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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

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Between rock and a hard place


Ewww! How selfies spread head lice p111

cancer and the Roger Daltrey effect


Blundering police give amnesty to suspect


Hyde Park victims are denied justice

AN IRA member suspected of killing four soldiers in one of the bloodiest atrocities of The Troubles walked free yesterday because police wrongly promised him he would never be prosecuted. John Downey was cleared of the 1982 Hyde Park bombing after he unearthed a letter which said there were no warrants for his arrest. But, even though the letter was issued in error, the case was thrown out because a judge accepted that it, in effect, granted him an amnesty. Families of the 62-year-olds alleged victims told of their great sadness and bitter disappointment over the monumental blunder. They said: Our men signed up to serve their country in good faith, yet now it seems that faith was not supported by those within certain areas of authority. The torment for the families will

Carnage: Bodies of horses lie in the road after the Hyde Park blast; above right, Michael Pedersen with Sefton and, below right, John Downey PICTURE: PA
be ongoing, knowing that John Downey will be returning to his family and life will be normal for him. Downey denied any wrongdoing but was linked to the car bombing, which also injured 31 people, by fingerprint evidence. In 2007 he sought clarification over any cases against him in the wake of the peace process. The convicted IRA member, now a Sinn Fein worker, was arrested in 2013 at Gatwick Airport en route to Greece. But his defence team told the Old Bailey if the letter from Northern Ireland police was not honoured it would undermine the peace process. Northern Ireland secretary Theresa Villers last night promised to investigate whether any other suspects received similar assurances. The Hyde Park attack made a hero of a police horse called Sefton, which recovered from horrific injuries and returned to duty. However, its handler, Sgt Michael Pedersen, stabbed his two children to death before killing himself in 2012 while suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Manchester United: Just when you thought it couldnt get any worse... Back Page

METRO Wednesday, February 26, 2014

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Actress Emily Watson talks about her latest movie in 60 Seconds interview on Page 18 and theres more showbiz news in Guilty Pleasures on Page 20-23.
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Following yesterdays news story about Nokia shifting to Android for its apps, we have been asked to make clear that it has not ditched its Windows operating system. Nokia X uses the Microsoft cloud, not Googles, and offers a range of Microsoft services. Nokia X is seen as a feeder system for Lumia, Nokias primary Find us... smartphone offering which runs Windows Phone. ...or Metro strives for complete accuracy but, in the heat of download our mobile apps meeting deadlines, mistakes do sometimes slip in. If you spot anything, email with the article and date as the subject line.

Northern parts of the UK will be rather cloudy with showery rain, but this will ease later. Further south, it will be mostly dry with long sunny periods and just the odd shower in the west.

Min: 1C

Mostly dry at first, and chilly in the east. However, outbreaks of rain will spread eastwards across all areas, clearing to showers in the west by dawn.

Max: 12C

en Ne HU ds tfl RR to ix o Y m ff or er ro w

6.50am 5.35pm

Max: 12C

Early rain will soon clear to sunshine and showers, these most frequent in the west.

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BBC Look North reporter falls victim to spectacular camera error Nasa image shows North Korea completely in the dark The weirdest question a pizza chain has ever been asked on Twitter? Looking for a flat in London? This one costs just 200,000 a month Women prisoners coerced into sex with staff in return for alcohol and cigarettes Dead rat found in birthday cake spoils 96-year-olds celebrations Pictures reveal appalling conditions inside house where lazy father kept his three kids

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 METRO

Dark past casts a shadow

Finger of fate spoils a moment in history
IT was meant to be a historic, symbolic meeting held to celebrate almost 50 years of diplomatic ties between Germany and Israel. But when German chancellor Angela Merkel stood before the worlds media after talks with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, an accidental wag of his finger caused the whole occasion to be somewhat... overshadowed. This rather unfortunate positioning of his hand, causing Ms Merkel to resemble a certain former German dictator, was taken by a photographer for the Jerusalem Post and swiftly went viral online. The newspapers reporter Ben Hartman described it as picture of the year, although commentators have been divided over whether it is funny or simply something to gasp at in astonishment. To put the historical record straight, Ms Merkel became the first European leader to receive Israels highest civil award, the Presidential Medal of Distinction, in recognition of her support for the country. Sadly, a picture can still paint a thousand words... and pop up on 10,000 websites. So perhaps the German leader can take some comfort in the fact that shes the latest in a long line of politicians to be caught out by spectral shadows. Chancellor George Osborne fell victim in 2011 when he was snapped seemingly trying to shake hands with

Tricks of the light: Ms Merkel and Mr Netanyahu, above, George Osborne towers over his French counterpart, right, Ed Milibands shadowy cabinet PICTURES: AFP/GETTY/PA
the miniature silhouette of his French counterpart, Franois Baroin, at a meeting of G7 finance ministers. And at the 2010 Labour Party Conference, the looming shadow of opposition leader Ed Miliband weirdly appeared to single out his colleague, shadow education secretary Ed Balls, for special praise.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 METRO

Boy, 13, stunned by 420 Xbox bill hanged himself

A TEENAGER hanged himself after racking up a bill of hundreds of pounds on computer games, an inquest heard. Henry Tattersall was told he would not get any Christmas presents when he mistakenly downloaded Xbox games worth 420 last November. Just minutes before hanging himself, the 13-year-old spoke to his girlfriend on Facebook and said: Im going to kill myself. His mother, Eve, from Newchurch, Lancashire, told the inquest her son was genuinely stunned by the amount of money he had spent. He was very upset that I was upset, she said. Coroner Richard Taylor, sitting in Burnley, said Henrys death was the unexpected conclusion of an intended action. Verdict: death by misadventure. Games: Henry

Cyber gangs to target banks

CYBER criminals are increasingly targeting mobile phones and experts have warned they will go for bank accounts next. Hackers last year targeted each phone user three times on average and the number of malicious programmes detected doubled from 2012 to almost 100,000, security group Kaspersky Lab said. But cyber criminals were now obsessed with banking trojans, it claimed.

Teenage pregnancy falls again to record new low

TEENAGE pregnancies have continued to drop, figures show. The conception rate now stands at 27.9 per 1,000 for girls aged 15 to 17 its lowest since 1969, the Office of National Statistics revealed yesterday. Pregnancies among under-18s fell ten per cent, from 31,051 in 2011 to 27,834 last year. There was a similar trend for under16s, with 5,432 pregnancies in 2012, compared with 5,991 the previous year. However, the decrease does not bring us in line with other western European countries, such as the Netherlands, where there are only six births per 1,000 teenagers, experts warned. Tracey McNeill, of Marie Stopes UK, said we needed to keep the momentum going, pointing to France, where sex education begins at the age of 13. One of the reasons why the subject has been so patchily delivered in the UK has been because it is not on the national curriculum and there are not enough teachers trained to deliver it well, she added. Figures suggested under-16s were more likely to keep their babies, with a 0.4 per cent fall in abortions. Almost three-quarters of under-14s who fell pregnant had an abortion. Overall, fewer women are getting pregnant, with an estimated 884,748 conceptions in 2012, compared with 909,109 the previous year. But there

Teenage pregnancies
4,429 8,452

Abortions Births
4,609 8,024

Source: Office for National Statistics

conceptions in total There were

In 2012 there were

16 train users a day attacked

SIXTEEN people are violently attacked on Britains railways every day, it has been revealed. A total of 6,066 assaults were recorded by British Transport Police last year, including 1,404 which caused actual bodily harm. Think-tank Parliament Street said violent crime is a blight on Britains rail network to be tackled with the harshest possible penalties.


