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Destroying Nature by ‘Electrosmog’

Ulrich Warnke

Effects of Wireless Communication Technologies

A Brochure Series by the
Competence Initiative for the Protection of Humanity,
Environment and Democracy

Brochure 1
Effects of Wireless Communication Technologies
A Brochure Series by the Competence Initiative for the Protection of Humanity, En-
vironment and Democracy Brochure 1

Published by Prof. Dr. med. Karl Hecht, Dr. med. Markus Kern, Prof. Dr. phil. Karl
Richter, and Dr. med. Hans-Christoph Scheiner

Advisory Board:

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Klaus Buchner

Prof. Dr. med. Rainer Frentzel-Beyme
Dr. rer. nat. Lebrecht von Klitzing
Prof. Dr. phil. Jochen Schmidt
Prof. Dr. jur. Erich Schöndorf
Dr. rer. nat. Ulrich Warnke
Prof. Dr. med. Guido Zimmer

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Kempten, 1st edition November 2007, ISBN: 978-3-00-023124-7
English Edition March 2009
Destroying Nature by ‘Electrosmog’
Translation by Marlies von Lüttichau*

Ulrich Warnke

Preamble by the publishers 4

Author’s introduction 6

1. The organisation of life

underlying its vulnerability 8

2. About the disappearing bees

and birds 12

3. Mechanisms of disorientation
and damage 14

4. Humans suffer functionality

disorders 34

5. Summary 40

Scientific literature 41

Glossary (GL) 45

Project supported by E.Oppenheimer & Son

and the Diamond Route (<http://www.dia->):

* Kentum Translators, South Africa, <>


For different protection of mankind,

environment and democracy
Preamble by the publishers at the launch of the series of papers: Effects of Wireless
Communication Technologies

The bio-scientist Ulrich Warnke is mo- ( The report of environment and consumer protec-
re familiar with nature’s electroma- evaluates the present limiting values tion. Only that which does not serio-
gnetic housekeeping than most. In this as a useless edifice, protecting nobody. usly endanger common commercial
paper, he shows how wise and sensiti- Based on this, the European Environ- interests is noted and supported. The
ve nature was about using electrical ment Agency (EEA), the top scientific rights of the citizen to protection and
and magnetic fields in the creation of environment authority of the EU, has the suffering of the people are flatly
life. But he can for this reason also warned of the possibility of looming ignored. Those with political responsi-
convincingly criticise the present foo- environmental disasters following the bility have apparently still not realised
lish and irresponsible interference in increasing density of electromagnetic that their negligent handling of the
nature’s house-keeping. It is clear from fields. And the coordinator of the Eu- obligation to take precautions has
his paper that the powers that be in ropean Reflex project, Prof. Franz long since been proven to be one of
politics, the economy and science are Adlkofer, has informed the public on the main causes of past environmental
in the process of destroying what na- the new research results, proving the disasters and scandals.4
ture has built up over millions of ye- high degree of gene-toxicity of UMTS
ars. The traces of this destruction have radiation. As a result of their quarrel with poli-
long been evident in our living envi- tics of carelessness, an interdisciplina-
ronment. The paper shows, however, The public is little aware of these risks ry association of scientists and
how short-sightedly we are treating because they are hardly addressed in physicians founded the Competence
not only our health and the economy, the “enlightenment” provided by offi- Initiative for the Protection of Man-
but especially also future generations’ cialdom and industry. The public is gi- kind, Environment and Democracy in
right to life.1 All of the above is docu- ven the assurance that they are well- May 2007 (www.kompetenzinitiati-
mented not as probabilities but based protected by the limits and the com- This paper is the first in a new
on reproducible effects. This should gi- pliance-assuring measurements and scientific series. The reported results
ve pause also to those who regularly that UMTS radiation is as harmless as are intended as a correction to trivia-
justify their actions with the argument GSM radiation – more antennae in re- lising “enlightenment” that does not
that they are unaware of any proof of sidential areas are recommended in protect, but endangers. The series in-
damage. principle.2 And whilst Ulrich Warnke tends to maintain a high level of tech-
demonstrates how vulnerable man and nical information, without being
Under the term “radio communicati- environment are, we are told that we unreadable to the interested layman.
on”, we combine all wireless commu- are more robustly organised than our
nication technology, increasingly floo- machines.3 The original “radiation pro- Placing economic interests above cul-
ding our residential zones and the en- tection” has deteriorated to the pro- ture and morality has contributed si-
vironment with electromagnetic fields. tection of commercial interests. gnificantly to turning Germany into a
A recent, comprehensive research re- country of declining education. As the
port by the BioInitiative Working The involvement of government in in- journalist Hans Leyendecker so tellin-
Group, a consortium of renowned in- dustry and the high percentage of in- gly describes in his book Die große
ternational scientists, shows how ma- dustry-financed research and indu- Gier5, it started Germany too on a new
ny of the damaging effects of such stry-beholden panels and consultants, career on the ladder of corruption.
fields have already been proven have spawned a questionable system There is nothing that the business lo-

1 On injury to the health of children and the youth refer also to the collection published by Heike-Solweig Bleuel “Generation Handy... grenzenlos im
Netz verführt”, St. Ingbert 2007.
2 Quoting scientists of the Jacobs University Bremen-Grohn under Prof. Alexander Lerchl: “UMTS doch nicht schädlicher als GSM”,,

2.7.2007, and A. Lerchl at a presentation in Ritterhude acc. to a newspaper report of the Osterholzer Kreisblatt dated 16.6.2007: “More radio masts in
the centre of town". Professor Lerchl appeals to all communities not to spend further tax money on mobile radio studies
cation Germany needs more, he con- on Human Rights. To base your actions
cludes, than “new ethics”. But this al- affecting millions of your protégés on
so requires a different perception of a half truth, at best, appears to us a
progress. Whether we can watch TV political crime affecting health and
via our mobile telephone, is irrelevant the future – considering the state of
to our future. Our future will depend our knowledge.
on whether we can return to more hu- Religious and ethical cultures still pro-
man, social and ethical values again in fess to the mandate of conserving
the shaping of our lives and our rela- creation. But its actual treatment is
tionship with nature. guided by the pseudo culture of a new
class of masters who ruthlessly exploit
Everyone who thinks beyond today and and manipulate the organisation, fi-
who inquires about what it means to nally destroying it.
be human is, in our opinion, called
upon to contribute to this future: po- We thank the E. Oppenheimer & Son
liticians guided by values rather than (South Africa) and the Diamond Route
economical and tactical election issu- for having financed this translation.
es; scientists and doctors more often
remembering their obligation to the Prof. Dr. Karl Hecht
wellbeing of society and mankind; Dr. med. Markus Kern
companies understanding, also in Ger- Prof. Dr. Karl Richter
many, that profit and morality must be Dr. med. Hans-Christoph Scheiner
in harmony if they wish to remain suc-
cessful in the long term.

But what we need above all is critical

citizens, who can spot the difference
between technical progress and con-
sumer foolishness: Citizens who, in
both their roles as voters and consu-
mers, remember that democracy once
meant rule of the people, not
ruling the people.

The dramatic escalation of recorded

degradation challenges those with po-
litical responsibility to take to heart
the protection directives of the consti-
tution and the European Convention

3 Statement at the end of a brochure: Mobilfunk und Funkwellen: Information, Fakten, Antworten; published by the Saarland Department of Justice,
Health and Social matters, Saarbrucken 2005 (copy of a brochure of the LfU Baden-Wurtemberg).
4 Compare the paper published by the European Environmental Agency and its German translation published by the Federal environmental office: “Spä-

te Lehren aus frühen Warnungen: Das Vorsorgeprinzip 1896-2000”, Copenhagen and Berlin 2004.
5 “Die große Gier. Korruption, Kartelle, Lustreisen: Warum unsere Wirtschaft eine neue Moral braucht”; Berlin 2007. 5

Electromagnetic fields
as prerequisite and
hazard to life
Author´s introduction to this paper

The question of causal effects and bio- nomena actually have a common trig-
logical relevance of electrical and ma- ger, however. Man-made technology We are, however, not only affected
gnetic parameters is generally posed created magnetic, electrical and elec- by the economic consequences of
without simultaneous reference to tromagnetic transmitters which fun- our actions. It can also be proven
their relevance to life’s organisation. damentally changed the natural elec- that the mechanisms evidently af-
These questions cannot, however, be tromagnetic energies and forces on fecting birds and bees are also af-
considered in isolation of each other. earth’s surface – radically changing fecting the human organism. An
What role have the electrical and ma- million-year-old pivotal controlling all-round unnatural radiation with
gnetic fields played in the evolution of factors in biological evolution. an unprecedented power density
life on earth? What role are they play- (GL) is also harming human health
ing in the individual development and This destruction of the foundations of in a novel way.
physiological capacities of an organ- life has already wiped out many spe-
ism? Whoever investigates these que- cies for ever. Since this extinction of But, unless mankind reminds itself
stions must sooner or later conclude: species mostly affected ecological ni- of the basics of its existence and
Not only did the electrical and magne- ches and hardly ever own life, most of unless the politicians in charge put
tic fields of our planet exist before all us were not interested. But now, the a stop to the present development,
life, but they have had a decisive hand endangerment of animals is also the damage to health and econo-
in the evolution of the species – in threatening the survival of man in a mic fundamentals is predictable
water, on land and in the near-earth new and unexpected way. and will fully manifest itself not
atmosphere. Living creatures adapted now, but in the next generation.
to it in the development of their kind. Animals that depend on the natural
electrical, magnetic and electroma- The reasons for this are explained
Biological experience teaches us that gnetic fields for their orientation and in this paper. It endeavours to
life will use the energy pool in which it navigation through earth’s atmosphe- quantify natural electrical and ma-
finds itself to its best advantage. Ad- re are confused by the much stronger gnetic signals provided to men and
vantageous not only because the ab- and constantly changing artificial animals as guiding signals throug-
sorbed energy is a carrier of fields created by technology and fail hout evolution. The paper, however,
information, useful for orientation in to navigate back to their home envi- places particular emphasis on what
the environment (see glossary; herein- ronments. Most people would proba- happens when these natural signal
after GL). But advantageous also be- bly shrug this off, but it affects among amplitudes are suppressed,
cause the organism developed to make other one of the most important insect changed and distorted on an un-
use of gravitational and electroma- species: the honeybee. precedented scale by technically
gnetic interactions, creating decisive Because the bee happens to be the in- generated artificial fields. Mankind
functionalities of life. The biological dispensable prerequisite for fructifica- can only take successful counter-
system expresses itself just as the en- tion: without bees, the fruit, vegetable measures if the damage mecha-
vironment does and unity and coordi- and agricultural crops will fall short. nisms are understood.
nation with its environment is its
guiding principle.

But if bees and other insects disappe-

ar, if birds are no longer present in
their traditional territories and hu-
mans suffer from inexplicable functio-
nal deficiencies, then each on its own
may appear puzzling at first. The ap-
parently unrelated and puzzling phe-
The following analyses are intended to
remain readable also for interested
laymen. This approach has its limits
where experimental fundamentals or
specific technical descriptions must be
included. The following text therefore
offers three options for reading. In its
totality, it is intended for readers with
a scientific background. It has, howe-
ver, also the interested layman in
mind, by allowing him to skip identi-
fied parts containing specific techni-
cal justification and arguments. And
the parts against a coloured back-
ground are intended as a first over-

I thank Prof. Dr. Karl Richter for the

editorial supervision of the paper and
Dipl.-Met. Walter Sönning, medical
meteorologist, for his technical com-
If all the functions bees perform for natural life and its preservation are observed holistically,
ments on the sferics question and the their importance cannot be overstated. Without the bees, we humans will also suffer major
compilation of a glossary for the in- deficiencies.
terested layman.

The organisation of life underlying its vulnerability

1. The organisation of life underlying

its vulnerability
1.1 We should have known med. The forces generated from these
long ago energies control nerve cell membranes the field lines and their temporal
and protein structures such as enzy- variation.
The relationship between life and the mes – creating patterns, images and Every location, together with other
physical parameters of earth’s surface impressions that we call experience. physical information, has a specific
and atmosphere have been known for Sensory organs are organs functioning identifiable pattern. The sensitive
many decades. Those responsible the- as frequency analysers (GL), informa- reception apparatus of animals use
refore had the opportunity long ago to tion amplifiers (GL) with gains up to a the magnetic field information for
question to what extent the excesses million, sometimes including contrast orientation and navigation, among
of technically created electrical and enhancement and noise suppression. other (WARNKE, 2006).
magnetic fields might have the poten- Eyes, ears, sense of smell, taste, sensi-
tial to destroy nature’s housekeeping. tivity of touch, light, warmth, chemi-
cal, electrical, magnetic and pain
There are only two types of energy ca- receptors. The living world perceives 1.1.1 Magnetic fields as global
pable of transmitting information over stimuli such as light (including ultra- parameter for space and time orien-
great distances: electromagnetic and violet and infrared), sound (including tation of all life
gravitational energy. Any forces acting ultrasound and infrasound), electrical To the best of our present knowledge,
beyond the boundaries of an atom can fields and currents, magnetic fields biological organisms depend less on
be traced back to these two energies; and also smells and water currents. static magnetic fields than on the very
ultimately they have an infinite reach. And the sensory performance of ani- important intensity variations of suffi-
Both energies are universally present mals is often comparable to our tech- ciently high frequency. If we take a
and can be modulated in many ways nical measurement apparatus, some- closer look at such variations, the
(GL). This is true, for instance for light, times even far superior. Physiologists earth’s magnetic field cannot be con-
the earth’s magnetic field, cloud char- can prove this by some astounding sidered in isolation. Other magnetic
ges, atmospheric electric fields and numbers: Snakes, for instance, can fields must also be included in the
changes in atmospheric pressure. To- sense temperature variations of a analysis: such as the ionospheric field,
gether with atmospheric moisture and thousandth of a degree centigrade; for instance, and the field of the Van
olfactory particles, they are recognised long-horned grasshoppers and cock- Allen belt – a radiation belt of very
as orientation aids to mobile organ- roaches can register mechanical sur- high intensity with rotational symme-
isms. face vibrations with amplitudes (GL) try around the magnetic axis and mir-
down to 1/25th of the diameter of a ror symmetry around the magnetic
In the natural environment, there are hydrogen atom. equator around the earth. Both the io-
“oscillating” electromagnetic fields of nosphere and the Van Allen belt are
many orders of magnitude and with held together by earth’s magnetic
frequencies ranging over a virtually field. The protons and electrons cap-
unlimited spectrum covering many tured from the cosmic radiation or the
frequency decades. They manifest solar wind (= stream of ionised parti-
themselves as a continuous and enor- cles emanating from the sun) by
mous “hiss” – like an unlimited ocean, earth’s magnetic field, create a pro-
the surface of which is agitated by tective shield for all life on earth – the
waves of any imaginable amplitude The high “intelligence of the sy- Van Allen radiation belt.
and extent. Nature has created senses stems” is particularly obvious, ho-
that filter out very specific frequencies wever, with orientation, navigation The external magnetic fields act as
and intensities from this ocean of wa- and early warning systems. In this moderators (GL) on the earth’s magne-
ves, analyse them and convert them to regard, the earth’s magnetic field tic field. They exhibit both a pronoun-
forces. These filtered frequencies iden- has an important role to play. The ced solar and also a lunar (moon-
tify a specific sphere of life for speci- local geographic position and time dependent) diurnal variation. The rea-
fic life forms. of day can be established from the son for the solar-induced variation lies
Only those energies that are important density, direction and inclination of in the diurnal warming of the atmo-
to the life of an animal are transfor- sphere through solar radiation. This is
accompanied by horizontal eddy cur- lines, travel far into space and return to earth along
rents with amplitudes up to 90 000 the opposite magnetic field lines. They are reflec-
ted at the ground and the waves travel the same
Ampere in the ionosphere, that gene-
way again and again until their energy is dissipa-
rate magnetic fields again. These dai- ted. The higher frequencies are propagated so-
ly variations also have a pronounced mewhat faster than the lower ones. If this process
annual cycle. is made audible through an amplifier, a whistling
noise is heard, continuously decreasing in fre-
quency down to a hum, as in a switched-off siren,
The moon-dependent variations are
but much faster, typically for approx. 1/3 of a se-
furthermore only evident during the cond. This phenomenon was therefore called
day. These are also generated by elec- “Whistler”.
trical currents at about 100 km altitu-
induction B~1µT) are triggered by the magnetic
de, but they have current amplitudes The so-called earth-magnetic storms (magnetic
of “only” 10 000 Ampere. These eddy
shock waves escaping from the solar flare region
currents cannot be explained by tem- at 2000 km/sec and still have a speed of 100
perature gradients as with the solar km/sec as they reach earth. This induces unusual-
effects, but they are influenced by the ly high currents in the earth’s magnetic field, which
gravitational remote action of the in turn change the earth’s magnetic field and ge-
nerate secondary currents. Such currents manifest
moon. The earth’s atmosphere is
themselves in long conductive paths such as pipe-
rocked to and fro inside the earth’s lines, transmission lines etc. and routinely cause
magnetic field in the rhythm of the ti- technical headaches.
des, inducing electrical currents in the
ionised layers of the upper atmosphe- The most important parameters, constant over mil-

