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NOTE*:Commonly asked days are highlighted.

January 12 January 15 January 26 January "# %ebruary 2& %ebruary 2) $arch ) $arch 15 $arch 21 $arch 2" April 5 April April 1) April 22 $ay 1 $ay " $ay ) $ay 11 $ay 15 $ay 1$ay 2& $ay "1 June 5 June2 June 26 June 2July 6 July 11 Au,ust " Au,ust 6 Au,ust : National Youth Day. Army Day India's Republic Day International !ustoms day. $artyrs' Day !entral '(cise Day. National *cience Day. International +omen's Day. +orld Disabled Day. +orld %orestry Day. +orld $eteorolo,ical Day. National $aritime Day. +orld .ealth Day. +orld .erita,e Day. 'arth Day. +or/ers Day 0International 1abor Day2. 3ress %reedom Day. +orld Red !ross Day. National 4echnolo,y Day. International Day o5 the %amily. +orld 4elecommunication Day. !ommon6ealth Day. Anti74obacco Day. +orld 'n8ironment Day. %athers Day. International day a,ainst Dru, abuse +orld Diabetes Day. +orld 9oo noses Day. +orld 3opulation Day. International %riendship Day. .iroshima Day ;uit India Day and Na,asa/i Day.

Au,ust 15 Au,ust 2: *eptember 5 *eptember ) *eptember 16 *eptember 21 *eptember 26 *eptember 2<ctober 1 <ctober " <ctober & <ctober ) <ctober : <ctober 1# <ctober 1& <ctober 15 <ctober 16 <ctober 2& <ctober "#

India's Independence Day. National *ports Day. 4eachers' Day. +orld 1iteracy Day. +orld <=one Day. Al=heimer's Day. Day o5 the Dea5. +orld 4ourism Day. International day o5 the 'lderly. +orld .abitat Day. +orld Animal +el5are Day. Indian Air %orce Day. +orld 3ost <55ice day. National 3ost Day. +orld *tandards Day. +orld +hite !ane Day0 ,uidin, the >lind2. +orld %ood Day. ?N Day +orld de8elopment in5ormation Day. +orld 4hri5t Day.

No8ember 1& !hildren's Day No8ember 2# A5rica Industriali=ation Day. December 1 December & December December 1# December 2" +orld Aids Day. Na8y Day. Armed %orces %la, Day. .uman Ri,ht Day. @isan Di8as

General Awareness Question set 1

1. The Govt of India has decided to declare which of the following rivers a National River? a) Brahmaputra b) Yamuna c) Ganga d) Kaveri e) None of these 2. Who amongst the folIowing economists gave the concept of economies of scale ! which sa"s man" goods and services can be prod#ced more cheapl" in long series ?

a) Edward C Prescott b) Amartya Sen c) Gary S Becker d) Edmund S Phe ps e) Pau Krugman $. %er" often we read in newspapers&maga'ines abo#t (overeign Wealth )#nds . Which of the following is& are the correct description of the same? *+) !hese are the funds or the reserves of a government or centra "ank of a country which are invested further to earn profita" e returns# *,) !hese are the funds which were accumu ated "y some peop e over the years "ut were not put in active circu ation as they retain them as B ack $oney for severa years# *-) !he funds which are created to "e used as re ief funds or "ai out packages are known as sovereign funds# a) Both B % Con y b) &n y B c) &n y C d) &n y A e) None of these .. %er" often we read abo#t (pecial economic /ones *(0/s) in newspapers. What is the p#rpose of promoting (0/s in India? *+) !hey are esta" ished to promote e'ports# *,) !hey are esta" ished to attract investments from foreign countries# *-) !hey are esta" ished to he p the poorest of the poor in (ndia as the activities of these )ones are reserved on y forthe poors and those iving "e ow poverty ine# a) &n y A b) &n y B c) &n y C d) Both A % B on y e) None of these 1. The ratio of the -ash Reserves that the ban2s are re3#ired to 2eep with the R,I is 2nown as a) *i+uidity ,atio b) S*, c) C,, d) Net -emand % !ime *ia"i ity e) None of these 4. The5Govt ofIndia in order to provide some relief to the e6porters anno#nced a relief5 pac2age of Rs a) ./// cr b) 01// cr c) 2/// cr d) 1/// cr e) 3/// cr

7. The availabilit" of cash and other cash5li2e mar2etable instr#ments that are #sef#l in p#rchases and investments are commonl" 2nown as a) Cash crunch b) *i+uidity c) Credit d) $arketa"i ity e) None of these 8. The White Tiger is a boo2 written b" a) Amitav Ghosh b) Arundhati ,oy c) 4S Naipau d) Kiran -esai e) Aravind Adiga 9. ,esides :(+ and )rance! India has a -ivil N#clear ;eal with a) Britain b) ,ussia c) Germany d) Canada e) Austra ia 1<. =nanpith +ward is given for e6cellence in the field of a) $usic b) *iterature c) Sports d) 5i ms e) Socia Services +N(W0R(
1. 2. $. .. 1. 4. 7. 8. 9. 1<. 6c7 6e7 6d7 6d7 6c7 6d7 6"7 6e7 6"7 6"7

General Awareness Set 2

1. Indira Gandhi -anal ! which is aro#nd .1< 2m long! provides irrigation facilit" mainl" to which of the following states? a) Pun8a" b) 9aryana c) $adhya Pradesh d) Gu8arat e) ,a8asthan +N( *e)

2. Which of the following is N>T a missile developed b" the ;efence Research and ;evelopment. >rganisation *;R;>) ? a) Shaurya b) Pinaka c) Brahmos d) Agni e) Nag +N( *b) $. Which ofthe following metals is #sed for generation of N#clear 0nerg" b" most of the N#clear ?ower ?lants? a) :inc b) P atinum c) ;ranium d) Nicke e) None of these +N( *c) .. Ind#s Water Treat" is a pact on@ sharing of river water between India and a) Bang adesh b) Pakistan c) Nepa d) Afghanistan e) $yanmar +N( *b) 1. Which of the following is&are considered a Renewable (o#rce of 0nerg"? +. <ind Energy ,. So ar Energy -. Nuc ear Energy a) &n yA b) &n yB

c) &n yC d) &n y A % B e) A A= B> % C +N( *d) 4. Ars. ?ratibha ?atil is the BBBBBBBthe ?resident of India a) ./th President of (ndia b) President of (ndia c) .0th President of (ndia d) .st President of (ndia e) .1th President of (ndia +N( *c) 7. Cow man" intertwined rings are shown in the >l"mpic )lag #sed these da"s in the games? a) 5ive b) Si' c) Seven d) !hree e) None of these +N( *a)

8. India@s @Doo2 0ast@ trade polic" is designed to help partic#larl" members of which of the following gro#p of nations? a) SAA,C b) ASEAN c) <!& d) NA! e) E; +N( *b)

9. Which of the following co#ntries has signed a 225?oint +greement with Aadhesi ?eople@s Right )or#m *A?R))? a) China b) Nepa c) (ndia d) Bang adesh e) $yanmar +N( *b) 1<. @,rahmos@ is designed to be #sed b" which of the following? a) (ndian Navy b) (ndian Army c) (ndian Air 5orce d) Border Security 5orce e) A of these

+N( *b) 11. +s per newspaper reports! India@s trade gap has been showing a negative growth for the last few months. Trade Gap means what? a) Gap "etween tota G-P and tota consumption b) Gap "etween tota imports and tota e'ports c) Gap "etween avai a" e i+uidity and e'pected demand in ne't five months d) Gap "etween "udgeted revenue co ection and actua co ection of the same e) None of these +N( *b) 12. @03#it" schemes managed strong N+% gains! which! boost their assets@ was a news in some financial newspapers. What is the f#ll form of the term N+%as #sed in above head lines? a) Ni Accounting 4ariation b) Net Accounting 4enture c) Net Asset 4a ue d) New Asset 4enture e) None of these ANS6c7 1$. +s per reports p#blished in vario#s newspapers! m#t#al f#nd companies showed 9. per cent growth in their total profits d#ring 2<<951<. This means the profits earned b" these companies were 9. per cent a) in their tota investments they made co ective y during the year b) more than their profits during previous year c) of the tota capita of the company d) ess than the tota e'penditure of the companies e) None of these ANS6"7 1.. +s per the reports p#blished in some maEor news papers +;+G companies made good profits d#ring the "ear. +;+G companies are pop#larl" 2nown as a) Companies owned "y !ata Group b) Aditya Bir a Companies c) ,e iance Companies d) Companies owned "y Aptech e) None of these ANS6c7 11. A#t#al )#nds reported e6ceptional performance in 2<<951< was the news in maEor financial news papers recentl". What is a m#t#al f#nd? +. A type of co ective investment scheme that poo s money from many investors and invests it in stocks= "onds or other money market instruments# ,. (t is a su"sidiary of a "ank or financia company created specia y to raise money to "e invested in a particu ar industry= ie housing or insurance etc# !he money raised thus cannot "e invested anywhere e se#

-. <hen severa "anks and financia companies come together and create a common poo of money to fund mega infrastructura pro8ect ike "ridges= roads= power p ants etc= the common poo is known as $utua 5und# a) &n y A b) &n y B c) &n y C d) A A= B % C e) None of these ANS6a7 14. We ver" fre3#entl" read abo#t 0#rope@s sovereign debt crisis these da"s. Which of the following statements&is&are tr#e abo#t the same? +. (n ear y 0/./ the Euro crisis deve oped in some countries ike Greece= Spain and Portuga # ,. !his created a credit defau t swap "etween the countries of the European ;nion ## -. SAA,C countries have offered some assistance to some of the severe y affected countries ike Portuga = Spain and Greece# a) &n y A b) &n y B c) &n yA % B d) A A= B % C e) None of these ANS6a7 17. +s per the anno#ncement made b" the R,I! some (toc2 06changes in India are allowed to introd#ce ?lain %anilla -#rrenc" >ptions. The term ?lain %anilla -#rrenc" >ptions is associated with which of the following activities&operations? a) -o ar?,upee E'change ,ate b) 5 oating of Commercia Papers c) *aunch of new mutua funds d) -eciding the opening price of a share on a particu ar@ "usiness day e) None of these ANS6a7 18. The process of +rtificial +pplication of Water to the soil #s#all" for assisting in growing crops is technicall" 2nown as a) water harvesting b) irrigation c) water recharging d) perco ation e) none of these ANS6"7 19. Waste Water generates which of the following gases. which is more powerf#l and dangero#s than -<2? a) Nitrogen b) Su phur dio'ide c) 9ydrogen d) $ethane

e) None ofthese ANS6d7 2<. Which of the following da"s was observed as World Water ;a" 2<1<? a) 0/th Aune b) 00nd Au y c) 00nd $arch d) 0/th $ay e) None of these ANS6c7

General Awareness Set 3

1. Which of the following agencies&organisations is setting #p India@s first Nat#ral Reso#rce ;ata -entre in Fol2ata? a) ,B( b) SEB( c) NABA,d) SBC e) BA,C +N(*-) 2. The )inance Ainister ofIndia recentl" made a mention that Infrastr#ct#re ;evelopment in India sho#ld be done on ??? model onl". What is the f#ll form of@???@? a) Purchasing Power Parity b) Pu" ic Private Partnership c) Purchase Produce Provide d) Peop e>s Programme % Priority e) None of these +N(*b) $. The Global Non5%iolence ;a" was observed on which of the following da"s? a) .1th August b) .2th Novem"er c) .Cth Septem"er d) 0nd &cto"er e) D/th Aanuary +N(*d) .. The period for 11 th )ive Gear ?lan is a) 0//1?./ b) 0//E?.. c) 0//3?.0 d) 0//F?.D e) None of these +N(*c) 1. Who amongst the following has pla"ed the main&lead role in the film -ha2 ;e India?

a) A"hishek Bachchan b) Sa man Khan c) Aamir Khan d) Shah ,ukh Khan e) None of these +N(*d) 4. @RanEi Troph"@ is associated with the game of a) 9ockey b) 5oot"a c) Badminton d) Cricket e) !ennis +N(*d) 7. Which ofthe following awards is given for e6cellence in literar" wor2? a) Bharat ,atna b) Shanti Swamp Bhatnagar Award c) -ronacharyaAward d) Ar8una Award e) Pu it)er Pri)e +N(*e) 8. Roger )ederer! who won the :( >pen 2<<7 Tennis -hampionship! is a citi'en of a) Be gium b) 5rance c) ,ussia d) ;SA e) Swit)er and +N(*e) 9. Which of the following awards is N>T a @Gallantr" I +ward@? a) $ahavir Chakra b) 4ir Chakra c) 4ishista Sewa $eda d) Ashok Chakra e) Saraswati Samman +N(*e) 1<. +s per the to -ommerce Ainistr" data released on 2 =an#ar" 2<12! IndiaHs e6ports recorded their slowest pace of growth in two "ears in November 2<11. What was the per centage of growth recorded? a) 2#0G b) D#FG c) 0#0G d) /#C2G +N(*b)

11. The capital mar2et reg#lator (0,I on $ =an#ar" 2<12 allowed a#ctioning of sec#rities thro#gh stoc2 e6changes and introd#ced a new method for instit#tional placement of stoc2s. Which of the following facts related to the above statement is&are not tr#e? 1. ;nder the institutiona p acement programme 6(PP7= shares can "e so d on y to +ua ified institutiona "uyers# 2. !here sha "e at east 01 a ottees in every (PP issuance# No sing e investor sha receive a otment for more than 01G of the offer si)e $. !he (PP method can "e used to increase pu" ic ho ding "y ./G and cou d "e offered to on y +ua ified institutiona "uyers with 01G "eing reserved for mutua funds and insurance companies .. ;nder the (PP= companies wi have to announce the ratio of "uy?"ack= as is done in the case of rights issues and fi' a record date for determination of entit ements as per shareho ding on record date a) &n y . b) &n y D c) &n y 0 d) &n y 2 +N(*c) 12. What is the )inace Ainistr"Hs decision on the rates applicable on small savings instr#ments schemes that wo#ld be anno#nced on +pril 1 each "ear? a) rate wou d remain va id ti the maturity of the scheme b) rate wou d change in the first +urter of that respective year c) rates wou d change depending on different maturity period d) rates wou d remainva id for si' months post the maturity +N(*a) 1$. (cientists discovered #n2nown species off the coast of +ntarctica. -onsider the following statementsI i) The temperat#re in this region rises to $8< degree -elsi#s. Ii) There is plent" of light in this region. Which of the above statements is& are correct? a) &n y i b) &n y ii c) Both i and ii d) Neither i nor ii +N(*a) 1.. (cientists prod#ced artificial h#man semen to help infertile men. -onsider the following statementsI i) !he scientists grew the sperm "y enve oping the germ ce s in a specia compound ca ed agar 8e y# ii) !he artificia human semen cou d he p inferti e men father their own chi dren# -hoose the right optionI a) Both i and ii are correct# b) &n y i is correct# c) &n y ii is correct# d) Neither i nor ii is correct# +N(*a)

