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Charlotte Edwards


Fashion/ Editorial




Waste Within Fashion / Editorial

Clothing Waste
Waste of the Fashion Department E.g Materials, Unwanted Clothing

Recycle Re-use Textile Recycling Recycled Clothing / Jewellery

Making something out of something else

Unused Wasted Locations


Everyday Items being reused in original ways

One man's trash is another man's treasure.

Materialistic Waste E.g Makeup, Clothes Things we can live without

Photographic Waste
Old Prints/ Polaroid Negatives

David La Chapelle

Wasted Locations Abandoned Buildings etc.


I like how David La Chappelle has used abandoned buildings to create very high fashion style images using the abandoned looking props also for models to use.

Moodboard for high fashion within Wasted Location

I decided i did not like this approach and i preferred my other ideas so did not go further into this idea.

Moodboard Graffiti Wasted Art / Talent & Urban Wasteland

Photographic Waste
Ruined Prints/Paper Failed Negatives Polaroid Failed Polaroids Polaroid Test Shoots

E-waste Old Cameras etc.

Experimenting using double exposure within polaroids. I feel the technique can create some very pretty images however this does not really relate to my waste theme as much as the polaroids that include the wasted locations

The polaroids at the bottom work better because the images also relate to waste because of the environment in which the images were taken (Wasted Locations). I feel the environment within the polaroids work well better than the normal polaroids next to the river etc.

Polaroids can be seen as waste of money However the images inside do not relate to waste so this concept wouldn't work as well as my others

Charity Shop Fashion

Using only charity shops in medway create a fashion series that looks like it could come from the highstreet

Use only charity shops in medway for clothing/ outfits. I also want the portraits to be colourful and attract a young audience similar to myself. I plan on changing the colour of the backdrop this will either be by using a coloured backdrop or coloured gels. I want to use bright colours for example pink, purple or blue also giving it a young fashion feel. I also plan to use a lot of recycled jewellery and customised clothing that has been recycled into something else this relates to fashion and the ways we can re use many pieces of clothing in imaginative ways.

Ideas For Charity shop Studio Shoot

My sister makes her own jewellery and customises her own clothes i plan on using her to style some of my shoots.

High street shops now taking part in clothes recycling

Fashion Recycling

Inspirational images for charity fashion images

I like the use of coloured backdrop and id like to achieve something similar, i also like how the photographer has used a range of different models however i want to keep my image set to around 3 or 4 image sets of one or two models with different outfits. i want to experiment with different colours, patterns and textures within the clothing

I want to use colour film and either medium format or large format Unknown Photographer Found off Tumblr

Call to faith by Carmen Mitrotta (Contemporary Photographer)

I like the use of colour within her images and also her use of material over the face (and how this fits in with her colour scheme of images) I feel the use of this colour effect could look good within my portraits for charity shop fashion, its very fashion style and looks effective.

Articles recycled_fashion_and_designers_g_8871 Heather-Mills-releases-recycled-fashion-line-pieces-staycharity-shops.html

People On street revealing the cost of their clothes Fashion Documentary Style

I think this article says a lot about how people today like to spend their money. How much is necessary to spend on clothes and why do people feel the need to spend as much money on their physical appearance as possible. 2013/04/recycable-fashion-artists.html

Using Recycled Negatives To Double Expose ?

For fashion purposes ?

I like the effect double exposure can create on some images and i would like to experiment with double exposure to maybe see if i could a image for waste

I experimented using double exposure in photoshop however i found this to also be not as strong as my other idea so i decided not to continue with this idea.

The images also do not link with waste as much as my previous concepts.

The purpose of this shoot was to experiment with using wasted locations as a backdrop for fashion style portraits. I found this location right next to halls, it is a un used building and was ideal for my test shoot. ! The test shoot gave me a idea to what my nal images would look like if i took this path, however after looking at the test shots i decided my other ideas were stronger. It was very important that i still experimented with test shots to nd out what looked effective

Experimenting with colour and editing seeing what i could achieve with colour in these portraits

Experimenting incorporating the environment within the portraits and how i could maybe frame with other images

How one material can be used in many ways

This image very successfully shows how something very simple can be shaped and turned into clothing i would like to achieve something like this for my project

Vogue Hommes Japan

The use of everyday waste or rubbish transformed for fashion purposes

Julija Jankelaityte

Tim Walker

Use of materials to create unique clothing for fashion purposes. I like the idea of using unique materials to create forms, shapes and clothing that could be seen as fashionable, this is what i feel Tim Walker has achieve in all of the images above. he has used materials in a way which no one would expect they could be used.

Danny Treacy Them

Creating Weird Creations out of a collection of clothing I like how Danny Treacy has created a haunting set of images based of clothing he has collected. I like how each image set the clothing or creation is completely different

Adam Bouska Photographer Adam Bouska was inspired by 'Green Week' in America and decided to create a fashion shoot that would fit in well with it. He styled his model in recycled materials and then photographed them in a way that looks like they could be from a fashion magazine. The dresses the models are in are made out of old newspapers swell as the background and all of the accessories. Bouska has made using recycling materials in dresses look very fashionable with the way he has made the images into a fashion editorial. The dramatic hair, makeup and poses makes the clothing very desirable, I was inspired by this as it makes recycled clothing look very fashionable.

Artist and set-Designer Luke Abby

Styling Using Unexpected materials Self Research

Dressed Hannah in foil like material testing different ways materials can be used for fashion.

Experimenting with using material to form clothing, shapes and interesting forms. I feel this could be interesting to link to waste by using unexpected materials like Tim Walker and Danny Treacy. I could perhaps use Materials that can not be recycled easily.

After my tutorial with Steffi i decided that going with my strongest idea would be best, before the tutorial i was stuck with what idea would be best to go with and what i would get the best images out of. I decided to go with the theme of building clothing out of items that are hard or impossible to recycle, i have also decided i want to shoot this in a fashion way incorporating ideas from my other previous Experiments/Themes for example the use of coloured backdrops etc.

Studio Test Shoot one

27th Feb

Studio Test Shoot 2

6th March