4,183 7,945

4,385 8,115

4,411 7,903

4,526 7,930

4,352 7,615

4,678 7,826

4,378 7,875

5,044 8,200

4,669 7,586

4,280 7,158

4,174 6,674

3,609 5,991

Under 16s

3,251 5,432

conceptions outside marriage or civil partnership

















20 01 20 02 20 03 20 04 20 05 20 06 20 07 20 08 20 09 20 10 20 11 20 12



253 423

232 406

237 398

221 400

241 390

206 334

209 337

195 327

233 369

of conceptions in girls under 18 ended in abortion



215 325

One night, two weeks of rain

PARTS of Britain were expected to wake up this morning to find two weeks worth of rain had fallen overnight. Pockets of northern England, Wales and Scotland were told to expect 4cm (1.5in) of rain by the Met Office. But forecasters insisted the downpours would not match those which have devastated parts of the country over the past few weeks.




183 316

Under 14s

186 295

208 305

198 307
11 109 20

20 01 179 20 02 149 20 03 128 20 04 128 20 05 132 20 06 109 20 07 136 20 08 110 20 09 133 20 10 97

98 170








was an increase in pregnancies among older women, with the rate for the over-40s doubling since 1990. Ann Furedi, of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, said there were a number of reasons women postponed

starting a family, including finances, career and choice of partner. It is important that reproductive healthcare services, whether providing contraception, abortion or maternity care, reflect this shift, she added.


St Patrick's Day is on the horizon, and it is a great time to celebrate with some culinary delights from the Emerald Isle. Our personal avourite had to be none other than Irish Stew avour crisps, that wonderfully warming dish suggested by Barbara in Northern Ireland.
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Wednesday, February 26, 2014 METRO

Friend of princes refused drink test

A CLOSE friend of princes William and Harry refused to take a breath test after being pulled over by police for drink-driving, a court heard. Guy Pelly (pictured) was stopped after officers saw his Audi R8 accelerate at speed from a side street. PC Geoff Parker told the court: As I was speaking to him, I could smell liquor on the males breath. Pelly, 32, refused to take a roadside breath test. He was taken to a police station where a reading of 52mg of alcohol to 100ml of breath was taken. The limit is 35mg. Phillip Lucas, defending, said the breathalyser machine could have suffered errors in the recording. Pelly was stopped in west London at 1am on May 28 last year. He denies drink-driving and the trial continues at Westminster magistrates court.

Wonder drug blasted my 70 tumours in two weeks

A CANCER patients 70 potentially fatal tumours disappeared in two weeks after he started taking a life-saving drug. Ian Brooks was losing his battle against non-Hodgkin lymphoma, a cancer that affects the immune system, until doctors prescribed him Brentiximab Vedotin. The 47-year-old stunned specialists at The Christie hospital in Manchester when they compared body scans a fortnight later and found he was clear. He was the first person outside the US to be given the drug, which is now being made available to NHS patients through the Cancer Drugs Fund. Mr Brooks, an electric motor mechanic, said he felt incredibly privileged. My specialist at the hospital was so excited when he saw the results that he came and showed me them straight away, he added. I had around 70 tumours in my body and just like that they had gone it was an incredible feeling. Mr Brooks suffered from a rare strain of the cancer, which affects 1,500 British Clear: Mr Brooks patients each year, called anaplastic large cell lymphoma. He was diagnosed in 2001 and responded well to treatment but the cancer returned in 2008. Despite a stem cell transplant, the cancer came back again and spread throughout his body, giving him only weeks to live. Dr Adam Gibb, clinical research fellow in lymphoma at The Christie, said: This is probably the most impressive set of scans Ive ever seen.

Boy accused of mothers rape

A BOY of 14 has been charged with raping his mother. The youngster is alleged to have committed the attack at the family home in Blackpool last weekend. Judge Jeff Brailsford, sitting at the towns magistratess court, called the alleged offence a grave crime. The boy was remanded and his case will be heard in Preston crown court at a future date. He is said to be the youngest in Britain to be charged with the rape of a mother.

Scan: Dark patches show tumours before the drug, above. Left: Two weeks later MERCURY PRESS

The Green Room by Neil Sean

Harry Styles reveals the most important person in his life: Its my mum, he says. She is great and I ask her advice all the time. Kylie is still a fan of her famous hotpants. Ive been there and done that with the videos, she says. But in private they still come out. Beyonc reveals why she skipped the Brits afterparties. I have to look after my voice, she says. I have a big tour and you cant perform and party.

Celebrities behind closed doors

Colin Farrell on his failed Boyzone audition: I was so lucky... and it was Louiss loss when you think about it, he says. Kym Marsh wants to know why people are interested in her love life. I only have to look at a man and, thats it, were married, she moans. Nancy DellOlio wants to be a judge on Strictly Come Dancing. However, BBC bosses are not keen and have politely but swiftly declined the offer...

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014 METRO

Patients at risk from nurse cuts in hospitals

NURSING cutbacks in hospitals are directly linked to more patients dying, researchers claim. Every extra patient added to a nurses workload increases the risk of death within a month of surgery by seven per cent, according to data from 300 hospitals in nine European countries. Figures for 30 hospitals in England show that, on average, every one of their nurses looked after about nine patients. Our findings emphasise the risk to patients that could emerge in response to nurse staffing cuts under recent austerity measures, said Prof Linda Aiken, from the University of Pennsylvania. War memorial: A pair of boots placed in tribute to an anti-Yanukovych protester killed in clashes with riot police last week in Kiev. Viktor Yanukovych and two of his colleagues are now wanted for murder PICTURE: GETTY

Ukraine wants to try Yanukovych for mass murder

FUGITIVE Viktor Yanukovych should be tried at the International Criminal Court for mass murder and torture, Ukraines new-look parliament has agreed. The ousted president, whose whereabouts are still unknown, could be sent to The Hague for prosecution if captured, it emerged yesterday. Ukraines parliament approved a resolution asking the ICC to pursue Mr Yanukovych and two colleagues for crimes including murder and torture. The development came as former heavyweight boxing champion Vitaly Klitschko confirmed he would stand for president in the elections scheduled for May 25. Meanwhile, William Hague and US secretary of state John Kerry

Rivals: Yanukovych and Klitschko

held talks in Washington on a potential bail-out package aimed at saving Ukraine from bankruptcy. The European Union also called for a continent-wide donors conference for Ukraine, which has been in turmoil since protests against Mr Yanukovychs regime erupted last November. And it emerged Mr Yanukovychs chief of staff Andriy Klyuyev was

shot in the leg by unknown gunmen on his way back from handing his resignation to his former boss on Monday. A new government was meant to have been formed yesterday but was delayed until tomorrow to allow further consultations over roles. But MPs did approve the resolution demanding prosecution of Mr Yanukovych, ex-interior minister Vitaly Zakharchenko and former prosecutor-general Viktor Pshonka. The trio are accused of issuing and carrying out openly criminal orders in their crackdown on demonstrators gathering in Kievs Independence Square. The protesters were opposed to Mr Yanukovych shelving a trade pact with the EU and instead accepting a promised 9billion bail-out from Russia.

Passionate speech turned the tide

A YOUNG man who seized a microphone from grandstanding politicians has been hailed as an unsung hero of the Ukrainian uprising. Volodymyr Parasiuk, 26, is being praised for his dramatic intervention some say helped turn the tide against Viktor Yanukovych and forced the ex-president to flee. Former army cadet Mr Parasiuk addressed the crowds in Kievs Independence Square after opposition politicians revealed they had done a deal with Yanukovych. He declared: Our kinsmen have been shot and our leaders shake hands with this killer. This is shame. Tomorrow, by ten oclock, he has to be gone. Two of the three main opposition leaders left the stage after he spoke.