11. Cealth +#thorities in +#stralia recentl" detected ;eadl" ;isease! A#rra" %alle" 0ncephalitis. The disease is ca#sed b" theBB. a) 5 ies b) $os+uitoes c) Birds d) -ogs +N(*b)

General Awareness Set 4

1. Which ?(: anno#nced on 2 =an#ar" 2<12 that its board approved in a meeting held on $< ;ecember 2<11 the switching over to internationall"5accepted Gross -aloric %al#e5 based pricing mechanism? a) B9E* b) (SPA! c) C(* d) (&C +ns*c) 2. A#2esh +mbaniHs Reliance Ind#stries Dtd *RID) entered the media and entertainment sector b" ma2ing a maEor investment in one of IndiaHs largest broadcast companies. Name the broadcast compan". a) Network.F Group b) Ad a"s 5i ms c) Ba a8i !e efi ms d) Bag 5i ms +ns*a) $. India approved the ac3#isition of )rench advanced missile s"stems to arm the Airage5 2<<< fighter Eets. -onsider the following statementsI i) !he ca"inet committee on Security c eared the contract for the fire and forget $(CA with 5rench company $B-A# ii) $(CA are interception and aeria com"at missi es# -hoose the right optionI a) Both i and ii are correct# b) &n y i is correct# c) &n y ii is correct# d) Neither i nor ii is correct# +ns*a) .. The :nion government approved Fatra5J#a'ig#nd Railwa" line proEect. The proEect is located inBB. a) Aammu and Kashmir b) Bihar c) Pun8a" d) 9aryana

+ns*a) 1. *1) !heatre director= screenp ay writer and actor Satyadev -u"ey= credited with introducing e'istentia and a"surd theatre= passed away on 01 -ecem"er 0/..# <hich facts a"out the concerned person isHare not trueI *2) he got attracted to the post?.C23 theatre and 8oined !heatre ;nit= the theatre group?cum? schoo founded "y E"rahim A ka)i *$) -u"ey came into prominence with -haramvir BharatiJs radio?p ay Andha Yug that "rought to the fore the pervasive crimina and homicida tendencies during the times of war# *.) 9e penned screenp aysHdia ogue of some acc aimed fi ms in the .C3/s= inc uding Shyam Benega >s Nishant= Ankur= Ka yug and Bhumika *1) 9e won the 5i mfare Award for Best -ia ogue in .CF/ for the fi m Ankur a) &n y . b) &n y 2 c) 0 % D d) &n y 0 +ns*b) 4. Do2 (abha on 27 ;ecember 2<11 passed the Do2pal and Do2a"#2ta bill! 2<11. -onsider the following statementsI i) !he setting up of *okayuktas "y the states wou d not "e mandatory# ii) !he constitutiona amendment "i fe through# -hoose the right optionI a) Both i and ii are correct# b) &n y i is correct# c) &n y ii is correct# d) Neither i nor ii is correct# +ns*a) 7. *1) ,eserve Bank of (ndia deregu ated non?resident e'terna 6N,E7 deposits on .E -ecem"er 0/.. a owing "anks to offer higher interest rates to do ar?denominated accounts# <hich of the fo owing facts re ated to the a"ove statement isHare not trueI *2) ,eserve Bank freed the rates on non?resident e'terna accounts= offering interest as high as C#EG per annum *$) 5o owing ,B(Js deregu ation five (ndian "anks= inc uding 9-5C Bank and Yes Bank on 0D -ecem"er 0/.. raised their interest rates on such deposits in order to ure foreign money *.) Private ender Yes Bank increased the interest rates on fi'ed deposits he d "y non?resident (ndians 6N,(s7 to F#2 per cent from D#F0 per cent *1) !he new rates are effective from 02 -ecem"er for fresh deposits as we as those "eing renewed on maturity# a) . % 0 b) &n y2 c) &n y D d) . % 2 +ns*c)

8. +ccording to the R,I data! India@s foreign e6change reserves fell b" what amo#nt to K$<2.1 billion d#ring the wee2 ended 14 ;ecember 2<11 on acco#nt of a fall in foreign c#rrenc" assets? a) K2#E3 "i ion b) KD#DD "i ion c) K1 "i ion d) K1#31 "i ion +ns*a) 9. Telecom -ommission! the decision5ma2ing bod" of the ;epartment of Telecomm#nications recommended a #niform licence fee of what per cent of adE#sted gross reven#es *+GR) as against the prevalent rate of 458 per cent? a) ./G b) FG c) 1#0G d) C#DG +ns*b) 1<. N+(+@s Fepler mission discovered the first 0arth5si'e planets orbiting a s#n5li2e star o#tside o#r solar s"stem. These planets are called BBB andBBBB. a) Kep er?0/eL Kep er?0/f b) Kep er?0/aL Kep er?0/" c) Kep er?0/cL Kep er?0/d d) Kep er?0/mL Kep er?0/n +ns*a) 11. (cientists at the (al2 Instit#te for ,iological (t#dies report discovered a missing lin2 between the bod"Hs biological cloc2 and s#gar metabolism s"stem. -onsider the following statements i) Sugar $eta"o ism is a process "y which the "ody uses sugar for energy# ii) (f the human "ody produces too itt e insu in= the amount of sugar in the " ood increases a"norma y= a condition known as hyperg ycemia# Choose the right optionM a) Both i and ii are correct# b) Neither i nor ii is correct# c) &n y i is correct# d) &n y ii is correct# +ns*a) 12. Name the gene fo#nd b" the ne#roscientists! which co#ld help in creating and altering memor". a) $pas 2 b) Npas 2 c) Npas D d) $pas 0 +ns*b) 1$. Name the Rashtri"a Do2 ;al *RD;) leader who was ind#cted into the :nion -abinet as civil aviation minister on 18 ;ecember 2<11.

a) A8it Singh b) Aayant Chaudhary c) -evendra Nagpa d) San8ay Singh Chauhan +ns*a) 1.. ?op#larl" 2nown as +dam Gondvi! this Cindi poet who wrote revol#tionar" poetr" foc#sing on the pathetic state of dalits and the poor breathed his last in D#c2now on 18 ;ecember 2<11. Name the poet. a) Bharat Bhusan b) ,am Nath Singh c) ;day Prakash d) Shai Chaturvedi e) Naresh $ehta +ns*b) 11. The :nion cabinet of India on 22 ;ecember 2<11 approved BB percent share for minorities within the 27L >,- 3#ota in Eobs and #niversit" seats. a) 2#1 b) 1#E c) D#2 d) 1 +ns*a)

General Awareness Set 5

1. The Cimachal ?radesh -abinet on 11 ;ecember 2<11 approved amendment to the state ind#strial polic". -onsider the following statementsI i) !he amended industria po icy seeks to promote environmenta y sustaina" e deve opment in the state and encourage c eaner production and adoption# ii) ;nder this po icy= disincentive industries wi "e put on negative ist# -hoose the right optionI a) Both i and ii are correct# b) &n y i is correct# c) &n y ii is correct# d) Neither i nor ii is correct# +N(*a) 2. The (#preme -o#rt of India directed Tamil Nad# to ens#re that the water level in the A#llaperi"ar dam does not e6ceed BBb#t declined to entertain FeralaHs plea for red#cing the level toBB. a) .DE feetL .0/ feet b) .0/ feetL .DE feet c) .2/ feetL ..0 feet d) .1/ feetL .2/ feet +N(*a) $. + parliamentar" committee on 1$ ;ecember 2<11 reEected the proposal to allow what percentage foreign direct investment in the ins#rance sector?

a) 1.G b) 2CG c) 2DG d) 0CG +N(*b) .. +ccording to data from research bod" +ll India >rganisation of -hemists and ;r#ggists *+I>-;)! Indian dr#gma2ers posted a certain per cent month5on5month growth in sales of November 2<11 which was the highest in the past 1. months. What was the per cent of sales growth proEected for the month? a) 0DG b) D.G c) 0.G d) 2DG +N(*c) 1. The government waived loan of handloom weavers in India to help revive the sector #nder the scheme of Revival! Reform and Restr#ct#ring ?ac2age for Candloom (ector. What amo#nt of loan was waived? a) ,s 12F#D1 crore b) ,s 20/#EE crore c) ,s 1/E#E2 crore d) ,s D10. crore +N(*d) 4. + committee on m#t#al f#nds! constit#ted b" (0,I in december 2<11 recommended to the reg#latorHs board to brea2 down the bif#rcation within the fee str#ct#re 2nown as e6pense ratio. Which of the following facts are not tr#e with regard to the above statement? 1. Current y mutua funds are a owed to charge up to 0#01G as e'pense ratio# fund houses are a owed to accept on y .#01G as asset management charges 2. 5unds with arge corpuses current y charge .#11G as e'penses charges $. SEB( was suggested to keep overa scheme e'penses unchanged at 0#01G for schemes with assets under management not e'ceeding ,s 2// crore .. E'pense ratio is more than important in de"t schemes where the rate of return is not hig# a) . % 0 b) D % 2 c) . % D d) &n y 0 e) None of the a"ove +N(*d) 7. <hich p ayer "ecame the first p ayer to win the &rders of $erit on "oth sides of the At antic on .. -ecem"er 0/.. when he shot a c osing EE to finish third in the -u"ai <or d ChampionshipI a) *uke -ona d b) A varo Nuiros c) ,ory $c( roy d) Pau *awrie

+N(*a) 8. Which co#ntr" defeated (pain 15< to win for the .th time hoc2e"Hs -hampions Troph" title on 11 ;ecember 2<11? a) Pakistan b) New :ea and c) Austra ia d) Greece +N(*c) 9. Name the woman s3#ash pla"er who on 1< ;ecember 2<11 anne6ed the el#sive womenHs title while in the (enior National (3#ash -hampionship in -hennai. a) Sarah 5it)?Gera d b) -ipika Pa ika c) Anaka A ankamony d) Sushma Pi ai +N(*b) 1<. *1) !he Centre for -eve opment of !e ematics 6C?-o!7 on 1 -ecem"er 0/.. transferred indigenous y?deve oped Giga"it Passive &ptica Network 6GP&N7 techno ogy to seven te ecom e+uipment manufacturers# <hich of the fo owing facts a"out the techno ogy is not trueI *2) !he GP&N techno ogy is a pivota component re+uired for "road"and connectivity over optica fi"re# *$) C?-&! indigenous y designed and deve oped GP&N techno ogy= which can "e used to provide trip e p ay 6voice= video and data7 through fi"re?"ased networks *.) !he GP&N techno ogy was tested= va idated= fie d?eva uated and made operationa in $!N*>sH4SN*Js network in A8mer 6,a8asthan7 *1) !he techno ogy wi he p fu fi re+uirements of ma8or nationa programmes ike the Nationa &ptica 5i"re Network and the State <ide Area Network# a) &n y . b) &n y D c) . % 2 d) &n y 2 +N(*b) 11. ,an2 lending to the priorit" sector grew at what percentagein >ctober 2<11 on an ann#al basis d#e to lower offta2e b" agric#lt#re and A(A0 segments as well as decline in micro credit? a) ./G b) .0G c) .D#3G d) F#DG +N(*a) 12. With the ina#g#ration of the first state5of5the5art +T;-5(A+RT *(2ill for Aan#fact#ring +pparels thro#gh Research and Training) in 0gmore! -hennai! the Ainistr" of Te6tiles la#nched which of the following schemes?

a) Nationa !echno ogy $ission for !echnica !e'ti es b) (ntegrated Ski -eve opment Scheme c) !echno ogy ;pgradation 5und Scheme 6!;5S7 5or !e'ti e d) ,ura !e'ti es !echno ogy -eve opment Ski +N(*b)

1$. Which ban2 signed a memorand#m of #nderstanding with Dife Ins#rance -orporation of India *DI-) to #se the National 0lectronic )#nds Transfer *N0)T) facilit" to facilitate electronic f#nds transfer of polic" pa"ments to polic"holders? a) (-B( b) Corp Bank c) (ndian &verseas Bank d) -han a'mi Bank +N(*d) 1.. World +ids ;a" is observed an#all" on 1 ;ecember 2<11. What was the theme of World +I;( ;a" 2<11? a) Getting to :ero b) Stigma and -iscrimination c) <omen % A(-S d) 5orce 5or ChangeM <or d A(-S Campaign <ith Young Peop e +N(*a) 11. *1) An icon of (ndian cinema and evergreen star -ev Anand died at the age of FF in *ondon on D -ecem"er 0/.. 62 -ecem"er according to (S!7 after suffering a massive cardiac arrest# <hich of the fo owing facts a"out him isHare not trueI *2) -ev Anand started his career with Pra"hat 5i ms> 9um Ek 9ain 6.C2E7 soon after he 8oined (P!A *$) Anand started producing fi ms after the success of :iddi# 9e aunched his own company Navketan in .C2C which= "y 0/..= had produced D. fi ms *.) 9is first co our fi m= Aohny $era Naam with <aheeda ,ehman was "ased on the nove of the same name "y ,# K# Narayan *1) !he Government of (ndia honoured him with the Padma Bhushan in 0//. and the -adasahe" Pha ke Award in 0//0 a) . % 2 b) &n y D c) 0 % 2 d) . % 2 +N(*b)

