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1) Put the verb in the right form, to ... or ing. a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) I enjoy __________ (dance).

What do you want ________ (do) tonight. Goodbye! I hope ___________ (see) you again soon. I learnt ________ (swim) when I was five years old. Have you finished _________ (clean) the kitchen? Im tired. I want ___________ (go) to bed. Do you enjoy _________ (visit) other countries? The weather was nice, so I suggested __________ (go) for a walk by the river.

2) Complete the answers to the questions. a) Do you usually get up early? Yes, I like getting up early. b) Do you ever go to museums? Yes, I love _______________________. c) Do you often write letters? No, I dont like ___________________. d) Have you ever been to New York? No, but Id love __________ one day. e) Do you often travel by train? Yes, I enjoy ______________________. f) Shall we eat at home or go to a restaurant? I dont mind ____________ a restaurant but Id prefer _____________ home. 3) Write about six things you love / hate etc doing. Use expressions from the box or write about other things

Cooking dinner for friends Listening to loud music Travelling to new places

dancing until 1 a.m. lying on a sunny beach walking in the mountains

eating out with friends reading novels walking in the rain

getting up early swimming in the ocean watching old films

I love walking in the mountains. _______________________________________. ________________________. ________________________________________. ________________________. ________________________________________. ________________________.________________________________________. ________________________. ________________________________________. ________________________. ________________________________________. ________________________. ________________________________________. 4) Put in ing forms of the verbs in the box. Get up a) b) c) d) e) f) g) play study wash watch wear work

I hate getting up in the winter before the sun is up. George dislikes ____________ dishes, so he often eats out. I dont like playing baseball, but I like ___________ it. I dont mind ____________ late if my boss asks me. Joes two-year-old sister loves _____________ with her toys in the bath. Jan and her sister lilke ________________ each others clothes. When I was at school, I hated _______________ history.

5) Complete the sentences with ing forms. a) b) c) d) e) f) We enjoy playing tennis in the morning. (play) Has Ann finished ___________ her photos? (take) Johns given up ____________ sweets. (eat) Wheres Helen? Shes gone ____________ (shop) I have to practise ____________ so I can pass my test. (drive) Alec suggested ______________ at the supermarket. (stop)

6) Choose
Adjective or Adverb?
1 Ann walks ________. heavy heavily 2 Ann is ________.

beautiful beautifully 3 Ann speaks Chinese ________. fluent fluently 4 David arrived ________.

late lately

Sue learned Japanese ________. quick quickly

Sharon usually sings ________. sad sadly

Bill understands Spanish ________. good well

The women work ________.

hard hardly

Mei L i dresses ________.

beautiful beautifully


I like to live in a ________ house. clean cleanly


The soup tastes ________.

good well


The orchestra sounds ________. bad badly


Bill likes to sing ________ songs. sad sadly


The eagle sees ________.

good well


Ann ran ________.

fast fastly

7) In the following sentences, cross out the incorrect words and write in the correct form in the blanks. If the sentence is correct as it is, write "correct" in the blank. 1. Terrence plays quarterback as well as Brian. _______________ 2. The game hadn't hardly begun before it started to rain. ____________ 3. This was sure a mild winter. __________________ 4. Jane behaves more pleasant than Joan. ________________ 5. When you are a parent, you will think different about children. ___________ 6. I felt badly about not having done good on my final exams. _____________ 7. Whether you win is not near as important as how you play. _____________ 8. Asian music often sounds oddly to Western listeners. ______________ 9. Does your car run well enough to enter the race? _________________ 10. I felt safely enough to go out at night on my own. _________________ 11. You can see the distant mountains clear with these binoculars. ______________ 12. Our team was real sharp last Saturday afternoon during the game. ___________

8) Choose the correct item from the choices in brackets. 1. He (correct, correctly) defined the terms. The answer sounded (correctly, correct). 2. She (quickly, quick) adjusted the fees. She adapted (quick, quickly) to any situation. 3. He measured the floor (exact, exactly). They proved to be (perfectly, perfect) (exact, exactly) measurements. 4. The stillness of the tomb was (awfully, awful). The tomb was (awfully, awful) still.

5. It was a (dangerously, dangerous) lake to swim in. The man was (dangerous, dangerously) drunk. The gas smelled (dangerously, dangerous ). 6. She performed (magnificent, magnificently). It was a (magnificent, magnificently) beautiful performance. 7. Her voice sounds (beautifully, beautiful). She sang the song (exact, exactly) as it was written. We heard it (perfectly, perfect). 8. He was a very (sensibly, sensible) person. He acted very (sensible, sensibly). 9. Mike wrote too (slow, slowly) on the exam. He always writes (slow, slowly). 10. Talk (softly, soft) or don't talk at all. The music played (softly, soft). 11. Andrea knows the material very (good, well). She always treats us (good, well). 12. You must send payments (regular, regularly). We deal on a (strictly, strict) cash basis. 13. The mechanic's tools were (well, good). The foreman said that his work was (good, well) done. 14. She worked (careful, carefully) with the sick child. She was a very (careful, carefully) worker. 15. He did not pass the course as (easy, easily) as he thought he would. 16. I find this novel very (interesting, interestingly). It was (interesting, interestingly) written. 9) Choose an adjective or an adverb. a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) k) l) Could I have a quick word with you? (quick / quickly) She walked away ___________ . (quick / quickly) This is a ___________ train. It stops everywhere. (slow / slowly) He talked very _________ about his work. (interesting / interestingly) Youve cooked the meat __________ (beautiful / beautifully) Ive got an ____________ job for you. (easy / easily) She writes in __________ English. (perfect / perfectly) I sing very (bad / badly) I feel _________ today. (happy / happily) You seem very ___________ (angry / angrily) Annes a ___________ swimmer. (strong / strongly) Could you talk more _________ please? (quiet / quietly)

