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OBJ: SWBAT identify and explain reasons for European colonization of the Middle East.

Notes Title: Causes of European Colonization of Middle East DOL: Given an exit card and images, SWBAT: (80% Accuracy) Answer four multiple choice questions. Write a constructed response for the following prompt:
Explain the reasons for European colonization of the Middle East.
EQ: Why did Europeans colonize the Middle East?

SWBAT identify and explain reasons for European colonization of the Middle East.

05 European
A native or inhabitant of

Includes the people of

France, Great Britain, Spain and others

CFU: Think/Write/Share: Characteristics of European societies in the 19th century include

Today we are going to cover the reasons Europeans colonized the Middle East.

05 Middle East
An area of southwestern Asia

and northern Africa that stretches from the Mediterranean Sea to Pakistan and includes the Arabian peninsula

Includes Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan

CFU: Think/Write/Share: In recent years, the Middle East has been in the news for

There are three reasons for European Colonization of the Middle East:

1) Desire for Resources and Wealth

2) Fall of the Ottoman Empire

3) Sykes-Picot Agreement
EQ: Why did Europeans colonize the Middle East?

The Middle East is rich in oil, which many European countries desired. The Middle East was also home to valuable historical artifacts. Jewels, fabrics, and fruits were sought by Europeans.
The Middle East was also a market for European goods.
CFU: Think/Write/Share: The European desire for oil and historical artifacts from the Middle East is similar to ______________________.

A Middle Eastern empire which lasted from January 1299 to October 1923.
Was once one of the most powerful empires in the world. Collapsed after World War I as a result of a failing economy and powerful neighbors.


When the Ottoman Empire falls, there is a lack of government in these areas
This allows European countries to

easily take control of land and resources

CFU: Think/Write/Share: Due to ______________, the size of the Ottoman Empire was a contributing factor in its downfall.

Sykes-Picot Agreement was a secret agreement made in 1916 between the governments of the Britain and France, with the consent of Russia.
Defined their respective spheres

of influence and control in the Middle East after the expected downfall of the Ottoman Empire during World War I

Spheres of influence- region over which a country or organization has significant cultural, economic, military or political influence

CFU: Think/Write/Share: Considering ____________, I predict that French and Britain presence in this area was well/poorly received.

Whiteboard Work:

Does it look like France or Britain got more territory? Predict one impact that the Sykes-Picot Agreement might have had on the region. Consider both the Europeans and those native to the area.


1. All of the following were reasons for European colonization of the Middle East except:
a. Sykes-Picot Agreement b. Revenge for terrorist attacks c. Greed d. Fall of the dominant empire in the area

3. The Ottoman Empire collapsed because:

a. of the Sykes-Picot Agreement b. its military was defeated during World War Two c. its economy was weak and its neighbors were strong d. the Sultan was assassinated

2. The Sykes-Picot Agreement 4. Europeans were interested in the a) caused the fall of the Ottoman Middle East because Empire a. it was rich in gold b. they wanted access to Middle Eastern b) was between the U.S. and France trade routes c) split the Middle East between the c. it was rich in oil, jewels, and artifacts Europeans d. the Ottomans offered them some d) was made after consulting the sultan political control in return for weapons of the Ottman Empire

Write a constructed response (4-5 sentences) explaining the reasons for European colonization of the Middle East.