THE selfie has become a worldwide phenomenon with Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus both enthusiasts. But they should probably be careful when huddling together with friends, as they could end up with nits. A health expert has claimed that the number of people catching head lice, especially teenage girls, has reached epidemic proportions. Marcy McQuillan, from the Nitless

Noggins chain, has said continual head bumping for snaps on Instagram is to blame for the increase. She said: Typically its younger children I treat, because they are at a higher risk of head-to-head contact. But now, teens are sticking their heads together to take mobile phone pictures. Every teen Ive treated, I ask

about selfies and they admit they are taking them every day. Although some dermatologists agree with Ms McQuillan, others have been left scratching their heads in confusion. It usually takes ten seconds to take a selfie but longer for lice to transfer. Dr Richard Pollack, from the Harvard School of Public Health, believes her comments are just a publicity stunt. He said: This is a marketing ploy,

pure and simple. Wherever these louse salons open a branch, there always seems to be an epidemic. There could be other explanations for any rise in lice cases her Californian clinic has seen. Sharing combs, hats, and clothes also cause lice to spread. For selfie fans willing to take the risk, doctors advise keeping heads separated and tying up long hair while taking group photos.


Oops: Mechanics accidentally trash a car while replacing a bulb PICTURE: GUZELIAN

Er, your repair bills gone up

A ROUTINE trip to the garage to replace a 40 bulb ended with a mans car being smashed to pieces. Within minutes of handing his keys to a mechanic, Ben Langleys Vauxhall Insignia had been crushed. A worker, driving the car with the bonnet up, drove it into a ramp causing another vehicle to fall on top of it. Mr Langley, 38, of Wawne, near Hull, said: It was like something you see in a demolition derby. Evans Halshaw, in Beverley, East Yorkshire, apologised for the smash and offered to repair the damage or pay Mr Langley 4,000 for his car. But he has refused the offer, saying: Its incompetence. I want a new car.

Poll by

Itching to take selfies? Be careful... its a lousy habit

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 METRO


T O D AY S TA L K E R . . .
What makes couples argue on holidays abroad
Getting lost 32% Deciding what to do 20% Lack of planning 16% The cost 11% Your partner takes too long to get ready 11% Queuing for tourist attractions 7% Your partner spends too much 7% Mistakes booking accommodation 4% Travel mix-ups 4% Problems with the language barrier 4%

14 METRO Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Love (well, lust) is all around us, as is proven by the messages left by our commuter cupids. Are they talking about you?
To the very attractive man with dark-blond hair, blue eyes and a gorgeous smile, wearing a black leather jacket travelling from Coventry to Euston on Sunday evening. It seems we



were both lost for words in a crowded train. We smiled at each other the whole journey. Shall we go out for dinner? Green-Eyed Brunette With Blue Flower Hat To the handsome, brownhaired twenty-something with blue eyes. I see you on the Victoria line from Brixton every day and try to catch your amazing eyes. Please let me take you for a drink one evening? Shy Redhead Stuck In The Corner To the girl with the cool nose piercings. You asked me if you were on the wrong train before Acton Town. Wished we had longer. Drink? Bearded Guy With Green Hat
Tell us about your rush-hour crush. Send an email to

WAS very sad to read about the culling of white, bull and tiger sharks that is taking place in Western Australia (Metro, Mon) in response to fatal attacks on humans in the past couple of years. The worlds human population is around 7billion and growing. We are destroying the planet and everything in it at a fast pace. These sharks and other creatures are on the decline because of our lifestyles and because killing them suits us. Global warming and the extinction of many creatures is due to human impact. Isnt it about time we thought about everything else on this planet instead of ourselves and got back in touch with nature? Lets get out of our ivory towers and consider for once the complex ecosystems we are destroying and pay these creatures some respect. Stuart Moore, London How ironic that on the facing page of the picture of the dead tiger shark in Western Australia was a report on a naked swimming event off the coast of Sydney. In one part of the country, the government is systematically wiping out wild apex predators to make the beaches safe for people to stage events such as this. The sharks are a natural and vital part of their environment. To kill them for such superficial reasons is obscene.
Ronald Lythgoe, London

Its time to think about what we are doing to nature

decide to enter theirs, then the risk is all yours. Fran, North Tyneside Your story on the shark culling was sickening. We go into their space and kill because we think we know best but do we? C Presley, Newcastle Conservationists and scientists are against this controversial cull and there have been protests in cities across Australia. This pointless cull must stop.
B Brown, Devon

Steve Dillons comments about sharks being slaughtered so that humans can play in the sea (Metro, Tue) were bang on the money. Excellent letter.
Paul, London

I totally agree with Steve Dillon regarding the shark deaths. It is barbaric enough to know how cruel the human race has become but to see it in the paper first thing in the morning made me feel ill. They dont enter our homes so if you


Dizzi, I often have to travel to London hospitals with my baby boy. Appointments are sometimes scheduled so that returning home during rush hour is unavoidable. Some pushchair-users dont J, Brighton have a choice. Parents have to pay train fares for children over five. If I choose to give up my seat for my child to sit down, whats the problem? Its safer for her to sit than risk getting pushed or falling over. Logical, London Leaner, when the likes of you lean on the Tube pole, it stops the rest of us holding it to steady Unsteady, Surrey ourselves. Hopeful, yes! I always skim-read Rush-Hour Crush, and when I see its two men involved, I have a little cheesy smile on my face. Who knows, it could be one of us one day?
Hopeful Too, Kent

Start your text with the word VIEWS followed by your comment, name and where you live to 65400. Texts cost 50p plus your standard network rate.
Helpline: 0800 839 173. Full T&Cs on

Hopeful, I totally skim Rush-Hour Crush unless its gay guys. In fact, Ive started smiling manically at other men to see if I can get Breezy, Leeds a mention. Anon, your text made me cry. My mum left me, my dad and my brother 15 years ago when I was 14. We were broken, too, but I promise it will get better. We are now much happier and kinder to each other.
Anon, London

Annoyed, think of it as karma for all the times Ive had to let go of my partners hand because single people want to walk between us.
Holding Hands Lover, Birmingham

See for T&Cs, privacy policy and opt-out. By responding to promotions, offers and competitions you agree that Metro and other DMGT Group companies may contact you by post, SMS or email with offers or services that may be of interest. You will not be charged for receiving SMS messages and may opt out at any time by texting STOP to the originating number. Please provide email details if you wish to receive such offers by email. Letters and texts are printed at the editors discretion and may be edited for use.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 METRO


Email letters to with full name, postcode and daytime phone number. Or text* Views to 65400 followed by your name, where you live and message. Metro adheres to the Press Complaints Commission Code of Practice. For details, visit


Start your text with the word DEED followed by your comment, name and where you live to 65400. Texts cost 50p plus your standard network rate.
Helpline: 0800 839 173. Full T&Cs on

Thank you so much to the man from Southeastern trains at Deptford station on February 15. I was so relieved when he pointed to the delayed train finally coming into the station. I did get to see my nan before she passed away early the Grateful, via text next morning. Thank you to my best friend who sent me a letter the other day just to make me smile. Keep spreading the joy and kind Vicky, Manchester words. A massive thank you to my daughter,

Charlea, and grandson, Daiton, for making my birthday a fantastic one shopping, a meal, drinks and the Big Sue, Manchester Wheel. Thanks to the lovely Welsh gent and his friend for changing a tyre for me in Eynsford, Kent, on Saturday when it was getting dark and I had my parents and two kids in the car. They had been watching a football match nearby and wouldnt even accept a drink afterwards by way of thanks. Their kindness wont be Stranded, Kent forgotten.

