivered a lect re in >ebr ary, 2013 on the 'a'er, E +cc rrence in 50iss Arinking HaterG by -)5talder et al ,Che!os'here , $692012: , 672J67# as a 'art o2 the lect re series o2 5cience Cl b, 6?AJ54 , BGlore,2013)

C+?=B.-4 5IICC5 +'erating 5yste!s" Hindo0s #5&#$&##&2000&2007, Hindo0s <= +22ice 6''lications" ?icroso2t =o0er=oint, 6ccess, -8cel, Hord)

6>>ICI6.I+N5" 1) ,oint 5ecretary o2 INAI6N 5+CI-.O +> 6N6CO.IC6C 5CI-N.I5.5, India) 2) Ci2e ?e!ber o2 INAI6N 655+CI6.I+N o2 5-=646.I+N 5CI-N.I5.5 and .-C7N+C+@I5.5 PIN656.Q, , Bhabha 6to!ic 4esearch Centre, ? !bai, India) 3) Ci2e ?e!ber o2 INAI6N NBCC-64 5+CI-.O, Bhabha 6to!ic 4esearch Centre, ? !bai, India) =6=-4 =BBCIC6.I+N5 6NA =4-5-N.6.I+N5: /ario s 'a'ers 'ertaining to the analytical 0ork s !!arised have been ' blished and 'resented in vario s sy!'osia) 1)E6 5che!e >or .he Co!'lete -le!ental Characterisation +2 Brannerite ?ineral Bsing IC=J6-5G 4oo'a Bose,6)=re!das =roceedings o2 E5igni2icant achieve!ents in 'las!a&2la!e&associated techni3 es and their a''lication to che!ical characteri1ation o2 ato!ic !inerals and !aterialsG, ,an ary 2013 at 6?A Co!'le8, 7yderabad ) 2)EIC=J6-5 Aeter!ination o2 4are -arth -le!ents and Otri ! by IC=J6-5 in Brani !,.hori ! and Firconi ! 4ich ?atrices a2ter 5olvent -8traction 5e'aration in =resence o2 =erchlorate&.richloroacetate and 1J =henyl J2, 3J Ai!ethyl L 5 =yra1olone 96nti'yrine:G4oo'a Bose =roceedings o2 National Con2erence on 5cience,.echnology and 6''lications o2 4are -arths L 2011 95.64 2011: , 6 g st 1#J20,2011 at ? nnar in Ierela, organised by 4are -arth association o2 India 94-6I:) 3. 6 4a'id ?ethod >or Che!ical Characteri1ation +2 Indian @arnets Bsing Ic'J6es 62ter Aeco!'osition by Cithi ! ?etaborate > sion) 4oo'a Bose and 6) =re!adas =roceedings o2 National 5y!'osi ! on E-!erging .echnologies 2or =rocessing and Btili1ation o2 Beach 5and ?inerals G organi1ed by 4are -arth 6ssociation o2 India94-6I: and I4- 4etired -!'loyees +rgani1ation,?arch 2013