10) Make sentences with adverbs from the box. (Different answers are possible)
Carefully clearly correctly perfectly slowly tomorrow much yesterday

a) soup / cook / the cook the soup slowly or cook the soup carefully. b) the / read / I / letter _________________________________________. c) computer / bought / a / I _____________________________________. d) name / your / write _________________________________________. e) see / must / the / doctor / you _________________________________. f) languages / speaks / he / four _________________________________. g) the / you / write / address / didnt ______________________________. h)skiing / dont like / I ________________________________________. 11) Put in some, any or no. a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) k) l) m) I bought _______ cheese but I didnt buy ________ bread. Im going to the post office. I need _______ stamps. There arent ________ shops in this part of town. George and Alice havent got __________ children. Have you got _________ brothers or sisters? There are ________ beautiful flowers in the garden. Do you know ____________ good hotels in London? Would you like ________ tea? Yes, please. When we were on holiday, we visited ____________ very interesting places. Dont buy __________ rice. We dont need ____________. I went out to buy ___________ milk but they didnt have ________ in the shop. Im thirsty. Can I have _________ water, please? Theres __________ water so we cant drink.

12) Put in something / somebody / anything / anybody a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) She said ___________ to me but I didnt understand it. Whats wrong? Theres _________ in my eye. Do you know ____________ about politics? I went to the shop but I didnt buy _____________ _____________has broken the window. I dont know who. There isnt __________ in the bag. Its empty. Im looking for my keys. Has _______________ seen them? Would you like ___________ to drink? I didnt eat ______________ because I wasnt hungry. This is a secret. Please dont tell _________________.

13) Complete the answers with words from the box and put in some or any. Buy good a) b) c) d) e) got more put tomorrow want you

How many children has he got? He hasnt got any. This is wonderful soup. Have some more. How much did the flowers cost? I didnt ___________________. We need light bulbs. Ill get _____________________. Wheres the sugar? Theres ____________ in front of ___________.

f) Why didnt you buy any cheese? Because I didnt ________________. g) Shall we go to the cinema? There arent _____________ films. h) The car needs oil. But Ive just _______________ in. 14) These are sentences from real conversations. Can you complete them with somebody, anything, etc? a) b) c) d) e) f) Does _____________ want to speak about that? The poor woman has __________ to go. It doesnt cost _______________. ___________ said `thank you: not one man. Ten people in one room with no bath, no water, ____________. What can you buy for a woman who has ____________?

15) Write a, some, or any to complete these sentences. a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) k) l) m) n) o) Ive got _______ bananas and ________ apple. Did you bring _________ bread? Id like __________ water, please. Sorry, I havent got ___________ matches. I asked the waiter for _________tea. I have ________ information for you. Didnt you bring ___________ money? I sent her __________ card from France. Would you like ________ coffee? I want __________ bread and _________ kilo of cheese, please. I have ___________ bad news for you. At twelve oclock we had ___________ food. I bought _________ books but I didnt buy _________ pen. There arent __________ students here at the moment. She didnt give me ____________ money.

16) Make questions with who or what. a) Somebody broke the window. b) Something fell off the shelf. c) Somebody wants to see you. d) Somebody took my umbrella. e) Something made me ill. f) Somebody is coming. Who broke the window? What ___________________________________? ________________________________________? ________________________________________? ________________________________________? ________________________________________?

17) Complete the questions with HOW+ adjective or adverb (high / long etc) a) How high is Mount Everest? Nearly 9000 metres.

b) ___________ is it to the station? c) ___________ is Helen? d) _________ do the buses run? e) _________ is the water in the pool? f) ___________ have you lived here?

Its about two kilometres from here. She is 26. Every ten minutes. Two metres. Nearly three years.

18) Here are some common expressions with how. Use them to complete the questions.
How old how far how long how tall how big how fast how often how wet

a) How old are you? 37 next birthday. b) _______________ your house from here? About 5 km. c) _______________John? Very tall nearly two metres. d) ______________she driving? The police say she was doing 160 km/h. e) _______________ see your parents? Every week. f) _______________Anns flat? Very small just one room and a bathroom. g) _______________ stay in China? I was there for six months. h) _______________ speak Spanish? Not very well. 19) Make questions with who or what. a) I bought something. b) Somebody lives in this house. c) I phoned somebody. d) Something happened last night. e) Somebody knows the answer. f) Somebody did the washing-up. g) Jill did something. h) Something woke me up. What did you buy? Who lives in this house? _____________________? _____________________? _____________________? _____________________? _____________________? _____________________?

20) Put in am/is/are (present) or was/were (past). a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) Last year she was 22, so she is 23 now. Today the weather ________ nice, but yesterday it _________ very cold. I _________ hungry. Can I have something to eat? I feel fine this morning but I _________ very tired last night. Where _______ you at 11 oclock last Friday morning? Dont buy those shoes. They very expensive. I like your new jacket. __________ it expensive ? This time last year I _________ in Paris. Where _________ the children? I dont know. They _________ in the garden ten minutes ago.