LEARN TO SPEAK CAT by Anthony Smith

Copyright Anthony Smith 2014

Vote with your feet

It is understandable that there is outrage surrounding the ridiculous payment and bonus packages being offered to staff at HSBC (Metro, Tue). There is one very simple thing that people can do to show the bank this is unacceptable: withdraw your money from HSBC and transfer it to one of the more ethical banks.
Tony Newell, London

around the EUs bank bonus cap? Whichever side youre on in the banking debate, it cant be surprising that large banks can easily find a way to circumvent such a basic bonus cap. S Thrift, Cumbria

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Surely nobody is surprised that HSBC has found a way

Bonuses are supposed to be based on performance-related results, so how can lacklustre profits by HSBC warrant an 8million bonus for its boss, Stuart Gulliver?
ST Vaughan, Birmingham


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Wednesday, February 26, 2014 METRO


Brooks: I was shocked at Milly Dowler phone hack

REBEKAH BROOKS spoke yesterday of her shock and horror at learning Milly Dowlers voicemails were hacked by the News of the World while she was editor. The former News International chief executive also revealed she was unaware that phone hacking was illegal when she worked at the Sunday newspaper. However, Brooks said she might have authorised hacking for a story if there was strong public interest at the time. She told the court she had only learned that Glenn Mulcaire, a NotW private investigator, had accessed Milly Dowlers messages nine years after her abduction. When asked how she reacted, Brooks

Happy-slapper used fish to hit store assistant

POLICE are hunting two teenagers after a store assistant was hit across the face with a fish in a suspected happy-slap attack. A teenage girl approached a 52-year-old working on the fish counter at Asda in Accrington, Lancashire, picked up a large bream and slapped the worker across the face before running out of the store. The victim believes the incident was being filmed by a youth who also ran off.

said: I was told the NotW asked someone to access Milly Dowlers phone while she was missing. I just think anyone would think that was pretty abhorrent. The 45-year-old was in the witness box for the third day to give evidence on how NotW reported on the missing 13-yearold. Claims her phone was hacked brought the Sunday tabloid down in 2011. Milly went missing from Surrey on March 21, 2002. Her voicemails were accessed between April 10 and 12 that year. Brooks was on holiday in Dubai at the time of the hacking, leaving her

then-deputy Andy Coulson to edit the paper, the court was told. She said there was no discussion of hacking at the time, nor had any NotW journalist asked her to approve the use of hacking between 2000 and 2003. But she added: I dont think anybody, me included, knew it was illegal. Brooks denies all charges, including conspiring to hack phones. The trial at the Old Bailey continues.

Hacked: Milly Dowlers voicemail was accessed by the News of the World in 2002

Coffee stop: Rebekah Brooks arriving at the Old Bailey yesterday PICTURE: EPA

Rape-accused footballer a sex pest

FORMER Newcastle United striker Nile Ranger was labelled a sex pest by a woman he is accused of raping. The 22-year-old bombarded her with text messages for a year before the alleged attack in January last year, a jury heard. The woman told Ranger, who now plays for Swindon Town, she had a partner and was not interested in dating him. She told Newcastle crown court he had acted like a predator. Ranger denies the attack in the city and the trial continues.

18 METRO Wednesday, February 26, 2014

METRO 60 seconds
What interested you about your character of foster mother Rosa in The Book Thief? Shes not the most attractive or appealing person... Everything in her life
has turned out other than how she wanted it to. Her accordion-playing, artistic husband [Geoffrey Rush] has turned out to be a useless feck. He doesnt do anything and she earns her living washing other peoples laundry. She is disappointed. She doesnt have children. That is another source of bitterness in her life. The couple dont have enough money. She is always worrying and complaining about something. I think we all can relate to wanting things to be other than the way they are.

EMILY WATSON, 47, ate up books as a child and wanted to be a writer. Now, she stars opposite Geoffrey Rush in World War II drama The Book Thief
Shes a carer, a provider. She learns to love lead character Liesel and when a Jewish kid falls through their door, the family basically put their lives on the line to help him. Evil prevails when good men do nothing. The Jews were living in the thick of people who did nothing and this couple did something; that says a lot about them.

What do you like about her? I like that

Rosa will fight like a tiger to protect her family and provide for them. She is a natural mother.

What was it like working with Downton Abbey director Brian Percival?
Hes a really lovely man, an incredibly gentle soul. He is Liverpudlian and he very quietly just gets on with the work. He seems like an unlikely candidate to be occupying the Downton world when you meet him. You go: Really? You directed DownIf you can express ton? but, actually, its a yourself in a complex good fit because hes got a language, with natural storytelling muscle.

Spot the difference? Youre better off at Asda.

emotions, that is what Youve been nominated for an Oscar twice. How makes you human much do awards mean to you? Recognition from your
peers is always extremely nice. Praise is nice. It makes you feel nice but, to be honest, right now Im trying to put together a career that means I can give my family a good life in London. I want to raise my children, not be away from home too much and still earn a good living. I want to tick all the boxes and make it all work. The whole awards thing is lovely if it happens, of course, but its not something you can or should aim for. Thats putting the cart before the horse. Youre doing it for the wrong reasons if thats why youre doing it.


" .5 21

The Book Thief celebrates reading. What stories did you enjoy as a child? I read a lot of classic literature when I was young and I think that has been very influential. If you can express yourself in a complex language, with emotions, that is what makes you human. I used to read books over and over again. I loved The Wind In The Willows, The Hobbit, Five Children And It. I read The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe all the CS Lewis books. I used to eat them up. My daughter has just started reading those kind of books now. Later, I really loved the classic English novels, such as George Eliots Middlemarch.

really was. I didnt really know before then how much you could throw yourself into a role and how committed you could be. I was surrounded by people with extraordinary abilities and obviously [director] Lars von Trier takes things to a different level.

How do you feel about getting older in youth-obsessed Hollywood? I think I would do myself a
great disservice if I went off and tried to make myself look younger. You rob yourself of your most important tools if you do that, which is the expression of your face. You wouldnt go and chop your legs off if you were a runner. If the way that you look is much more central to you, then I guess its different. For me, plastic surgery would feel very counterintuitive.

21.5" LED TV (22MN43D) 2in1: TV + monitor Full HD 1080p USB Quick View Stereo speaker Picture-in-picture

Were you interested in acting as a child? Not really. I was slightly

overweight and a bit shy. Very pretentiously, I wanted to write. Then I sort of fell into acting and found myself thinking: You know what? This is what I want to do. Then when I was a young actor at drama school, the ambition was to go into theatre. People didnt go into film; that was unheard of.

You wed writer Jack Waters in 1995. Whats the secret to a happy marriage? My mum and dad
were unique, theyd be a bit grumbly but never argued. That was pretty amazing, really. Theres something about sticking with somebody. Its really rewarding. Theyre your best friend. Elaine Lipworth

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What was the turning point when you realised you were on your way? When I made Breaking
The Waves in 1996. It was an amazing experience and showed me what acting

The Book Thief is out today.



Wednesday, February 26, 2014 METRO


Workers less sick but more stressed

WORKERS are taking less time off sick but more are away from the office through stress, figures show. The number of working days lost to sickness fell to 131million in 2013 down from 178million in 1993. But stress, depression and anxiety accounted for 15.2million lost days last year up from 11.8million in 2010, the Office for National Statistics found. The recession could be blamed for both sets of figures as more people are stressed by the burden of a heavy workload, while staff fearing for their jobs refuse to call in sick. The main reason given for sick days last year was for musculoskeletal disorders such as back pain.

