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By Hal Lindsey

The world in general has been sickened by the savage beheadings of

innocent people by Islamic fundamentalists.
But we really shouldn't be surprised.
Daniel Pearl in Pakistan and Nick Berg in Iraq, both Jews, were the first
to suffer this modern revival of historic Islamic savagery.
Then it was another American, Paul Johnson in Saudi Arabia. And then South
Korean Kim Sun-il in Iraq, a reported born-again Christian.
All were murdered without mercy by Muslims proclaiming the by now
familiar mantra of praise, "Allahu=akbar" (Allah is great).
The suicide crews flew American planes into the World Trade Center
buildings and the Pentagon on 9-11 shouting, "Allah is great."
Clearly these Muslims saw themselves carrying out their actions for a
religiously based cause in the name of Allah.
It is important to note that these acts of barbarism were committed by
diverse ethnic groups of Muslim zealots in different places. This reveals
that there is a cohesive source that motivates all of them to commit such
The West and especially the United States continues to cling to the
myth that "Islam is a religion of peace." History reveals this is simply
not true.

Islam is not like Christianity which teaches one should love his enemy.
Christians seek to win converts by a loving presentation of the message of
Christ's offer of pardon for sin that He purchased by dying in our place.

On the other hand according to the Quran in places where Islam

rules, it is to offer no mercy to the "infidel unbeliever" unless he converts to
If he is allowed to live, he must live as a third-rate citizen and
suffer all sorts of abuses with no legal rights to protect him. He is
excessively taxed for "the privilege" of living among Muslims.
The cohesive core of Islam that continues to inspire its long history of
violence is the Quran and the sayings and actions of Muhammad, himself.
The many biographies of Muhammad reveal that he employed murder and
repeatedly to advance Islam. When he conquered Medina, he and his troops
beheaded all the adult Jewish men, which Muslim sources place at over 600.
So the practice of beheading "infidels," especially Jews, is well
established by Muhammad himself.
Many scholars believe we are actually in the Third Great Jihad in the
history of Islam.
The first was the original Great Jihad that spread Islam from the Atlantic
to the borders of China.
The second Great Jihad created the vast Ottoman Turk Empire.
The third Great Jihad began with the takeover of Iran by the Ayatollah
Khomeini and the defeat of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan by the "holy warriors"
of Islam who came there to fight from all over the Muslim world.
The goal of the Third Great Jihad is to drive all Western influence out of
the Middle East and to restore it to Muslim rule as it was in the seventh
century. Central to this is the obliteration of the state of Israel.
They will not accept American style "democracy." To them, this is an inherent
part of a degenerate Judeo-Christian culture and is anti-Islam.
The victory over Soviet military forces in Afghanistan gave inspiration to
the Muslim warriors that goes far beyond our realization.
They surmised that the reason they prevailed over the mighty Soviet war
machine was their complete fundamental faith in the Quran.
From that, they reasoned that Muslim warriors have suffered such humiliating
defeats in the battles of recent times because they have forsaken pure devotion to the
fundamental teachings of the Quran and Muhammad.
The firebrand Osama bin Laden was one of these "holy warriors" who
fervently applied these lessons. He proclaimed that he would lead a revival of Islam
that would cleanse their lands of all "infidels" and re-establish former Muslim glory.
Osama bin Laden, with his group of "holy warriors" who had come from many
Muslim communities around the world, issued a "fatwa." A "fatwa" is a legally
binding interpretation of the Quran for a contemporary issue written by an Islamic
Part of Osama's fatwa dated February, 1998, proclaimed:
The ruling to kill the Americans and their allied civilians and military
is an individual duty for every Muslim who can do it in any country in
which it is possible to do it, in order to liberate the al-Aqsa Mosque in
Jerusalem and the holy mosque in Mecca from their grip, and in order
for their armies to move out of all the lands of Islam, defeated and
unable to threaten any Muslim.
This is in accordance with the words of acclaimed Almighty Allah "and fight
the pagans all together as they fight you all together," and "fight them until
there is no more tumult or oppression, and there prevail justice and faith in Allah."
We must not underestimate the power and impact of this "fatwa" upon the
millions of young Muslim men who are demoralized over the decline of Islam
in recent centuries.
The message of Osama bin Laden that was forged in the fire of battle with the
Soviet military strikes a deep, resonant chord in the hearts of young Muslims longing
to restore the former glory of Islam.
To them, Muhammad's division of the world into only two groups is the
only truth. Muhammad taught that the world is divided into "the house of Islam
and the "house of war." Every land outside of Islamic rule is considered a
place for war.
If we merely dismiss these facts as the ravings of a few fanatics, we do
so at our great peril.
According to an Oct. 7, 2009, CNN report aimed at mapping the global
Muslim population, nearly one in four people worldwide is Muslim.
About 15 percent of the 1.5 billion Muslims in the world are now
fundamentalists. That's about 195 million Muslim zealots scattered over the
world who are bent upon the destruction of the United States.
The other 85 percent of Muslims are not fundamentalists and their beliefs
are not based on a literal interpretation of the Quran and the acts of Muhammad. And
they rarely speak out strongly enough against the Muslim fundamentalists to make a
If there is a "peaceful" majority of Muslims, they had better speak out clearly
and strongly against the growing power of the fundamentalists, or they will be
confused with the Muslims who bring future terrorist acts against this country.
When Muslim fundamentalists launch attacks against our citizens that kill
tens of thousands, there will surely be a release of fury that will not be so discerning
of what kind of a Muslim a person is, unless he has made it very clear beforehand.
At this very moment, there are some devout Muslims plotting massive
attacks against the United States. We must wake up to this reality that they are
in our midst and start focusing all our resources on the places where they are
most likely to be found. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out just
one who is willing to be politically incorrect.