µT (geomagnetic equator); resultant diurnal varia-

lions of years, are: earth’s static magnetic field: 31 Fig. 1 Top: The “midnight phenome-
re where the conductivity is high non”. The activity of the electromagne-
through the presence of the negative- tion of the earth’s field: 60 nT; magnetic storms: tic impulses (shown on 5 different
ly and positively charged particles 500 nT; sferics field strengths: 0.25 – 3.6 pT per days) abruptly ends at midnight.
Ref. Hans Baumer: (1987) Sferics. Die Entdeckung der
(ions). It appears that the conductivi- √Hz. Wetterstrahlung. Rowohlt, Hamburg
ty of the ionosphere is too low at night
The natural high frequency radiation sources have
to maintain induction processes (GL) – Bottom: Our original recorded activity
far less energy than the technically generated cycles of 20 caged bees in a laboratory
due to reduced ion densities (WARN- transmission powers and energies. This is a pre- experiment. The vertical axis (ordinate)
KE 1993). condition for transmission of news and communi- shows the total electrical field arising
cation. from the electrostatic charging of the
Within the realm of the conventional variations of wings. It is clear that the bees suddenly
up to 300 GHz is 600-800 µ W/m2 at the earth’s
The integrated power density over all frequencies all come to rest at midnight.
the magnetic field that have been explained so far,
Acc. to Warnke (1982), published in Baumer’s book (1987)
electromagnetic oscillations that occur in mainly
radiation is about 0.1 µW/m2, escalating to seve-
surface. The power density of the microwave solar
two frequency bands also deserve to be mentioned:
ral 100 µW/m2 during solar flares.
10 Hz and 10-25 kHz. On the one hand, there is a
resonating electromagnetic oscillation between
earth and ionosphere in the 10 Hz region (Schu-
mann resonance, 7.83 Hz) and on the other, thun-
derstorm activities on earth constantly reinforce
certain electro-magnetic oscillations. The domi-
nant frequency of approximately 10 kHz genera-
ted by vertical lightning flashes corresponds to a
transmitter dipole of cloud-to-earth length, whilst
horizontal cloud-to-cloud lighting generates
about 20 kHz.

These characteristics may be exploited for the de-

sign of thunderstorm warning apparatus. Our de-
vice measures the thunderstorm activity in a range
of at least 800 km and simultaneously also the ac-
tivity within a range of 200 km. Under favourable
conditions, we can therefore register thunder-
storms over the Mediterranean from our location
in Saarbrücken.

Lightning also simultaneously generates very low

frequency electromagnetic oscillations. Under cer-
tain conditions, these oscillations are all guided
through the ionosphere along the magnetic filed 8
The organisation of life underlying its vulnerability

1.1.2 Examples of the utilisa- sludge of the oceans utilise the in- ous system. There are also correla-
tion of earth’s magnetic field tensity of the earth’s magnetic field tions between activities in earth’s
parameters for orientation. Magnetite crystals magnetic field and sleep-affecting
(Fe304) in their bodies form a chain factors, circadian rhythms (HECHT
For a period of millions to a billion ye- of “compass needles” creating a 2005, 2006, 2007), enzyme conver-
ars, life on earth had the time in the magnetic moment that the bacteria sion and hormone production in the
evolution of the species to adapt to align against the thermal move- central nervous system, the vitamin
the magnetic and electromagnetic ment of the water molecules. (The level in the blood serum, the ave-
conditions of their environment. They earth’s magnetic field applies an rage skin temperature, vision in
learned to use the natural magnetic energy of 1.4 x 10-18 J (GL) to the half-light and iron content in the
field parameters also as conveyors or bacteria – 200 times greater than blood serum.
carriers of a diversity of information: the energy of the thermal move-
- The geographic location can be ment at 22°C). All the examples support the existen-
established by the density of the - Fish navigate in the earth’s magne- ce and the vital control functions of
field lines, their direction and va- tic field. When sharks and stingrays, biologically active magnetic and elec-
riation in time. for instance, move in earth’s ma- tromagnetic fields with a specific fre-
- Time of day and annual seasons can gnetic field, they experience indu- quency structure and corresponding
be deciphered in the daily, lunar ced electrical fields of varying information content, “arranged” to
and solar periodic magnetic signals. strength. The field strength is a suit biological systems.
- Frontal weather systems and air function of the direction of move-
mass movements transmit charac- ment relative to the direction of the They are characterised by, among other:
teristic electromagnetic signals, the magnetic field. Local physical wa- - specific flux densities and gradients (“ampli-
so-called sferics. These are short ter currents also generate directi- tude windows”), i.e. weak fields may have a
oscillations comprising just a few on-dependent electrical fields that greater effect than strong fields,
cycles (= impulses) in the range can be detected. The sensory organ - specific impulse frequencies and impulse se-
between approx. 3 kHz and 60 kHz for electrical fields is highly sensitive. quences (“frequency window”),
(= very low frequency) with a repe- (So-called Lorenzian ampoules re- - specific impulse shapes and a certain comple-
tition frequency of up to 100/sec or sponding to voltage gradients of xity of the impulse spectrum,
more, depending on the intensity less than 0.1 microvolt/m). - specific vector characteristics with respect to
and type of atmospheric processes. - Compass termites (Amitermes) the body,
build their metre-high mounds in a - minimum effective duration of coherency and
The biosphere at the earth’s surface is north-south direction. With other specific co-factors, e.g. light.
in contact with the electromagnetic termites and the woodlouse, the
fields of the universe via two narrow feeding activity is subject to natu- Life forms, even of the same species, may be qui-
frequency windows through the atmo- ral magnetic alternating fields (sfe- te differently organised, but coordinated in a col-
sphere. One of these windows is in the rics) and the earth’s magnetic field. lective or social group (fish shoals and flocks of
narrow medium to long wavelength - Bees make use of the earth’s ma- birds). In an isolated form of life, the instantane-
UV radiation region, including the vi- gnetic field and its daily fluctuati- ous interaction with its environment is therefo-
sible light spectrum and the near ons for their orientation and com- re exceedingly varied. Reproducible magneto
(short wave) infrared radiation (avera- munication. They also gain infor- experiments in or between individuals are there-
ge 1milliwatt/m2); another window is mation on weather developments fore unlikely in the case of complex organisms,
in the high frequency radiation region through the natural impulse signals including humans; the specific metabolism pa-
at wavelengths of 0.1 to 100 m (ave- in the atmosphere, i.e. the sferics rameters are, for instance, also too varied. None
rage 1 nanowatt/m2 up to 1 milli- already mentioned above. of these parameters can be kept as constant as
watt/m2 (GL) during solar flares). - Whales can sense the magnetic required for reproducibility. “Proof”, in the sense
field of the earth. of classical scientific criteria, is therefore illuso-
Effects of the earth’s field and of its - Carrier pigeons are affected by va- ry.
compensation or effects of weak arti- riations in the earth’s magnetic
ficial fields have been detected in life field down to flux densities in the 1.1.3 Technical wireless com-
at all levels of development: with bac- nano-Tesla region. munication is only possible be-
teria, single and multi-cellular algae, - Migratory birds have a mechanism cause the transmission is
higher plants, protozoa, flatworms, in- acting like a compass. stronger than the natural
sects, snails and vertebrates: - Humans react to atmospheric alter- high-frequency radiation
nating electromagnetic fields bet-
- Magneto bacteria (Aquaspirillum ween 10 and 50 kHz through va- Technical wireless communication such
magnetotacticum) in the bottom rious symptoms of the central nerv- as mobile radio, radio, TV and satellite
communication is only possible becau- about 10 000 µW/m2. The power gene-
se the power density of the utilised rated by our internal electromagnetic Biological systems are obviously

(wavelengths around 3 – 10 µm), corre-

technical high frequency spectrum far oscillations, that we describe as heat very sensitive in their reaction to
exceeds that of natural radiation. Na- microwave fields. For instance, Be-
tural radiation at the surface of the sponds approximately to that of a 100 lyaev et al, 1996, reported reso-
earth in the 300 MHz to 300 GHz ran- Watt globe. nance effects on the DNA structure

watt/m2 (=0.001 µW/m2); today’s 0.000001 µW/m2 in the 40 – 50

ge is approximately 0.001 micro- at extremely low power densities of
To understand the natural oscillation of

vel in cities is 10 000 µW/m2. And the

typical technically created radiation le- our functional molecules (enzymes and GHz frequency range. This surpri-
other proteins, nucleic acids, hormones sing result must still be confirmed

up to 4.5 million µW/m2 for the D-grid,

legal German limits even allow values and many more) it is important to rea- by other working groups. Neverthe-

up to 9 million µW/m2 for the E-grid

lise that what we generally describe as less, it must be stated that: The ul-

and up to 9.8 million µW/m2 for UMTS.

"chemistry" is actually pure physics. All tra-weak, but biologically very
the bonds and their modulations effective natural electromagnetic
(changes) between atoms on the one fields are contrasting strangely
As we evolved, we were of course also hand and molecules on the other are with the technical radiation fields
exposed at times to strong static and based on physical phenomena. In this permitted in Germany. On recom-
low-frequency electrical fields (typical context, the electrostatic Coulomb for- mendation by the ICNIRP associa-
voltages: cloud electricity up to 10 000 ces (= force between different electri- tion (Munich), technical radiation

10 000 000 µW/m2 were legalised

V, volcano electricity up to 20 000 V, cal charges) and the electromagnetic fields up to power densities of
lightning 500 000 V, sferics 10 V), in force (e.g. van der Waal force = force
addition to constant static and low- between dipoles with different mo- – still considered as harmless by
frequency magnetic fields (earth’s field, ments and fast oscillations) are promi- the experts. The population, ani-
lonospheric field, cosmic field, light- nent. DNA and all the enzymes, for mals and plants may therefore be
ning). But there were never fields as instance, can only carry out their legally subjected to radiation in the
constant and with as many superposi- functions through their natural elec- critical frequency spectrum that is
tions of different frequencies from dif- tromagnetic oscillations. more than 10 orders of magnitude
ferent sources as we are now higher than the natural fields.
generating with our technology. Resonances are of particular importan-
ce here. Chain molecules, for instance,
1.1.4 Radiation by organisms can be excited to so-called wring-re-
themselves could be established sonances by high-frequency electro-
in the evolution, because there magnetic fields. Proteins exhibit such But organisms are not only sensitive to
was no interference by continu- natural resonances in the range of 1 – high frequencies; the following exam-
ously changing external radiati- 10 GHz; DNA resonates at 10 MHz to ples show that very high sensitivities
on 10 GHz. Both of these therefore fall in- evolved also in the low frequency ran-
The same high frequency radiation that to the spectrum of common mobile ra- ges.
technology utilises for communication dio frequencies.
is also copiously generated inside our Wring frequencies (modes) cause wrin-
bodies. The body also requires it for ging of the molecular chains that di-
communication purposes: for biologi- rectly affect the structure of the
cal communication through functional individual molecules. The structure of
oscillation of our molecules. the molecules (conformance and confi-
Provided there is no interfering exter- guration) is essential, however, for their
nal radiation, the body can utilise its specific functionality. Even minor dis-
built-in frequencies for its internal or- placements render the molecule use-
ganisation. less. The chains may even break apart
under energetic external influences.
The body internally radiates frequen-
cies in the 1 to 1 000 gigahertz (GHz)

µW/m2, i.e. lower than those of avera-

range at power densities of about 0.1

ge solar radiation. If we add up the to-

tal range of high frequencies (HF and
VHF) present within our organism, we
arrive at natural power densities of 10
About the disappearing bees and birds

2. About the disappearing bees

and birds
2.1 The bees as evolutionary What is completely unusual, however,
force and indispensable eco- But if we aggregate all the functi- is the statement by the president of
nomic factor ons the bees are performing for na- the DBIB (German Federation of Occu-
ture’s life and the preservation pational and Purchasing Beekeepers),
Honeybees existed on earth from thereof, their significance can Manfred Hederer, in the Deutschland-
about 40 million years ago; a “primal” hardly be overestimated. Their in- radio Kultur, on the Federal territory:
honeybee encased in amber was found dustry cannot be substituted either “The beehives are empty.” He paints a
on the coast of the Baltic Sea. Man by other insects or by technical picture of bee colonies reduced by
soon realised the usefulness of ani- measures. If the bees should disap- 25% - in some cases even 80% (Spie-
mals. And we know today that the pear, we humans will also suffer gel 12/2007).
enormous development of earth’s ve- major deficiencies.
getation, comprising about 200 000 In 2006, the Swiss federal research in-
species of a variety of flowering stitute for production animals and dai-
plants, is based on animals. Because ry farming, Agroscope, (Federal office
about 85% of these flowers are polli- for agriculture), reported that also all
nated mainly by bees and propagate 2.2 No chance of survival: of Switzerland was affected by bee de-
through the formation of fruit and ,Colony Collapse Disorder’ aths, to a regionally more or less seve-
seeds. CCD re degree (Zürichseezeitung, 5. May
2006). Roughly 30 percent of the bees
Since also fruit trees (such as cherry, In some countries there are reports of were lost without a trace after winter
apple, pear and plum) and agricultural mysteriously dying bees. It appears as – about half a billion animals in this
crops (such as rap, sunflower, red clo- if the losses are at their worst in the year alone (http://www.heute-online.
ver, lucerne, horse bean as well as ve- northern American states and in ch/wissen/play/artikel 60601).
getables such as tomato, cucumber, neighbouring Canada. 25% to 50% of
pumpkin) fall under these, it is not dif- the American bee-keepers report los- Beekeepers from Styria are also repor-
ficult to understand that bees are one ses through “Colony Collapse Disorder” ting a mysterious disappearance of
of mankind’s most important produc- (New Scientist, 2007). They reported bees. Beekeepers in Vienna estimate a
tion animals. 50% to 90% of their bees to have dis- 30% loss. They agree on the following:
appeared within the previous 6 “The bees are not developing properly
In central Europe the commercial be- months, and the remaining bee colo- anymore. They do survive the winter,
nefit of bees is estimated at 4 billion nies were said to be so weak they can but in spring they disappear as if by
euros per annum, in the US it is esti- produce hardly any honey (CNN, magic. The hives are simply empty.”
mated at over 15 billion dollars. These 2007). (This according to beekeeper Hermann
figures are from the New York Times. It Elsasser of Fladnitz in the Raab valley;
quotes estimates by Cornell University, But unusual losses are also reported in
New York State. This included the pol- Germany, Switzerland, Austria, South ries/184609/). Only the brood remains
lination of fruit and vegetable plants, Tyrol, Spain, Poland and New Zealand. in the hives, and without the care of
almond trees and fodder such as clo- In Germany, for instance, the beekee- the older bees, they will die.
ver. That said, however, even the global per associations last winter recorded a
honey production of 25 000 tons per loss of about 13% in over 7 000 bee Ferdinand Ruzicka, scientist and bee-
annum is an important economic fac- colonies - double the previous year’s keeper himself, reports: “I observed a
tor already. figure ( pronounced restlessness in my bee co-
index.html). In accordance with a re- lonies (initially about 40) and a greatly
port in the Stern magazine edition increased urge to swarm. As a frame-
34/2007, German bee monitoring did hive beekeeper, I use a so-called high
not confirm this number, only ack- floor, the bees did not build their combs
nowledging an average loss of just on in this space in the manner prescribed
8%. A 10% loss over the winter by the frames, but in random fashion.
months is not regarded as unusual. In the summer, bee colonies collapsed
without obvious cause. In the winter, I
observed that the bees went foraging
despite snow and temperatures below
zero and died of cold next to the hive.
Colonies that exhibited this behaviour
collapsed, even though they were
strong, healthy colonies with active
queens before winter. They were provi-
ded with adequate additional food and
the available pollen was more than
adequate in autumn. The problems on-
ly materialised from the time that se-
veral transmitters were erected in the
immediate vicinity of my beehives"
(RUZICKA, 2003).