Killed by one punch... for complaining about cyclist

A THUG has been jailed for four-and-a-half years after admitting killing a man with a single punch. Lewis Gill sent pedestrian Andrew Young sprawling to the ground after he complained about his friend Victor Ibitoye cycling on the pavement. Mr Ibitoye rode off unaware his friend was so angered by the exchange and turned around to see Gill punch him in the face. Mr Young staggered backwards and struck his head on the road. Powerfully built Gill, 20, calmly walked off but not before looking back to see his victim lying on the ground. The attack happened outside a Tesco Express in Bournemouth on November 6 last year. Several passers-by rushed to Mr Youngs aid but the 40year-old, who had Asperger syndrome, died the following day from head injuries with his mother at his bedside. She

described Gills sentence as a joke. I saw the CCTV footage in court and you can see that Andrew didnt cause Lewis Gill any harm, she said. I sat with him when he died. I wish that awful man who took my son away had pleaded not guilty so he would have got a longer sentence. The sentence is an absolute joke. Im a committed Christian but I think that, if someone takes a life, they should be prepared to forfeit their own. There have been many people who have committed manslaughter or murder in this country and they never even serve a full sentence. Gill, from Sutton, south London, committed manslaughter while on a suspended sentence for robbery and handling stolen goods. He was jailed at Salisbury crown court on Friday.

Attack: CCTV footage shown in court of Gill, centre and inset, launching a fatal punch at Mr Young while cyclist Victor Ibitoye looks on PICTURES: BNP

20 METRO Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cowell takes a walkies on wrong side of the law
Simon Cowell was told off by police for dogging on the beach. But dont fret, the X Factor boss wasnt up to anything kinky as we revealed yesterday, he was taking his beloved Yorkshire terriers Squiddly and Diddly for a stroll on the white sands of the Bal Harbour beach in Miami, Florida. The 54-year-old music mogul was ticked off because he broke the beachs strict no dog rule, while holidaying with lover Laura Silvermann and two-week-old son Eric. Luckily, the officers were not too harsh on Cowell and decided against issuing a 120 fine for breaking the bye-law. One onlooker said: Simon Cowell told them he would not do it again and seemed happy that he got away with a telling-off.

Beach babes: Little Mix take time out from supporting Demi Lovato by hitting the beach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The girls soaked up the sun, with Perrie Edwards going for the Hollywood royalty look with her hair in a neat bun and Jackie O-esque shades. The girls are hoping to emulate One Directions success over the pond PICTURE: MAVRIX

HES said to have 30million in the bank but Adele looks to be watching every penny after she was spotted hunting for a bargain in H&M for her son. The thrifty singer proved how down to the earth she was by shunning designer boutiques on Londons Kensington High Street yesterday. She left the store with a bag of goodies for 16-month-old son Angelo. Adele, 25, eyed up some 5.99 T-shirts and 7.99 tracksuit bottoms in H&M before mulling over a few items in the bargain basket. An eyewitness told Metro: She was looking at clothes for her son, I dont think anyone in the shop even noticed it was her. She kept her head down and made her way through the rails of clothing pretty quickly, although she seemed to struggle between which T-shirts to choose. She was completely on her own,

Adele chases baby Angelo S


there was no security with her at all. The make-up free singer was wearing her trademark head-to-toe black ensemble, covering up in an oversized shawl, and her hair was scraped back in a messy bun. She was already carrying two large bags from Gap before continuing her shopping spree. Meanwhile, Adeles longawaited third album is said to be expected imminently with former Genesis star Phil Collins confirming he is working with her on her follow-up to 21. Prince is also rumoured to be collaborating with her on the album after the pair met up at his secret gig at Ronnie Scotts in Soho last week. They are reported to have had a brief discussion about working together but a spokesman for 55-year-old Prince denied the claims, stating: Its not true, she just came to enjoy the show.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 METRO


Batman baddie Tom Hardy could soon be seen playing a pair of real-life villains the Kray twins. Hardy, 36, is reportedly lined up to star as both Ronnie and Reggie in a biopic about the 1960s East End criminals. Legend is being written by Brian Helgeland.

Andrei Harmsworth
Edited by


Robbie: Aussie girls get sex gold medals

Robbie Williams is surprised he ended up with a TurkishAmerican wife, revealing he expected to marry an Aussie. The 40-year-old former Take That star said Aussie girls saw sex like a sport. Speaking in Sydney, Williams said: Because Im a pop star and Ive had sex with lots of different people from lots of different countries, I know these things, and Germany and Australia are like the Olympics when it comes to lets get it on. He married 34-yearold actress Ayda Field in 2010. Ive got my wife and I am very, very happy but I did think it was an Aussie that I was going to end up with, he said.

bargains for on high street

Coldplay slip out new track

Coldplay took the music world by surprise yesterday when they posted their new video online. The band slipped out Midnight hours after teasing on Twitter that something new was coming. Reaction was mixed, with fan George Barnett commenting: I like where theyre going. Others dubbed it a bad song and awful.

22 METRO Wednesday, February 26, 2014



Enoughs enough: Did this stage show with Miley Cyrus help prompt Paula Patton (inset) to split from Robin Thicke?



Jilted bum-grabber Thicke wooed by fan

Hours after Robin Thicke split from his wife, a fan who may have speeded up the breakdown of his marriage has declared her interest in the Blurred Lines singer. Lana Scolaro whose shapely rear Thicke was pictured caressing last year said she doubted she was the only fan he had got friendly with. But the 20-year-old New Yorker admitted: Id love to grab a drink with him if he asked. Thickes wandering hand was reflected in a mirror as he and Scolaro posed for a picture at a party on the night of the MTV video music awards in August. The snap emerged after the 38-year-olds actress wife Paula Patton was forced to watch his infamous twerking performance with Miley Cyrus at the ceremony. Its not clear what role, if any, the incidents played in the break-up but it seems it was Paula, also 38, who decided their nine-year marriage was over. Thicke flew home to Canada to beg for a second chance after she broke the news to him on Friday, website TMZ claimed. Robin abruptly cancelled his show in Atlanta, saying he had throat problems, a source said. But the cancellation was solely so he could try to change Paulas mind. The pair who have a threeyear-old son failed to reconcile and are both said to be very upset.



TheBookThief UK

Miley Cyrus has dismissed claims that she hooked up with Justin Bieber behind Selena Gomezs back. The Wrecking Ball singer was accused by US magazine Life & Style of getting frisky with Biebs when he was still dating 21-year-old Gomez. The gossip mag ran a picture of Cyrus and Bieber, 19, at a party but the pop vixen has trashed its authenticity. Btw this is photoshopped. Biebs wasnt at Pharrels bday party, 21year-old Cyrus fumed on Twitter. I never read this s*** & thats why. She also denied reports shed been hired to play Tinker Bell in the upcoming Peter Pan film. Id rather eat my own tongue, she said.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 METRO

Iggy Azalea hopes she and LA Laker lover Nick Young dont split up as it would ruin basketball for me. The romantic Aussie rapper, 23, added: Nicks really goofy and funny.



Biffy Clyro home for T

IFFY Clyro, Calvin Harris and Paolo Nutini will be flying the flag for Scotland after they were unveiled as the headliners for this summers beast of a T In The Park line-up. The trio of home-grown music giants will be joined by double Brit winners Arctic Monkeys in Balado, Kinross, in July. Biffy Clyro frontman Simon Neil said it would be an emotional return to the fields where he credits his bands rise to fame. Genuinely, T In The Park has made our lives in more ways than just our experiences. We wouldnt be here doing this just now if it wasnt for playing there, he said last night after the band were given top billing for the first day of the festival on July 11. To headline it finally is amazing it just feels poetic to do it our tenth time, he added. Its going to be the night of our lives hopefully itll be the night of your lives. We cant wait. After a warm-up from Nutini, Harris will take the main stage on the

Saturday, in his first return to the festival in three years. Arctic Monkeys will close the party on July 13, following a musical feast of a day that will include Jake Bugg, Disclosure, London Grammar, Tinie Tempah, Franz Ferdinand, Inspiral Carpets and Brit critics choice Sam Smith. Other musical favourites poised to blow away the crowds on the Friday are Ed Sheeran, Ellie Goulding, Bastille, Haim and the Manic Street Preachers. The second day will feature Pharrell Williams, Elbow, Rudimental, Twin Atlantic, Embrace and Metronomy. Rudimentals appearance follows their victory at last weeks Brit awards, where they won best single. The crowd up there really know how to have a good time, the quartet said. We cant wait to get back up there for an even bigger Rudimental party this year. Tickets go on sale at 9am on Friday at

Teed up: Ellie Goulding yesterday she will be playing at this years festival

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24 METRO Wednesday, February 26, 2014

METRO world
Boko Haram gunmen kill 40 students as they sleep
NIGERIA: Islamist terrorists yesterday killed 40 pupils in a pre-dawn attack on a boarding school. The Boko Haram gunmen set fire to dormitories and slit the throats of students trying to escape while others burned alive at the college in Buni Yadi.

Google searches for ways to stop Glass driving ban

AMERICA: Google is trying to overturn a ban on drivers using its wearable computer. The group is lobbying three US states and claims it is too early to restrict Google Glass as it isnt widely available yet. But Illinois senator Ira Silverstein said: Who are they fooling?

Astronaut who recovered satellite from space dies

AMERICA: Former astronaut Dale Gardner, who helped recover a stranded satellite during a 1984 spacewalk, has died aged 65. He flew two space shuttle missions in 1983 and 1984 during his eight years with Nasa. His funeral was held yesterday in Colorado.

FRANCE: Youd have a cosy neck but cold arms in this Anthony Vaccarello outfit, shown at Paris Fashion Week PICTURE: GETTY

Nazi salute athletes hit with competition bans

SPAIN: Three high-profile Spanish shot putters have been suspended after being photographed doing Nazi salutes at the national training camp. The men have been banned from competing and visiting the camp in Leon in the north-west for 15 days.

Doctors sold my girls eyes to researchers for 40,000

RUSSIA: Grieving Zakir Bogolyubov, 42, was stunned to learn doctors had removed his dead 16-year-old daughters eyes and replaced them with ceramic implants. He believes the eyes were sold for 40,000 for medical research in Ufa in the Urals.

and finally...
INDIA: A monkey gave a teacher a shock when it stole his life savings as he slept. Badal Vaijnath, of Uttar Pradesh, awoke to find the creature hurling his 5,000 into the street.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 METRO



Ex-Guantanamo inmate is held over Syria terror link

Pistorius to face trial on TV in live broadcasts

THE murder trial of Paralympic champion Oscar Pistorius can be part-broadcasted live on television, a high court judge ruled yesterday. Testimony from the 27-year-old sprinter, who is accused of shooting girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, will not be televised although audio of it will be available. Judge Dunstan Mlambo ruled that three unobtrusive cameras could be placed in court when the trial begins on Monday, relaying the opening arguments by the prosecution and defence, as well as expert witnesses evidence. The ruling means the Pistorius trial will be the first shown live from a South African courtroom, despite the athletes lawyers saying it could harm his chances of a fair trial. Judge Mlambo dismissed those fears, saying: Court proceedings are in fact public and this objective must be recognised.

A BRITON held for nearly three years at the Guantanamo Bay detention centre was being questioned last night over allegations he attended a terrorist training camp in Syria. Moazzam Begg was arrested at his home in Birmingham yesterday on suspicion of terror offences relating to the war-torn country. The 45-year-old was incarcerated by the US at Guantanamo before being freed without charge eight years ago. West Midlands police detained Begg and three others in an intelligenceled operation. A 36-year-old man from Solihull and a 44-year-old woman and her 20year-old son, both from Sparkhill, Birmingham, were also arrested on suspicion of facilitating terrorism overseas. A woman at the nearby home of Beggs elderly father said: Theres lots of interest in him because of the Guantanamo link. Its probably all bull**** anyway. Hes unfairly marked because of his past. In December, it was reported that Beggs passport was removed after he was stopped at Heathrow returning

Raid: Police take items from the Birmingham home of Moazzam Begg, above, who was arrested on alleged terror offences

from South Africa. Shortly afterwards, Begg described two visits to Syria in an article posted on the website of

campaign group Cage. He claimed he travelled to the country to investigate leads into what he alleged were cases

of British and American complicity in rendition of terrorism suspects to Bashar al-Assads regime.

26 METRO Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ship rises from the sands

THE wreck of a German ship that sank during World War I has been exposed after a beach was stripped of sand by storms. For nearly 100 years, the remains of the SV Carl have been hidden at remote Boobys Bay in Cornwall. Beached: Some of the exposed timbers The vessels 18m (60ft) timber frame was revealed after giant waves carried the sand away. SV Carl was captured by British forces and was being towed to London when it sank in 1917. It later washed ashore near Padstow and was stripped of anything useful leaving just a shell behind.

Ban dyslexia? Its a meaningless label

USE of the label dyslexia should be ditched because it is unscientific and lacks meaning, a new book argues. Experts said putting young people who are struggling to read through diagnostic tests is wasteful because the term lacks educational value. But their views have been challenged by the Dyslexia Action charity, which insists the term still has meaning and should not be dropped. In the book The Dyslexia Debate, Prof Julian Elliott said parents are being woefully misled about the value of a dyslexia diagnosis. The author, a professor of education at Durham University, explained: In every country, and in every language,

a significant proportion of children struggle to master the skill of reading and some will continue to find it difficult into adulthood. It is very easy for teachers to identify such children. The hardship and difficulties that typically result are often incapacitating and distressing. Typically, we search for a diagnostic label when we encounter problems because we believe that this will point to the best form of treatment. It is hardly surprising, therefore, that the parents and teachers of children with reading difficulties believe that, if the child is diagnosed as dys-

lexic, clear ways to help them will result. Research clearly demonstrates that this is a grave misunderstanding. The book, published next month, is the result of five years study by educational experts from Durham and Yale universities. However, Dyslexia Action insisted the term retained a scientific and educational value. Dr John Rack, the charitys head of research, said: We dont buy the argument that it is wasteful to try to understand the different reasons why different people struggle. For very many, those reasons fall into a consistent and recognisable pattern that it is helpful to call dyslexia.

Grave: The wreck of the SV Carl which sailed (inset) 100 years ago PICTURES: SWNS

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 METRO


Couple crushed by mud died in a pure accident

A COUPLE crushed to death in a landslide lay buried for more than a week after firefighters spent just an hour looking for casualties, an inquest has heard. Michael Rolfe, 72, and his partner, Rosemary Snell, died almost instantly when a tunnel in Beaminster, Dorset, collapsed as they drove through it. But their bodies were only discovered nine days later when their relatives reported them missing. Yesterday, the family of Ms Snell, 67, demanded to know why they were not found earlier. Cdr Mark Greenham said his crew had used a thermal imaging camera but with little hope of finding anything. Thermal imaging cameras are not built for that kind of use they are for smoke-filled situations, he explained. There is no technology, to my knowledge, that could have seen through the mud. The pair had gone out for a

Its the squeal deal as Floyd pig flies again

PINK Floyd are bringing their flying pig out of retirement. They will include the giant inflatable used for live shows in an exhibition of artefacts from their decades together. Surviving members Roger Waters, David Gilmour and Nick Mason have all been involved in Their Mortal Remains, which opens in September in Milan and may be taken on tour.


romantic meal in July 2012 but cut it short because of stormy weather. As they drove home to Misterton, in Somerset, tonnes of earth and masonry dislodged by the rain fell on their car. Firefighters arrived to find a 3.5m (12ft) mound of rubble blocking the entrance to the tunnel but failed to spot Mr Rolfes Skoda Fabia and called the search operation off after an hour. It was only on their return on July 16 that they found the bodies entombed in the completely flattened vehicle. A post-mortem examination found Ms Snell died of chest compression and Mr Rolfe of a fractured spine. Coroner Sheriff Payne told the Dorchester inquest the landslip was ultimately a pure accident. He recorded verdicts of accidental death for both Mr Rolfe and Ms Snell.

Instant death: Flowers at the site of a landslip that killed Ms Snell and her partner, Mr Rolfe

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Dive in after Tom: The London Olympics Aquatics Centre, where Tom Daley won his 10m dive bronze medal and Ellie Simmonds won two Paralympic swimming golds, opens to the public from Saturday. It will cost 3.50 per session for people to swim in the 50m Olympic Park pool in Stratford, east London PICTURE: PA


GREY MATTER: A parrot has shown brainy birds can learn the benefits of sharing. African grey Griffin was invited to select a red cup to win a treat, or a green cup to get rewards for him and a human. He learned that if he picked red the human would do likewise when their turn came, meaning he would miss out, Animal Cognition reports. prevent a stronger rival from moving into their turf. The last thing they want is a serious competitor replacing a weak one, a US study found. Enjoy a bundle of real benets with the Samsung Galaxy S4, like 4G at no extra cost and all the data you need.

SICK OFFICES: Dont blame other commuters if you catch a cold this year. Blame the idiot who designed your workplace. Open plan offices can be harmful to your health. TRILL TREATY: When an intruder Swedish scientists found significant comes calling, a timid neighbour is excess risk of short sick-leave spells the best one to have. Male chipping in three types of open-plan office, sparrows will form a dear enemy Ergonomics reports. They studied alliance by trilling aggressively to data from nearly 2,000 employees.
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The return of flamenco superstar Sara Baras

Passion Liberty


30 METRO Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Life&Style cover story



follow us

We leave our soul on the stage

Ahead of her new show, Spains flamenco ace Sara Baras tells Siobhan Murphy how shes found a new kind of beauty

HEN I dance, the emotion makes me lose my voice, croaks Sara Baras, apologising for sounding painfully hoarse. It doesnt hurt it just bothers me that youll think, what a great dancer, but my God, that voice Given that its past 11pm and shes just given a vigorous performance of her latest two-hour flamenco show, its amazing she can sit up straight, let alone talk. But Baras regarded by many as one of Spains greatest flamenco dancers is composed, bright, relaxed and eloquent about her return to the stage with La Pepa. Its her first work since deciding in 2010 to pause her stellar career for more than a year-and-a-half to have the child she longed for. Her son, Jos, is now two-and-a-half. I feel better than ever, she says. The greatest thing in my life has been to become a mum: I stopped everything for it. But this break has been important for my career, too. I was nervous when I came back but I found the way I could use my energy was more intelligent, more full of love, and the sensations were doubled. I dont want to waste even one second of the time Im away from my son, so I dont hold back. Cdiz-born Baras, now 42, was known for pouring her soul into her performances, which numbered about 200 a year, and for involving herself with everything from the choreography to the lighting and costumes. Shes walked the catwalks for fashion designers, been awarded the highest honours in dance her country can offer and even appeared on a national postage stamp. Ever since she first appeared in London in 1999, with her then allfemale company, eschewing traditional ruffles and trains and stalking the stage in tailored trousers to the shock of purists shes also had British audiences enthralled. Baras presents flamenco with a polished sophistication, mixing iron control with deep feeling and taking on

and joy is more important than ever. The port city of Cdiz is one of the birthplaces of flamenco, and counts among its children the late, great singer Camarn de la Isla. One of Barass earliest, most treasured memories is how Camarn would come to her mothers dance school the most important and influential in Cdiz and sing for the young bailaoras. At the time, I thought nothing of it, but now, my God! HESE are testing times for all the arts in Spain but Ballet Flamenco Sara Baras is still in demand. After touring La Pepa, there will be a new show in the summer, a season in Madrid, another new show in December, premiering in Paris, and plans for a US tour. Were trying to do everything outside Spain that I didnt want to do before because of my son, she says. Jos now travels almost everywhere with her and her husband and professional partner, Jos Serrano. He dances in La Pepa as a guest artist Baras says fatherhood has had an effect on him, too. Weve lived and danced together for 14 years and our connection is incredible, she says. When we dance, its like were two people talking to each other. And having a child has united us even more. I see a new maturity in him and he seems more manly he stands like a bullfighter, with such presence that hes the only thing you can look at. The moment will come, she says, when they have another child but right now Baras is revelling in her new revelations about her dance. Ive learned to enjoy it, and to be patient, she says. Before, I was always trying to impress with greater speed, the most difficult step, the most complicated turn but now I see the beauty in other things you can have the same intensity standing still and being quiet, listening to the breathing of the audience in the silence. The concentration you need is murderous but we come here for that, no? To leave our soul on the stage.

Red hot and true: Sara Baras in classic flamenco pose

forms traditionally danced by men, with an emphasis on footwork. Her most famous move is to propel herself across the stage with a hammering deluge of stamps, her upper body so still she appears almost to glide. But La Pepa will be something else again when it opens on Saturday as part of Sadlers Wells Flamenco Festival. Its a marriage of flamenco and dramatic narrative, something Baras has explored before but not shown here. It premiered in 2012 and has an unusual subject matter its title is the popular name given to the first Spanish constitution, drawn up in Cdiz in 1812, at a time when Spain was under French rule during the Peninsula Wars. I did wonder, how to dance a pile of paperwork? Baras grins. But then you start immersing yourself in that time. Our Pepa is an allegorical figure, she represents the people, who are suffering and at war but find strength, hope and the will to go on. Bringing together the idea of La Pepa and flamenco was easy; theyre practically siblings. Liberty, heart, rhythm, the desire to feel good thats flamenco and La Pepa. And it feels as though, 200 years later, were living through something similar in Spain. People are in a lot of pain with this economic crisis so sending out a message of hope

Ballet Flamenco Sara Baras performs La Pepa at Londons Sadlers Wells from Saturday until March 8.

DVD, Blu-ray, VoD (15) Wanted: someone to go back in time with me. This is not a joke Safety not guaranteed. So says a small ad in this irresistible US indie comedy. Bored journalist Jeff (Jake Johnson) hunts out the writer, Kenneth (Mark Duplass), assuming him to be mad enough to merit a funny story.