%) E5olvent -8traction o2 Firconi !9I/: and 7a2ni !9I/: 0ith Ne tral Cigand 1J=henylJ2,3 Ai!ethylJ5J =yra1olone in 'resence o2 =erchlorate as the 6nionG) 4oo'a Bose, A)5)4)? rty, I)5atyanarayana 9-8'loration and 4esearch 2or 6to!ic ?inerals, /ol)17,2007,')1$7J1#5: 5) E-8tractive 5e'aration and IC=J6-5 Aeter!ination o2 Brani ! In Fircon ?ineralsG) 6)=re!das,4oo'a Bose,I)5atyanarayana = blished in the =roceedings o2 A6-JB4N5 5y!'osi ! on -!erging .rends in 5e'aration 5cience and .echnologyG,A6- LB4N5 5y!'osi ! ,5e'te!ber 2006) 6)E6 4a'id ?ethod 2or Aeter!ination o2 .race -le!ents in 7ydrogeoche!ical 5a!'les and 5aline Haters sing IC=J6-5 a2ter Co''er L Aiethyldithiocarba!ate Co L =reci'itation)G 4oo'a Bose and I)5atyanarayana 9-8'loration and 4esearch 2or 6to!ic ?inerals /ol)1#,200#,' 72J$0) : 7) E5olvent -8traction o2 .hori ! in 'resence o2 1J=henyl J2,3 Ai!ethyl 5J =yra1olone 0ith so!e co!!on anions and its i!'lication 2or se'aration o2 thori ! 2ro! other ele!entsG) 4oo'a Bose,A)5)4)? rty =roceedings o2 5y!'osi ! on 6''lication o2 Instr !ental .echni3 es in Co!'ositional Characterisation o2 ?aterials 96I. in CC?: J 2001 $) E5or'tion Behavio r o2 Brani !9/I: 2ro! 6lkaline Hater o2 @ogi ?ine by CoJ=reci'itation sing >erric ChlorideG4oo'a Bose, /)5)Ieshavan, 6) I) ,ain, A)Bhattacharya, 6)=aneer 5elva! and 6)I ) 4ai 5-5.-C 2010,A6-J B4N5 5y!'osi ! =roceedings) #) E-sti!ation o2 4are -arth -le!ents in Brani ! ?atri8 62ter 5olvent -8traction o2 Brani ! as Brani ! L 6nti'yrine L6nion Co!'le8 sing Chloro2or! as the 5olventG) 4oo'a Bose, A)5)4)? rthy ,4)I)?alhotra 5C6 L1###, A6-JB4N5 5y!'osi !)

10) E6 5i!'le and 4a'id 5olvent -8traction =roced re 2or the -8tractin o2 Firconi ! 9I/: into ?ethyl Isob tyl Ietone 9?IBI: in 'resence o2 Chloroderivatives o2 6cetic 6cidG) 4oo'a Bose,A)5)4)? rty,I)5atyanarayana =roceedings o2 National 5y!'osi ! on the role o2 6nalytical Instr !ents In Characterisation 6nd D anti2ication o2 ?aterials 96ICD+?J 2007: ,I5-C Ca!' s,Bangalore) 11)EBltra .race Cevel Aeter!ination +2 -le!ents In Hater 5a!'les Bsing 6to!ic 6bsor'tion 5'ectro'hoto!eter a2ter the 5elective 5e'aration and =reconcentrationG) 4oo'a Bose , /)5)Ieshavan, 9 I565 Bangalore Cha'ter 2010: 12) E-8traction o2 thori !9I/: as 'erchlorate and chloroacetate co!'le8es 0ith IJ'henylJ2,3Jdi!ethylJ5J'yra1olone 9anti'yrine: E 4oo'a Bose, A) 5) 4) ? rty,1 @) Chakra'anil 9,o rnal o2 4adio analytical and N clear Che!istry, /ol) 265, No) I 92005: 115J122 : 13)E6 4a'id ?ethod 2or the che!ical characteri1ation o2 il!enities sing IC=J +-5)A)5)4) ? rthyR, B) @o!athy, 4oo'a Bose, and 4) 4angas0a!y 9 6to!ic 5'ectrosco'y, /ol) 1#91:,,an ary 1##$: 1%)EAevelo'!ent +2 6 4a'id Aissol tion .echni3 e >or .he Aeter!ination +2 Nb, .a, .i, Fr, 5i, Ce, O, 6i 6nd >e By IC=J6-5 in Bene2iciated =rod cts >ro! =lacer Ae'ositsGI) 4a!doss, B) @o!athy, 4oo'a Bose, A)5)4) ? rty, and 4) 4angas0a!y 9,o rnal o2 6to!ic ?ineral 5cience, /ol) 2, 1##%) ') #5 L 103: 15) E-8tractive se'aration o2 rani !9/I: as 'erchlorate&chloroacetate co!'le8es 0ith IJ'henylJ2,3 di!ethylJ5J'yra1olone and its a''licationsG 4) Bose, A) 5) 4) ? rty 9,o rnal o2 4adio analytical and N clear Che!istry, /ol) 25$, N+)2 92003: 373J 3$2: 16)EChe!ical Characterisation o2 @alena by IC=J6-5 & 665 a2ter Aeco!'osition 0ith /ario s >l 8es and 6cid Ceaching o2 the 5a!'lesG 4oo'a