Ruzicka organised a survey through

About 85% of these flowers are pollinated mainly by bees and propagate through the formati-
the magazine Der Bienenvater on of fruit and seeds. We have the utility of animals to thank for the enormous development of
(2003/9): earth’s vegetation, comprising about 200 000 species of a variety of flowering plants.
- Is there a mobile radio antenna wit-
hin 300 m of your beehives? - This
was confirmed in 20 replies (100%).
- Are you observing increased aggres-
siveness of the bees compared to the that built their nests within a 200 me-
time before the transmitters were in 2.3 Some bird species are tre radius of base stations could not
operation? – 37.5% confirmed this. disappearing rear any chicks, remaining without
- Is there a greater tendency to offspring. The results improved at di-
swarm? – 25% confirmed. But not only are bees and other insects stances of 200 to 300 metres. From a
- Are colonies inexplicably collapsing? disappearing – birds as well. The hou- distance exceeding 300 m, the storks
- 65% confirmed. se sparrow, for instance, has become bred with a success rate of 96.7%. The
clearly scarcer in England and some electrical field strength at a distance
Such colony collapses, heralded by western European countries. An inve- of 200 metres averaged 2.36 ± 0.82
“angry” swarming of the bees, were al- stigation carried out between October V/m, and only 0.53 ± 0.82 V/m at 300
so reported in New Zealand (FIRSTEN- 2002 and May 2006 in Valladolid in metres. From their results, the authors
BERG, 2007). Spain, was launched to examine whet- concluded that the electrical fields of
her this decline in the sparrow popu- base stations are damaging to the re-
lation was related to electromagnetic production of the white stork (BAL-
radiation by mobile base stations. The MORI, 2005).
Other reasons possibly explaining result showed with a high decree of
the disappearance of the bees are statistical confidence that the number
also under discussion: Monocultu- of sparrows was reduced when the
res, pesticides, the Varroa mite, mi- electrical field strengths of the anten-
gratory beekeeping, dressed seed, nae exceeded certain values. (BALMO-
winters too severe, genetically mo- RI, HALLBERG, 2007).
dified plants. There is no doubt that
some problems can be attributed to A similar investigation was carried out
this. But the fairly sudden and in Belgium. The numbers of house
country-spanning appearance two sparrows were counted in the vicinity
to three years ago of the dying bees of several mobile radio base stations,
phenomenon cannot be convincin- during their breeding season. This con-
gly explained by any of the afore- firmed a significant relationship bet-
mentioned causes. Should the bees ween the electrical field strength in
simply be too weak or ill, they the 900 and 1 800 MHz bands and the
should also die in or near the hive. diminishing numbers of birds (EVERA-
But no ill bees were found in the ERT, BAUWENS, 2007).
research into this phenomenon.
It was noticed even earlier that storks 12
Mechanisms of disorientation and damage

3. Mechanisms of disorientation
and damage
3.1 Magnetic field sensitivity in and even 100 million in the brain It has been demonstrated that the birds’ magne-
the animal world
intensities between 43 µT and 56 µT – precise-
membrane. tic compass only functions in a certain range of

Birds, insects, fish and snails are assu- Because magnetite reacts about 10 ly in the range of the earth’s magnetic field in-
med to have a specific organ for sen- 000 000 times stronger to external tensity. After a three-day adaptation period the

ves in fields of 16 µT and 150 µT (SCHNEIDER et

sing magnetic forces. It is magnetic fields than normal dia- and animals could, however, also orientate themsel-
questionable, however, whether it is para-magnetic tissue, the transmission
always necessary to assume such a of information separate from the neu- al. 1992) – interpreted as an adaptation to the
specific magnetic sense. Electrical rons must be considered. Oscillating environment.
fields do not penetrate deep into living magnetite excited by ELF fields could,
organisms and currents follow only for instance, play a role in transport The platypus of Australia (Ornit-horhynchus
certain paths. A magnetic field, howe- channels or cell-interconnection anatinus) has the electrical receptors for detec-
ver, fully penetrates the organism, wit- channels, raising the possibility of in- ting its prey, in its bill. The receptors can sense
hout major changes. It is too terference by communication and ot- direct and alternating voltages in the range of 20
short-sighted to conclude from this her negative effects of technically mV and have a connection to the Trigeminus ner-
that such fields have no effect becau- created electro-/magneto-smog. ve. Fish with similar receptors use the acoustical
se they are not absorbed. To start off nerve for transmission of the electrical stimulus.
with, even weak magnetic fields in the This shows that evolution exploited the electri-
body are more energetic than strong It is easy to prove mechanically acting forces in cal and magnetic environment in different ways.
electrical fields. As such, the energy in insects subjected to relatively strong magnets. The Lorenzian ampoules of fish are capable of di-
earth’s magnetic field inside us is 10 Own experiments with bees and flies yielded the stinguishing between stimuli of magnetical or
000 times stronger than the strongest following results (WARNKE, not published): electrical origin (BROWN et al. 1978). It has not
possible electrical field in the atmo- - A newly captured swarm of bees is exceptio- been established whether the receptors of platy-
sphere (3 Megavolt/m; WEISS, 1991). nally sensitive to magnetic forces. If a magnet pus also have this capability. This question is of
Such penetrating forces as the quasi- with only a few mT field strengths is brought interest because ducks also have bill receptors.
static magnetic field and the low-fre- close to the swarm in a dark wooden hive, the Although these are specialised to react to me-
quency electromagnetic field do not entire swarm becomes excited. chanical stimuli, they are so sensitive that the
theoretically need an own amplifying - Captive bees assume a horizontal rest position mechanical Coulomb forces accompanying elec-
reception organ. Inside the organism, at night, aligned to an artificial magnetic field trical fields might well be detectable as well.
they can also directly couple into ag- of several mT in the environment.
gregates of orderly paramagnetic mo- - Dead bees, flies and a range of other insects When magnetic fields penetrate an organism,
lecules or into the electro-mechanical can be made to float on an electrostatically two fundamentally different aspects must be
(photon-phonon) code of the endoge- neutral water surface and in this condition an clarified:
nous information transmission and electrostatically neutral strong magnet can be 1. Is the organism merely subjected to a large in-
storage. used to attract them, drag them across the crease in energy - or
surface and in some cases repel them. 2. does the organism gain information?
Magnetite was found in all animals
that can navigate using their own In the laboratory, bees can sense not only the In various insect species we are aware of a time
compass, sometimes in the form of compass direction but also the intensity and the function based on magnetic field variations. In
ferritin-proteins (KIRSCHVINK et al. gradient of this magnetic field (SCHMITT et al. particular, the feeding habit of termites is corre-
1981). But it is also present in our 1993). It was found in a 1982 publication (KU- lated with the 27-day solar cycle (BECKER,
brains (KIRSCHVINK et al. 1992). And TERBACH et al. 1982) already that the magneti- 1973), and there is also an increased building ac-
it reinforces the external magnetic te found in bees is the source of this sensitivity tivity for a few days around new and full moon
fields in both cases. In the tissue of to magnetic fields, and this theory was recently in laboratory experiments – as it is with bees. It
birds, bees, fish and whales (WALKER checked and finally confirmed (HSU et al. 2007). is also known that termites show directional be-
et al. 1992), the magnetite concentra- We also found ferrite particles together with pol- haviour under the influence of extremely low
tion exceeds that in the human brain. len lodged in the bristles of the body surface; field strengths (BECKER 1976, 1979). Time trig-
Most areas of our brain nevertheless these might also be responsible for the above- gers via similar channels sensing sun and moon
contain about 5 million magnetite cry- mentioned magnetic moment. appears a reasonable assumption.
stals per gram
The changes to the circadian activity rhythm of cosmic physical fields in which the literature is cited in which an increased inci-
the house sparrow (Passer domesticus) can be magnetic field time and again played a dence of human death is described during un-
correlated with cyclical changes of the earth’s pivotal role. All experiments confirmed usual variations in the magnetic field.
magnetic field. The sparrow reacts down to 200 the existing relationships. They also all
nT in laboratory experiments. showed, however, that constant labo- 3.3 Birds as prototypes of ma-
ratory conditions are impossible in gnetic field orientation
Without doubt, light is the dominant timing me- practise, because cosmic influences
chanism of life. But also the earth’s magnetic change the magnetic component in This research shows that birds’ orien-
field is meanwhile recognised as a timing me- any normal room and cage, thereby af- tation by magnetic fields has been a
chanism. fecting the orientation behaviour of frequently discussed topic for decades.
the animals. Thanks to the thorough and meticu-
3.2 Bees and other small life lous work of a number of researchers
forms under investigation (WILTSCHKO, WALCOTT, MERBEL), it is
The experiments with Christmas beetles and ter- today beyond doubt that several spe-
Insects have many aids for their navi- mites may be termed spectacular. In accordance cies of birds sense the earth’s magne-
gation and orientation in space: sun- with the above literature, Christmas beetles not tic field and use it to establish their
light, also polarised (WARNKE, 1975), only determine their rest position by magnetic position during migration. As descri-
gravity, aromatic molecules, colour as and electrostatic fields, but also by interference bed for insects and snails, some spe-
electromagnetic oscillation in a speci- patterns of gravitational waves of terrestrial and cies of birds are also particularly
fic frequency range, variations in air cosmic matter. In the final analysis, the evidence sensitive to a range of magnetic field
pressure, occasionally also the degree points to the influence of a physical field or ra- strengths corresponding exactly to the
of ionisation of the air (ALTMANN et diation, varying in space and time in accordance earth’s magnetic field – the robin, for
al. 1971, WARNKE, 1976). Many spe- with an unknown programme, that is registered instance. When the field is attenuated
cies, however, cannot do without the through an unknown organ in the Christmas or amplified, the birds become disori-
magnetic field. beetle for an unknown purpose, but the existen- ented. Setting on a certain field range
ce of which physicists doubt because it cannot could, however, change through adap-
In this respect, bees are welcome ob- be measured by any instrument. The Christmas tation.
jects for experimentation. Because dif- beetle therefore becomes the instrument for
ferent modalities of their orientation measuring this unknown agent. The effect is of- The mechanism by which birds sense
are inseparably linked to the magnetic ten intimately coupled to that of the magnetic magnetic fields has meanwhile been
field of the earth and to electroma- fields (SCHNEIDER, 1974). The orientation at rest largely explained. An area with iron-
gnetic oscillations (LINDAUER and is based on the Christmas beetle choosing the containing tissue was discovered in
MARTIN 1968; HÜSING et al. 1959, position of least or most symmetrical stimuli the skull of pigeons. Strangely, only
SCHUA 1952, WARNKE, 1976). when awakening from the rigor of cold. Using in- one half of the skull contains material
terference patterns and models resonating with that is permanently magnetic. But op-
In our working group, we recorded the gravitational Earth-Sun waves, complex combi- posite to this, material was found that
directional behaviour of captive bees nations of dynamic stimuli were constructed, to is only very weakly permanently ma-
in an artificial field and during the which the Christmas beetle responded by gnetic. Measurements indicate ma-
night. A preference to assume rest po- changing its position (SCHNEIDER, 1972). gnetite inclusions - the same crystal
sitions with the body either parallel or that was found in bees, bacteria,
orthogonal to the field lines was evi- Also termites (Isoptera), whose feeding activity snails, whales and humans. The ma-
dent. and 02 consumption are important indicators, re- gnetite-containing tissue of the pige-
act to more than just magnetic components. ons is even supplied with nerve ends
They share this alignment reaction Their communication modes also include natu- that can sense the orientation changes
with other insects such as various ter- ral electromagnetic sferics impulse patterns, gra- signalled by the crystals (WARNKE,
mites (BECKER, 1963), diptera (BEKKER vitational influences and electrical fields. The 1993).
et al. 1964) and Drosophila (WEHNER statistical correlation between the feeding acti-
et al. 1970). vity of termites in the laboratory and the num- It could be demonstrated at the Zoo-
The behaviour of termites (BEKKER, ber of deaths in Berlin is described in detail; the logical institute of the University of
1963) was studied particularly intensi- consequences of this are as yet unfathomable. Frankfurt/Main that the top half of the
vely in Germany, that of the Christmas There is an increased frequency of human deaths pigeon’s bill has three magnetite-con-
beetle (SCHNEIDER, 1961, 1963) in on the days on which termites feed less. taining bodies, with a neuron ending
Switzerland and that of insects, The authors point to the magnetic field of the at each of these. They constitute a
worms, snails, snakes and other small earth and its variation with solar influences as three-channel system enabling the
creatures in the USA. The investigati- the common factor linking the apparently un- brain to construct a spatial picture of
ons concentrated on the influence of connected facts. Further down, other and earlier the surrounding magnetic field the pi- 14
Mechanisms of disorientation and damage