21) Put in was/were or wasnt/werent. a) b) c) d) e) f) We werent happy with the hotel. Our room was very small and it wasnt very clean. George _________ at work last week because he ______ ill. Hes better now. Yesterday ________ a public holiday so the shops ________ closed. Theyre open today. __________ Sue and Bill at the party? Sue __________ there but Bill ________. Where are my keys? I dont know. They ________ on the table but theyre not there now. You _________ at home last night. Where ___________ you?

22) Put in was or were. a) b) c) d) e) f) g) We _________ very happy to see you yesterday. And I _______ happy to see you. Lunch _______ OK, but the vegetables ________ not very good. I cant find my keys. They ___________ here this morning. It ________ cold and dark, and we _______ tired. My grandmother _________ a doctor, and her three children ________ all doctors too. _________ you in London yesterday? No, I ________ in Glasgow. When __________ your exam? It __________ yesterday.

23) Complete the sentences. Use one of these verbs in the past simple.
Clean die enjoy finish happen open rain start stay want

a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h)

I cleaned my teeth three times yesterday. It was hot in the room, so I ________ the window. The concert _________ at 7.30 and _________ at 10 oclock. When I was a child, I _________ to be a doctor. The accident ___________ last Sunday afternoon. Its a nice day today but yesterday it ___________ all day. We _________ our holiday last year. We _________ at a very nice place. Anns grandfather _________ when he was 90 years old.

24) Make simple past questions a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) Ann and her brother went to Beijing. Where did Ann and her brother go? Sarah and her baby came out of hospital this morning. When ____________? Peters friends from the office gave him a bicycle. Why ________________? The small woman with long hair said something. What ________________? The children bought something. What ______________________________? Somebody left a bicycle in the garden. What _________________________? Something fell off the table. What _________________________________? Bill found a cat in his office. Who _________________________________?

25) Read about Lisas journey to Madrid. Put the verbs in the correct form. Last Tuesday Lisa _________ (fly) from London to Madrid. She ________ (get) up at six oclock in the morning and ___________ (have) a cup of coffee. At 6.30 she __________ (leave) home and _______ (drive) to the airport. When she ________ (arrive), she _________ (park) the car and then ________ (go) to the airport caf where she _________ (have) breakfast. Then she __________ (go) through passport control and __________ (wait) for her flight. The plane __________ (depart) on time and ____________ (arrive) in Madrid two hours later. Finally she ___________ (take) a taxi from the airport to her hotel in the centre of Madrid. 26) Write sentences about the past (yesterday / last week etc.) a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) Jim always goes to work by car. Yesterday he went to work by car. Rachel often loses her keys. She __________________________ last week. Kate meets her friends every evening. She ________________ yesterday evening. I usually buy two newspapers every day. Yesterday I ____________________. We usually go to the cinema on Sundays. Last Sunday we ________________. I eat an orange every day. Yesterday I ________________________________. Tom always has a shower in the morning. This morning he _______________. Our friends come to see us every Friday. They _________________________.

27) Decide whether the verbs in these sentences are R I G HT or WRONG. Correct the verbs that are wrong. a) b) c) d) e) f) g) Look! Somebody is climbing that tree over there. Can you here those people? What do they talk about? Are you believing in God? Look! That man tries to open the door of your car. The moon goes around the earth. What are you thinking about my idea? The government is worried because the number of people without jobs is increasing.

28) Put the verbs into the COR R E C T form: present continuous or simple present.
a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) k) l) m) n) o)

I ................................ (not/belong) to a political party. Hurry! The bus ................................ (come). I ................................ (not/want) to miss it. The Nile River ................................ (flow) into the Mediterranean. The river ................................ (flow) very fast today - much faster than usual. ................................ (it/ever/snow) in India? We usually ................................ (grow) vegetables in our garden, but this year we ................................ (not/grow) any. A: Can you drive? B: No, but I ................................ (learn). You can borrow my umbrella. I ................................ (not/need) it right now. I ................................ (get) hungry. Let's go get something to eat. George is a vegetarian. He ................................ (not/eat) meat. George says he's 80 years old, but I ................................ (not/believe) him. Ron is in Caracas now. He ................................ (stay) at the Hilton Hotel. He usually ................................ (stay) at the Hilton Hotel when he's in Caracas. My parents ................................ (live) in Acapulco. They were born there and have never lived anywhere else. Where ................................ (your parents/live)? She ................................ (stay) with her sister until she finds somewhere else to live. A: What ................................ (your father/do)? B: He's a teacher in Lima, but he ................................ (not/work) right now.

29) Put the verb in the present continuous or the present simple. a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) k) Listen! Somebody _________________ (sing). Sandra is tired. _________________ (she /want) to go home now. How often ___________________ (you / read) a newspaper? Excuse me but _________________ (you /sit) in my place. Oh, Im sorry. Im sorry, ________________ (I/not/understand). Can you speak more slowly? Its late. _______________ (I/go) home now. ____________ (you /come) with me? What time _______________ (your father/ finish) work in the evenings? You can turn off the radio. _______________ (I/not/listen) to it. Wheres Paul? In the kitchen. ______________ (he/cook) something. Martin _______________ (not/usually/drive) to work. He _____________ (usually / walk). Sue ________________ (not/like) coffee. _______________ (she/prefer) tea.

30) Write the correct form of the verb for these sentences. a) b) c) d) e) f) g) Im sorry (Im not agree / I dont agree) with you. (Are you looking / do you look) for me? (Do you prefer / are you preferring) walking to cycling? (I dont like / Im not liking) him at the moment. (I hear / Im hearing) youre leaving us. Im afraid (Im not remembering/ I dont remember) where we met. (Do you listen/ are you listening) to the radio at the moment?

h) i) j) k) l) m) n) o) p)

(Im hating/ I hate) cold evenings. (Im not looking forward/ I dont look forward) to my holiday. (They are looking/ they look) at clothes at the moment. Why (arent you agreeing / dont you agree) with the idea? What ( is this meaning?/ does this mean?) (Im not understanding / I dont understand) the lessons. (I never agree / Im never agreeing) with what he says. (He knows / Hes knowing) youre wrong. (They watch / Theyre watching) us.

32) Put simple past verbs into the story.

1-6: come 7-10: give 11-15: run hear hold say open say not see stand not read take not speak turn write

He 1___________ outside her door for a long time. Then he 2 __________ her footsteps inside the house. She 3 __________ the door and 4 __________ out. At first she 5 _______________ him, but then she 6 ____________ `Oh, hello, Harold. He 7__________ a paper out of his pocket and 8 ____________ it to her. She 9 ____________it in one hand, but 10 __________ it. Listen , he 11 __________. She 12 _____________. I 13 ____________ you this letter because she 14 __________ back into the house. He 15 ____________ and walked slowly down the street.

33) Put the verb in the right form. a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) k) l) m) n) I __________ my hands because they were dirty. (wash) Somebody has _________ this window. (break) I feel good. I __________ very well last night. (sleep) We __________ a very good film yesterday. (see) It ___________ a lot while we were on holiday. (rain) Ive __________ my bag. (lose) Have you __________ it? (see) Rosas bicycle was __________ last week. (steal) I __________ to bed early because I was tired. (go) Have you _________ your work yet? (finish) The shopping centre was __________ about 20 years ago. (build) Ann _________ to drive when she was 18. (learn) Ive never ___________ a horse. (ride) Julia is a good friend of mine. Ive __________ her for a long time. (know) Yesterday I __________ and ___________ my leg. (fall/hurt)

34) Put one of these verbs in each sentence. Buy catch cost drink fall hurt win write





a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h)

Mozart ________ more than 600 pieces of music. How did you learn to drive? My father __________me. We couldnt afford to keep our car, so we __________ it. I was very thirsty. I ___________ the water very quickly. Paul and I played tennis yesterday. Hes much better than me, so he ________ easily. Don _________ down the stairs this morning and _________ his leg. Jim ___________ the ball to Sue, who _________ it. Ann ___________ a lot of money yesterday. She __________ a dress which ___________ 100.

35) Decide which form of the verb is COR R E C T (or MORE NATURAL) in these sentences. Cross out the one that is wrong. I will go / am going to a party tomorrow night. Would you like to come too? According to the weather forecast, it will rain / is raining tomorrow. I'm sure Tom will get / is getting the job. He has a lot of experience. I can't meet you this evening. A friend of mine will come / is coming to see me. A: Have you decided where to go for your vacation yet? B: Yes, we will go / are going to Italy f) Don't worry about the dog. It won't hurt / isn't hurting you.
a) b) c) d) e)

36) Write questions using do you think ... will ... ? Use one of these verbs each time: ARRIVE COME COST FINISH GET MARRIED RAIN PASS a) Bill is taking his final exam soon. Do you think he will pass? b) I've invited her to the party. Do you ................. she ................... ? c) Jack and Ann are coming over this evening. What time do you ................. they ................... ? d) The weather doesn't look very good. Do you ................................................. ? e) My car needs to be repaired. How much .......................................................................... f) They are in love. Do .................................................................................. ? g) The meeting is still going on. When ............................................................. ?

38) Complete the sentences. Use GOING TO + one of the verbs. Eat do give lie down stay walk wash watch wear

a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i)

My hands are dirty. Im going to wash them. What are you going to wear to the party tonight. I dont want to go home by bus. I ____________________________. John is going to London next week. He __________________ with some friends. Im hungry. I ________________________ this sandwich. Its Sharons birthday next week. We _______________ her a present. Sue says shes feeling very tired. She _______________ for an hour. Theres a good film on T V this evening. __________ you _____________ it? What _______________ Rachel ____________ when she leaves school?

39) Complete the sentences. Use have to or had to + one of these verbs Answer a) b) c) d) e) buy change go walk

We had to walk home last night. There were no buses. Its late. I ______________ now. Ill see you tomorrow. I went to the supermarket after work yesterday. I ____________ some food. This train doesnt go all the way to London. You ___________ at Bristol. We did an exam yesterday. We _____________ six questions out of ten.

40) Complete the sentences. Use have to or has to + one of these verbs Do read speak travel wear a) b) c) d) e) My eyes are not very good. I have to wear glasses. At the end of the course all the students _________________ a test. Mary is studying literature. She _______________ a lot of books. Albert doesnt understand much English. You ______________ very slowly to him. Kate is not often at home. She ___________________ a lot in her job.

41) Complete these sentences using dont / doesnt / didnt have to + one of these verbs Do get up go go pay shave wait work

a) b) c) d) e) f) g)

Im not working tomorrow, so I dont have to get up early. The car park is free -- you _____________________to park your car there. I went to the bank this morning. There was no queue, so I _________________. Sally is extremely rich. She _________________________________________. Weve got plenty of time. We _______________________________________. Jack has got a beard, so he __________________________________________. Im not particularly busy. Ive got a few things to do but I _______________________ them now. h) A man was slightly injured in the accident but he _____________________ to hospital. 42) Make questions with have to. a) I had to go to hospital last week. Why did you have to go to hospital? b) I have to get up early tomorrow. Why ________________________early? c) Ann has to go somewhere now. Where __________ she ______________? d) George had to pay a parking fine yesterday. How much ___________________? e) I had to wait a long time for the bus. How long __________________________? f) I have to phone my sister now. Why _____________________________? g) Paul has to leave soon. What time _________________________? 43) Put in much, many, a lot (of), (a) little, (a) few. a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) k) l) m) Did you buy _______ food? There arent ________ hotels in this town. We havent got _________ petrol. Were there _________ people on the train? Did _________ students fail the examination? Paula hasnt got __________ money? I wasnt very hungry. I didnt eat __________. I havent seen George for _________ years. I like reading. I have __________ books. He goes to the cinema __________. There was __________ food in the fridge. It was nearly empty. When did Sarah go out? __________ minutes ago. The bus service isnt very good at night there are __________ buses after 9 oclock.

44) Put in How much or How many. a) b) c) d) ________________ people are coming to the party? ________________ milk do you want in your coffee? ______________ bread did you buy? ______________ players are there in a football team?

45) Complete the sentences. Use much or many with one of these words Books a) b) c) d) e) f) countries luggage people time times

I dont read very much. I havent got ___________________. Quick! We must hurry. We havent got ___________________. Do you travel a lot? Have you been to ____________________? Tina hasnt lived here very long, so she doesnt know _________________. Have you got ___________________? No, only this bag. I know Paris very well. Ive been there ________________________.

46) Write these orders in a more formal way by using COULD. a) Open the window. Could you open the window? b) Lend me a pen. ________________________________ c) Help me. _____________________________________ d) Give me an envelope. __________________________________. e) Pass me the sugar. _____________________________________. f) Watch my children for a minute. __________________________. g) Tell me the time. ______________________________________. h) Change some dollars for me. _____________________________. 47) Once you know the words below, use them to make requests beginning with Could you... Bill catalogue estimate menu price list receipt

a) b) c) d) e)

You are telephoning a clothing company. Could you send me your catalogue? You have just paid a taxi driver. ______________________________________ You have just sat down in a restaurant. _________________________________ You are talking to a builder. _________________________________________ You are in a car showroom and you want to know how much the cars cost.

_____________________________________________________________ f) You have finished a meal in a restaurant. ________________________________.

48) Complete the sentences. Use ENOUGH with one of these words. Big a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) eat fruit loud old practise sugar time tired

Is there enough sugar in your coffee? Yes, thank you. Can you hear the radio? Is it ____________ for you? He can leave school if he wants hes _________________________. Did you have ___________________ to answer all the questions in the exam? This house isnt _________________ for a large family. Tina is very thin. She doesnt __________________________. You dont eat _________________________. You should eat more its good for you. Its late but I dont want to go to bed now. Im not _______________________. Lisa isnt a very good tennis player because she doesnt ___________________.

49) Complete the sentences. Use ENOUGH with the words in brackets. a) We havent got enough money to buy a car. (money/ buy) b) This knife isnt _______________________ tomatoes. (sharp / cut ) c) The water wasnt _____________________ a bath. (warm / have) d) Have we got _______________________ sandwiches? (bread / make ) e) We played well but not ________________ the game. (well / win ) f) I dont have __________________________ newspapers. (time / read ) 50) Use ENOUGH with words from the box to complete the sentences. Buses chairs girls a) b) c) d) e) f) g) money salt time work

You need a car in our village, because there arent enough buses. Have you got ______________ to finish the work? There were plenty of boys at the party, but not _________________. We couldnt sit down because there werent _____________________. I wont pass the exam because I havent done ______________________. Ive got just ___________________ for a ticket to America. This soup isnt very nice. Theres not ________________________ in it.

51) Write to or in. a) b) c) d) I like reading in bed. Were going ________ Italy next month. Sue is on holiday _______ Italy at the moment. I must go _______ the bank today.

e) f) g) h)

I was tired, so I stayed _______ bed late. What time do you usually go ______ bed? Does this bus go _______ the centre? Would you like to go ________ an excursion tomorrow?

52) Write to or at if necessary. Sometimes there is no preposition Paula didnt go to work yesterday. Im tired. Im going ________ home. Ann is not very well. She has gone _______ the doctor. Would you like to come ______ a party on Saturday? Is Liz _______ home? No, shes gone _______ work. There were 20,000 people _______ the football match. Why did you go ________ home early last night? A boy jumped into the river and swam ______ the other side. There were a lot of people waiting _________ the bus stop. We had a good meal _________ a restaurant and then we went back _____the hotel.

54) Put the verbs in the correct form, past continuous or past simple Carol ________ (break) her arm last week. It ________ (happen) when she ____________ (paint) her room. She ___________ (fall) off the ladder. The train _________ (arrive) at the station and Paula _________ (get) off. Two friends of hers, John and Jenny, _________ (wait) to meet her. Yesterday Sue ____________ (walk) along the road when she __________ (meet) Jim. He ___________ (go) to the station to catch a train and he ___________ (carry) a bag. They ___________ (stop) to talk for a few minutes. 55) Past simple vs. past continuous a) They told the police that they were playing cards at 10:00. (tell; play) b) When I ___________ out of the house I took my umbrella because it _______________ (go; rain) c) This morning I __________ the newspaper before I went out. (read) d) ___________ you __________ the football match last night? (watch) e) When I _____________ into the room they ____________ about clothes. (walk; talk). f) At 8 oclock yesterday morning I ____________ in the sea. (swim) 56) Choose the right option
1. Which is correct? for a long period since a long period 2. Which is correct? for 6 years since 6 years