14. The Golden ?eacoc2 +ward for the ,est )ilm was given to which of the following films at the .2nd International )ilm )estival of India which came to an end at the Fala +cadem" in ?anaEi! Goa on $ ;ecember 2<11? a) ,ussian fi m E ena b) an (srae i fi m ,estoration

c) Co um"ian 5i m Porfirio d) $a aya am fi m Adaminte $akan A"u +N(*c)

General Awareness Set

+,,R0%I+TI>N( )R>A (0,I*(ec#rities 06change ,oard >f India) (0,I*(ec#rities 06change ,oard >f India) +A- 5+sset Aanagement -ompan" +A)I5 +ssociation of A#t#al )#nds in India +(R 5+nn#al (tatistical Report ,>DT 5,(0 >n5Dine Trading ,(0 5The (toc2 06change! A#mbai -+G 5-omptroller and +#ditor General of India -;(D5 -entral ;epositor" (ervices Dimited -I( 5-ollective Investment (chemes -D+ 5-entral Disting +#thorit" -N( 5-ontin#o#s Net (ettlement -R+ 5-redit Rating +genc" -RI(ID5 -redit Rating and Information (ervices of India Dtd ;-+5 ;epartment of -ompan" +ffairs ;)I 5;evelopment )inancial Instit#tion ;I? 5G#idelines ;isclos#re and Investor ?rotection G#idelines ;?s 5;epositor" ?articipants ;(0 5;elhi (toc2 06change ;%? 5;eliver" vers#s ?a"ment 0-( 50lectronic -learing and (ettlement 0;I)+R 50lectronic ;ata Information )iling and Retrieval 0)T5 0lectronic )#nds Transfer 0T)s5 06change Traded )#nds 0D((5 03#it" Din2ed (aving (cheme 0A-5 0merging Aar2ets -ommittee 0R>5 0astern Regional >ffice *(0,I) 0(>(5 0mplo"ee (toc2 >ptions (cheme 0(?(5 0mplo"ee (toc2 ?#rchase (cheme ) M >5 (egment )#t#res M >ptions (egment )-;s5 )#ll" -onvertible ;ebent#res )0A+5 )oreign 06change Aanagement +ct! 2<<< )0R+5 )oreign 06change Reg#lation +ct! 197$ )I)>5 )irst In )irst >#t Aethod )IIs5 )oreign Instit#tional Investors )Is5 )inancial Instit#tions )IR05 )inancial Instit#tions Reform and 06pansion )A-5 )orward Aar2ets -ommission *India) )o)5 )#nd of )#nds

)()5 )inancial (tabilit" )or#m )%-I5 )oreign %ent#re -apital Investor G;?5 Gross ;omestic ?rod#ct GI-5 General Ins#rance -orporation I-+I5 Instit#te of -hartered +cco#ntants of India I-(05 Inter5-onnected (toc2 06change I;)-5 Infrastr#ct#re ;evelopment and )inance -orporation IDM)(5 Infrastr#ct#re Deasing and )inancial (ervices I>(->5 International >rganisation of (ec#rities -ommissions I?>5 Initial ?#blic >ffer IR;s5 Interest Rate ;erivatives I(;N5 Integrated (ervices ;igital Networ2 I(IN5 International (ec#rities Identification N#mber D(05 D#dhiana (toc2 06change D+N5 Docal +rea Networ2 A)5 A#t#al )#nd A(05 Aadras (toc2 06change Ao:5 Aemorand#m of :nderstanding N+%5 Net +sset %al#e N,)-s5 Non5,an2ing )inancial -ompanies N-+0R 5National -o#ncil of +pplied 0conomic Research N-;s5 Non5-onvertible ;ebent#res N-;(5 Non -onvertible ;ebt (ec#rities N-)A N(05 -ertification on )inancial Aanagement N-DT5 National -ompan" Daw Trib#nal N?+5 Non5?erforming +ssets NRI5 Non5Resident Indian NR>5 Northern Regional >ffice *(0,I) N(--D5 National (ec#rities -learing -orporation Dimited N(;D5 National (ec#rities ;epositor" Dimited N(0ID5 National (toc2 06change of India Dimited >-,s5 >verseas -orporate ,odies >0-;5 >rgani'ation for 0conomic -o5operation and ;evelopment >)-s5 >ffshore )inancial -entres >I-5 >verseas Investor -ell >T-0I 5>ver5The5-o#nter506change of India ?-;5 ?artiall" -onvertible ;ebent#re ?A+-5 ?rimar" Aar2et +dvisor" -ommittee ?(:5 ?#blic (ector :nderta2ing JI,s5 J#alified Instit#tional ,#"ers


Q1) Development expenditure of the Central government does not include (a) (b) (c) (d) defence expenditure expenditure on economic services expenditure on social and community services grant to states

Q2) Gilt-edged mar et means A. B. C. D. bullion mar et mar et of government securities mar et of guns mar et of pure metals

Q!) Devaluation of a currency means A. B. reduction in the value of a currency vis-a-vis ma"or internationally traded currencies permitting the currency to see its #orth in the international mar et fixing the value of the currency in con"unction #ith the movement in the value of a bas et of pre-determined currencies fixing the value of currency in multilateral consultation #ith the $%&' the (orld )an and ma"or trading partners



Q*) $n the second nationali+ation of commercial ban s' ,,, ban s #ere nationali+edA.*

B.. C. / D. 0

ANS (C) Q.)Depreciation means A. B. C. D. closure of a plant due to loc out closure of a plant due to labour trouble loss of e1uipment over time due to #ear and tear destruction of a plant in a fire accident

ANS (C Q/) Deficit financing leads to inflation in general' but it can be chec ed if A. government expenditure leads to increase in the aggregate supply in ratio of aggregate demand only aggregate demand is increased all the expenditure is denoted national debt payment only 2ll of the above

B. C. D.

ANS (D) Q3)$ndia changed over to the decimal system of coinage in A. B. C. D. 2pril 144. 2pril 14.3 2pril 14.0 2pril 14.4

ANS (B) Q0)Gross domestic capital formation is defined as A. B. C. D. flo# of expenditure devoted to increased or maintaining of the capital stoc expenditure incurred on physical assets only production exceeding demand net addition to stoc after depreciation


Q4 ) 5n 6uly 12' 1402' the 27DC #as merged into A. B. C. D. ANS (B) Q1;)(hich of the follo#ing is the most appropriate cause of exports surplus< A. B. C. D. Country=s exports promotion value Country=s stringent import policy Developments in national and international mar ets 8one of the above 7)$ 82)27D 9:$% )an 8one of the above


1. Name the Nobel 3eace 3ri=e 6inner 6ho 6as named the 6inner o5 one o5 the 6orld's leadin, reli,ion pri=es 4empleton 3ri=e 5or 2#12 by the John 4empleton %oundation on 2: $arch 2#12. 0A2 4he Dalai 1ama 0>2 4a6a//ol @arman 0!2 'llen Johnson *irlea5 0D2 >aba Ram De8 2. ?* *enate on "# $arch 2#12 con5irmed career diplomat as ambassador to India. Identi5y the person in Auestion. 0A2 +illiam !lar/ Jr. 0>2 Albert 3eter >urlei,h 0!2 Robert >lac/6ill 0D2 Nancy 3o6ell ". Amadou 4oumani 4oure 6ho 6as ousted 5rom his position 5ollo6in, a military coup 6as the president o5 . 0A2 4unisia 0>2 A=erbaiBan 0!2 $ali 0D2 $aldi8es &. +hich o5 the 5ollo6in, nationali=ed ban/ on 1 April 2#12 appointed D *ar/ar as chairman and $ana,in, Director 0A2 Indian >an/ 0>2 Allahabad >an/ 0!2 ?nion >an/ o5 India 0D2 !anara >an/

5. Col/s6a,en launched the ne6 I31 edition o5 Cento and 3olo. Col/s6a,en is a carma/er headAuartered in . 0A2 *outh @orea 0>2 Italy 0!2 Japan 0D2 Dermany 6. N@3 *al8e 6ho passed a6ay on 1 April 2#12 6as the president o5 >!!I 6hen the Indian cric/et team 6on the cric/et 6orld cup in . 0A2 1:)0>2 1::6 0!2 2#11 0D2 1:)" -. Deeta 3o,hat 6ho on 1 April 2#12 Auali5ied 5or 1ondon <lympics 2#12 belon,s to 6hich o5 the 5ollo6in, sportsE 0A2 +restlin, 0>2 >o(in, 0!2 Dymnastic 0D2 +ei,ht71i5tin, ). ?nion 3o6er $inistry did not appro8e o5 the ,as price poolin, mechanism 6ithin the po6er sector as proposed by the $inistry o5 3etroleum and Natural Das.+ith re5erence to the statement 6hich o5 the 5ollo6in, 5acts are not trueE 1. 4he 3o6er $inistry deemed the poolin, price mechanism 6ith - mmscmd o5 additional R1ND to be non76or/able 2. As per the 3o6er $inistry the pool proposed to be 5ormed could only en8isa,e 2#725 per cent o5 R1ND 6ith -57)# per cent o5 domestic ,as ". 3etroleum $inistry speci5ically stated that no ne6 po6er plants 6ill be considered 5or ,as allocation till 2#1:72# &. ?ntil 2#1"71& only around - mmscmd o5 R1ND is e(pected to be imported due to in5rastructure constraints 0A2 <nly 1 0>2 2 F " 0!2 <nly " 0D2 <nly 2 :. 4he empo6ered ,roup o5 ministers 0'Do$2 on 2) $arch 2#12 5i(ed the issue price 5or the National >uildin,s !onstruction !orporation's public o55er at 6hat amount per shareE

0A2 Rs 1## per share 0>2 Rs 1#6 per share 0!2 Rs 11# per share 0D2 Rs 115 per share 1#. %ollo6in, R>I's decision to hi/e ban/ rate the %ood $inistry increased the interest rate on loans pro8ided to su,ar 5actories 5rom the *u,ar De8elopment %und 0*D%2 to 6hat per cent 5rom the earlier &G 5rom 1& %ebruary 2#12E 0A2 -G 0>2 -.5G 0!2 )G 0D2 ).)G 11. %inance ministry concerned o8er the steep rise in bad loans set up a committee to su,,est sector7speci5ic mechanisms to address risin, issue. +ith respect to the statement 6hich o5 the 5ollo6in, statement is not trueE 1. 4he ministry decided to set up the committee a5ter ratin, a,ency $oodyHs do6n,raded the ?nion >an/ o5 India one notch on 1: $arch 2#12 due to its hi,h le8el o5 troubled assets and lo6 pro8isions 5or co8era,e 2. 4he committee 6ill ha8e representation 5rom the 5inance ministry the Reser8e >an/ o5 India and some ban/s. ". %inance $inister in >ud,et 2#1271" allo6ed I17billion e(ternal commercial borro6in, 0'!>2 5or the airline industry 5or one year and allo6ed 5orei,n debt to part7 5inance rupee debt ta/en by po6er companies and also 5or a55ordable housin,. &. Rise in bad loans a55ected 5arm sector lendin, as 6ell. In No8ember 2#1# the share o5 5arm loans 6as 1".1#G and dropped to :.1)G in No8ember 2#11 0A2 1 F " 0>2 <nly " 0!2 <nly & 0D2 <nly 1 12. ?nion Rail6ay $inister $u/ul Roy rolled bac/ the rail6ay 5are hi/e as proposed by Dinesh 4ri8edi in the 5irst ?nion Rail >ud,et 2#1271" presented on 1& $arch 2#12. +hich o5 the 5ollo6in, statement is not true 6ith respect to the roll bac/E 1. Roy 6ithdre6 the hi/e 5or second class suburban and non7suburban and sleeper class tra8el 5are by 2 paise " paise and 5 paise per /m 2. All rail6ay re5orm measures su,,ested by 4ri8edi such as settin, up o5 an independent tari55 re,ulator restructurin, o5 Rail6ay >oard on pro5essional lines and creation o5 posts o5 $ember 333 and $ember *a5ety 6as also i,nored ". Roy's bud,et pa8ed the 6ay 5or the cash7strapped rail6ays to earn a mere Rs &5# crore 5rom increased passen,er 5ares instead o5 Rs 1### crore that 4ri8edi bud,eted

&. %ollo6in, the rollbac/ proposed by Roy the rail6ays can no6 ,enerate only Rs 1### crore more. 0A2 2 F & 0>2 <nly " 0!2 1 F & 0D2 <nly & 1". ?nion ,o8ernment raised interest rates on post o55ice7operated small sa8in,s li/e $onthly Income *cheme 0$I*2 and 3ublic 3ro8ident %und 033%2 by 6hat per cent in $arch 2#12E 0A2 <.5G 0>2 1.1G 0!2 <.-5G 0D2 1.-5G 1&. $arathi poet and *ahitya A/ademi a6ard6inner $ani/ Dod,hate passed a6ay in 3une on 26 $arch 2#12 a5ter battlin, li8er cancer 5or a year. %or 6hich o5 his 6or/ did he recei8e the *ahitya A/ademi A6ard in 2#12E 0A2 +aryane .alte Raan 0>2 *andhya/alchya @a8ita 0!2 !handramadha8ichya 3radeshat 0D2 *andhyapar8atil Caishna8i 15. Name the 4amil author 6ho 6as announced the 6inner o5 the *aras6ati *amman 2#11 by @ @ >irla %oundation announced on 22 $arch 2#12 5or his boo/ Irama @athaiyum Iramaya/alum. 0A2 Dhanush/odi Ramasamy 0>2 Jeyamohan 0!2 *undara Ramasami 0D2 A A $ana8alan 16. +hich le,endary 8ersatile >en,ali actor 6as on 21 $arch 2#12 selected 5or India's hi,hest 5ilm honour 7 the Dadasaheb 3hal/e A6ard 5or 2#12E 0A2 3rasanBeet !hatterBee 0>2 *oumitra !hatterBee 0!2 RanBit $allic/ 0D2 *u8endu !ha/roborty 1-. Report o5 the probe by the income7ta( department into the alle,ations that relati8es o5 5ormer chie5 Bustice had amassed hu,e 6ealth durin, his tenure 6as submitted on 12 $arch 2#12 to the *upreme !ourt. Identi5y the !JI in Auestion.

0A2 @D >ala/rishnan 0>2 R.!. 1ahoti 0!2 D.> 3attanai/ 0D2 >.N. @ripal 1). ?nion Rural De8elopment $inister Jairam Ramesh durin, his tour o5 $aharashtra's *atara district announced on 11 $arch 2#12 a national a6ard 5or sanitation and 6ater in the name o5 6hich o5 the 5ollo6in, $aharashtrian saintsE 0A2 >ha/tha 3undari/ar 0>2 *ant Dad,e >aba 0!2 *ant Yo,a 3aramanandar 0D2 >ha/tha Doma >ai 1:. 4he !hie5 'lection !ommissioner o5 India on 1- march 2#12 lead a dele,ation to Amman in response to an in8itation by the 3rime $inister o5 Jordan to e(plore modalities o5 supportin, JordanHs electoral process a,ainst the bac/drop o5 political re5orms. +ho is the !hie5 'lection !ommissioner o5 IndiaE 0A2 $onte/ *in,h Ahlu6alia 0>2 * $ @rishna 0!2 Dr. *. Y. ;uraishi 0D2 Dr. $anmohan *in,h 2#. De5ence $inister A@ Antony inau,urated the "6th DRD< DirectorsH !on5erence on 1: $arch 2#12. +hat 6as the theme o5 the con5erenceE 0A2 *el57Reliance *trate,y in Dlobalised +orld 0>2 +orld Disarmament *trate,y 0!2 'mer,in, +ar *cenarios and *trate,ies 0D2 In5ormation +ar5are J 'lectronic +ar5are ANSWERS 1.A 2.D 3.C 4.C 5.D 6.D 7.C 8.C 9.B 10.B 11.C 12.B 13.A 14.A 15.D 16.B 17.A 18.B 19.C 20.A


;1.*ince the inception o5 the co7operati8e mo8ement rural credits has been A. institutionali=ed >. rationali=ed

!. cheapened D. All o5 the abo8e ANS(D ;2.I5 an economy is eAuilibrium at the point 6here plans to sa8e and to in8est are eAual then ,o8ernment e(penditure must be A. =ero >. eAual to ,o8ernment income !. lar,er than ,o8ernment income D. ne,ati8e ANS(! ;".4he co7operati8e credit societies ha8e a A. t6o7tier structure >. three7tier structure !. 5our7tier structure D. 5i8e7tier structure ANS(! ;&Re,ional rural ban/s 1.ha8e limited area o5 operation 2ha8e 5ree access to liberal re5inance 5acilities 5rom NA>ARD "are reAuired to lend only to 6ea/er sections A. I III >. II III !. I II III D. I II


;54he >oard o5 Industrial and %inancial Reconstruction 0>I%R2 came into e(istence in A. 1:)& >. 1:)6 !. 1:)- D. 1:): ANS(" ;624he current price inde( 0base 1:6#2 is nearly ""#. 4his means that A. all items cost "7" times more than 6hat they did in 1:6# >. the prices o5 certain selected items ha8e ,one up to "7" times !. 6ei,hted means o5 prices o5 certain item has increased "7" times D. ,old price has ,one up "7" times ANS(" ;-2Notes on 6hich denomination has the portrait o5 $ahatma Dandhi printed on themE A. 1### rupee >. 5## rupee !. 1## rupee D. All o5 the abo8e ANS(D ;)2De8aluation o5 currency 6ill be more bene5icial i5 A. prices o5 domestic ,oods remain constant >. prices o5 e(ports remain constant !. prices o5 imports remains constant

D. prices o5 e(ports rise proportionately ANS(! ;:2<5 the ,ross ta( re8enue o5 the ?nion Do8ernment the indirect ta(es account 5or nearly A. -# per cent >. -5 percent !. 65 percent D. 6# percent ANS("

;1#24he ban/s are reAuired to maintain a certain ratio bet6een their cash in the hand and totals assets. 4his is called A. *tatutory >an/ Ratio 0*>R2 >. *tatutory 1iAuid Ratio 0*1R2 !. !entral >an/ Reser8e 0!>R2 D. !entral 1iAuid Reser8e 0!1R2 ANS(! ;112Reser8e >an/ o5 India 6as nationali=ed in the year A. 1:"5 >. 1:&5 !. 1:&: D. 1:6: ANS(" ;122In India rural incomes are ,enerally lo6er than the urban incomes 6hich o5 the 5ollo6in, reasons account 5or thisE 1.A lar,e number o5 5armers are illiterate and /no6 little about scienti5ic a,riculture

2.3rices o5 primary products are lo6er than those o5 manu5actured products ".In8estment in a,riculture has been lo6 6hen compared to in8estment in industry A. I II III >. I II !. I III D. II III ANS(A ;1"2National A,ricultural Insurance *cheme replacin, !omprehensi8e !rop Insurance *cheme 6as introduced in the year A. 1::- >. 1::) !. 1::: D. 2### ANS(" ;1&2I5 the 5iscal de5icit o5 the ?nion Do8ernment is Rs. -5 ### crores relendin, to *tate is Rs. 25 ### crores interest payments are Rs. 25 ### crores 6hat is the amount o5 the primary de5icitE A. Rs. 5# ### crores >. Rs. 25 ### crores !. Rs. 1 ## ### crores D. Rs. 1 25 ### crores ANS(A ;152%iscal de5icit in the ?nion >ud,et means A. the di55erence bet6een current e(penditure and current re8enue >. net increase in ?nion Do8ernments borro6in,s 5rom the Reser8e >an/ o5 India !. the sum o5 bud,etary de5icit and net increase in internal and e(ternal borro6in,s D. the sum o5 moneti=ed de5icit and bud,etary de5icit


;162.o6 many ban/s 6ere nationali=ed in 1:6:E A. 16 >. 1& !. 15 D. 2# ANS(! ;1-24he accountin, year o5 the Reser8e >an/ o5 India is A. April7$arch >. July7June !. <ctober7*eptember D. January7December ANS(A ;1)2In India the 5irst ban/ o5 limited liability mana,es by Indians and 5ounded in 1))1 6as A. .industan !ommercial >an/ >. <udh !ommercial >an/ !. 3unBab National >an/ D. 3unBab and *ind >an/ ANS(! ;1:2In India in5lation measured by the A. +holesale 3rice Inde( number >. !onsumers 3rice Inde( 5or urban non7manual 6or/ers !. !onsumers 3rice Inde( 5or a,ricultural 6or/ers D. National Income De5lation ANS(A

;2#24he annual yield 5rom 6hich o5 the 5ollo6in, ?nion Do8ernment ta(es is the hi,hestE

A. !ustom duties >. !orporation ta( and income ta( !. Inheritance ta( 6ealth ta( interest ta( and ,i5t ta( D. '(cise duties ANS(D


1. Who among-st the following is not a member of SAARC? (A) India (B) Pakistan (C) e!al (") Sri #anka ($) Bra%il &. Who is "r. '. S. Ahl(walia? (A) $)e*(ti+e "ire*tor RBI (B) RBI ",. -o+ernor (C) "e!(t, Chairman Planning Commission (") India.s !ermanent re!resentati+e in / ($)

one of these

0. Who among the following is a famo(s !oliti*ian? (A) Prabh( Chawla (B) Rah(l -andhi (C) Chetan Bhagat (") Barkha "(tt ($) "ee!ika Pad(kone 1. All banks in India get ma2or !oli*, de*isions3 dire*ti+es3g(idelines related to their da, .to da, o!erations from (A) 'inistr, of 4ome Affairs5 -o+ernment of India (B) Se*(rities and $)*hange Board of India (S$BI) (C) Reser+e Bank of India (RBI)

(") All India Bank $m!lo,ees /nion ($) 6oreign $)*hange "ealers Asso*iation of India 7. Who among the following is a famo(s !ersonalit, asso*iated with the world of Banking? (A) "r Amart,a Sen (B) Sri Ra2i+ Sh(kla (C) Sri 8a+ed Akhtar (") Sri 9amal. ath ($) "r S(bir -okarn :. obel Pri%es are gi+en in whi*h of the following fields?

(A) S!orts (B) So*ial Ser+i*e (C) Anthro!olog, (") Ph,si*s ($) All of the abo+e ;. Whi*h of the following is not a State or /nion <erritor, of India? (A) Chandigarh (B) P(n2ab (C) 'ani!(r (") Alwar ($) 8harkhand =. Who makes the formal anno(n*ement of -eneral $le*tions in a state in India? (A) 'inistr, of Parliamentar, Affairs (B) 'inistr, of #aw (C) 'inistr, of 4ome Affairs (") Cens(s Commission. of India ($) $le*tion Commission of India >. Whi*h of the following is a ma2or wheat !rod(*ing state in India? (A) 9erala (B) P(n2ab (C) 8amm( and 9ashmir (") Pas*him Banga ($) Ar(na*hal Pradesh ?@. Who among the following is a famo(s badminton !la,er? (A) 8ee+ 'ilkha Singh (B) Saina ehwal

(C) An2ali Bhagwat (") Sania 'ir%a ($) A(s(f Pathan ??. 6amo(s .Ro*k -arden. is lo*ated in whi*h one of the following *ities in India? (A) Ambala (B) 8ai!(r (C) Bengal(r( (") Chandigarh ($) Shimla ?&. Who among the following is the President of e!al at !resent? (A) Ram Baran Aada+ (B) 8hala ath 9hanal (C) Bab(ram Bhattarai (") S(r,a Bahad(r <ha!a ($) one of the abo+e ?0. Who among the following !resents the -eneral B(dget in the Parliament? (A) Prime 'inister of India (B) Bi*e President of India (C) -o+ernor5 Reser+e Bank of India (") 6inan*e 'inister of India ($) 6inan*e Se*retar, ?1. A n(*lear !ower !lant is sit(ated in whi*h of the following !la*es? (A) #(*know (B) 8odh!(r (C) 9ota (") Shimla ($) Srinagar ?7. Whi*h s*heme la(n*hed b, the -o+ernment of India allows lakhs of !oor !eo!le to o!en a bank a**o(nt? (A) Swabhiman (B) Swa+lamban (C) Saral (") Saha2 ($) Bharat irman ?:. <he /nion Cabinet on ?& A!ril &@?& a!!ro+ed the e)tension of f(nding s(!!ort for im!lementing whi*h of the following s*hemes (nder the

ew Pension S,stem ( PS) from three ,ears to fi+e ,ears for all s(bs*ribers? (A) <rade related $ntre!rene(rshi! Assistan*e and "e+elo!ment (<R$A") S*heme (B) -old Credit Pass Book S*heme (C) Swa,amsidha (IW$P) (") Swa+alamban S*heme ?;. Cabinet Committee on $*onomi* Affairs (CC$A) on ?& A!ril &@?& also a!!ro+ed an ad- +alorem regime for *al*(lating ro,alt, for whi*h of the following? (A) Coal C Iron ore (B) Coal C #ignite (C) #ignite C Co!!er (") #ignite C Din* ?=. Reser+e Bank of India (RBI) on 0 A!ril &@?& released .E(arterl, Statisti*s on "e!osits and Credit of S*hed(led Commer*ial Banks5 Se!tember &@??. Whi*h of the following fa*ts are not tr(e with res!e*t to the mentioned statement? ?. <he data in*l(ded in the release were based on Basi* Statisti*al Ret(rn (BSR)?@ re*ei+ed from all s*hed(led *ommer*ial banks (e)*l(ding RRBs) &. <he n(mber of banked *entres of S*hed(led Commer*ial banks stood at 075107. &;5>?0 of these *entres were single offi*e *entres and := *entres had ?@@ or more bank offi*es 0. State Bank of India and its Asso*iates a**o(nted for &?.= !er *ent of the aggregate de!osits 1. the *redit-de!osit (C-") ratio of All S*hed(led Commer*ial Banks (SCBs) at all India le+el as on 0@ Se!tember &@?? stood at ;1.1 !er *ent (A) Fnl, ? (B) & C 0 (C) Fnl, 1 (") 0 C 1 ?>. Reser+e Bank of India on 0 A!ril &@?& tightened the re!orting reG(irements of the banks to monitor gold im!ort. Consider the statements gi+en below and whi*h of the following is tr(e? ?. As !er the dire*tions iss(ed5 banks will ha+e to s(bmit a monthl, statement informing the *entral bank abo(t the G(antit, of gold im!orted as well as the mode of !a,ment ado!ted &. <he dire*ti+e was iss(ed amidst *on*erns of h(ge o(tflow of foreign e)*hange on im!ort of gold whi*h is belie+ed to be !(tting !ress(re on the India.s *(rrent a**o(nt defi*it (CA").

(A) Fnl, ? (B) Fnl, & (C) Both ? C & (") one of the abo+e &@. Whi*h bod, on 0? 'ar*h &@?& iss(ed broad g(idelines on Algorithmi* <rading. Based on re*ommendations of te*hni*al ad+isor, *ommittee (<AC) and se*ondar, market ad+isor, *ommittee (S'AC)? (A) IR"A (B) RBI (C) ASSFC4A' (") S$BI A SW$RS ?. $ &. C 0. B :. " ;." =.$ ??." ?&.A ?0.$ ?:." ?;.B ?=. A 1. C 7.$ >.B ?@.B ?1.C ?7.A ?>. C &@."


1% W&i'& o( t&e (ollowin) ter*s is use+ in t&e (iel+ o( (inan'e an+ ,an-in). (A (! (" (D (E Meta,olis* Geneti' /ro'ess "entri(u)al (or'e De,t instru*ent E0/eri*ental Error

2% T&e National So'ial Se'urit1 2un+ (NSS2 laun'&e+ wit& a 'or/us o( 3 1$$$ 'rore will &el/

w&i'& o( t&e (ollowin) )rou/s o( so'iet1. (A (! (" (D (E !an- E*/lo1ees "entral 4 State Go5ern*ent E*/lo1ees Wor-ers o( t&e unor)ani6e+ se'tors War wi+ows Wo*en e*/lo1ees en)a)e+ in te0tile in+ustr1

7% W&i'& o( t&e (ollowin) tools is use+ (re8uentl1 ,1 t&e R!I to 'ontrol 're+it an+ *onetar1 situations o( t&e *ar-ets in t&e 'ountr1. (A (! (" (D (E "as& Reser5e Ratio ("RR Real Ti*e Gross Settle*ent (RTGS !alan'e o( Tra+e 2orwar+ Rate A)ree*ents Ele'troni' "learin) Ser5i'e

9% W&at is t&e (ull (or* o( t&e ter* :PDS: w&i'& is a '&annel o( +istri,ution o( (oo+)rains an+ ot&er essentials to /oor /eo/le on su,si+i6e+ rates. (A Pu,li' Distri,ution S1ste* (! Potential De5elo/*ent S1ste* (" Pro(ita,le Distri,ution Sour'e (D Pu,li' De5elo/*ent S1n+i'ation (E Pu,li' Distri,ution Stores ;% W&i'& o( t&e (ollowin) is one o( t&e 'ore (un'tions o( t&e Reser5e !an- o( In+ia.

(A To a't as Ta0 'olle'tor o( t&e Go5t% o( In+ia (! Wor- as !an-er to t&e !an-s (" <el/ in (inali6ation o( t&e #nion !u+)et (D Parti'i/ate in annual *eetin)s o( t&e 5arious (inan'ial institutes worl+ wi+e (E None o( t&ese =% Sri !% "% >&an+uri &as ,e'o*e t&e "&ie( Minister o( w&i'& o( t&e (ollowin) States (or t&e se'on+ ter*. (A (! (" (D (E Orissa <i*a'&al Pra+es& ?&ar-&an+ #ttara-&an+ "&&attis)ar&

@% Wo*en o( w&i'& o( t&e (ollowin) 'ountries )ot 5otin) ri)&ts in General Ele'tions (or t&e (irst ti*e. (A (! (" (D (E "&ina !an)la+es& Pa-istan Ne/al Sau+i Ara,ia

A% Nort&ern Ras&i+/ur 2iel+B w&ere a &u)e sto'- o( )as is (oun+B is a /la'e inC (A Pa-istan

(! Ne/al (" !an)la+es& (D Sri Lan-a (E In+ia D% W&o a*on) t&e (ollowin) is t&e (irst re'i/ient o( t&e <ri+a1nat& Man)es&-ar Awar+ /resente+ in Se/te*,er 2$11. (A (! (" (D (E As&a !&osle Lata Man)es&-ar Sonu Ni)a* >ailas& >&er Anu Mali-

1$% Ms% <elle T&ornin) S'&*i+t &as ,e'o*e t&e (irst wo*an Pri*e Minister o(C (A (! (" (D (E New Eealan+ Mala1sia Den*ar!ra6il None o( t&ese

11% W&i'& o( t&e (ollowin) /&eno*enon is 'onsi+ere+ res/onsi,le (or :Glo,al War*in):. (A (! (" (D Green&ouse E((e't 2ire in 'oal *ines Dr1 2ar*in) Monsoon

(E Tra+e win+s

12. +ho is J. .ari NarayanE 0A2 !hairman IRDA 0>2 !hairman *'>I 0!2 !hairman !oal India 0D2 $ember 3lannin, !ommission 0'2 None o5 these 1". 'minent Author !handrashe/har @ambar has been chosen 5or Jnanpith A6ard 5or the year 2#1#. In 6hich one o5 the 5ollo6in, lan,ua,es does he 6riteE 0A2 ?rdu 0>2 4amil 0!2 @annada 0D2 .indi 0'2 3unBabi 1&. +hich one o5 the 5ollo6in, honorary ran/s has been con5erred on $* Dhoni by the 3resident $rs. 3ratibha 3atilE 0A2 $aBor 0>2 !olonel 0!2 1t. !olonel 0D2 1t. Deneral 0'2 None o5 these 15. *alman @hurshid is $inister inchar,e o5 6hich o5 the 5ollo6in, $inistries in ?nion !abinetE 0A2 !oal 0>2 'n8ironment 0!2 !orporate A55airs 0D2 1a6 0'2 None o5 these 16. '(pand the term '$A4'7

0A2 $inimum Add7on 4a( 0>2 $a(imum Add7on 4a( 0!2 $inimum Alternate 4a( 0D2 $a(imum Alternate 4a( 0'2 None o5 these 1-. Da,an Naran, is associated 6ith 6hich one o5 the 5ollo6in, sportsE 0A2 *hootin, 0>2 >o(in, 0!2 *6immin, 0D2 Dol5 0'2 >adminton 1). *tandard and 3oor's had reduced the !redit ratin, o5 6hich one o5 the 5ollo6in, countries a 5e6 months bac/E 0A2 Ireland 0>2 3ortu,al 0!2 Dreece 0D2 Italy 0'2 ?*A 1:. +hich is a popular name in the 5ield o5 >an/in,E 0A2 Dr. @. !. !ha/raborty 0>2 *hri *achin 3ilot 0!2 $s. ?ma >harati 0D2 *hri @amal Nath 0'2 None o5 these 2#. +ith 6hich one o5 the 5ollo6in, 5ields is *omde8 <e88arman associatedE 0A2 1iterature 0>2 !inema 0!2 $edical 0D2 3olitics 0'2 *ports ANSWERS 1%(D 2%(" =%(D @%(E 11%(A 12%(A 1=%(E 1@%(A 7%(A A%(" 17%(" 1A%(E 9%(A ;%(! D%(! 1$%(" 19%(" 1;%(D 1D%(A 2$%(E


Q1 *ubsidies mean A. payment by ,o8ernment 5or purchase o5 ,oods and ser8ices >. payment made by business enterprises to 5actors o5 production !. payment made by companies to shareholders D. payment made by the ,o8ernment to business enterprises 6ithout buyin, any ,oods and ser8ices. AnswerF D Q2 4he a8era,e rate o5 domestic sa8in,s 0,ross2 5or the Indian economy is currently estimated to be in the ran,e o5 A. 15 to 2# percent >. 2# to 25 percent !. 25 to "# percent D. "# to "5 percent AnswerF! Q7 National e(penditure includes A. consumption e(penditure >. in8estment e(penditure !. ,o8ernment e(penditure D. All o5 the abo8e AnswerF D Q9 Resur,ent India >onds 6ere issued in ?* dollar 3ound *terlin, and A. Japanese Yen >. Deutsche $ar/ !. 'uro D. %rench %ranc AnswerF ! Q; 4he ape( body 5or 5ormulatin, plans and coordinatin, research 6or/ in a,riculture and allied 5ields is A. *tate 4radin, !orporation >. Re,ional Rural >an/s !. National >an/ 5or A,riculture and Rural De8elopment 0NA>ARD2 D. Indian !ouncil o5 A,ricultural Research AnswerF D

Q= +hich o5 the 5ollo6in, is not an underta/in, under the administrati8e control o5 $inistry o5 Rail6aysE A. !ontainer !orporation o5 India 1imited >. @on/an Rail6ay !orporation 1imited !. Indian Rail6ays !onstruction !ompany 1imited D. Diesel 1ocomoti8e +or/s Caranasi AnswerF " Q@ I5 the R>I adopts an e(pansionist open mar/et operations policy this means that it 6ill A. buy securities 5rom non7,o8ernment holders >. sell securities in the open mar/et !. o55er commercial ban/s more credit in the open mar/et D. openly announce to the mar/et that it intends to e(pand credit AnswerF " QA Redistribution polices ,eared to reduce economic ineAualities include A. pro,ressi8e ta( policies >. land re5orms !. rural de8elopment policies D. All the abo8e AnswerF D QD *hort7term 5inance is usually 5or a period ran,in, up to A. 5 months >. 1# months !. 12 months D. 15 months AnswerF " Q1$ In India 6hich one amon, the 5ollo6in, 5ormulates the 5iscal policyE A. 3lannin, !ommission >. $inistry o5 %inance !. %inance !ommission D. 4he Reser8e >an/ o5 India AnswerF ! Q11 4he bud,et de5icit means A. the e(cess o5 total e(penditure includin, loans net o5 lendin, o8er re8enue receipts

>. di55erence bet6een re8enue receipts and re8enue e(penditure !. di55erence bet6een all receipts and all the e(penditure D. 5iscal de5icit less interest payments AnswerF " Q12 In utensils 6orth Rs 1### are produced 6ith copper 6orth Rs 5## 6a,es paid are Rs 1## other material purchased is 6orth Rs 1## and depreciation o5 machinery is =ero then 6hat is the 8alue added in processE A. Rs 1### >. Rs 5## !. Rs &## D. Rs "## AnswerF D Q17 3aper currency 5irst started in India in A. 1)62 >. !. 16#1 D. AnswerF ! 15&2 1))#

Q19 4he ARD! is no6 a branch o5 the A. R>I >. !. ID>I D. AnswerF ! NA>ARD *D>I

Q1; De8aluation o5 currency leads to A. 5all in domestic prices >. increase in domestic prices !. no impact on domestic prices D. erratic 5luctuations in domestic prices AnswerF ! Q1= *ince 1:)" the R>I's responsibility 6ith respect to re,ional rural ban/s 6as trans5erred to A. ARD! >. *>I !. NA>ARD D. 3A!s AnswerF " Q1@ De5icit 5inancin, implies A. >. !. printin, ne6 currency notes replacin, ne6 currency 6ith 6orn out currency public e(penditure in e(cess o5 public re8enue

D. public re8enue in e(cess o5 public e(penditure AnswerF " Q1A In 6hich o5 the 5ollo6in, seAuences the chan,e in Auantity o5 money leads to chan,e in price le8el in the @eynesian modelsE A. !han,e in Auantity o5 money 7 chan,e in in8estment 7 chan,e in employment and output 7 chan,e in rate o5 interest 7 chan,e in price le8el >. !han,e in Auantity o5 money 7 chan,e in employment and output 7 chan,e in in8estment 7 chan,e in the rate o5 interest 7 chan,e in price le8el !. !han,e in Auantity o5 money 7 chan,e in in8estment 7 chan,e in rate o5 interest 7 chan,e in employment and output 7 chan,e in price le8el D. !han,e in Auantity o5 money 7 chan,e in rate o5 interest 7 chan,e in in8estment 7 chan,e in employment and output 7 chan,e in price le8el AnswerF D Q1D %orei,n Direct In8estment ceilin,s in the telecom sector ha8e been raised 5rom &: percent to A. >. !.

-& percent 51 percent :# percent

.// percent

AnswerF A Q2$ +hich o5 the 5ollo6in, is not a part o5 machinery that settles industrial disputesE A. +a,e !ourt >. +or/s !ommittee !. !onciliation o55icers D. >oard o5 !onciliation AnswerF A


;123ulit=er price is a6arded 5or outstandin, 6or/ in the 5ield o5 A. *cience and 4echnolo,y >. 'n8ironmental *tudies !. 1iterature and Journalism D. International ?nderstandin, Ans6erK ! ;22 *aras6athi *amman is ,i8en annually 5or outstandin, contribution to A. classical music

>. education !. literature D. 5ine arts Ans6erK <ption ! ;"2 >. !. Roy A6ard is ,i8en in the 5ield o5 A. $usic >. !. $edicine D. Ans6erK <ption ! Journalism 'n8ironment

;&2In 6hich year 6as 3ulit=er 3ri=e establishedE A. 1:1>. !. 1:22 D. Ans6erK <ption A 1:1) 1:2)

;52 +hich is the hi,hest ,allantry a6ard in IndiaE A. 3aram Cishishtat *e8a $edal >. 3aram Cir !ha/ra !. @irti !ha/ra D. Cir !ha/ra Ans6erK <ption > ;62 4he Nobel 3ri=e 6as 5irst a6arded in A. 1:-6 >. !. 1:#1 D. Ans6erK <ption ! 1:5) 1:-2

;-2 ArBuna A6ard is ,i8en 5or A. '(ceptional ser8ice in emer,ency >. >ra8ery on battle5ield !. <utstandin, per5ormance in sports D. '(ceptional ser8ice in slum d6ellers Ans6erK <ption ! ;)24ansen *amman has been instituted by the Do8ernment o5E A. DuBarat >. $aharashtra !. ?ttar 3radesh D. $adhya 3radesh Ans6erK <ption D

;:2@alin,a A6ard 6as instituted by A. ?N'*!< 5or e(ceptional contribution o5 e55orts to popularise science >.Indian $ilitary. !.Jnanpith a cultural literacy society 5or encoura,in, creati8e 6ritin, in modern lan,ua,es D.Indian Adult 'ducation Association 5or outstandin, contribution o5 adult literacy in India Ans6erK <ption A ;1#2 +ho is the 5irst Asian +inner o5 Nobel 3ri=eE A. !. C. Raman >. RaBi8 Dandhi !. Rabindranath 4a,ore D. $other 4eresa Ans6erK <ption ! ;112 4he 5irst recipient o5 RaBi8 Dandhi's '@hel Ratna' a6ard is A. Cish6anathan Anand >. 1eander 3eas !. @apil De8 D. 1imba Ram Ans6erK <ption A ;1224he ArBuna A6ards 6ere instituted in the year A. 1:65 >. 1:61 !. 1:6" D. 1:5Ans6erK <ption > ;1"2'Asho/a !ha/ra' is a6arded 5or A. acts o5 ,allantry in the presence o5 enemy >. ,allantry by children !. outstandin, contribution to literature D. the most conspicuous bra8ery or sel5 sacri5ice on land air or sea but the presence o5 the enemy Ans6erK <ption D ;1&24he 5irst Indian to recei8e Noble 3ri=e in 1iterature 6as A. $other 4eresa >. !. C. Raman !. Rabindranath 4a,ore D. *aroBini Naidu Ans6erK <ption !

not in

")ST O* +A!)O,S A#A!-S

1 No,le Pri6eF Noble 3ri=e are 5or !ontributions to society. 2 !&arat RatnaF It is India's hi,hest ci8ilian a6ard a6arded 5or the hi,hest de,rees o5 national ser8ice. 7 Pulit6er Pri6eF 3ulit=er a6ards are 5or 1iteracy achie8ement. 9 Pa+*a Awar+sF 3adma Cibhushan 3adma >hushan and 3adma *hri 3adma a6ards are 5or e(ceptional and distin,uished ser8ice in any 5ield includin, ser8ice rendered by Do8ernment ser8ants. ; ArGun Awar+sFArBuna A6ard is ,i8en 5or '(cellence in sports. = RaGi5 Gan+&i >&el RatnaF 4he RaBi8 Dandhi @hel Ratna is IndiaHs hi,hest honour ,i8en 5or achie8ement in sports. @ ?nan/it& Awar+F in the 5ield o5 literature. A Drona'&ar1a Awar+F4o eminent !oaches o5 sports. D A'a+e*1 Awar+ or Os'ar Awar+F is an a6ard besto6ed by the American Academy o5 $otion 3icture Arts and *ciences to reco,ni=e e(cellence o5 pro5essionals in the 5ilm industry includin, directors actors and 6riters. 1$ H1as Sa**anFin the 5ield o5 literature

List o( "u/s an+ Tro/&ies (Asso'iate+ wit& S/orts an+ Ga*es

S/ortF <o'-e1
A,a /han !up >e,am Rasul 4rophy 06omanHs2 $aharaBa RanBit *in,h Dold !up 1ady Ratan 4ata 4rophy 06omanHs2 Durunana/ !hampionship 06omanHs2 Dhyanchand 4rophy Nehru 4rophy *indhia Dold cup $uru,appa Dold !up +ellin,ton !up etc

S/ortF 2oot,all
>e,hum .a=arat $ahal !up >I14 !up >ordoloi 4rophy !olombo !up !on5ederation cup D!$ 4rophy Durand !up Ro8ers !up >.!. RaB 4rophy 0National !hampionship2 %I%A 6orld !up Jules Rimet 4rophy @alin,a !up *antosh 4rophy 0National !hampionship2 I%A *hield *cissor !up *ubroto $u/herBee !up *ir Ashutosh $u/herBee 4rophy 4odd $emorial 4rophy Cittal 4rophy etc

S/ortF "ri'-et
Anthony D $ello6 4rophy Ashes Asia !up >enson and .ed,es !up >ose 4rophy !hampions 4rophy !harminar !hallender !up !.@ Naidu 4rophy !ooch L >ehar 4rophy Deodhar 4rophy Duldeep 4rophy Da8as/ar L>order 4rophy D.D. >irla 4rophy Dillette

!up Dhulam Ahmad 4rophy .am/umat Rai 4rophy I!! +orld !up Irani 4rophy Inter5ace !up Ja6harlal Nehru !up 1omboard +orld !hallen,e !up $c Do6ells !hallen,e !up $erchant !up $oin Lud LDo6la !up Net +est 4rophy 3rudential !up0+orld !up2 Rani Jhansi 4rophy RanBi 4rophy Rohinton >arcia 4rophy Rothmans !up *ahara !up *harBah !up *heesh $ahal 4rophy *he55ield *hield *in,er !up *ir %ran/ +orrel 4rophy 4e(aco !up 4itan !up CiBay .a=are 4rophy CiBay $erchant 4rophy Ci==y 4rophy +isden 4rophy +ills 4rophy +orld *eries !up.

S/ortF Ta,le Tennis

>erna >ellac/ cup0 $en2 !obillion !up 06omen2 Jai 1a(mi cup06omen2 RaB/umari !hallen,e !up 06omen Bunior2 RamanuBa 4rophy 0men Junior2 4ra8ancore !up 06omen2 *6athlin, !up 0men2 etc. *portK >adminton A,,ra6al !up Amrit Di6an !up Asia !up Australasia !up !haddha !up 'uropean !up .arilela !up Ibrahim Rahimatillah !hallen,er !up @onica !up *ophia !up @itia/ara !up 4homas !up 4un/u Abdulrahman !up ?ber !up Yone( !up etc.

S/ortF !as-et,all
>asalat Jha 4rophy >.!. Dupta 4rophy %ederation !up *.$. ArBuna RaBa 4rophy 4odd $emorial 4rophy +illiam Jones !up >an,alore >ules !hallen,e !up Nehru !up %ederation !up etc . *portK >rid,e >asalat Jha 4rophy .ol/ar 4rophy Ruia Dold !up *in,hania 4rophy. etc

S/ortF Polo
'=ra !up Dold !up @in,Hs !up 3rithi 3al *in,h !up Radha $ohan !up +inchester !up etc. *portK Athletics !harminar 4rophy %ederation !up etc. *portK Air Racin, Ja6aharlal !hallen,e 4rophy @in,Hs !up *chneider !up etc.

S/ortF !illiar+s
Arthur +al/er 4rophy 4homas !up etc. *portK >o(in, Aspy AdBahia 4rophy %ederations !up Cal >a/er 4rophy etc.

S/ortF Gol(
!anada !up 'isenho6er 4rophy $uthiah Dold !up Nomura 4rophy 3resident Ms 4rophy 3rince o5 6ales !up Ryder !up *olheim !up 4opolino 4rophy +al/er !up +orld !up etc. *portK !hess Naidu 4rophy @haitan 4orphy 1in Are !ity 4rophy +orld !up etc. *portK .orse Racin, >eres5ord !up >lue Riband !up Derby Drand National !up etc.

S/ortF Net,all
Anantrao 3a6ar 4rophy etc. *portK Ru,by %ootball >ledisloe !up !alcutta !up +ebb 'llis 4rophy etc.

S/ortF S&ootin)
North +ales !up +elsh Drand 3ri( etc.

S/ortF Holle1,all
!entennial !up %ederation !up Indira 3radhan 4rophy *hi8anthi Dold !up etc.


$aiden o8er Rubber *tumped Ashes .at7tric/ 1e, >ye %ollo6 on Doo,ly Dulley *illy 3oint Duc/ Run Dri8e No ball !o8er point 1e, *pinner +ic/et @eeper 3itch !rease >o6lin, 1e,7>rea/ .it7+ic/et >ouncer *tone7+allin, *pin 4hird7man Yor/er.

"ri'-et I 1.>.+

!a+*inton I An,led Dri8e *er8e >ac/hand 1o6 *er8e >ird Deuce Double Drop %ault %lic/ *er8e %orehand *mash 1et 1ob 1o8e All net *hots Rush *mash. !illiar+s I Ji,,er N >rea/ N *cratch N !annons N 3ot N !ue N In >aul/ N In <55. !ase,all I 3itcher N *tri/e N Diamond N >untin, N .ome N 3ut <ut. "&ess I Dambit N !hec/mate N *talemate N !hec/. 2oot,all I Ad8anta,e !lause >lind *ide !entre %or6ard !orner @ic/ Dead
>all Direct %ree @ic/ Dribble Doal /ic/ Dolden Doal .at7tric/ $ar/in, <55*ide 3enalty @ic/ 3enalty *hootout Red !ard *tri/er 4hro6 In 4rippin,. >ac/7stic/ >ully !ary !entre %or6ard !orner Dribble %lic/ %ree7hit Doal 1ine Dreen !ard .al56ay 1ine .at7tric/ <557side Red !ar Roll 7in *coop *hort !orner *i(teen7yard hit *Auare 3ass *tic/ *tri/in, !irele 4ac/le 4ie7brea/er 9onal $ar/in,.

<o'-e1 I Ad8anta,e

Tennis I Ace >ac/hand *tro/e Deuce Deep Colley Deuce Double %ault %ault Dround *tro/e .al5 Colley 1et 1o8e *lice *mash Colley. Ta,le Tennis I Anti 1oop
46iddle. >ac/spin !hop 1oop 3enhold Drip 3ush *pin

Holle1,all I Ace

>ase7line >loc/in, Doublin, %oot %ault .ea8e .oldin, Jump *et 1ob 3ass 1o8e All 3oint ;uic/ *mash *coutin, *er8ice *pi/e 4actical >all Colley +indmill *er8ice.

>&oC>&o I Runner N !haser N 3oleby N <ut N %oul. Gol( I .ole N >o,ey N 3ut N *tymie N !addie N 4ee N 1in/s N 3uttin, the ,reen. Swi**in) I >reast *tro/e !ra6l. ")ST O* +A!)O,S -ANCE *O!.S O* )N-)A
;andia!Garba ,hangra!Gidda ,haratnat"am ,harata Nat"am >at&aFatha2ali F#chip#di Gu8rat Pun8a" !ami Nadu Bharatanatyam is the most popu ar of (ndian dances and "e ongs to the South (ndian state of !ami nadu. !hree gharanas ? schoo s 6variations7 O *ucknow 6;#P7=Banaras=Aaipur. Be onging to the South?<estern coasta state of Kera a# Kuchipudi= ike Kathaka i is a so a dance?drama tradition and derives its name from the vi age of Kuchipudi in the Southern# $anipuri dances originate from the North Eastern state of $anipur# (t is the o dest c assica (ndian dance on the "asis of Archiva evidence# !he form "e ongs to the East (ndian state of &rissa# Kera a# Bihar=<est Benga =&rissa# Assam ,a8asthan

Aanip#ri >dissi Foodi"attam -hha# ,ih# =h#mar! =h#lan Deela

SO.E )./. O01ECT)+ES ON -ANCE *O!.S

Q1 Natya 7 *hastra' the main source o5 India's classical dances 6as 6ritten by

A. Nara $uni >. >harat $uni !. Abhina8 Dupt D. 4andu $uni AnswerF ! Q2 $ohiniattam dance 5rom de8eloped ori,inally in 6hich stateE A. 4amil Nadu >. <rissa !. @erala D. @arnata/a AnswerF " Q7 +hich o5 the 5ollo6in, 5ol/ dance 5orms is associated 6ith DuBaratE A. Nautan/i !. @atha/ali AnswerF ! >. D. Darba >han,ra

Q9 +hich o5 the 5ollo6in, dances is a solo danceE A. <ttan 4hullal >. @uchipudi !. Ya/sha,ana D. <dissi AnswerF A Q; 4hillana is a 5ormat o5 A. @uchipudi >. !. >aharatanatyam AnswerF " <dissi D. @atha/

Q= 4he head Auarters o5 *ahitya A/ademi is at A. $umbai >. !hennai !. Ne6 Delhi D. @ol/ata AnswerF "


;124he members o5 the RaBya *abha are elected by

A. the people >. 1o/ *abha !. elected members o5 the le,islati8e assembly D. elected members o5 the le,islati8e council Ans6erK ! ;224he members o5 the panchayat are A. nominated by the district o55icer >. the electorates o5 the respecti8e territorial constituencies !. nominated by local sel57,o8ernment minister o5 the state D. nominated by the bloc/ de8elopment or,ani=ation Ans6erK > ;"24he present 1o/ *abha is the A. :th 1o/ *abha >. 1#th 1o/ *abha !. 1&th 1o/ *abha D. 15th 1o/ *abha Ans6erK D ;&24he members o5 1o/ *abha hold o55ice 5or a term o5 A. & years >. 5 years !. 6 years D. " years Ans6erK > ;524he minimum a,e to Auali5y 5or election to the 1o/ *abha is A. 25 years >. 21 years !. 1) years D. "5 years Ans6erK A ;624he pension o5 a hi,h court Bud,e is char,ed to the A. !onsolidated %und o5 India >. !onsolidated %und o5 the state 6here he last ser8ed !. !onsolidated %unds o5 the di55erent states 6here he has ser8ed D. !ontin,ency %und o5 India Ans6erK A

;-24he president can assi,n any o5 the 5unctions o5 the union ,o8ernment to the state ,o8ernment A. in consultation 6ith the chie5 Bustice o5 India >. in consultation 6ith the state ,o8ernor !. in his discretion D. in consultation 6ith the ,o8ernment o5 the state Ans6erK D ;)24he members o5 the *tate 3ublic *er8ice !ommission are appointed by the A. chie5 minister >. chie5 Bustice !. ,o8ernor D. 8ice7president Ans6erK ! ;:24he president can be remo8ed 5rom his o55ice be5ore the e(piry o5 his normal term only on the recommendation o5 A. the *upreme !ourt >. the chie5 Bustice o5 India !. council o5 ministers D. the t6o .ouses o5 3arliament Ans6erK D ;1#24he oath o5 o55ice is conducted to the president by A. the spea/er o5 1o/ *abha >. the chie5 Bustice o5 India !. the 8ice7president o5 India D. None o5 the abo8e Ans6erK > ;1124he members o5 the state le,islati8e assemblies are elected 5or a period o5 A. 2 years >. 6 years !. 5 years D. " years Ans6erK ! ;1224he preamble declares India as a so8erei,n state 6hich implies A. >. India is 5ree to conduct her internal a55airs India is 5ree to conduct her e(ternal a55airs

!. India is 5ree to conduct here internal as 6ell as e(ternal a55airs D. None o5 the abo8e Ans6erK ! ;1"24he minimum a,e o5 the 8oter in India is A. 15 years >. 1) years !. 21 years D. 25 years Ans6erK > ;1&24he members o5 a *tate !ommission can be remo8ed by the A. ,o8ernor on a report by the *upreme !ourt >. ,o8ernor on a resolution passed by 3arliament !. president on a report by the *upreme !ourt D. president on a resolution passed by 3arliament Ans6erK ! ;1524he members o5 the RaBya *abha are A. directly elected by the people on the basis o5 uni8ersal adult 5ranchise >. elected by the members o5 the state le,islati8e assemblies !. elected by the members o5 the state le,islati8e councils D. elected by the members o5 the state le,islati8e councils and assemblies Ans6erK <ption > ;1624he president addresses both the .ouses o5 3arliament assembled to,ether A. durin, emer,ency session summoned 5or the purpose >. e8ery session !. 5irst session a5ter each ,eneral election and the 5irst session o5 each year D. any session Ans6erK ! ;1-24he president can dissol8e the 1o/ *abha on A. ad8ice o5 the prime minister >. ad8ice o5 the chie5 Bustice o5 India !. recommendation o5 1o/ *abha D. recommendation o5 the RaBya *abha Ans6erK A ;1)24he president can e(pend out o5 the !ontin,ency %und o5 India A. only 6ith the appro8al o5 the 3arliament >. 6ithout the appro8al o5 the 3arliament

!. only in the case o5 the national calamities D. None o5 the abo8e Ans6erK >


IMPORTANT POINTS TO REMEM!ERF LO> SA!<AF $a(imum stren,th is 552 but 1o/ *abha at present consists o5 5&5 members.>oth the *pea/er and Deputy *pea/er are its 3residin, o55icers. 4he %irst 1o/ *abha 6as constituted on 15 April 1:52 a5ter India's 5irst ,eneral election. RA?YA SA!<AF $a(imum stren,th is 25# but Actual stren,th is 25&.Cice73resident o5 India is the e(7o55icio chairman o5 RaBya *abha. 4he %irst RaBya *abha 6as constituted on ! 2pril 14.2MAIN 2#N"TION O2 !OT< <O#SESF 4he main 5unction o5 both the .ouses is to ma/e la6s. '8ery >ill has to be passed by both the .ouses and assented to by the 3resident be5ore it becomes la6. O01ECT)+E T2/E ON /O")T)CS3"O4 SA05A3!A12A SA05A Q1 4he national anthem 6as 6ritten by A. >an/im !handra !hatterBee >. Rabindranath 4a,ore !. *arat !handra !hatterBee D. Aurobindo Dhosh AnswerF ! NoteF National Anthem o5 India is also called as $<RNIND *<ND <% 4.' DAY. Q2 4he members o5 the RaBya *abha are elected 5or a term A. o5 si( years >. determined by the state le,islati8e assembly o5 a state !. o5 5our years D. None o5 the abo8e AnswerF A Q7 4he members o5 1o/ *abha are A. directly elected by the people >. indirectly elected !. nominated D. partly elected and partly nominated AnswerF A

Q9 4he president can ad8ance money to meet un5oreseen e(penses pendin, authori=ation by 3arliament 5rom A. the !onsolidated %und o5 India >. the !ontin,ency %und !. both the abo8e 5unds D. None o5 the abo8e AnswerF ! Q; 4he position o5 a chie5 minister is A. similar to that o5 the prime minister >. identical to that o5 the president !. a combination o5 the position o5 the prime minister and president D. not constitutional AnswerF A Q= 4he members o5 the standin, committee are ta/en 5rom the 1o/ *abha and RaBya *abha in the ratio o5 A. t6o and one respecti8ely >. three and one respecti8ely !. 5our and one respecti8ely D. eAual members 5or both the .ouses AnswerF A Q@ 4he Na,aland *tate o5 India cannot be termed as a state because it lac/s A. so8erei,nty >. bicameral le,islature !. a hi,h court e(clusi8ely o5 its o6n D. None o5 the abo8e AnswerF A QA 4he president can dismiss a member o5 the council o5 ministers A. on his o6n >. on the recommendation o5 the prime ministers !. only under emer,ency conditions D. 6ith the consent o5 the spea/er AnswerF ! QD 4he o55ice o5 the prime minister o5 India A. >. has a constitutional basis has a statutory basis

!. has con8entional basis D. None o5 the abo8e AnswerF A Q1$ 4he members o5 the parliamentary committee A. are appointed by the president in consultation 6ith the prime minister >. are appointed by the president on the recommendation o5 the spea/er !. are ta/en 5rom 8arious ,roups and parties in 3arliament in proportion to their respecti8e stren,th D. both 0b2 and 0c2 AnswerF " Q11 4he minimum number o5 members that must be present to hold the meetin, o5 the 1o/ *abha is A. one75ourth o5 the total membership >. one7tenth o5 the total membership o5 the .ouses !. 5# percent stren,th o5 the 1o/ *abha D. at least 1## members AnswerF ! Q12 4he po6er to proro,ue the 1o/ *abha rests 6ith A. the spea/er >. the president !. the prime minister D. the minister 5or parliamentary a55airs AnswerF ! Q17 4he oath o5 o55ice is administered to the members o5 state council o5 ministers by A. the ,o8ernor >. the chie5 minister !. chie5 Bustice o5 the state hi,h court D. spea/er o5 le,islati8e assembly AnswerF A Q19 4he oath o5 o55ice is administered to the Do8ernor by the A. chie5 Bustice o5 India >. president !. chie5 Bustice o5 hi,h court D. spea/er o5 le,islati8e assembly AnswerF " Q1; 4he members o5 3arliament can e(press themsel8es in the .ouse in

A. 'n,lish only >. .indi only !. 'n,lish or .indi D. 'n,lish .indi or mother ton,ue AnswerF D Q1= 4he members o5 the committees o5 3arliament are A. nominated by the leaders o5 the 8arious parties in the 3arliament >. nominated by the prime minister !. appointed by the spea/er or elected by the .ouse 5rom amon,st persons 6ho are not members o5 3arliament D. appointed by the spea/er or elected by the .ouse 5rom amon,st its o6n members AnswerF D Q1@ 4he position o5 the prime minister o5 India is superior to that o5 his counter7part in >ritain because A. India is the bi,,est democracy >. India has adopted the 5ederal system !. India has a 6ritten constitution D. his o55ice enBoys constitutional basis AnswerF D Q1A 4he president con8enes and proro,ues all sessions o5 3arliament in consultation 6ith A. the spea/er >. the prime minister !. the prime minister and the leader o5 the <pposition in 1o/ *abha D. None o5 the abo8e AnswerF ! Q1D 4he minimum a,e reAuired to become a member o5 RaBya *abha is A. 21 years >. 25 years !. "# years D. "5 years AnswerF " Q2$ 4he name o5 the union ,i8en in the !onstitution is A. >. .industan or >harata8arsha India or .industan

!. India or >harat D. >haratadesh or India AnswerF "


SAARC summit:The South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) is an organisation of South Asian nations, founded in December 1985. Members of SAARC: Sri Lanka, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. BRICS summit: The BRIC grouping's first formal summit commenced in Yekaterinburg on June 16, 2009. Members of BRICS: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. ASEAN summit: ASEAN was founded on 8 August 1967 with five members Members: Started with 5 members:Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. Since then, membership has expanded to include Brunei, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. G8 summit: originated in 1975. Members: France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States, thus leading to the name Group of Six or G6. The summit became known as the G7 with the addition of Canada and now G8 when Russia joined it.


Q1)Which of the following is not associated with the UNO? A. ILO B. WHO C. ASEAN D. All of the above Answer: C UNO: United Nations Organization ILO: International Labor Organization WHO: World Health Organization ASEAN: Association of Southeast Asian Nations Q2)Which of the following is not a chief organ of the United Nations Organisations? A. International Labour Organisation B. Security Council C. International Court of Justice D. General Assembly Answer: A

Q3)The United Nations is considered as a universal organisation. Which organ of rhe united nations fully represents the fact? A. The Economic and Social Council B. The Security Council C. The Secretariat D. The General Assembly Answer: D Q4)G-15 is a group of A. developing countries B. non-aligned countries C. developed countries D. companies Answer: A Q5)SAARC was founded in A. New Delhi B. Geneva C. Dhaka D. Thimpu Answer: C Q6) Which of the following countries is not a member of a SAARC A. Sri Lanka B. Myanmar C. Maldives D. Bhutan Answer: B Q7)Which of the following is not an agency of U.N.? A. World Health Organisation B. Food and Agricultural Organisation C. International Committee of the Red Cross D. International Monetary Fund Answer: C Q8)Permanent Secretariat to coordinate the implementation of SAARC programme is located at A. Dhaka B. New Delhi C. Colombo D. Kathmandu Answer: D Q9)The office of the UN General Assembly is in

A. Vienna B. New York C. Paris D. Zurich Answer: B Q10)The headquarters of the UNESCO is at A. Rome B. Geneva C. New York D. Paris Answer: D Q11)Besides UK, USA, Germany and Japan the G-7 countries includes A. Canada, France and Russia B. Canada, Italy and Netherlands C. France, Netherlands and Russia D. Canada, France and Italy Answer: D Q12)Which of the following describe correctly the Group of Seven Countries (G-7)? A. They are developing countries B. They are industrialised countries C. They are holding Atomic Bomb technology D. They are countries who can launch their own satellites Answer: B Q13)Which of the following is used as the logo of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)? A. Deer B. Panda C. Camel D. Lion Answer: B Q14)The main aim of SAARC is A. Regional Cooperation B. Internal affairs C. Non-alignity D. Peaceful Coexistence Answer: A



1 4he head Auarter o5 International $onetary %und0I$%2 is in Was&in)ton (#SA 2 4he head Auarter o5 +orld .ealth <r,ani=ation0+.<2 is in Gene5a (Swit6erlan+ . 7 4he head Auarter o5 +orld 4rade <r,ani=ation0+4<2 is in Gene5a (Swit6erlan+ % 9 4he head Auarter o5 +orld Intellectual 3roperty <r,ani=ation is in Gene5a (Swit6erlan+ % ; 4he head Auarter o5 +orld >an/ or I>RD is in Was&in)ton (#SA . = 4he head Auarter o5 ?nited Nation De8elopment 3ro,ram is in New Yor- (#SA % @ 4he head Auarter o5 ?nited Nations !hildrenHs %und 0?NI!'%2 is in New Yor- (#SA A *AAR! .uman Resource De8elopment !entre is located in Isla*a,a+% Q1 4he headAuarters o5 +orld Intellectual 3roperty <r,anisation 0+I3<2 is located in A. 3aris >. $adrid !. Ne6 Yor/ D. Dene8a AnswerF D Q2 4he headAuarters o5 %ood and A,riculture <r,anisation is in A. +ashin,ton >. 3aris !. $adrid D. Rome AnswerF D Q7 +hich o5 the 5ollo6in, countries is not a member o5 the D7) ,roupE A. Dermany >. %rance !. Italy D. *pain AnswerF D Q9 +hich o5 the 5ollo6in, countries is not a member o5 *AAR!E A. Nepal >. >an,ladesh !. A5,hanistan D. $yanmar AnswerF D Q; +ho 6as the 5irst Indian to be 3resident o5 ?N Deneral AssemblyE A. $rs. CiBay 1a/shmi 3andit >. Ramesh >handari !. Nat6ar *in,h D. @rishna $enon AnswerF A Q@ 4he 5i8e permanent members o5 ?N security council are A. Japan +est Dermany ?**R ?@ and ?*A >. !anada !hina %rance ?**R and ?*A !. Dermany !hina ?**R ?@ and ?*A

D. !hina %rance ?**R ?@ and ?*A AnswerF D NOTEF?N *ecurity !ouncil has 5i8e permanent and 1# non7permanent members QA +hen 6as the *outh Asian Association 5or Re,ional !o7operation 0*AAR!2 5ormedE A. 1:)5 >. 1:)2 !. 1:)6 D. 1:)AnswerF A QD +hich o5 the 5ollo6in, is the headAuarters o5 +orld 4rade <r,anisation 0+4<2E A. Ne6 Yor/ >. Dene8a !. $adrid D. 3aris AnswerF ! Q1$ +hich o5 the 5ollo6in, countries is not a member o5 D715E A. Jamaica >. Indonesia !. !olumbia D. 3eru AnswerF " Q11 4he International !ourt o5 Justice is located at A. Dene8a >. .a,ue !. Amsterdam D. Cienna AnswerF ! Q12 4he headAuarters o5 International Atomic 'ner,y A,ency is located in A. Cienna >. 1ondon !. Dene8a D. +ashin,ton AnswerF A Q17 +hen 6as *AAR! 5oundedE A. 1:)2 >. 1:)& !. 1:)5 D. 1:)" AnswerF " Q19 +hich o5 the 5ollo6in, is not a member o5 D715E A. 3a/istan >. $alaysia !. Indonesia D. India AnswerF A Q1; .eadAuarters o5 the +orld .ealth <r,anisation is located at A. Dene8a

>. +ashin,ton D! !. Ne6 Yor/ D. Rome AnswerF A Q1= 4he headAuarters o5 ?.N. is located in A. Rome >. Dene8a !. Ne6 Yor/ D. +ashin,ton D.!. Ans6erK !

/!ES)-ENTS O* )N-)A
No 1 2 ! Name Rajendra Prasad Sarvepa i Rad!akris!nan "akir #$ssain %ara!a&iri %enkata 'iri ( )$!ammad #ida*at$ a! ( * . / 3 0 4 1; 11 12 1! %ara!a&iri %enkata 'iri +ak!r$ddin A i A!med Basappa Danappa ,atti ( Nee am Sanjiva Redd* 'iani "ai Sin&! Ramas-am* %enkataraman S!ankar Da*a S!arma .oc!eri Raman Nara*anan A. P. ,. A/d$ .a am Prati/!a Pati Prana/ )$k!erjee Took Office 2/-6an-14.; 1!-%ay-14/2 1!-%ay-14/3 !-%ay-14/4 2;-6ul-14/4 2*-2ug-14/4 2*-2ug-143* 11-&eb-1433 Left Office 1!-%ay-14/2 1!-%ay-14/3 !-%ay-14/4 2;-6ul-14/4 2*-2ug-14/4 2*-2ug-143* 11-&eb-1433 2.-6ul-1433

2.-6ul-1433 2.-6ul-1402 2.-6ul-1402 2.-6ul-1403 2.-6ul-1403 2.-6ul-1442 2.-6ul-1442 2.-6ul-1443 2.-6ul-1443 2.-6ul-2;;2 2.-6ul-2;;2 2.-6ul-2;;3 2.-6ul-2;;3 2.-6ul-2;12 2.-6ul-2;12 9>9C?


/!).E6.)N)STE!S O* )N-)A

No 1 2 " & 5 6 ) : 1# 11 12 1" 1& 15

Name 1awahar "al Nehr9 G9l:arilal Nanda "al 0ahad9r Shastri G9l:arilal Nanda )ndira Gandhi .orar;i -esai Charan Singh )ndira Gandhi !a;i< Gandhi +ishwanath /rata=Singh Chandra Shekhar /. +. Narasimha !ao Atal 0ihari +a;=ayee 5. -. -e<e Gowda )nder 49mar G9;ral Atal 0ihari +a;=ayee .anmohan Singh

Entered o77i8e ?7-A(g-?>1; &;-'a,-?>:1 @>-8(n-?>:1 ??-8an-?>:: &1-8an-?>:: &1-'ar-?>;; &=-8(l-?>;> ?1-8an-?>=@ 0?-F*t-?>=1 @&-"e*-?>=> ?@- o+-?>>@ &?-8(n-?>>? ?:-'a,-?>>: @?-8(n-?>>: &?-A!r-?>>; ?>-'ar-?>>= &&-'ar-&@@1

"e7t o77i8e &;-'a,-?>:1 > 8(ne ?>:1 H ??-8an-?>:: &1 8an(ar, ?>:: H &1-'ar-?>;; &=-8(l-?>;> ?1-8an-?>=@ 0?-F*t-?>=1 @&-"e*-?>=> ?@- o+-?>>@ &?-8(n-?>>? ?:-'a,-?>>: @?-8(n-?>>: &?-A!r-?>>; ?>-'ar-?>>= &&-'a,-&@@1 In*(mbent

*G9l:arilal Nanda was 8aretaker /. >oth times


.# <hich of the fo owing is Not a direct ta'I a# Corporation !a' "# (ncome !a' c# <ea th !a' d# Service !a' ANS<E, 60#&BC is p anning to open its first overseas "ranch atM? a# China c# America ANS<E, 6B7 D# "# -u"ai d# Austra ia

<hat is the fu form of PC&,EJ in core "anking servicesI a# Channe of ,upee E'change "# Customer &n ine ,ea time E'change c# Centra i)ed &n ine ,upee E'change d# Centra i)ed &n ine ,ea time E'change ANS<E, 6-7 <hich of the fo owing is not an instrument of $oney $arketI a# $oney 5unds "# Share c# Commercia Paper d# None of these


ANS<E, 6B7 1# P&pen $arket &perationJ is a part of a# (ncome Po icy c# Credit Po icy ANS<E, 6C7 "# 5isca Po icy d# *a"our Po icy


S-,= the currency of the ($5= is in the form ofM a# Paper Currency "# Go d c# Book Keeping entry on y d# None of these ANS<E, 6C7 3#7 9indu rate of growth refers to the rate of growth of a# G-P "# Popu ation c# Per capita income d# None of these ANS<E, 6A7 F#7 <hich one of the fo owing is not an o"8ective of fisca po icy of (ndian GovernmentI a# 5u emp oyment "# ,egu ation of (nter?State trade c# Price sta"i ity d# E+uita" e distri"ution of wea th and income ANS<E, 6B7 C#7 9ow many times has financia emergency "een dec ared in (ndiaI a# 1 times "# 2 times c# one time d# Never ANS<E, 6-7 ./#7 <hich one of the fo owing is not charged on the Conso idated 5und of (ndiaI a# Sa ary and a owances of the President of (ndia# "# Sa ary and a owances of Speaker of *ok Sa"ha# c# Sa ary and a owances of the Austices of Supreme Court of (ndia# d# Sa ary and a owances of the 4ice?President of (ndia# ANS<E, 6-7 ..#7 <hat wou d "e the New Price (nde' that wou d measure inf ationI a# PP(60/..7 "# CP(60/./7 c# <P(60//2?/17 d# ,!( ANS<E, 6B7 .0#7 ,B( was nationa i)ed onM? a# . Au y .C2C c#.apri .CD1 "# 0E 8an .C1. d#. 8an# .C2C

ANS<E, 6E7 .D#7 Narrow money is the term in monetary aggregates=which is represented "yQI a# $( "# $0 c#$D d#$2 ANS<E, 6A7 .2#7 <hat does etter PSJ stands for inJSE:JI a#Sma c#Specia "#Simp e d#Share

ANS<E, 6C7 (0/ISPEC(A* EC&N&$(C :&NE .1#7 An offer "y an un isted company for sa e of its shares for the first time to the pu" ic is ca ed asM a#Shares "#(P&6(nitia Pu" ic &ffer c#-erivatives d# 5utures ANS<E, 6B7


Q1% +hat is the 5ull 5orm o5 N*D12 012 National *ecurities Depository 1imited 1iability 0"2 National *ample Depository 1imited 052 None o5 these 022 National *ecurities Demandin, 0&2 National sample Dri8en 1and

Q2% !onsider the 5ollo6in, statements and state 6hich o5 them are true E 0A2 Do8t. launched ser8ice dischar,e bene5it scheme 5or post retirement security o5 about three la/h Dramin Da/ *e8a/s. 0>2 Do8t. 6ill deposit t6o hundred rupees per month in accounts o5 Drarnin Da/ *e8a/s 6or/in,in 5ar 5lun, areas. 0!2 *cheme is bein, 5unctioni=ed by utili=in, 5unds 5rom 3%RDA 0D2 Do8ernment 6ill pro8ide o8er -# crore Rs. annually 5or this schema P 012 > and D 0&2 A and ! 022 A ! and D 0"2 $are true 052 None o5 these

Q7% Recenty !entral Do8ernment launched a ne6 *cheme '*6abhimaan'. +hich statements

are true about it E 012 It is a pro,ramme on %inancial Inclusion 022 <penin, 5 crore ne6 rural ban/ accounts. 0"2 3ro8idin, branchless ban/in, throu,h technolo,y. 0&2 !o8erin, all -"### unban/ed rural habitations 6ith o8er2### population 052 All o5 the abo8e Q9% +hich o5 the 5ollo6in, terms isJare related 6ith 5inance and ban/in,E 012 Celocity 0&2 !enti,rade 022 Displacement 052 None o5 these 0&2>adia

Q;% 4arapore !ommitteet submitted its report on Q%ull !ap8ertibility on RupeeQ in7 012 American Depository Receipt 022!urrent Account 0"2 !apital Account 0&22 F " >othK 052 None o5 these Q=% Ne6ly inau,urated helpline '?dyamia is to aassist777777777P 012 Rural ?nemployed 022 '1ar,e !apital Industries . 0"2 <nly 5emale entrepreileus 0&2 %armers Introdlicin, te!hnolo,y in 5armin, 052 $icro *mall and $edium enterprises Q@% !onsider the 5ollo6in, statements about ne6ly launahed $abila @an *asha/ti/aran 3anyoBana and *tate 6hich o5 the. 5ollo6in, isJare the obBecti8es 'o5 $@*3 E 0A2 4o create sus tainable a,ricultural li8elihood opportunities75or 6omen77in a,riouiture7 0>2 4o ensure 5obd and nutrition security at theKhousehold and communityleRisel.7 0!2 4o enhance the prodlicti8e participation So5 6omen in ear7culture. 012 <nly A 022 <nly 0"2 All are t6o 0&2 Aand > 052 None o5 these QA% +hich o5 the 5ollo6in, is not De8elopment >an/JNon !ommercial >an/E 012 *ID>I 022 Nationat .ousin, ban/ 0"2 ID>I 0&2 NA>ARD 052 None o5 these QD% +hich is the 5ollo6in, is another name 5or >an/ o5 *6eden 3ri=eE 012 Noble 3ri=e 5or 1iterature 022 Nobel 3ri=e 5or 3eace 0"2 $an >oo/er 3ri=e 0&2 Nobel 3ri=e 5or $edicine 052 None o5 these

Q1$% $ar/et !ost o5 product includes 012 %actor !ost 022 Ad8ertisement !ost 022 4ransportation !ost 0&2 All o5 Abo8e 052 None o5 4hese Q11% In the 5irst phase o5 nationali=ation o5 ban/s ho6 many o5 ban/s 6ere nationalisedE 012 1: 022 26 0"2 20&2 6 052 None o5 these Q12% +hich amon, the 5ollo6in, 6ill settle the ,rie8ances o5 customers o5 ban/sE 012 *tate >an/ o5 India 022 <mbudsmen 0"2 1ocal !ourts 0&2 Nationalised >an/s 052 None o5 these


;.1 012 National sea6ay Depository limited . ;.2 0"2 All are true. ;." 052 *6abhiman is .a nation6ide pro,ramme on 5inancial inclusion. ;.& 0"2 >adla Isa carry 5or6ard system in stoc/ tradin,. ;.5 0"2 A committee on capital account con8ertibility 6as setup by the Reser8e >an/ o5 India 0R>I2 under7the chairmanship o5 5ormer R>I deputy ,o8ernor *.*. 4arapore to Qlay the road map''. ;.6 052 3rime $inister Dr. $anthohan *in,h inau,urated a call centres ?dyami7 .elpline 6hich 6ill ,i8e details about business possibilities and loan 5acilities to entrepreneurs /een on settin, up small units. ;.-0"2 4his is to impro8e the present status o5 6omen in.a,riculture and to enhance the opportunities 5or her empo6erment and is and is a sub component o5 National Rural 1i8elihood $ission. ;.) 0"2 ID>I is a *cheduled 3ri=e *ector >an/ ;.: 052 >an/ o5 *6eden 3ri=e is another name 5or Noble 3ri=e in 'conomics ;.1# 0&2 $ar/et !ost T %actor !ost U Ad !ost U 4ransportation !ost

;.11 052 In 5irst pha=e in the year 1:6: L1& ban/s 6ere nationalised ;.12 022 4he >an/in, <mbudsman promoyed by R>I pro8ides speedy solutions to the ,rie8ances.

General awareness set 2;

;.1 +hat is used to mana,e cash 5lo6 in di55erent currenciesE 012 !redit !runch 022 Arbitra,e 0"2 $icro !redit 0&2 !urrency *6ap 052 None o5 these ;.2 +hich o5 the 5ollo6in, is not an economic termE 012 >rea/ '8en point 022 !onsumption 0"2 %iscal De5icit 0&2 >randin, 052 None o5 these ;." +hat is the tar,eted ,ro6th rate 5or 2#1271- in the 12th %i8e Year 3lanE 012 :7:.5G 022 1#711G 0&2 :.57:.-5G 052 None o5 these ;.& +hich o5 the 5ollo6in, ,roup is bene5itted the most durin, in5lation period E 012 Do8ernment 3ensioners 022 !reditors 0"2 *a8in, account holders 0&2 Debtors 052 None o5 these ;.5 Dilt 7 'd,ed mar/et means77777. 012 >ull $ar/et 022 Dun $ar/et 0"2 $ar/et o5 Do8ernment *ecurities 0&2 $ar/et o5 3ure $etal 052 None o5 these ;.6 'le8enth %i8e Year 3lan aimed at777777. 012 'radication o5 po8erty 5rom India 022 India's .ealth 0"2 India's 'ducation. 0&2 De8elopment o5 Rural India 052 None o5 these ;.- +hich amon, the 5ollo6in, is India's oldest Boint stoc/ ban/E 012 Allahabad ban/ 022 3N> 0"2 *>1 0&2 >an/ o5 $aharashtra 052 None o5 these ;.) >y 6hich o5 the 5ollo6in, countries the concept o5 $icro !reditJ$icro %inance used 5or the 5irst timeE 012 Russia 022 >an,ladesh 0"2 ?*A 0&2 Japan 052 None o5 these ;.: $any times 6e ha8e read7about ?1I3 in ne6spapers ?1I3 stands 5or

012 ?nited 1oaded In8estment 3lan 0"2 ?nit 1i5e Insurance 3lan 052 None o5 these

022 ?ni8ersal 1oan In8estment 3lan 0&2 ?nit 1in/ed Insurance 3lan

;.1# +hich o5 the 5ollo6in, is not a 5i(ed assetE 012 $achinery 022 >uildin, 0"2 Dood6ill 0&2 1and 052 None o5 these ;.11 3rime $inister Ro=,ar YoBana is a sel5 employment pro,ram 5or 012 4he rural 6omen 022 4he urban poor 0"2 4he uneducated under employed youth 0&2 4he educated unemployed youth 052 None o5 these. ;.12 De8aluation o5 currency results in 012 Increased e(port and import 022 4rade de5icit 0"2 Increased e(port and impro8ement in .balance o5 payment 0&2 Increased import F 5orei,n reser8e de5iciency 052 None o5 these

Answers wit& E0/lanationF

1. 0&2 !urrency s6ap is used to mana,e cash 5lo6 in di55erent currencies. 2. 0&2 >randin, is related 6ith mar/etin,. ". 012 4ar,eted Dro6th rate is :&5G in 12th %i8e year plan. &. 0&2 Debtors is bene5itted the most durin, in5lation period. 5. 0"2 Dilt T 'd,ed mar/et means mar/et o5 Do8ernment *ecurities. 6. 0&2 'le8enth %i8e Year 3lan aim is De8elopment o5 Rural India. -. 012 4he Allahabad >an/ established in 1)65 is the oldest Joint stoc/ ban/ in India. ). 022 $icro credit is the e(tension o5 8ery small loans 0micro loans2 to those in po8erty desi,ned to spur entrepreneurship. :. 0&2 A unit7lin/ed insurance plan 0?1I32 is a type o5 li5e insurance 6here the cash 8alue o5 a policy 8aries accordin, to the current net asset 8alue o5 the underlyin, in8estment assets. 1#. 0"2 Dood6ill is an intan,ible asset

11. 0&2 3rime $inister Ro=,ar YoBana 5or pro8idin, sel5 employment to educated unemployed youth 6as announced by the 3rime $inister on 15th Au,ust 1::". 12. 0"2 !urrency de8aluation ta/es place 6hen one country's currency reduced in 8alue in comparison to other currencies.