Bose, /)5)Ieshavan, 5!eer A rani = blished in Indian ,o rnal o2 Che!istry, 2013

+N @+IN@ 4-5-64C7 @ra'hene has been e82oliated and 2e0 layered gra'hene o8ide nanosheets have been synthesi1ed sing !odi2ied 7 !!erGs !ethod and are being characterised by 4a!an 5=-C.4+5C+=O , >. I4 , <=5, 5-? and .-?) .he 2e0 layered @+ nano sheets are being sed as adsorbents 2or the re!ediation o2 rani ! in !ine 0ater sa!'les) .he sor'tion o2 B9/I: ions on the @+ nano sheets are being st died as a 2 nction o2 '7, 0eight o2 the adsorbent, ti!e o2 contact, te!'erat re and analyte concentration) .he ab ndant o8ygen containing 2 nctional gro 's on the s r2ace o2 the nano sheets 'lay a signi2icant role on the rani ! adsor'tion) .he !a8i! ! sor'tion ca'acities 9D !a8: o2 B9/I: at the o'ti!i1ed '7 is being established) .he detailed !echanis! o2 adsor'tion is being established 0ith res'ect to s r2ace charge o2 the adsorbent by !eas ring the 1eta 'otential at varying '7 considered) 6 co!'arative st dy o2 rani ! adsor'tion 0ith red ced @+, nitrogen do'ed @+ and 5n do'ed @+ is also being st died) .he sor'tion isother!s are being si! lated sing Cang! ir and >re ndlich !odels) Aesor'tion, regeneration and re sability o2 the @+ nanosheets is also being investigated) 6dsor'tion ca'abilities o2 a!or'ho s and crystalline Fn do'ed silica nanosheets are also being investigated 2or their ability to re!ove rani ! and other to8ic heavy ele!ents like Cd,Bi, =b,>e, 6s and 5e as 0ell as to 're concentrate ele!ents like transition ele!ents 0hich occ r at trace and ltra trace levels in 0ater 9'otable and !ine:)5e'aration and 're concentration o2 the above !entioned ele!ents 2ro! sea 0ater sing the adsorbents being st died shall also be tried in d e co rse) .he above !entioned 0ork is being carried o t in collaboration 0ith ?aterial 4esearch Centre ,Indian Instit te o2 5cience,Bangalore) -8trac rric lar Interests and activities 6s a !e!ber o2 the recreation cl b, 6?A 54 Bangalore, actively organising c lt ral and s'orts events) 6s a !e!ber o2 the science 2or ! and ! se ! co!!ittee 6?A 54 Bangalore , !aintaining the ! se ! and organising o2 e8hibitions and lect res) 6s a !e!ber o2 the o22icial lang age i!'le!entation co!!ittee organising scienti2ic se!inars in hindi and vario s other co!'etitions

d ring the hindi !eet every year) =re'aring indents 'ertaining to che!icals, instr !ents, gas, etc is being done ann ally) Ara2ting o2 6?C96nn al ?aintenance Contract: o2 di22erent instr !ents)

?otherGs na!eJ Ar)5hila 4oy >atherGs na!eJ =ro2) 5)I 4oy Aa ghtersG na!esJ 6nandita Bose and 6n rita Bose Aate o2 birthJ1%th 6 g st 1#67

I hereby declare that the above in2or!ation is correct to the best o2 !y kno0ledge and belie2)

94oo'a Bose: