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Interactive Online Initiative


Founded in 1899, The Anti-Cruelty Society (ACS) exists to prevent cruelty to animals and to advance humane education.

Committed to serving the needs of companion animals and the humans who care forand aboutthem

Fiscal Year Statistics Statistics for The Anti-Cruelty Society (Fiscal Years 2004-2006) 2004 2005 2006 Animal Intake (Including Transfers) Total 10,869 9,875 9,220 Shelter Euthanasia Total 4,408 3,567 2,891 Animal Adoptions Dog 2,777 2,398 2,823 Cat 3,574 3,586 3,406 Other 186 184 108 Total 6,537 6,168 6,337 Veterinary Clinic Statistics Outpatients Seen 1,943 1,558 1,894 Shelter Animal Physical Exams 7,793 6,826 6,341 Total Spay/Neuter Procedures 11,826 12,362 12,264 Owner Consent Euthanasia 2,168 2,106 2,278 Volunteer Department Total Hours Given 30,015 26,470 24,589

The Anti-Cruelty Society is a private, 501(c)(3)Illinois non-profit organization, helping over 50,000 animals and humans each year through life-saving programs and services:

Adoptions, low-cost spay/neuter surgeries (free for ferals and pit-bulls),

cruelty and abuse investigations and rescue,

humane education programs to children and community groups,

a free Behavior Hotline, dog training classes, rehabilitation & treatment for homeless animals and pet-assisted therapy programs.

In an effort to control the cost of maintaining these and future quality programs while simultaneously

enlarging the field of opportunities open to volunteer assistance, icstars has developed a progressive website enhancement proposal for the ACS.

Interactive Online Initiative (IOI)

A system of software applications designed to improve the generation and dissemination of information at The Anti-Cruelty Society

1.SEARCH - A custom search engine simplifying the navigation of the website.

2.BLOGS - A series of personal webpages created by staff and volunteers engaging a community of website users.

3.VIDEO - A Flash media player capable of playing streaming video files adding dynamic content to the website.

A site specific search engine powered by Google Custom Search creating a familiar and more efficient user interface.

Webpage Flowchart
Home Search Home

School of Dog Training Programs & Services Behavior and Training

Animal Information Dog Specific Information
Proper Dog & Puppy Care obedience classes

School of Dog Training

Individualized webpages hosted by Blogger allowing ACS staff and volunteers to actively communicate with users in a unique and personal manner via:

Text Hyperlinks Comments Photos and Images Audio Files Video Files

Proper Dog & Puppy Care Video

An open source Flash media player,e.g. Flowplayer, supporting the use of dynamic content while providing economy of information.

Proper Dog & Puppy Care Tutorial (screenshot 1 & 2)

As the IOI progresses the software applications can be expanded to include a broader spectrum of interactive technologies:

Integrated Search

Partner Sites (e.g. Chicago Animal Shelter Alliance and Chicago Animal Care and Control ) The Web IM - Instant Message Wikis Webcam technology Video conferencing

Social Media Technology

Multimedia Installations

Interactive Online Initiative

Ultimately the Anti-Cruelty Society will be able to control costs and increase potential volunteer hours by incorporating existing and future Programs and Resources into an adjustable system of online software applications designed to maximize simplicity of user interaction through multiple content formats.