geon can use to orientate itself in gions where warm or cold fronts mix, spheric electrical propagation conditions, these
flight (source: TV programme Planet thermodynamically driven turbulent EMP’s are dampened at a distance of 60 to 100
Wissen in BR on 18.09.2007 at 16.15 air currents with vertical and horizon- km from the source to lower frequency sinusoidal
on carrier pigeons. Reference by W. tal components are created. This is in Fourier components with a continuous spectrum
Sönning). essence where the abovementioned between approx. 3 kHz and 60 kHz. True to their
natural electro-magnetic impulse ra- origin in an impulse discharge, these “impulses”
Birds also have magnetite in the edge diation of the atmosphere, also known have waveshapes of a few oscillations with ra-
of the bill. In addition, light and ma- as sferics, is created. Many life forms pidly decaying amplitudes from a maximum
gnetic fields result in an increase of such as insects, frogs, birds and vario- down to zero. Particularly well-defined impulse
certain free radicals in the eye, the us mammals react to this meteorolo- shapes in the total collection of atmospheric im-
concentration of which can obviously gically based impulse activity in the pulses convey, through their resonating sinusoi-
be accurately registered by the ani- atmosphere. By receiving and frequen- dal oscillations at certain frequencies and also in
mals (WARNKE, 1995). This relations- cy-analysing these “weather code” si- the subsequent impulse frequencies up to 100
hip will be dealt with again further on. gnals of changes in the weather or Hz, the meteorological information on their ori-
approaching thunder-storms, they can gin and propagation conditions – like a kind of
3.4 Animals with a navigation then dive for cover or fly around the- code. These impulses can be displayed after suit-
system are extremely sensitive se thunderstorm regions (WARNKE, able electronic filtering and are known in the
to electrical and magnetic 2006). technical literature as CD sferics a.t.B. (CD = con-
fields vective discharge, i.e. created in atmospheric
Walter Sönning: “These weather signals or sfe- convection or turbulence without luminosity;
Birds having a navigation system are rics are indicators of unstable processes in the a.t.B. = according to BAUMER). They gained spe-
extremely sensitive to the weather. A troposphere – the weather-creating layer of the cial significance, however, at the beginning of
thunderstorm changes the magnetic atmosphere -, since their source is in the weather the eighties in the context of industrial four-co-
field, light and many other characteri- centre. They originate in invisible discharges bet- lour copper gravure printing. In this context,
stics – potentially causing the orien- ween positive and negative space charge clouds, their highly differentiated effectiveness in the
tation to collapse. Birds and other created and maintained by different processes of diffusion capability of bio-chemical biological
animals are particularly sensitive to a ionisation such as cosmic radiation, UV radiati- membrane systems, in dependence on characte-
solar eclipse. They exhibit an abnor- on, natural radioactivity or the Lenard effect (= ristic weather processes, was also shown.
mally changed behaviour: sometimes spray electrification or break-up of droplets or
lethargic, sometimes restless. Research ice crystals with opposite charges). In terms of The signals of visible lightning, occurring over the
attributes the reactions to the sud- physics, our air could therefore also be described period of the main lightning discharge compri-
denly occurring electromagnetic long as a “plasma” gas. When differing space charges sing of virtually uninterrupted sequences of such
and medium wave radiation, typical of possibly predetermined magnitude are electri- EMP’s, together showing impulse periods up to
for night time, but surprising with the cally equalised, the ion-front of this basic plasma tenths of seconds with a continuous spectrum
suddenly occurring darkness of a solar or gas discharge propagates at velocities of into the MHz range, are a strictly different phe-
eclipse. The lack of ionisation in the about 200 km/s along a tubular channel of about nomenon.
ionosphere by light has the effect of 40 cm diameter in the direction of the maximum
many oscillating impulses propagating potential difference, covering distances between As such, however, they are suitable as a special
100 times better on the surface of the 40 and 100 metres, until the electrical potenti- weather or thunderstorm signal for the animal
earth. als are equalised. If the ion density in the air is and possibly the plant world, i.e. for any organ-
sufficiently high, the following discharge impul- ism fitted with the corresponding reception sen-
This unexpected electromagnetic im- se follows immediately. Each of these invisible sors.
pulse effect may also, in principle, ex- and “quiet” discharges that occur at varying in-
plain the early warning system animals tensities in all weather conditions, is the source Sferics or atmospherics of the various kinds could
have for earthquakes. The so-called of an electromagnetic, three-dimensional im- therefore deliver an almost complete picture of
sensitivity to weather or inclement pulse or space wave, a so-called EMP or primal the weather of the day, including prognostic clu-
weather, traceable to short electroma- impulse, similar in its waveform to impulses from es, for a biological strategy, considering that the
gnetic impulses with a certain fre- other sources (nerves, atmospheric nuclear ex- sferics propagate from a weather front at the
quency content and rapidly decreasing plosions etc.). This 3-dimensional wave propaga- speed of light and are travelling for hundreds of
amplitudes, has also been known for a tes at the speed of light. When recorded on an kilometres, always clearly recognisable as enco-
long time. oscilloscope, for instance, it vaguely resembles a ded weather to those who have the reception
sinusoidal half-wave, but has a steeper rise time sensors. This can be proven by the example of the
These impulses originate at frontal and an exponential decay of the amplitude. In a reactions of the biochemical membrane system
weather systems, where colder air Fourier analysis, it is therefore not equivalent to of dichromate gelatine. Also: throughout evolu-
from sub-polar regions undercuts a sine wave of a certain frequency. tionary time, both the constant impulse fre-
warm subtropical air masses. In the re- Depending on the meteorological and atmo- quency spectrum of the CD sferics a.t.B. and the
daily excursions, constant in their climatological
average, have provided a wealth of precision in-
formation on the meteorological and geophysi-
cal environment to those equipped with the
receptors for the signals and the experience;
which is more than today’s weather services can
achieve with the most modern high-tech equip-
ment.” (End of the contribution by Walter Sön-

Animals have a typical electrical charge pattern

for each weather phase. Since all movement of
charge is associated with forces, animals can
analyse the approaching weather via the electri-
cal quantities, even long before the arrival of a

As a function of special electrical we-

ather events, the bodies of the animals
are therefore affected through a com-
Fig. 2: Top sketch: The electrical charging of the insects changes typically as the weather pa-
plicated interaction of different com- rameters change. The bottom curve shows the changes in the electrical field of a freely flying
ponents: charged, reverse charged, bee as a function of the weather condition.
discharged, dielectrically polarised. Po- Warnke 1989, Copyright Ulrich Warnke
larisation is by a natural electrical DC
field. It can be shown that animals are
slowly electrically charged in good
weather, whilst approaching thunder-
storms cause a rapid discharge due to
The sensitivity of the honeybee to weather is ba-
a high concentration of small ions in
sed mainly on electromagnetic information.
the atmosphere and charging changes When an approaching thunderstorm threatens
rapidly between positive and negative the bees, flying bees return en masse when the
as the thunderstorm approaches. natural 10 – 20 kHz component of the sferics ac-
tivity increases within a radius of approx. 200 km
Insects such as bees receive these os- (WARNKE 1973). The suction performance of the
cillations and recognise them as storm bees also correlates with the approach of the
front and the associated sferics (SCHUA, 1952).
warnings. We were able to show that
bees return in great numbers when And ultimately, bees even use the receptor chan-
these oscillations are simulated and nel for electromagnetic waves for communicati-
transmitted, using a highly amplified on. Russian researchers found in 1975 already
signal generator signal. If the amplitu- that bees generate electromagnetic signals with
des of the artificial oscillations over- a modulation frequency between 180 and 250 Hz
lap with the natural signals, however, as they perform their communication dance.
Hungry bees react to the frequencies by holding
the return rate rapidly decreases. The
their antennae erect (ESKOV et al. 1976).
bees fail to find their way home.
Such electromagnetic communication impulses
of the antennae when touching another bee can
be measured with an oscilloscope (WARNKE,

Mechanisms of disorientation and damage

Some bird species, such as carrier pi- field. This is true in the minimal field
geons, are sensitive to exactly the sa- strengths occurring in nature and also
me electromagnetic oscillation am- in the laboratory with simulated im-
plitudes as the bees. Birds, particular- pulses and increased field strengths.
ly species of duck, also communicate Especially in the frequency band bet-
by means of electrical fields (WARN- ween 2 and 20 kHz, in which the ener-
KE, 1989). This interesting aspect will gy of the atmospheric-electrical waves
be dealt with in more detail below. is at a peak, the effect is the strongest.
Pain associated with amputations and
3.5 Humans are also sensitive with brain injury also correlates with
to weather through electro- the presence of sferics both in the la-
magnetic pulses boratory and in nature (REITER, 1960).
The paper by Reiter also contains no-
The interest in sferics and their effect tes on the triggering of bronchial
was greater in the sixties than it is asthma, heart and circulatory disor-
today. In those days, a number of va- ders, insomnia, headaches, glaucoma,
Fig. 3: Bees communicate via electrical luable overviews were compiled of gall and urinary convulsions, heart at-
“switching” when their antennae touch. their effects on the organism (REITER, tacks and strokes – among other by
Warnke 1989, Copyright Ulrich Warnke 1960; ASSMANN, 1963). sferics.

Mammals and man are also influenced

by sferics.
Sferics impulses change the tissue pH
independent of the amplitude of the

Fig. 4: Oscillogram of the electrical field

of a bee flying past (1). The field strength
rises as it approaches a receiver (2) and
drops again at a distance from the recei-
ver (3).
König, H. Unsichtbare Umwelt. Heinz Moos Publishers,
Munich 1973. Copyright Ulrich Warnke

Fig. 5: Significant linear correlation between electromagnetic very long wave activity and
average reaction times of exhibition visitors.
Reiter, R. 1960 Meteorobiologie und Elektrizität der Atmosphäre. Akademische Verlagsges. Geest & Portig, Leipzig
It has been known for a long time that certain
weather conditions give rise to thromboses, he-
art attacks and embolisms; the correlation is sta-
tistically significant (ARNOLD, 1969;
BREZOWSKY, 1965). A significant increase in
platelet adhesion could be shown with certain
electromagnetic oscillations such as those gene-
rated by exchange of electrical charge in the
frontal regions of the atmosphere. These long-
wave sferics easily penetrate into buildings. The
mean impulse repetition frequency is in the re-
gion of 5-15 imp/sec, i.e. in the biologically acti-
ve window. Thrombocyte adhesion was measured
in subjects in a controlled laboratory study using
a sferics stimulator (JACOBI et al. 1975). The re-
sult was a highly significant (p < 0.0005) increa-
se in adhesive property at a carrier frequency of
10 kHz and an impulse repetition frequency of 10
Hz. The thrombocyte adhesiveness was reduced
at repetition frequencies of 2.5 and 20 Hz and
with no electrical signals. Pharmaka (75 mg Di-
pyridamol plus 300 mg Acetyl salicylic acid) pre-
vents sferics-related thrombocyte adhesiveness.
Mentally unstable subjects were more affected
Fig. 6: Significant synchronicity of very long waves and contracting poliomyelitis. The black
by the change in adhesiveness than stable ones.
bars show days of low (bars downward) or high (bars upward) sferics activity and the superim-
posed curves show the correlated levels of poliomyelitis contraction in the fifties.
The daily work performance is also correlated
Reiter, R. 1960 Meteorobiologie und Elektrizität der Atmosphäre. Akademische Verlagsges. Geest & Portig, Leipzig
with diurnal sferics activity (RANTSCHT-FRO-
EMSDORF, 1962).

After further investigation by Jacobi (1977), the

physiologic detector location was found to be in

19 -
the head. If the head is largely screened from sfe-
rics, the thrombocyte adhesiveness disappears

18 -
under otherwise equal experimental conditions
– a result that is not in agreement with the ef-

17 -
fects of screening found by other researchers.

16 -
The fundamental sferics frequency is 7.5 Hz, con-
Variations of geo-
magnetic activity
sidering the speed of propagation of the electro-

magnetic oscillations generated by the lightning
discharge and the resonant path given by the cir-

cumference of the earth between the earth’s sur-

face and the ionosphere. The bandwidth of the
fields is several kHz.

2,2- Number of heart

patient emergencies
The correlation between heart attacks and weak

magnetic field variations has been described in
1979 in Nature, one of the foremost scientific








This result is not an isolated case. Other experi-

ments even found a correlation between the ave-
rage number of deaths and earth’s magnetic
Fig. 7: Daily emergency hospital admissions for heart attacks as monthly average (bottom curve) and geoma-
gnetic activity (top curve)
Malin SRC, Srivastava BJ. Correlation between heart attacks and magnetic activity. Nature 1979;277:646-648

Mechanisms of disorientation and damage

3.6 Bees transmit electrical fields

Electrical fields with high amplitudes

are always in evidence when the uni-
polar charge accumulations creating
the fields cannot be repeatedly neu-
tralised. Charges are easily neutralised
when they are highly mobile.

All land-based insects with rigid body

shells (cuticula) and also animals with
scales, shields, feathers and hair have
used these structures to form surfaces
that have excellent electrical insula-
ting properties. These body parts have
semi-conducting properties and are
piezo-electric and pyro-electric – dis-
tortion and temperature changes the-
refore both create electrical effects.
The conductivities are therefore sub-
ject to the well-known laws of semi-
Fig. 8: Magnetic storms (bottom) and fatalities from nervous and cardiovascular illnesses.
Weiß 1991
conductor theory: temperature
changes, light effects, microwave ef-
fects, changes to atmospheric ion con-
centration – all these parameters
change the conductivity pattern.

The areas of different conductivity can

be shown in a visually impressive way
– demonstrated here on a bee’s wing -
by using a scanning electron micros-
cope with sample current imaging.

In terms of electrostatic charging, it is

also important whether the animals
are in flight or on the ground. Animals
having sweat, scent and adhesion
glands afford excellent galvanic con-
tact. Animals walking on hoofs, toes or
claws are largely isolated from earth,

There is a salient point about different

insects. Flies, bees and others have a
glandular adhesive pad (arolium) bet-
ween two toes on their feet. This ad-
hesive pad can be folded in or folded
out when walking.

Fig. 9: Wing of a bee under a scanning electron microscope. The electrical current pattern was When the arolium is folded in, the ani-
recorded. All the white regions have high electron mobility, whilst the darker areas are highly
mals walk on their claws, insulating
electrostatically charged due to low electron mobility. Discharge is very difficult.
Warnke 1989, Copyright Ulrich Warnke
them electrically from the environ-
ment allowing them to get statically
highly charged up. If the arolium is
folded out and touches the surface on
which it is walking, however, the in-
sect is instantly discharged, assuming
the electrical potential of the surface.
In bees, this happens just prior to ta-
king off from a flower, in which case
certain parts of the animal are disch-
arged or obtain a different charge or
sometimes even reverse polarity. Sin-
ce flowers normally are at earth po-
tential, the “arolium switch”
effectively standardises the insect’s
potential to zero. When the bees arri-
ve at the hive, they carry different
charges that they picked up in flight
and that cannot dissipate that fast
(WARNKE, 1977).

Fig. 10: Every bee landing at the hive carries a specific charge (circle with cross) thereby
changing its pattern of charge at the hive entrance, determined by the total electrical charge
of the colony. Every departing bee carries with it electrical charge from the hive (circle).
Warnke 1989, Copyright Ulrich Warnke

When two surfaces make contact on the mole-

cular level (10 to the power of minus 10 m), po-
sitive and negative charges are separated at the
point of contact through charge transfer. Many
such points are activated in a short space of time
by friction. Frictional electricity is one of man’s
oldest observations and has lent its name to the
entire electrical discipline (electron: Greek for
amber). It is therefore surprising that we thus far
hardly spared a thought for the significance of
electricity in animals.

Especially in flight, animals could become stati-

cally highly charged through friction between air
molecules and body tissue – up to electrical field
strengths in excess of 1 000 V/cm.

Fig. 11: A bee in an electrical field; top: a construction, bottom: an experiment. It is shown
how the field strength increases around certain surface structures.
Warnke 1989, Copyright Ulrich Warnke

Mechanisms of disorientation and damage

Fig. 12: Bee in flight in an electric field. The fields around the antennae Fig. 14: Oscillogram of the alternating electrical field around bees (top)
are particularly strong. and pigeons (bottom) in a wind tunnel.
Warnke 1986, Copyright Ulrich Warnke Warnke 1989, Copyright Ulrich Warnke

To increase these field strengths, animals have various aids such as pro-
truding spikes on insect wings, but especially the field focussing effect of
insects’ antennae is measurable, developing appreciable Coulomb forces.

Fig. 14.1: Representation of a measurable “dipole effect” on the anten-

nae of the honeybee. Bees are able to change the polarity of their anten-
Fig. 13: Wing movement and the electrical field – with reference to the nae at will (e.g. from positive to negative charge) – within a second. The
wing – are in phase. dotted lines are an indication of the forces in the field.
Warnke 1989, Copyright Ulrich Warnke Warnke 1989, Copyright Ulrich Warnke
3.7 Effects of technically gene-
rated fields on bees

We investigated the reaction of bees

to artificially created electrical fields
in the laboratory (WARNKE 1975,
1976, WARNKE et al. 1976) and found
the following: 50 Hz AC fields with
field strengths of 110 V/cm cause si-
gnificant restlessness of the bees in
their enclosure. The colony temperatu-
re increases greatly. The defence of the
social territory is uncontrollably in-
creased to the point where individuals
in a colony stab one other to death.
They no longer recognise one other.

After a few days in the field, the bees

tear their brood from the cells; no new
brood is reared. Honey and pollen are
also depleted and then no longer col-
lected. Bees that were newly establis-
hed in their hives shortly before the
start of the experiment always aban- Fig. 15: Wing section of bees enlarged with scanning electron microscope. Observe the spe-
don the hive again and disappear cial structures serving to focus the electrical field.
when the electrical field is switched Warnke 1989, Copyright Ulrich Warnke

on. Bees that have lived in their hive

for a long time, plug all the cracks and
holes with propolis, including the en-
trance. This otherwise only happens in
winter in a cold draught. increased and the homing ability much Hz pulsed, 50 m range, permanent ex-
reduced even though the natural me- posure), the weight and area develop-
Since an acute lack of oxygen develops teorological and electromagnetic en- ment of the colonies was slower
when the cracks and the entrance are vironment was intact in the flight compared to the colonies that were
plugged, the bees attempt to introdu- space (WARNKE, 1973). not exposed to a field.
ce air by intensive fanning. In this pro-
cess, the wing muscles generate Scientists from the University of Ko- The homing ability of the bees was te-
temperatures high enough to melt the blenz-Landau conducted several expe- sted from five days after the DECT te-
wax. The animals attempt to fight the riments, looking at different aspects lephones were introduced. There were
temperature increase by more fanning. and questions, to measure the homing significant differences in the return ti-
In the end, the colony burns itself out. behaviour of bees (Apis mellifera car- mes of the colonies that were in the
This implies the death of all members nica) as well as the development of field and those that were not. No mo-
of the colony – which we could obvio- mass and area of the combs under the re than six of the bees exposed to the
usly prevent in future. influence of electromagnetic radiation field ever returned – sometimes none
(KUHN et al. 2001, 2002, STEVER et al. returned. With the bees not exposed
With very sensitive colonies, the reac- 2003, 2005, HARST et al. 2006). to a field, there were returning bees at
tion signal was measurable from field any point in time of the experiment.
strengths of 1 V/cm and frequencies They recorded an increase in agility, an
between 30 Hz and 40 kHz. When the increased swarming drive and no win-
field is switched on, the animals sud- ter clustering when under the influen-
denly move their wings and buzz at ce of EM radiation of cordless
frequencies of 100–150 Hz (WARNKE telephones.
1973, 1976, WARNKE et al. 1976).
In other experiments with base station
With signals in the frequency range of fields of the DECT cordless telephones
10 to 20 kHz, the aggressiveness was (1 880-1 900 MHz, 250 mW EIRP, 100 22
Mechanisms of disorientation and damage

Fig. 16: Estimated diagnosis radio field strength in the four beehives Fig. 18: Mass and surface development of combs of bees in and outside
with and four without DECT telephone installations at the University Ko- of a field.
blenz-Landau. The beehives were not electromagnetically screened, im- Harst et al. 2006
plying that the control colonies were also subjected to some field

Fig. 17: Top left and right: return times of bees not subjected to a field; Fig. 19: Significant difference in the homing behaviour of bees subjected
bottom: return times and non-return when subjected to a field. Of the to a field and others. A higher index indicates more returned bees and/or
bees from hives not exposed to a field, 40% returned in total, of those shorter return times.
subjected to a field only 7% returned. Harst et al. 2006
Two earlier NASA financed studies by
one of their working groups found
neither an increased fatality rate of
bees in high frequency fields (2.45
GHz, CW) nor diminished orientation
(WESTERDAHL et al. 1981a/b).

3.8 The highly sensitive region

for interference of bees

If a new food source is discovered wit-

hin 80-100 m, the bee performs a cir-
cular dance on the comb in the hive.
If the food source is further away,
communication is by means of a wag-
gle dance. This waggle dance of the
honeybee communicates information
on the direction and distance of the
new food source relative to the hive.
In this dance, the returning worker bee
initially traces a straight line and then
Fig. 20: Starting with the same comb mass, the average values of the total mass of the colo-
dances sideways and down in a semi- nies subjected to a field and those that were not, were 1326g and 1045g at the end of the test.
circle. She then again starts along the The difference is therefore 281g (21.1%)
straight and dances a semi-circle Harst et al. 2006

downwards again, but to the opposite

side. The distance to the food source
is given by the number of deflections
of the abdomen on the straight (wagg-
ling). These waggles can also be mea-
sured in the form of electrical and
magnetic alternating fields.

The distance to the food source is re-

gistered by reference to optical featu-
res of the landscape over which the
bees are flying. The information on the
direction to the food source is given by
the angle between the straight line to
the food source and the azimuth of
the sun in each case. This angle is con-
veyed in the darkness of the hive via
the direction of the dance with respect
to the vertical (gravitational vector).

All this can be proven. The credit for

discovering this evolved strategy of
bee communication goes to the Au-
strian Karl von Frisch (FRISCH von,
1967). But we know in the meantime
that the communication processes are
associated with far more complicated
Fig. 21: The waggle dance of the bees generates electrical oscillating fields.
Warnke 1989, Copyright Ulrich Warnke

Mechanisms of disorientation and damage

Apart from the position of the sun, the

bees can also identify polarisation of red by the bees. And they use the- To summarise, it may be said that
the light. And in case of overcast skies, se measurements to calculate the (HSU et al. 2007): The construction
the positions of permanent landmarks azimuth of the sun and the time of of combs and the homing capabili-
are memorised (DYER, 1981). day. ty of bees change if the bees are
subjected to magnetic fields super-
imposed on the earth’s magnetic
Navigation to the food sources and In the experiments on navigation and field. Bees in free flight can sense
back to the hive makes use of ot- orientation, this magnetic field com- extremely slight variations of the
her physical quantities, however: ponent is recognised as a so-called magnetic field intensity - in the
these are exactly those quantities “precision error” in the performance of range of 26 nT. They can be trained
that have existed on the surface of the waggle dance. The expression to magnetic anomalies, but only
the earth for millions of years –ta- “precision error” was created when a provided the changes remain stable
king us back to our subject. How deviation of the dance direction from for a longer period.
does the bee know the azimuth of the principle described above was no-
the sun at any given moment? ticed, but the influence of the magne-
tic field was as yet unknown. Since a
few decades we now know: the reason
She needs this information to recog- lies in the consideration of the ma- Many experiments proved that an accumulation
nise the time of day. And she needs to gnetic field variation which modulates of bio-magnetite particles (Fe304) serves as re-
ceptor of the magnetic field. These iron granules
know about time because many flo- the direction angle of the waggle
bee. They have a diameter of only about 0.5 µm
are arranged in a band in the abdomen of the
wers only open at a particular time of dance (KIRSCHVINK, 1981). The “re-
day and because navigation is coded maining precision error” in the dance and are located in special cells, the trophocytes.
via the position of the sun. disappears if the entire magnetic field Magnetite has the effect of amplifying the ma-
is compensated to 0-4%. gnetic variations. If 30% of the intensity of the
horizontal earth field component is modulated,
The answer to this question illustrates
the activity of the neurons in the ganglion of the
how finely nature has analysed the na- The maximum sensitivity of the bee abdomen changes (SCHIFF, 1991).
turally occurring energies and forces, to earth’s magnetic variations is
making these available to the organ- around 26 nT. It must be emphasi- Apart from super-paramagnetic magnetite, FeO-
ism. The higher the sun in the sky, the sed here already that the system is OH was also found in the abdomen. Magnetic
material was also shown to be present in the an-
more the atmosphere heats up. The particularly sensitive in the natu-
tennae, head and claws of stingless bees.
higher the atmospheric temperature, rally existing physical range. Signi-
the faster the atmospheric molecules ficantly amplifying the magnetic
move. The faster the molecules, the field compared to the normal bio-
more energetic the collisions between logical range, causes a stronger va-
them. The larger the collision forces, riation in direction communication.
the larger the air volume and the mo- If the field is amplified to 10-times
re intense the turbulences manifesting that of the earth’s magnetic field,
themselves also as eddies. These ed- the colony swarms, away from its
dies ultimately also affect the io- hive.
nosphere. The increased movement of
ions in the ionosphere generates huge
electrical currents. These directional The question of how bees sense these
electrical mass-flow currents in turn magnetic field variations has been in-
generate strong magnetic fields. vestigated in a number of studies
(GOULD et al. 1978, 1980, GOULD
These magnetic fields reach the 1986, FRIER et al. 1996, HSU et al.
earth’s surface and have a typical 1994, KALMIJN et al. 1978, KIRSCH-
diurnal pattern – analogous to the VINK 1992, KIRSCHVINK et al. 1981,
described effect of solar radiation. 1991, 1997, WALKER et al. 1985, 1989
They are characteristic diurnal ma- a/b/c, COLLETT et al. 1994).
gnetic field variations, superimpo-
sed on the largely uniform
magnetic field of the earth. Exact-
ly these variations can be measu-
The iron granulates are enclosed in small vesi-
cles, touched by a cell framework. As in higher
organisms, microscopic filaments (micro-tubu-
les) serve as the cell framework. The vesicles al-
so contain some phosphorus and calcium
together with the iron. The density of the iron
granules is 1.25g/cm3, that of the Fe304 magne-
tite is 5.24glcm3.

Where does the magnetic material come from? Fig. 22: Variations in earth’s magnetic field: Sensitivity of the measurements increased a

0.16 µg/mg) (BOYAIN-GOITIA et al. 2003). If an

Most of the iron originates from pollen (approx. 1000 times in each case. Diurnal rhythms and micro-pulsations are visible, utilised by bees
and other organisms for orientation in space and time.
additional magnetic field is applied to the bee, Warnke 1978

the size and shape of the biomagnetic granula

changes (HSU et al. 2007). These changes are de-
tected by the micro-tubules and micro filaments,
and the trophocytes thereafter secrete more
Ca2+. The fat cells of the bee also show this ef-
fect, but much less so than the trophocytes. It
has been known for a long time that cells secre-
te Ca2+ under the influence of a weak magnetic
field; macrophages, for instance (FLIPO et al.
1998), astrocytoma cells (PESSINA et al. 2001,
ALDI-NUCCI 2000) and chrome-affine cells
(MORGADO-VALLE et al. 1998).

It is also known that the Ca2+ secretion can be

triggered by many different cell changes such as
changes to the structure of membranes, changes
to the electrical membrane and cell surface po-
tential and changes to the structure and distri-
bution of protein within the membrane. The
magnetic field can stimulate two mechanisms
for increasing the Ca2+ content in the cells: first-
ly by opening Ca2+ channels and by increased
flow of external molecules into the cell; second-
ly by an increased release of Ca2+ from storage
inside the cell (IKEHARAA et al. 2005, PETERSEN
1996). This explains the increased accumulation
of Ca2+ in fat cells.

The magnetite mechanism amplifies the effects

tremendously (SCHIFF, 1991). The property of the
granules, to expand in an external magnetic fi-
led, turns them into magnetic field sensors
(TOWNE et al. 1985). The affected micro fila-
ments make contact with the cell membrane
(HSU et al. 1993, 1994), affecting signal transfer
into the cell.

If the colchicine and latrunculin B toxic sub-

stances, known to shut down the micro-tubules
and micro filaments, are administered, then an
additionally applied magnetic field will not in-
crease the Ca2+ in the cells.
Fig. 23:
A model of the magnetic field orientation is the- A) Iron granules in the trophocytes of the honeybee (bar: 1 µm)
refore as follows: If the bee flies parallel to the B) Iron granules enclosed in lipid membranes (bar: 100 nm)
magnetic field lines, the magnetic granule vesi- C) and D) Energy dispersing radiation analysis of the granules; they contain calcium, phos-
cles will expand; if she flies vertically to the field phorus and iron.
lines, the granules contract. This change of sha- E) Histogram of the granule sizes.
Copyright by: HSU, C, KO, F., LI, C, LUE,1 Magnetoreception System in Honeybees (Apis mellifera) PLoS ONE 2007;2(4): e395
pe is sensed by the cyto-framework and commu-
nicated to the membrane.

That is where Ca2+ channels are correspondingly

opened or closed. This signal transfer results in a 26
Mechanisms of disorientation and damage

But this is exactly the situation the

bees find themselves in, with wire-
less communication fields. The ma-
gnetic component is continuously
changing – during the day and at

3.9.1 HAARP changes the natu-

ral diurnal variation of the ma-
gnetic fields

The information on the HAARP project

is thanks to Guy Cramer (USA); it was
made available to me by Joris Everaert
Fig. 24: Schematic of the magnetic field orientation of a bee through use of the magnetic
HAARP (High-frequency Active Auro-
Copyright by: HSU, C, K0, F., LI, C, LUE, J. Magnetoreception System in Honeybees (Apis melliferal PLoS ONE 2007;2(4): e395
ral Research Project) is the abbrevia-
tion for a military project of the US Air
Force and Navy. 180 towers have been
erected in an uninhabited area near
the city of Gakona in Alaska, together
magnetic field map for the duration of a flight, 3.9 Constant change in the ma- constituting an antenna complex. The
that can be used for orientation – particularly al- gnetic environment makes lear- frequency is around 2.5-10 MHz and
so for returning home, by reversing the time se-
ning impossible for the bees the power is extremely high at 3 mil-
quence of the magnetic field (RILEYet al. 2005,
MENZEL et al. 2005). It is extraordinary that, in lion Watt ("high power, high frequen-
this process, variations of 26 nT can be sensed Bees learn the patterns of the land- cy phased array radio transmitter”).
against the background of earth’s 45 000 nT. scape they fly over and also use the This is the strongest technical trans-
magnetic field to differentiate. This is mitter on earth. Its effectiveness is in-
This model explains:
always the case when other orientati- creased by linking the antenna array
1. The flight from the hive to the food source
must be in a straight line. Bees navigate by on aids such as sunlight are covered by with another antenna array in Alaska,
means of a memory map (RILEY et al. 2005, clouds. The optical patterns are there- via HIPAS (High Power Auroral Stimu-
MENZEL et al. 2005). fore also associated with a magnetic lation). The transmitters communicate
2. During the known circular orientation flights, coordinate (FRIER et al. 1996). with submarines deep in the ocean
the magnetic field is mapped over 360°. It is
and scan the horizon as a type of deep
known that the orientation flight is indispen-
sable for successful return to the hive (BECKER earth radar.
1958, CAPALDI et al. 2000, WINSTON 1987).
Nature arranged this similarly to the pigeons, But the frequencies are also absorbed
who also circle several times before flying to by the ionosphere. They heat up cer-
wards their goal.
Bees may be conditioned to ma- tain layers, creating ion turbulences by
gnetic deviations from the normal day, that are modulated onto the earth
earth magnetic field (WALKER et al. magnetic field as unnatural magnetic
1989a); they can also be trained to fields. This masks the regular effects
recognise small changes in the the sun has on the ionosphere. As
earth’s magnetic field (WALKER et such, the bees lose an orientation that
al. 1989b). It is a prerequisite that served them for millions of years as a
the change in the magnetic field reliable indicator of the time of day –
remains constant over the learning encoded in the regular variations of
period. If the field varies continu- the magnetic field changes as the sun
ously, learning becomes impossible. rises and the ionosphere temperature
The effects of the HAARP transmitter
activity should be further investigated
especially in Canada, the USA and
Europe. Since the disappearance of the
bees was first documented in precise-
ly these countries, a causal relations-
hip can no longer be excluded. The
following simultaneous events tend to
confirm this: In 2006, the increase of
the transmitting power from 960 000
Watt to four times that power (3 600
000 Watt), was approved for the first
time. Exactly in this year, reports ori-
ginated in all the "scanned" transmis-
sion regions of the disrupted homing
ability of bees.

Another disruptive effect may play a

role. Through the irregular heating of
the ionosphere, the air at great heights Fig. 25: HAARP location and construction.
begins to “glow”, with visible frequen-
cies in the near infrared region (630
nm) and the associated magnetic field
can be detected at the earth’s surface
(PEDERSEN et al. 2003, RODRIGUEZ et the insect brain. In bees, NO plays a asks: “Are these agents the causative
al. 1998). role in the ability to smell and in lear- stress factor or the consequences of a
ning processes (MÜLLER, 1997). totally different stress?”
Since the bees use not only the UV
component of sunlight for orientation, As proven in humans, if the NO system
but also the longer infrared wave- of bees is disrupted through the effect Diana Cox-Foster, a member of the
lengths (EDRICH et al. 1979, VAN DER of technical magnetic fields, they lose CCD working group, says: "It is very
GLAS 1977) the new light in the sky the ability to orientate themselves by alarming that the deaths are asso-
may also be a new disrupting stimulus smell and the vital learning program- ciated with symptoms that have ne-
to them. me also becomes defunct. But since ver been described before". It
NO also materially controls the immu- appeared that the immune system
3.10 Disrupted NO system da- ne system, disruptions to the NO hou- of the animals had collapsed and
mages learning ability, olfacto- sehold always affect the immune some bees suffered from five or six
ry orientation and the immune defences of the organism as well. infections simultaneously. But de-
system ad bees are nowhere to be found
Dennis van Engelsdorp of the Ameri- (Spiegel 12/2007).
In following, we will further detail the can Association of Professional Api-
significance of the (NO) system and culturists (University of Pennsylvania),
the consequences of its disruption – in in his report on the investigation into
other experimental animals and parti- the disappearance of bees, says:
cularly also in humans. The salient fact
is that the NO system is affected by “We have never seen so many different
magnetic and electromagnetic oscilla- viruses together. We also found fungi,
tions and may in the worst case beco- flagellates and other micro-organisms.
me totally disrupted - finally This multiplicity of pathogens is confu-
destroying molecular functions. sing.” It is also striking that the excre-
tion organs of the bees are affected.
As in mammals, nitric oxide (NO) nor- Dennis van Engelsdorp suspects that a
mally acts as a carrier of information weakened immune system may be be-
in insects as well. The synthesis and hind the mysterious phenomena (VAN
excretion of NO is particularly high in ENGELSDORP 2007). But he rightly
Mechanisms of disorientation and damage

3.11 Birds sense high frequency


Birds also sense high frequency trans-

mitters very clearly and belong to the
group of animal species that reacts
very sensitively to electromagnetic
fields. They absorb the impinging ener-
gy particularly intensively via the fe-
athers of their wings (CHOU et al.
1985, VAN DAM et al. 1970, BIGU-
DEL-BLANCO et al. 1975 a/b).

How sensitively and promptly they re-

act can be demonstrated by an exam-
ple. Chicks exposed to a high power
microwave field flee within seconds
(TANNER, 1966). Investigations have,
in particular, also shown how strongly
microwave radiated fields affect the
behaviour within a flock (WASSER-
MANN et al. 1984). It has repeatedly
been observed that flocks of migrato-
ry birds split up when nearing a power
station, to circumvent the station as if Fig. 26: Electrical field of a passing flock of birds. The small superimposed oscillation is inter-
preted as interference by the beat of individual wings.
avoiding an invisible obstacle, only to Warnke 1989, Copyright Ulrich Warnke
re-unite again in flight afterwards.
Technical disturbances in the frequen-
cy range of natural sferics, but with
higher amplitudes, cause massive loss
of orientation in migrating birds. The
V-formation of cranes, for instance, is gnetic signals therefore appeared rea- dual wing beat amplitude, however.
disrupted as they fly over transmitter sonable. Such a signal, propagating at The measured values are dependent on
stations. This phenomenon is particu- approximately the speed of light, could meteorological conditions and the
larly pronounced over water surfaces reach all individuals at the same time geometry around the measurement.
parallel to the flight path, which re- and independent of their position. This
flect electromagnetic waves. hypothesis appears more plausible These data allow us to conclude that
when taking into consideration that flocks of small birds flying at a height
Researchers have for a long time been the flying animals are highly electro- of about 40 metres are electrically
pondering on how flocks of birds and statically charged. charged to more than 6 000 Volt. We
also insect swarms and schools of fish can only speculate about the type of
stay together. It is surprising, for in- We were able to record by oscillosco- coded signals given for direction
stance, that large flocks of starlings in pe that the electrical field caused by changing manoeuvres. It appears that
an area of an estimated 500 m2 or mo- the aggregation of animals resulted in each individual bird has a set beat fre-
re, packed with birds, can perform a predominantly positive overall elec- quency and amplitude that is correc-
complex flying manoeuvres within 5 trostatic field. The figure also shows ted immediately it weakens, by
milliseconds. But how can the animals, the very small wing beat modulation changing the direction of flight.
each at a different location in the compared to the total electrical field.
flock, receive and react to signals in a This modulation can be explained as a There are presently two theories ex-
short time? Transmission by sound “beat” resulting from all the individual plaining the typical wedge-shaped
would require more time and visual wing beats. flight formation of larger birds:
observation of a lead animal is blocked
by other animals. This beat frequency is always smaller
than the wing beat frequency of an in-
A hypothesis that the flying manoeuv- dividual. The maximum beat amplitude
res were coordinated by electroma- is always much larger than the indivi-
One of these assumes unhindered con-
tact and simultaneously minimum
danger of collision. The other relates
aerodynamic advantage to energy eco-
nomy. The first theory is based on ex-
perience with formation flying of
military aircraft; the second is based
mainly on calculations.

Both theories leave a couple of questi-

ons unanswered, however. How sensi-
tive is the system to cross-winds?
When a critical wind speed is excee-
ded – should turbulences behind the
wings not distort the formation or
even break up the flock? Why do the
members of the flock not permanent-
ly remain in the minimum energy zo-
ne? And why is there never a
formation in reverse – open to the
front? Can the recognisable geometric
particularities of the total formation,
considering species-specific bird size
and typical distances, be explained by
wing-induced updrafts? Fig. 27: Birds use electrical fields for formation flying. Top left: Two geese in formation flight.
Bottom left: Experimental model to visualise the electrical field forced between these birds.
Top right: Vector diagram of the field distribution. Bottom right: Calculation of the position of
In the following, our theory of biolo- the bird behind with reducing degrees of freedom a-d.
gically sensible formations, published Warnke 1989, Copyright Ulrich Warnke
25 years ago, is repeated. It describes
a functional system of nature that is
largely immune to meteorological in-
terference parameters. Electrical and
magnetic external fields can, however, tail and the wing tips. Referring to the The field strength diminishes approxi-
completely destroy the formation by bird at the back, the bill-head region is mately as the square of the distance
superposition on the biological sy- charged in the alternating field of the from the inducing charges. The magni-
stem’s own fields. wings of the first bird, creating an in- tude of the active forces is therefore a
creased force field. Simultaneously, function of the distances. Each bird is
The system we are discussing alloca- however, the wingbeat of the bird at connected to every other bird via elec-
tes a position to each animal, but also the back induces charges in the tail re- trical fields of a certain amplitude and
considers all the flying members of the gion or the extremities facing back- direction. These fields can be calcula-
formation. It could also be identified wards and resting against the body of ted for each species of bird – yielding
by the analysis of formations filmed in the first bird. There is therefore a for- the typical formation.
nature. Let us inspect some facts in ce field between these body parts as
more detail. well. The respective induced charges
are coupled - as shown in the model –
Bird species flying in formation gene- by the electrical field. The balancing
rally maintain a typical order, even in charges of opposite polarity, released
the case of only two birds flying: from the former equilibrium, are free
to move. They generate an effective
The second bird flies laterally dis- new and measurable field. The bird un-
placed behind the first. The electrical der consideration, i.e. the second one,
force relationships in space are in therefore not only received induced
agreement with the electrical forces charges from the first bird but also in-
determined experimentally and depic- directly - i.e. via the tail end of the
ted schematically in Fig 27. The hig- first bird – originating from itself.
hest field strengths are at the bill, the 30
Mechanisms of disorientation and damage

ciently far removed from its compatriots. The re-

maining animals must therefore do without own
navigation mechanisms and couple themselves
to the birds flying in front via an electromecha-
nical reception channel.

The birds fly straight ahead, i.e. in the desired mi-

gration direction, if the direction of the total
electrical force corresponds to the direction of
the connection to the head of the bird flying in
front. The connecting line between heads is visi-
ble by day and can be localised by night through

The recognition of direction and magnitude of

the electrical total force vector is by highly sen-
sitive mechanoreceptors at the circumferential
edge of the bill. Magnetite was also found here:
Through ferromagnetic resonance, magnetite is
an excellent absorber of microwaves in the 0.5-
10.0 GHz band. Superimposed modulations can
be transformed into acoustic vibrations via the
magneto-acoustic effect (KIRSCHVINK, 1996).

Correspondence of the direction of the electrical

Fig. 28: V-formations can be constructed by means of an equation that I developed on the force with the head-head line assigns to each
basis of physical laws. Comparisons with photographs of natural bird formations show that bird a prescribed position in his flock; this positi-
the assumptions are correct: The formations are given by the Coulomb forces between birds on can be mathematically expressed and accu-
that are electrically charged in flight. rately calculated. All the results of the 22
Warnke 1989, Copyright Ulrich Warnke formations investigated so far confirm the theo-
ry. It may be concluded from these data that the
birds’ electrical characteristics have an impor-
tant biological function for transfer of informa-
tion (WARNKE, 1978, 1984, 1986, 1989).

It is significant that long necked birds

in particular, tend to fly in formation. tion flying of flocks. Computer cal- 3.12 Magnetite and free radi-
Their long neck offers the advantage culations of the flight order allow cals as a magnetic compass
that the detectors in the head region – us to predict natural formation
such as the highly sensitive mechano- flights. And photographic records, Artificial oscillating magnetic fields
receptors, which also respond to the vice-versa, also agree well with deny migrating birds the possibility to
electrical field forces, can receive si- computer simulations. orientate themselves. The investigati-
gnals in flight largely free from the in- on covered the effect of either an
terference of their own body. Ob- The observations demonstrate a electromagnetic frequency band of 0.1
servations of their flight behaviour unique information and orientati- – 10 MHz, or a single frequency of 7
show that the head region compensa- on system of the animal kingdom. MHz, both superimposed vertically on
tes for all the movements of the body But they also explain why this is earth’s magnetic field. These investi-
itself, thereby not having any own os- destroyed by the interference of gations again showed that not only
cillations. technically generated electrical and magnetite was required for orientation
magnetic fields. and navigation but that other mecha-
Electromagnetic fields therefore nisms such as free radicals, played an
have a role to play in formation fly- important role as well.
ing of birds as well. They serve as Due to interference, it would not be possible to
measure the magnetic field of the earth inside a
orientation and navigation aid and flock of birds and its periodic variations caused
Because the frequencies used in the
determine the position of a single by the individuals. The reason lies in the moving experiments correspond to the transi-
animal in the flock. Depending electrical wing charges, not only generating a tion energy from singlet to triplet in
especially on wing width, wing weak magnetic field component (induction B ap- free radicals-pairs. The animals can
span and body length, our observa- prox. 0.01 pT), but also inducing voltages in obviously utilise this mechanism for
neighbouring matter – like an AC generator. On-
tions and calculations show that ly the bird flying at the tip of the formation will
orientation by targeted control (RITZ
the biophysical relationships influ- perceive a largely undisturbed earth magnetic et al 2004).
ence the species-typical V-forma- field component for navigation, independent of
changing superpositions - provided it is suffi-
The following overall picture emerges:
The magnetite crystals found in the NO production through magne-
bill of the animals indicate the inten- nical acoustic oscillation fre-
sity of the magnetic field. But the ani- quency. One of its important tic fields and electromagnetic
mals receive complementary infor- functions is the dielectric sensi- oscillations have thus far been
mation on the direction of orientation tivity to electromagnetic fields proven only in mammals. Expec-
via the free radical levels. Using these in the microwave region. tations are, however, that the
data, they are able to know at each mechanism of disruption is the
stage of their flight what their instan- 2. The presence of magnetite parti- same in insects. In this case, the
taneous location is with reference to cles in the nano-range was sense of smell and learning pro-
their biological magnetic field shown in the abdomen of bees cesses in the orientation of bees
(WILTSCHKO et al. 2005) map. and the head region of birds. would be severely impaired.
Through ferromagnetic reso-
If migrating birds are subjected to a nance, magnetite is an excellent In any event, if all the scientifical-
stronger magnetic impulse, they will receiver of microwave radiated ly proven facts are considered, it is
change their direction of flight. They fields in the 0.5 to 10.0 GHz fre- clear why wireless communication
can even be sent in the exact opposi- quency range. In this way, pul- technologies, with their overall
te direction with artificial fields su- sed microwave energy is trans- density of superimposed electrical,
perimposed on earth's magnetic field. formed into acoustical vibrati- magnetic and electromagnetic
Magnetic impulses convey informati- ons (magneto-acoustic effect). fields, should disrupt the orientati-
on on the direction of migration; ge- on and navigation of many birds
nerated false impulses can also 3. It was shown that free flying
corrupt the migration direction bees are capable of detecting
(WILTSCHKO et al. 2006). magnetostatic fluctuations and
extremely low-frequency ma-
gnetic fields with very weak in-
Summary ductions (from 26 nT) against
Bees and other insects, also birds, the background of the 30 000 –
utilise the magnetic field of the 50 000 nT magnetic field of the
earth and electromagnetic high earth.
frequency energy such as light.
Through free radicals and simulta- 4. Magnetic field impulses oriented
neously reacting magnetite conglo- parallel to earth’s magnetic field
merates they can orientate lines, with repetition frequencies
themselves and navigate. Techni- in the region of 250/sec. are re-
cally generated electromagnetic sponsible for clear precision er-
oscillations in the MHz region and rors of up to +10% in the orien-
low frequency magnetic impulses tation dances of bees.
consistently disrupt the natural ori-
entation and navigation mecha- 5. The levels of magnetic induction
nisms they were given through in today’s technically distorted
evolution. environment are generally bet-
ween 1 nT and 170 000 nT in the
low frequency region and bet-
The following can be concluded ween some nT and a few thou-
from the results of studies by other sand nT in the high frequency
working groups and from own in- region. These values therefore
vestigations: generally exceed the threshold
sensitivity of bees for magnetic
1. The chitin shell of bees’ and field changes.
birds’ feathers are semi-conduc-
ting and have piezo- and pyro- 6. In honeybees, the NO system in
electrical properties. These body the antennae has a function in
parts transform pulse-modula- the sense of smell and in lear-
ted high frequency into mecha- ning processes. Disruptions of
Humans suffer functionality disorders

4. Humans suffer functionality disorders

ders and disease systems as the re-
sult of exposure to these electro-
magnetic fields?

3. Proof of health disorder and sub-

sequent damage: Can the function
disorder as described be scientifi-
cally proven to be the result of sub-
jectively described disease sym-

4. Excluding a nocebo effect (un-

founded expectations that negati-
vely affect health): Do we have
sound scientific procedures, such as
the double-blind method, showing
that the symptoms of illness are not
“imaginary” and are generally ra-
pidly reversible after the physical
stress fields have been “switched

Fig. 29: All flying organisms and also other animals, including humans, are caught up in an The answer to these four questions
“impenetrable” network of electromagnetic oscillations and fields. The superpositions illu-
strated in this model result in points of particularly high power density or field strengths.
will determine whether subjectively
Copyright Ulrich Warnke described symptoms of illness can be
ascribed to a collective nocebo effect
or whether those responsible are re-
quired to face consequences.

4.1 On the question of finding

Humans do not have sensory organs Let us first ask what the direct effect is trends
via which electrical and magnetic on humans of the high frequency
energies can be detected. But these energy that is spread almost uniform- Do we have scientific literature causal-
energies nevertheless envelop humans ly across the globe for communication ly correlating the epidemiologically re-
as a tightly woven net of electroma- purposes, and then investigate whet- corded data on functional disorders
gnetic oscillations and radiating fields. her the subjectively frequently repea- and symptoms of disease of an organ-
ted claim that this is damaging our ism with the exposure to electroma-
We recognised the problem in the se- health can possibly be true. gnetic fields in the mobile radio and
venties already in connection with our wireless communication range?
bee experiments and called it, in our This requires the following steps:
laboratory jargon, “electrosmog”. The The answer is not treated in detail he-
name has established itself, also via 1. Finding trends: Do we have scien- re, because it has been dealt with on
the media. tific literature causally correlating several occasions elsewhere (WARNKE,
the epidemiologically recorded data 2005).
It has in the meantime been proven on functional disorders and sym-
that humans too can transform the ptoms of disease in a human study To summarise, it must be noted:
specific energies and forces into infor- group with the exposure to electro- There is a body of differentiated
mation, without having a specific sen- magnetic fields in the mobile radio scientific literature that identified
sory organ to do this. But the question and wireless communication range? a causal correlation between epi-
up to now has always been: How do demiologically recorded data on
they do it? And to what extent can the 2. Finding a causal mechanism: Can functional disorders and symptoms
fields damage our health? a plausible mechanism be found of illness of the human organism,
that can explain functional disor- and exposure to electromagnetic
fields in the range of mobile radio
and wireless communication. We
therefore have an unassailable
trend result.

4.2 On the effective mechanism

Can we identify a plausible effective
mechanism that causally explains
functional disorders and symptoms of
illness as the result of exposure to elec-
tromagnetic fields?

The answer to this question does not

only affect humans but analogously
also birds and bees in many respects. It
exposes an effective mechanism that
has attracted our attention on several
occasions before: The disruption of the
nitrogen monoxide (NO) system. There
are probably other effective mecha-
nisms as well. But we shall only diffe- Fig. 30: Substances with an excess of electrons are indispensible for metabolism if humans
rentiate and elucidate the effective and many animals want to remain healthy. Electromagnetic oscillations destroy this electron
relationships of this mechanism at this excess and form nitrosative-oxidative species (RNS/ROS). The situation is fatal to a person if
point. anti-oxidants are also absent in the diet.
Copyright Ulrich Warnke

Nitrogen monoxide (NO) is a gas and

free radical (contains unpaired elec-
trons) that evolution has deployed as a
regulator of vitality very early already
– even in bacteria. This extremely im-
portant and indispensable gas is only cies (ROS) (e.g. superoxide anion, hy-
beneficial to the organism, provided a) drogen-peroxide) and reactive nitrosa-
a certain concentration is not excee- tive species (RNS) (e.g. peroxinitrite)
ded and b) there is no degeneration to largely prevent the antioxidative pro-
so-called reactive nitrogens and reac- cesses from re-establishing an ade-
tive oxidative species (RNS and ROS) – quate electron charge.
i.e. no cascade-like release of newly
formed free radicals and poisonous Shifting the redox balance towards
substances. oxidation may now result in cell da-
mage. Oxidation may, for instance, da-
4.2.1 Disruption of the redox balan- mage unsaturated fatty acids, proteins
ce and DNA, but particularly also the
membrane – with serious consequen-
The NO system is closely related to the ces for heredity, energy creation and
so-called redox system, which is ex- immune response.
tremely important to our molecular
functions. What does this mean? Every Exposure to electrical, magnetic and
organism needs a balanced ratio of electromagnetic fields disrupts the re-
electron excess and electron deficien- dox balance through oxidant/ nitrosa-
cy. This is also called redox balance. tive stress. This can no longer be
Oxygen compounds neutralise electron denied in the face of many in vitro and
charges, causing “oxidant stress”. Oxi- in vivo experiments – also in humans.
dant stress is particularly intensive if
free radicals and reactive oxygen spe- 34
Humans suffer functionality disorders

Latest results on the creation of Electromagnetic high frequencies and magnetic NO synthase actions.
low frequencies create stress symptoms in lym-
oxidant/nitrosative stress phocytes that are similar, but not identical to he- SEAMAN et al. 1999 and SEAMAN et al. 2002
through mobile radio frequen- at shock (BELYAEV et al. 2005). Provided the body has sufficient supplies of nitri-
cies te, rapid increase of NO production when exposed
The effect of a 890-915 MHz mobile radio field to radio frequency pulses (SAR of 0.106 W/kg).
Human blood cells exposed to mobile radio in (with 217/sec. impulse rate, 2 W max. power, SAR
standby mode show increased quantities of free 0.95 W/kg) was tested on guinea pigs. The setting ENGSTRÖM et al. 2000
radicals, resulting in lipid peroxidation (MOUSTA- was on 11hr 45min stand-by and 15 min talk mo- NO plays a role in the pathophysiology of oxidati-
FA et al. 2001). de. The malonaldialdehyde (MDA), Glutathion ve stress, including Parkinson and Alzheimer
(GSH), Retinol (Vitamin A), Vitamin D3, Vitamin E disease through electromagnetic impulses.
In rabbits and cells of other origin, the activity of und catalase enzyme activity (CAT) content in the
the SOD enzyme, which neutralises free radicals, brain tissue and in the blood was chosen as the ef- YOSHIKAWA et al. 2000
increases when exposed to mobile radio (IRMAK fective indicator. The MDA level rose in the brain A low frequency electromagnetic field increases
et al. 2002, STOPCZYK et al. 2002). tissue; the GSH level and CAT activity were redu- the generation of NO.
ced. In the blood, the MDA levels increased, as did
The damaging oxidative processes and NO are in- the Vitamin A, E and D3 levels, and the CAT activi- PAREDI u.a. 2001
creased in rat brains exposed to mobile radio ty rose. The GSH level simultaneously decreased The production of NO also increases under expo-
fields; they can be alleviated again by administe- here as well. The authors conclude from this that sure to the electromagnetic fields of mobile pho-
ring antioxidants (Ginko biloba) (ILHAN et al. mobile radio produces oxidant stress in the brain nes.
2004). tissue of test animals (MERAL et al. 2007).
DINIZ et al. 2002
The damaging oxidative activity is increased in the These results are also confirmed for the kidney in The increased proliferation of cells exposed to pul-
skin tissue of rats exposed to mobile radio fields; a further study (TOHUMOGLU et al. 2007). sating electromagnetic fields is caused by NO.
this can be alleviated by administering the mela-
tonin hormone (AYATA et al. 2004). Stimulation of the nitrogen monoxide NO free ra- KIM et al. 2002
dical by electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic Pulsating electromagnetic fields amplify the neu-
Acute exposure to unmodulated 930 MHz elec- fields, observed for a long time, is of importance ronal NO synthase expression.
tromagnetic fields in vitro, increases the oxidant in these effects. A chronological listing below:
stress level in rat lymphocytes treated with iron LAI AND SINGH 2004
ions (ZMYSLONY et al. 2004). E lectromagn etic an d magnetic radiated fields Inhibitor of NO synthase (7-nitroindazol) blocks

Hz, 10 µT).
promote the produ ction of n itrogen m on oxi de the effects of weak magnetic alternating fields (60
Kidney tissue of rats shows increased levels of free (NO) in organisms. A chronological literature com-
radicals when exposed to mobile radio fields. The pilation
damaging effects can be alleviated through va- ILHAN et al. 2004
rious antioxidants (OZGUNER et al. 2005). The de- WARNKE 1979, 1980, 1984, 1993, 1994 Frequencies used by mobile radio (900 MHz) cau-
structive effect can be neutralised by Weak pulsating magnetic fields create an imme- se increased activity of NO levels, increase malon-
administering melatonin hormone (OKTEM et al. diate effect and stimulate NO production in hu- dialdehyde, increase xanthin oxidase, decrease
2005). mans. superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidise
- thereby destroying the brain of rats. Antioxi-
Heart tissue exposed to mobile radio fields shows MIURA et al. 1993 dants (Ginkgo biloba) counter this.
an increase in the activity of free radicals. This can NO increases when a weak field of high frequen-
be reduced through antioxidants (OZGUNER et al. cy radio signals is switched on; measured directly YARIKTAS et al. 2005
2005). in the brain. The NO level in the mucosa of the nose increases
when exposed to mobile radio fields (900 MHz).
When exposed to mobile radio fields, eyes show an LAI AND SINGH 1996
increased activity of free radicals; this can be al- DNA destroyed through electromagnetic influen- AKDAG et al. 2007
leviated through administering antioxidants and ce; later (2004) traced back to NO stimulation. The long-term effect (2 hours per day for 10
melatonin hormone (OZGUNER et al. 2006). months) of a low frequency pulsed magnetic field

Magnetic fields (1 or 60 Hz, 5.6, 56, µT) had no ef-

BAWIN et al. 1996 on rats reduces the NO production below the no-
Melatonin can limit the lipid peroxidation caused minal values.
by 900 MHz mobile radio fields in the hippocam- fect when the NO synthase enzyme was pharma-
pus of rats, but not in the cortex (KOYLU et al. cologically inhibited. The effect could, on the other It has been known for many decades already that
2006). hand, be forced by binding NO to haemoglobin. weak low frequency magnetic fields increase the
levels of free radicals. It is therefore not necessa-
When exposed to mobile radio fields of base sta- ADEY 1997 ry to quote further literature at this point.
tions (SAR 11.3 mW/kg), the oxidant stress level NO is a normal regulator of EEG rhythms and, in
increases; the neutralising enzyme activity is si- pathological cases, of epilepsy.

Weak magnetic fields (1 Hz, 100 µT), modulate the

multaneously reduced (YUREKLI et al. 2006).

Compared to controls, the mobile radio signal NO action.

(GSM-DTX 2W/kg) creates increased oxidative

A 60 Hz, 141 µT magnetic field affects the NO and

species levels in immuno-relevant human cells KAVALIERS et al. 1998
(LANTOW et al. 2006).
4.2.2 Primary mechanism sion and finally cell proliferation is supported at NO and ROS, which includes superoxide anion,
found: Enzymes transferring the cost of cell differentiation. are important modulators of the vascular tonus
electrons are magneto-sensitive and are architects of the adhesive interaction of
Over-stimulation is a threat. It is analogous to a leucocytes, platelets and endothelium. The two
Stimulation of free radicals – inclu- drug or medicine: Dosed correctly, the substan- molecules of NO and of superoxide anion, ho-
ding NO – through physical fields and ce can be beneficial; but overdosing can be poi- wever, have opposite effects: NO is normally be-
radiated fields is therefore scientifi- sonous. This is exactly what happens with neficial in a healthy life cycle; ROS, however,
cally and reliably proven. But viewed permanent exposure to magnetic and electro- prepares the system for special regulation when
critically, this is no proof of damage magnetic fields. disruptions occur.
unless the underlying primary mecha-
nism is identified. In detail, this process is as follows: It is a fact The functions are thereby flexibly adjusted. This
For this reason, we searched for a long that the NADH oxidase enzyme also produces allocation of functions disappears, however, un-
time for a link to explain the damaging the superoxide anion (02-°) free radical. Super- der the influence of an external magnetic and
effect. And we have found it in one of oxide anion is damaging to the NO budget, electromagnetic field: NO and ROS now react
the latest studies: The NADH oxidase among other. NO may be deactivated and may together. In this event, their specific effective
enzyme exhibits a high – and quite re- subsequently degrade, negatively affecting va- potential is destroyed and toxic substances are
producible – sensitivity for magnetic rious vital parameters (WARNHOLTZ et al. 1999). created, such as peroxinitrite (0N00-) (MÜNZEL
and electromagnetic fields of mobile et al. 1999). This peroxinitrite in turn reacts with
phones (FRIEDMAN et al. 2007). What is new is the realisation that NADH oxi- hydrogens, creating more hydrogen peroxide.
dase also forces the generation of NO by stimu-
lating the eNOS enzyme (SUZUKI et al. 2006,
This sensitivity had been known for quite some RACASAN et al. 2005). This stimulation of eNOS Because this mechanism is so impor-
time in connection with other oxidases such as then becomes a further source of increased su- tant, we shall summarise it in one sen-
cytochrome oxidase (BLANK et al. 1998, 2001 peroxide anion radical generation (SEINOSUKE tence: The serious pathological
a/b). For a long time, it was believed that NADH et al. 2004). This is not the end of the list in this disruption is caused by exposure to
oxidase was active only in certain cells such a fatal loop of overstimulation, because the NADH magnetic and radiated fields resulting
phagocytes. But it was known for quite some ti- oxidase system also stimulates the formation of in the creation of additional reactive
me that it was sensitive to gravitation (NASA, toxic hydrogen peroxide (H202), which also in- oxygen species (ROS) such as super-
2006). In the meantime, homologues of NADH creases NO production by up to 100% (LI et al. oxide radicals and hydrogen peroxide,
oxidase were discovered in various tissues and 2002). These two additional NO stimulants ex- that combine with the increasingly
were collectively included in the NOX family plain the abovementioned increased NO pro- produced NO to form extremely toxic
(NOX1, N0X3, N0X4, N0X5, DUOX1 and DU0X2). duction under the influence of magnetic fields peroxinitrite, that in turn reacts with
and electromagnetic radiated fields – also hydrogens to form more hydrogen per-
The NOX family is also responsible for a large through mobile radio communication. oxide. The consequences of the patho-
range of pathological processes, especially neu- logical process are listed further down.
rodegeneration and heart diseases (BEDARD et But this is the start of a vicious circle. Because
al. 2007). overstimulation of the eNOS enzyme, that in the Many vital substances, required for
final analysis is also an agent for increased NO functioning of the body, are rende-
These oxidase enzymes are magnetically sensiti- production, also increases superoxide anion ra- red useless.
ve due to their capability of shepherding elec- dicals on its own (SEINOSUKE et al. 2004). Na-
trons through plasma membranes. When ture, however, also has a cleverly devised If the cascade of effects is disrupted,
electrons move, an electrical current flows that countermeasure against excessive and dange- the normal and healthy effects of NO
in turn builds up its own magnetic field and al- rous NO production threatening overproduction are restored (HORNIG et al. 2001).
so generates electromagnetic high frequency of a radical: The more stimulated hydrogen per-
oscillations through acceleration and decelera- oxide, which also increases the NO production, The NADH oxidase is important in
tion of electron movement. All these processes is an agent for de-activating eNOS co-factors, another sense as well. It is also found
create sensitivity to external fields. which finally prevents the NO production by af- in the cell nucleus where it can – de-
fecting the membrane receptor (JAMES et al. pending on the redox system – control
The electron transfer is finally responsible for 2001). Such a reduction of NO has also been the gene expression, but can also da-
the production of superoxide radicals and other found before under long-term exposure to mage genes (MASUKA, 2006).
reactive oxygen species (ROS). The consequences stronger magnetic fields (AKDAG et al. 2007).
of this are far reaching in completely different Even if the NO now appears to be regulated, the Let us therefore state in response
areas, because radicals and ROS are very ag- damaging effects of ROS remain intact. to the question of a conclusive ef-
gressive. In this way, the destruction of viruses fective mechanism: The existing
and bacteria is promoted, the creation of pro- The real pathological effects arise afterwards. scientific literature abundantly do-
teins is forced through reinforced gene expres- We have to consider, in addition, that both the cuments disruptions of the redox 36
Humans suffer functionality disorders

F irs t c om plex: Stimu lation of free radi cals su ch blocked; the power generators for cell
balance in organisms through reac- as superoxide 02- ° an d NO leads to energy are transformed into copious
- activation of protooncogenes
tive oxidative and nitrogenous spe- - damage to the mitochondria genome
sources of free radicals.
cies (ROS/RNS), causally connected - damage to the cell nucleus genome
to the exposure to electromagnetic - damage to the membranes The changes have serious consequen-
fields of mobile radio and wireless - oxidation of the polyene fatty acids of the ces:
communication. membranes; release of cardiolipins (auto anti-
body formation)
An unambiguous effective dama- - oxidation of SH groups, causing enzyme
1. Inflammation processes spread and
ging mechanism has therefore been blocking release further substances that are
found. - activation of proteases (cell damage) harmful when overdosed (tumour
- activation of transcription factors. necrosis factor TNFα and time and
again nitrogen monoxide). We must
Second complex: Sti mulation of hi gh ly toxic pe-
r o x i n i t r i t e f r o m su p e r o x i d e a n i o n 0 2 ° t o g e t h e r
also not forget that inflammations
4.3 On the question of deterio- w ith NO (02° - + NO = ONOO °) are on the increase in our industrial
ration of health and damage NO has three times the affinity for superoxide society and that arteriosclerosis and
02-° that 02-° has for the neutralising superoxide heart attacks – the primary cause of
Can the functional disruptions thus ex- dismutase; the peroxinitrite death – are ultimately caused by in-
- oxidises vitamin C
plained be considered the scientifically - oxidises uric acid
flammations. This point of view has
proven reasons for the subjectively des- - oxidises cholesterine already been accepted among the
cribed symptoms of disease? - oxidises sulfhydryl groups (destroys thioles) scientifically active medical frater-
- oxidises polyene fatty acids of the membranes nity today.
The proven effective mechanism is im- (initiates lipid peroxidation)
- causes DNA breaks
portant also because it shows that the - activates kinases (phosphor lipase 2)
2. Aerobic glycolysis (glycolysis despite
subjective ailments of many people are - activates polymerase (PAPP); this destroys the presence of oxygen) is activated
based on biological facts that can be NAD+, leading to a cellular energetic as “emergency power generator” –
explained. If you are aware of the cas- catastrophy. which is in turn associated with:
cades of effects described hereunder, NO and peroxinitrite react to form nitrogendi-
oxide (NO2); this deactivates superoxide dismu-
you will better understand why “elec- tase (MnSOD), i.e. inhibiting the neutralising
• stimulation of proto-oncogenes
trosmog” is damaging. enzymes of the mitochondria (mt-Mn-SOD). The- (precursors to cancer genes)
se reactions alone result in massive metabolism • increased release of superoxide ra-
disruptions already. dicals
4.3.1 Functional disruptions and • lactate acidosis (excessive acidifica-
T h ird c omplex: Sti mu lati on of h igh ly toxi c per-
symptoms of disease oxide radical (H02°-) from s uperoxide an d pero-
xi n it ri te w it h t he i nv olv emen t of h ydrog en
Electromagnetically induced excessive Peroxide H00° has a redox potential of +1000
ROS/RNS stimulation may be differen- mV, making it highly oxidising.. An addition to
tiated into three effective phases that the listing in complex 2, peroxide also oxidises: 3. The mitichondric genome finally
- Polyene fatty acids
are passed through sequentially: - Tocopherol (Vit E)
mutates. But especially this pa-
1. Stimulation of free radicals, - Lycopene thological change can be heredi-
2. Stimulation of highly toxic peroxini- - Co-enzyme Q 10 tary via the female gender. It
trite, burdens the progeny for the ge-
3. Stimulation of highly toxic peroxide nerations to come.
radical. The functional disruptions are mani-
fest in disease symptoms, as described
The following processes are serious: in more detail below.
Cell components are destroyed; the an-
tioxidants absorbed with the food and 4.3.2 The “Acquired Energy
the substances with excess electrons Dyssymbiosis Syndrome” (AEDS)
produced by the organism itself are
spent; the harmful cholesterine increa- The clinical picture of the “Acquired
ses. People feel tired, tense, battle va- Energy Dyssymbiosis Syndrome” des-
rious inflammations. cribes a deficiency of cell energy –
with simultaneous derailment of the
Pain is felt in places. More detail on the cell environment. This leads to “mito-
individual steps is given below. chondropathy”: energy creation is
O verview: Ph ysiopathological con sequences
(high infection susceptibility) The various problems disappear if
of nitrosative/oxidat ive s tress
- Functional disruptions of the the influence of the radiation or
thyroid the ROS/RNS formation is “swit-
I. Disruption of mitochondrial activity
- Myopathy ched off” (e.g. ABELIN 1999, ABE-
II. Disruption of sugar utilisation (patho-
- Encephalopathy LIN et al. 1995, HORNIG et al.
- Polyneuropathy 2001, PETROV1970, TNO study
logical lactate acidosis)
- Enteropathy 2004).
III. Disruption of the neurotransmitter
- Cancer
- AIDS Health is not, however, restored if
IV. Disruption of the cholesterine metabo-
the disruptions have already led to
To summarise, we can answer the serious damage such as DNA de-
V. Disruption of the steroid hormone syn-
question as to whether subjective struction or tumours.
thesis (corticoids)
reports of illness have an objective
VI. Disruption of the haem system
basis as follows: The redox balance
VII. Generation of mutations, esp. the mito-
is disturbed via the direct influen-
chondrial DNA (hereditary)
ce of weak magnetic and electro-
VIII. Disruption of apoptosis
magnetic fields on the NADH
oxidase. The result is oxidative/ni-
trosative stress. It leads to disrupti-
ons and prevention of vital
Catalogue of symptoms and functions. In the course of these
diseases (excerpt), derived processes, exactly those disease
from the known effective symptoms subjectively described by
mechanisms of nitrosati- those affected and exposed to ra-
ve/oxidative stress diated fields, are in evidence.
- Sleep disorders
- High level of fatigue: no relaxa- Hereditary pathological changes
tion, recuperation times ineffec- passed on via the mother should, in
tive particular, draw our attention to
- Psychosomatic performance lap- the effects that will only manifest
ses themselves in generations to come.
- Major phases of restlessness and
“panic disorder”
- Corpulence
- Chronic hypoglycemia
- Increased cholesterine and trigly-
cerid values 4.4 On the exclusion of a noce-
- Lactate acidosis bo effect.
- Fibromyalgy FMS (nitroso seroto-
nin auto-antibody formation) Do we have scientifically designed me-
- Autoimmune diseases thods, such as the “double blind” me-
- Arteriosclerosis thod, proving that the symptoms of
- M. Parkinson disease cannot be attributed to fears
- Chronic inflammation processes, but that they are generally reversible
especially in the nervous system, after “switching off” the physically
with multiple sclerosis and stressing fields (unbeknown to the par-
amyotropic lateral sclerosis ticipants), after a short period of time?
- Haem synthesis disruptions (por-
- Lactose intolerance
- Pathological energy deficit PED
(WARNKE, 1989) All the scientific investigations that
- Chronic immune insufficiency addressed this question reply to
this question with “yes”:

5. Summary

For many decades, research results showing

that the natural electrical and magnetic fields
and their variation are a vital precondition for
the orientation and navigation of a whole ran-
ge of animals, have been freely available.

What has also been known to science for ma-

ny decades is that we as humans depend on
this natural environment for many of our vital

Today, however, this natural information and

functional system of humans, animals and
plants has been superimposed by an unprece-
dented dense and energetic mesh of artificial
magnetic, electrical and electromagnetic
fields, generated by numerous mobile radio
and wireless communication technologies.

The consequences of this development have

also been predicted by the critics for many de-
cades and can now no longer be ignored. Bees
and other insects disappear, birds avoid certain
areas and are disoriented in other locations.
Humans suffer from functional disorders and
diseases. And those that are hereditary are
passed on to the next generation as existing

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Glossary (GL) higher frequency is interrupted at a
certain rate (facilitated only through
Information: This concept is generally modern digital technology), low fre-
understood in everyday life and has quency pulsed high frequency radiati-
gained a position of central importan- on is created, whereby the cyclic rate
ce, especially in modern bio-sciences. can also be used for information pur-
“Informed society” demands to be in a poses.
position to inform itself about every-
thing if possible, at any time and any
place in the world. Analogously, it is of The traditional technical method of
cardinal importance to a living organ- transmitting “information” is called
ism of any kind, not only to be in a po- modulation. In this way, a continuous
sition to communicate with its low frequency carrier wave, subject to
environment via information carriers, less interference during propagation in
but the control of its internal vital space, is overlaid (modulated) with the
functions must also be assured, which higher frequencies of music and voice,
is again possible only through the ex- allowing the information to be trans-
change of “information”. mitted over large distances.

Electromagnetic (EM) fields of all

kinds and magnitudes (including light,
UV and infrared radiation, microwaves,
etc.) were chosen by evolution as par-
ticularly suitable carriers of informa-
tion because they are able to flood the
living space of organisms spontane-
ously and fully, affording every indivi-
dual immediate access to its
information content.

EA few common physical units:

This is available in the ordered struc-
ture of the EM fields themselves, des- Ampere (A): current amplitude
cribed in physics as waves, which Volt (V): electrical voltage
propagate at the speed of light with V / meter (E): electrical field
alternating electrical and magnetic strength
field components. Because, in accor- Watt:(W): power (=VA)
dance with Faraday’s law of induction Joule (J): electrical energy (=W sec)
(1831), the changes in a magnetic field Tesla (T): magnetic induction
induce changes in an electrical field. (=V sec/m2)

Number units
The force/field lines of magnetic and
electrical fields are in the form of vec- (k) Kilo … * 1000
tors between positive and negative (M) Mega … * 1000 000
poles and we can therefore describe (G) Giga … * 1000 000 000
them as electrical or magnetic flux (T) Tera … * 1000 000 000 000
and a flux density orthogonal to a unit
surface area, e.g. 1 m2.
(m) Milli … * 0.000
The actual information in an EM field (µ) Mikro … * 0.000 000
resides – similar to acoustics – in the (n) Nano … * 0.000 000 000
number of oscillations per second (p) Pico … * 0.000 000 000 000
(=frequency) and also in the amplitu-
de of the oscillations. If an EM field of 44
Now Brochure 3 of the Series Effects of Wireless Communication Technologies is also available in English:

How Susceptible Are Genes to Mobile Phone Radiation?

State of the Research – Endorsements of Safety and
Controversies – Self-Help Recommendations
With Articles by Franz Adlkofer, Igor Y. Belyaev, Karl Richter, Vladislav M. Shiroff

In their articles, the experts in biomedicine and biosciences Prof. Franz Adlkofer, Prof. HOW SUSCEPTIBLE ARE GENES TO
Igor Y. Belyaev, and Vladislav M. Shiroff show the broad range of international re- MOBILE PHONE RADIATION?
State of the Research – Endorsements of Safety and
Controversies – Self-Help Recommendations
search efforts that document DNA and chromosome damages as well as chronic With Articles by Franz Adlkofer, Igor Y. Belyaev, Karl Richter, Vladislav M. Shiroff

diseases resulting from electromagnetic radiation exposures. This is about non-ther- Effects of Wireless Communication Technologies

mal effects well below current exposure limits. UMTS radiation turns out to be espe- A Brochure Series by the
Competence Initiative for the Protection of Humanity,
Environment and Democracy

cially hazardous. Brochure 3

“The endorsement of safety by the German Mobile Telecommunication Research Programme regarding the health
risks of mobile phone radiation is based rather on wishful thinking than facts,” says Franz Adlkofer. Exposure li-
mits that do not account for non-thermal effects or the exposure duration do not provide protection but are rat-
her unsafe. In commissions and research programs, which are paid by the public for the protection of its health,
those scientists set the tone whose main objective it is to issue endorsements of safety and support existing ex-
posure limits. They pursue “witch hunts” against allegedly fraudulant laboratories. But obviously they do not
realize that their denial of the international body of evidence is the most offensive of all scientific frauds possi-
ble. Since this turns the entire population into potential victims.

As long as this is supposed to be the “independent” research the public and environment is at the mercy of, we
should not expect any protection or precaution from the government, reasons Prof. Karl Richter. It seems to be more
imperative than ever before that independent scientists and responsible citizens—with the support of foundati-
ons and environmentally minded sponsors—take the organization of independent health protection projects into
their own hands, as a program for self-help. The brochure provides recommendations to this end.

The brochure can be downloaded for free from

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More information about the German print editions of the brochures of the series and how to order them can be
found at
About this Brochure

The bioscientist Ulrich Warnke knows the electromagnetic workings of nature better than most. In this bro-
chure, which opens a new science series by independent scientists, medical doctors, and technicians, he shows
how nature uses much wisdom and sensitivity in employing electric as well as magnetic fields in the creation
of life. But, therefore, he is also in a position to convincingly criticize how foolish and irresponsible we are as
we interfere with this delicate natural balance today. According to the findings of this brochure, we are cur-
rently in the process of destroying in less than a few decades what nature took to create over millions of
The outlook is all the more worrisome because it is not based on hypotheses and probabilities but the work
of verifiable and reproducible effect mechanisms. We think that the protective provisions of the German Con-
stitution obligate the responsible elected officials to draw the necessary conclusions. Anybody who still re-
lies on downplaying the risk, the most convenient of all strategies used most frequently to pretend that there
were no known serious risks, only signals that short-term economic interests are more important to this per-
son than the future of the coming generations.

Ulrich Warnke summarizes the findings of his brochure as follows:

"Today, unprecedented exposure levels and intensities of magnetic, electric, and electromagnetic fields from
numerous wireless technologies interfere with the natural information system and functioning of humans, ani-
mals, and plants. The consequences of this development, which have already been predicted by critics for
many decades, cannot be ignored anymore. Bees and other insects vanish; birds avoid certain places and be-
come disorientated at others. Humans suffer from functional impairments and diseases. And insofar as the lat-
ter are hereditary, they will be passed on to next generations as pre-existing defects"

Prof. Dr. K. Hecht, Dr. med. M. Kern, Prof. Dr. K. Richter, Dr. med. H.-Chr. Scheiner

About the Author

The main research areas of Dr. rer. nat. Ulrich Warnke, an internationally renowned bioscientist at Saarland
University, include biomedicine, environmental medicine, and biophysics. For decades his research interest
centered especially on the effects of electromagnetic fields.