3. Which is correct? for 1992 since 1992 4. Which is correct? for 6 weeks since 6 weeks 5. Which is correct? for 8 months since 8 months 6. Which is correct? for 10 minutes since 10 minutes 7. Which is correct? for a long time since a long time 8. Which is correct? for ages since ages 9. Which is correct? for March 18 since March 18 10. Which is correct? for the end of last year since the end of last year 11. Which is correct? for I joined the firm since I joined the firm 12. Which is correct? for 10 hours since 10 hours 13. Which is correct? for 10 o' clock since 10 o'clock 14. Which is correct? for the beginning of the year since the beginning of the year 15. Which is correct? for a six month period since a six month period

58) Look at the expressions in the box, and choose suitable ones to complete the sentences. Different answers are possible. For a moment, for a minute or two, for a few minutes, for an hour or so, For a couple of hours, for a long time, for ages, for years and years, For ever, for life. a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) They waited ____________, but the bus didnt come. I will love you _________________. Could I talk to you _____________________? I played tennis _________________ and then went home. I went to sleep _________________ during the opera. She usually stops work at 11 oclock _______________ and has a cup of coffee. I often watch T V __________________ before I go to bed. They put him in prison ________________________________.

59) Complete the sentences. Use present perfect. a) Can I have this newspaper? Yes, I _______________ (finish) with it. b) I _______________ (buy) some new shoes. Do you want to see them? c) Im looking for Paula. _______________ (you/see) her? d) Look! Somebody _______________ (that window). e) I know that woman but I _______________ (forget) her name.

60) Past simple vs. present perfect. a) b) c) d) e) I _______________ (lose) my key. I cant find it. _______________ (you/see) Ann yesterday? I _______________ (finish) my work at 2 oclock. Jims grandmother _______________ (die) in 1989. Kathy travels a lot. She _______________ (visit) many countries.

61) Make questions to these answers.

1. I saw something strange on that table. 2. I have a bath in the toilette. 3. She spent too much money in that car. 4. There were many people in the cinema. 5. He has read a newspaper this afternoon. 6. Ill forgive Mary when I meet her. 7. I havent ridden a horse since last week. 8. Shes thrown her car because its broken. 9. Bob caught the thief without any help. 10. I cant speak English very well. 11. Hes going to talk to a friend of mine. 12. This car has sixteen valves. 13. The crew left the ship. 14. He smoked when his father didnt look at him. 15. He usually works in summer. 16. Im doing this for you. 17. No, Ive never travel by plane. 18. Ive been waiting for you for two hours. 19. He found a lot of money in the street. 20. Yesterday it was rainy and windy. 21. He saw someone coming. 22. They have worked since ten in the morning. 23. Yes, Toms father gave us a beautiful present. 24. He put the book on the top of the shelf. 25. Were going to phone Mary soon. 26. We are singing a Christmas carol.

27. Yes, I went with her. 28. I would like to play basketball now. 29. He sometimes told me about you. 30. That town is 20 miles away from here. 31. The policeman was tall and strong. 32. No, Fred didnt play tennis with his friends. 33. The bird has flown very high. 34. Im going to help that dog. 35. She was eating cakes at nine oclock. 36. She listens to music every day. 37. Yesterday I went to the pub to have a drink. 38. Shes danced with George. 39. Jack taught me to play poker. 40. The matchs going to start at half past four. 41. No, I wouldnt like to go there. 42. The army killed thousands of people. 43. Yes, he had to work that weekend. 44. Ill try to do it better. 45. Nothing happens in this season of the year.

62) Traduccin, repaso por unidades: High Score 2 Unit 1 Translation activities Phrases 1. Los nios estaban jugando en el jardn cuando empez a llover. 2. Cuando lleg mi madre, yo estaba cenando. 3. Por qu ests tan triste? Deberas ser ms optimista. 4. Ayer fuimos al estadio para comprar las entradas. 5. Mientras los chicos estaban estudiando en su habitacin, l hizo un ruido en la cocina. 6. Por qu no vamos al cine maana por la tarde? 7. Alan me vio cuando estaba bailando con Megan. 8. James me llam para decirme que no tena las llaves. 9. Esprate un momento, no seas impaciente. 10. El equipo le hizo una buena oferta y l tom la decisin correcta. Vocabulary (from p.11 and 14) 1. generoso 2. honesto 3. optimista 4. paciente 5. sensato 6. sensible 7. tmido 8. trabajador 9. alegre 10. educado 11. deshonesto 12. impaciente 13. insensible 14. vago 15. maleducado 16. pesimista 17. bobo 18. triste 19. extrovertido 20. tacao 21. dar consejo 22. hacer una confesin 23. dar una explicacin 24. hacer una oferta 25. hacer un ruido 26. tomar una decisin 27. hacer una sugerencia 28. dar una advertencia 29. dar un ejemplo

High Score 2 Unit 2 Translation activities Phrases 1. Hoy han jugado a hockey durante ms de dos horas. 2. Has ido alguna vez a patinar sobre hielo? 3. l nunca ha hecho windsurf. 4. Todos los jugadores han entrenado en el campo de ftbol. 5. Has ganado alguna vez una competicin? 6. Mi hermano ha hecho karate este ao. 7. El equipo de bsquet ha jugado en la nueva cancha por primera vez. 8. Te has comprador unas gafas? Me las puedes dejar para ir a esquiar? 9. La pelota de tennis toc la red y sali de la pista. 10. Esta chica es muy buena. Sin embargo nunca ha estado en los Juegos Olmpicos. Vocabulary (from p.19 and 22) 1. cancha 2. campo 3. piscina 4. ladera 5. pista 6. atletismo 7. bdminton 8. bsquet 9. ciclismo 10. hockey 11. rugby 12. snowboard 13. botas 14. traje 15. gafas 16. red 17. palos 18. raqueta 19. esqus 20. zapatillas de deporte 21. baador 22. pelota 23. gorro 24. jugar a bisbol 25. hacer gimnasia 26. ir a montar a caballo 27. ir a patinar sobre hielo 28. hacer footing 29. hacer judo 30. hacer karate 31. jugar a squash 32. hacer triatln

33. jugar a voleibol 34. hacer windsurf

High Score 2 Unit 3 Translation activities

Phrases 1. Mi cantante favorito acaba de grabar un lbum. 2. Este msico ha compuesto canciones desde 1975. 3. Ya has escuchado m i nuevo CD? 4. Bisbal ya ha dado muchos conciertos en mi ciudad. 5. Este cantante es famoso por ser antiptico con sus (de ella) fans. 6. La msica de los aos 60 est pasada de moda. 7. Ya se han vendido todas las entradas. Es imposible encontrar una. 8. Este alumno ha estado desmotivado desde el ao pasado. 9. Shakira ha ido de gira por toda Europa. 10. El concierto acaba de terminar. Vocabulary (from p.27 and 30) 1. tocar 2. componer 3. escribir 4. ensayar 5. dar 6. firmar 7. grabar 8. ir 9. msica 10. un lbum 11. un instrumento 12. un contrato 13. de gira 14. con un grupo 15. letras 16. un concierto 17. incmodo 18. pasado de moda 19. sin experiencia 20. informal 21. antiptico 22. desmotivado 23. maleducado 24. imposible 25. intolerante High Score 2 Unit 4 Translation activities Phrases 1. Me encontrar con l tan pronto como llegue. 2. Este escritor va a obtener un premio muy importante. 3. El domingo iremos a Londres. Llegaremos all a las 10 de la maana.

4. Llegaremos all a tiempo? 5. El ao que viene dejar de fumar. 6. Mis padres cuidarn a mi hijo este verano. 7. Se lo va a contar todo a la polica. 8. La semana que viene volveremos al zoo con los nios. 9. Puedes mirar la tele mientras yo termino esto. 10. La profesora se enfadar si te pones la gorra en clase. Vocabulary (from p.39) 1. continuar 2. dejar de 3. volver 4. ponerse 5. quitarse 6. cuidar 7. mirar con desprecio 8. esperar con ganas 9. estudiar, examinar 10. buscar (en el diccionario) 11. admirar High Score 2 Unit 5 Translation activities Phrases 1. Cuando termines de escribir, sal del programa. 2. Si quieres conectarte a esta pgina web, necesitars una contrasea. 3. Enchufar la cmara digital al ordenador y vers las fotos en la pantalla. 4. Si te gusta la cancin, puedes subir el volumen. 5. Me comprars un reproductor de MP3? Todos mis amigos tienen uno. 6. Te mandar un mensaje cuando llegue a Roma. 7. Tienes que apagar tu telfono mvil cuando vas al mdico. 8. Si sintonizas el canal 3, me vers en la tele. 9. Sabrs cmo guardar las canciones en el ordenador si te dejo un cable USB? 10. Si me invitas, ir a tu fiesta de cumpleaos. Vocabulary (from p.47 and 50) 1. cable 2. ordenador 3. cmara digital 4. teclado 5. ratn 6. reproductor de MP3 7. impresora 8. pantalla 9. altavoz 10. pgina web 11. monitor 12. sintonizar 13. salir 14. entrar, conectarse

15. enchufar 16. apagar 17. encender 18. apagar 19. encender 20. girar (cambiar de canal) 21. subir High Score 2 Unit 6 Translation activities Phrases 1. Si tuviera dinero, comprara muebles nuevos para el comedor. 2. Este armario es muy prctico, tiene muchos estantes. 3. Si mi dormitorio fuera ms grande, pondra una cmoda en esa esquina. 4. En el jardn hay muchas plantas y un par de bancos. 5. Tienes ropa sucia? Puedes ponerla en la lavadora. 6. Tengo una caja con un poco de dinero debajo de la cama. 7. Si supiera cocinar muy bien, no cenaramos siempre en el restaurante. 8. Si hicieras un pequeo esfuerzo, podras ahorrar dinero. 9. Si tuviera un telfono mvil, ahora podra hacer una llamada de emergencias. 10. Si no trabajara hoy, podra descansar. Vocabulary (from p.55 and 58) 1. silln 2. banco 3. librera 4. caja 5. cmoda 6. cocina 7. armario 8. escritorio 9. mesa del comedor 10. lavaplatos 11. nevera 12. estante 13. fregadero 14. sof 15. armario ropero 16. lavadora 17. dar una excusa 18. hacer un esfuerzo 19. comer 20. divertirse 21. desayunar 22. rer 23. desordenar 24. cenar 25. hacer una llamada 26. tener un problema 27. descansar

High Score 2 Unit 7 Translation activities Phrases 1. Si te gusta ayudar a la gente a aprender, deberas ser profesor. 2. Tenis que revisar para el examen de maana. 3. Estoy preocupada por mi hija: saca notas muy bajas. 4. No pudimos ir al cine porque tenamos que hacer un proyecto. 5. No hace falta que seas muy bueno en matemticas para aprobar el examen. 6. No debes acosar a los otros alumnos, no te involucres en ese tipo de cosas. 7. Si queris aprender vocabulario, tenis que copiar las palabras nuevas en la libreta. 8. Antes de hacer este curso no saba cocinar. 9. En mi ltimo trabajo no poda hablar con los clientes. 10. No tenis que llevar la libreta cuando vayamos de excursin. Vocabulary (from p.67 and 70) 1. hacer una pausa 2. hacer una clase/ una leccin 3. hacer un curso 4. quedarse castigado 5. copiar en, suspender, aprobar, revisar para, hacer un examen 6. ir de excursin 7. copiar, hacer, tener deberes 8. sacar altas, bajas, buenas, malas notas 9. hacer, investigar un proyecto 10. acosar a alguien 11. visitar una pgina web 12. bueno en 13. malo en 14. brillante en 15. aburrido de 16. celoso de 17. experimentado en 18. interesado en 19. tranquilo acerca de 20. preocupado por 21. involucrado en 22. asustado de 23. enfadado por

High Score 2 Unit 8 Translation activities Phrases 1. sta es la casa que mis padres tienen en el bosque. 2. Creo que discutieron sobre las vacaciones. 3. El Mediterrneo es el mar que est ms cerca de mi ciudad.

4. Esta es la isla cuyas playas son de arena negra. 5. Este es el explorador que atraves esta selva por primera vez. 6. Me preocupa el cambio climtico: los desiertos estn creciendo y los ros se estn secando. 7. Estamos perdidos. Por qu no pedimos ayuda? 8. Esta es la chica que se especializ en animales marinos. 9. Cuando pienso en mis ltimas vacaciones, me acuerdo del ocano azul. 10. Mira la moto que me he comprado. Vocabulary (from p.75 and 78) 1. playa 2. desierto 3. bosque 4. isla 5. selva 6. montaa 7. ocano 8. ro 9. roca 10. arena 11. mar 12. riachuelo 13. discutir por 14. preocuparse por 15. mirar a 16. buscar 17. hablar sobre 18. hablar con 19. pedir 20. escuchar 21. especializarse en 22. esperar a 23. pensar acerca de 24. preocuparse por High Score 2 Unit 9 Translation activities Phrases 1. Los mejores anuncios son sorprendentes. 2. No puedo permitirme unas botas nuevas. No he ahorrado suficiente dinero. 3. Este ordenador est hecho en Corea y vale menos dinero. 4. Los productos son comprados por consumidores jvenes. 5. Esta empresa paga mucho dinero para anunciar sus productos. 6. Las canciones de este grupo slo se venden en Internet. 7. No me gustan los crucigramas, son aburridos. 8. Estoy cansada de gastar dinero en cosas estpidas. 9. Los cinturones estn hechos de piel, por lo tanto son particularmente caros. 10. Se venden muchos coches en el mundo cada da.

Vocabulary (from p.83 and 86) 1. ganar/ pagar 2. permitirse/ costar 3. comprar/ vender 4. ahorrar/ gastar 5. tomar prestado/ dejar 6. aterrador/ aterrorizado 7. cansado/ cansado (que produce cansancio) 8. asombrado/ asombroso 9. interesado/ interesante 10. sorprendido/ sorprendente 11. espantoso/ asustado 12. aburrido (que produce aburrimiento)/ aburrido 64) Traduce las siguientes frases: 01.- El colegio empieza a las 9,00 02.- Qu haces despus del colegio? 03.- Ahora no estamos trabajando 04.- A veces estoy cansado por las tardes 05.- Nunca va a esquiar 06.- Los Sioux son la tribu mas grande de Norte Amrica 07.- Empez a trabajar en una granja 08.- Cancelaron el concierto 09.- Comi mucho chocolate 10- Decidi no comprar nada 11- Estaba buscando cuadros 12- Qu estabas haciendo ayer a las 6 de la tarde? 13- Cuando llegamos a la playa estaba lloviendo 14.- No me he perdido ningn partido 15- Se ha hecho rico 16- Ha visitado cinco pases diferentes 17- Has conducido alguna vez a mas 100 Km.? 18- Nunca olvid a su familia 19-Ya he hecho unas 15 entrevistas 20- Han sido amigos durante 20 aos 21- Acabamos de tener un problema 22- Acaba de cerrar la tienda 23-Cmo va a ser? 24- No vamos a tener mucho descanso 25-El domingo me voy a Inglaterra 26- Tan pronto como oscurezca vamos a encender un fuego 27.- Creo que aprobare el examen 28-Si no estamos motivados no ganaremos 29- Si el libro es caro no lo compraremos 30- Si tengo tiempo volver maana 31-No sabramos que hacer si el se fuese 32- Estara mas contento si saliera 33- Bebo mucho zumo

34- Solo quiero un poco de agua 35- Quieres zumo? 36-Me encanta ser medico porque puede ayudar a la gente 37- Cuando era joven poda trabajar toda la noche 38- Hace unos cuantos aos la gente podas fumar aqu 39- Tengo que estar preparado para entrar a trabajar 40.- No puedo apagar el mvil (esta prohibido) 41- No debera pasar tanto tiempo conectado 42-El Everest es la montaa que todos los escaladores quieren escalar 43-Este es el profesor cuyas clases me gustan 44- Ella es la que me ha ayudado 45-Los anuncios son tiles si se recuerdan 46- Los famosos estn acostumbrados a vender cosas caras 47-No tenamos Internet 48-No pude ir al campamento el ao pasado 49-Te gusta estar aqu? 50-Cada vez ms gente usa telfonos moviles.