When Jeffs clumsy approaches fail, his intern Darius (Aubrey Plaza) proves clever and pretty enough to win over suspicious, small-town loner Kenneth, who trains her up as his time travel partner. Much of the ensuing story has a familiar structure undercover journalist starts falling for subject, who may or may not be deluded but the offbeat comedy and neat premise make this a one-off. Writer/director Colin Trevorrow has been signed up to direct the next Jurassic Park film: lets hope he still finds time for a Safety sequel. Anna Smith

(Little, Brown) From Cormac McCarthys The Road to novels by Dave Eggers and Margaret Atwood, dystopia has become popular for literary novelists. This story is about 16-year-old Fans quest for her boyfriend, who has disappeared from New China settlement B-Mor (Baltimore). Fan worked in

the worker colonys fish tanks, which feed the professional Charter class. Her exit gives her people who provide the curious collective narrative voice some hope, and Lee skillfully portrays their burgeoning discontent. Fans journey through the lawless lands is thrilling. Perhaps the handheld screens and viral videos feel too familiar for what appears to be the 22nd century. But Lees a fine stylist and, like all good speculative fiction, his writing makes you reappraise our existing hierarchies. Andre Paine

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Life&Style fashion
Antonia OBrien

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r a e w I t Wha P
TV presenter
EOPLE in the public eye like saying they dont have a stylist but most have a team to help them make fashion decisions. Antonia OBrien is a rare case. For her work on the red carpet at events such as the Oscars and the Baftas, shes made a point of styling herself. I know what works, she says, I know what Im confident in and I know how pieces will feel. OBrien is no novice. At the age of 20, she was invited by childhood friend and My Wardrobe founder Sarah Curran to manage the fashion videos for the online retailer shortly after the business launched. Sarah saw that video content would become prominent on the internet so, fresh from graduation, I drove from Newcastle where I was studying and started on the Monday. A video project with Grazia followed and ITV soon came knocking. One of the producers was looking on YouTube and found that video. She was called in the next day to cover Mark Hayes on the Lorraine show and later bagged a permanent slot called Style Dilemma. It was her first big TV job. They said that I would just be talking about how to wear clothes in August when its hot one minute and cold the next but when I got there, I had to talk through the look of three models and reference a VT, she laughs. Baptism of fire but you have to go along with it. If you recognise her face from the telly rather than the tabloids, thats the point. You dont want people not to know what you do, she says. Id never want to be known as a gal about town. You need a bit of that but you also need to be known for your work. As for her style, she likes to keep it varied. Its not like Im a committed Cline minimalist or a Carrie Bradshaw, she laughs. On a styling day, she dresses down. Im very pared back, she explains. Ill wear neutrals such as black and navy to be really simple. The pieces she usually gravitates to, however, are on the bold side. I love colour, prints and texture. Her wardrobe is a mix of high street and designer. Zara does the best catwalk knock-offs and Cos has great tops and brilliant basics. Theyre all good quality but not bank-breaking. For designer wear, shes patriotic. I love so many of our designers, from Erdem, who does it for me every season, to Christopher Kane, who is always exciting. Getting dressed for the screen is a balancing act. With the Baftas, I have to be dressed up and I always need to know what Fearne [Cotton, co-presenter] is wearing. We have to look good together but not matching. The same is true for London Fashion Weekend, which she hosts each season. I cant look like Im just visiting so Ill get my hair and make-up done and I have, on occasion, nearly put my back out in big heels, she laughs. People are coming for an experience so you have to make sure what you wear is on par with that.

Inspired by Antonias outfit? You can buy it and other items straight from the page in three easy steps. 1. Download the free Blippar app to your phone or tablet from the Apple or Android store. 2. Open the app and hold your device over the page. 3. Images with the logo will come to life. Follow instructions to buy Blip to buy wherever you see the Buy Me logo throughout Life&Style


Love Antonias look? Buy it. Wear it

Antonia wears: Ombre blouse, 565, Jonathan Saunders,; Satin shorts, 35, Boutique,; Cut out platforms, 60, Topshop,


Limited-edition watch, 265, Larsson & Jennings,; Push-lock satchel, 170, Karen Millen,; Bea Belt, 49, Hobbs,; Leather cage boots, 65, ASOS,; Bracelet, 8, Warehouse,; Square-cut wide heel mule, 69.99, Zara,; Mariola phone case, 35, Baukjen,; Ring, 9.99, Mango,

Influenced by her watchmaker parents, London jeweller Clarice Price Thomas is building a cult following for her elegant stacking rings and graphic earrings, all cut using traditional watchmaking techniques. Handmade in hallmarked sterling silver and plated in 18ct yellow gold, her Centre of Time ring is our favourite. 129,


Life&Style food

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 METRO


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Named for the red ribbon that graces its dcolletage, Cordon Rouge is the original Grand Marnier, a heady medley of Cognacs and wild-orange essence. Its best over ice as a digestif or over crpes Suzette or pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge, from 18.45. If youre a bit bored with G&T, try Pink Pepper Gin from French distillery Audemus Spirits. It includes pink peppercorns, juniper, cardamom and a honey distillate. Available here in March. Mums love a glass of fizz on Mothers Day. But jazz it up this year (Mar 30) with some Chase Elderflower Liqueur. 19.50, CS

Cook this tonight

Succulent and flavoursome, poussin is a serious treat. Its also very easy to prepare and rather good roasted.
METHOD Step 1: Preheat the oven to 180C (fan 160C). Mix all the marinade ingredients together in a bowl. Rub the poussins flesh with a little salt and pepper then smother it (both under the skin and on top) with the marinade. Place the poussin back in the fridge for 15mins to an hour. Then place it on a baking tray in the oven for 35min or until the juices run clear when its pricked with a skewer.
Step 2: Meanwhile, in a saucepan on a low to medium heat, add a splash of olive oil and fry the couscous and the smashed garlic for a few minutes. Pour in enough stock or water to cover (approx 1 cup (250g) couscous to 1 cups (375ml) liquid and simmer gently

with Chloe Scott

1 poussin (Gressingham poussins are available in supermarkets, www. Spice and yoghurt marinade: 1tsp ground cinnamon 1tsp ground turmeric tsp garam masala 2 red chillies, chopped 3 garlic cloves, finely chopped 1tsp fennel seeds, optional tsp cardamom seeds, optional 60-100ml plain yoghurt The couscous: 250g couscous 1 garlic clove, smashed 60g dates, finely chopped, or raisins 1 large handful parsley, finely chopped Zest of 1 lemon or 1 preserved lemon, very finely chopped 50ml virgin olive oil Salt and pepper Approx 375ml stock or water


for a few minutes. Turn off the hob, put a lid on the pan and leave the couscous to steam for a further 2-3min. Now fork through and remove the garlic. Season to taste.

Step 3: To finish, stir the parsley, dried fruit, lemon and virgin olive oil into the couscous. Taste again to check youre happy with the balance of flavours. Pour in any

juices from the poussin that are left in the baking tray. Step 4: Plate the couscous on a large serving dish and top with the poussin.

CHEAT Just use two of the spices listed

SWAP Poussin for chicken

TRY Garnish with dried rose petals


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Life&Style books


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Home truths on austerity

Danny Dorling offers a radical solution to the housing crisis in Britain. By Anthony Cummins


by Tim Walker (William Heinemann) Novelists since Charles Dickens have found inspiration in social inequality and this satirical new debut from The Independent newspapers LA correspondent concerns a north London house bought for a song in the 1990s, now home to squatters just when the middle-class absentee owners need to liquidate their prime asset.

E all need a roof over our heads. But fewer and fewer of us can afford one not when first-time buyers in London, for example, need to fork out an average of 60,000 for a deposit. And yet the ball and chain of a mortgage can look seductive if youre a tenant shunted around every time your landlord hikes up the rent under the sway of an estate agent out to line their own pocket. A foot on the ladder might seem the only sensible step though not if prices fall, as they have done outside the bubble of the south-east, and you end up in hock for more than the property is worth. Talk of a housing ladder is exactly what social affairs expert Danny Dorling wants to get away from. For him, it encourages us to incur titanic debt in the hope of profiting from buyers even more desperate than us further down the line. His new book argues homes should not be seen as assets but as shelter a basic right, like education or healthcare. Dorling paints a grim picture of how the free market in housing works, particularly in the capital. While the mega-rich dig up the earth to furnish their west London town houses with subterranean swimming pools, hard-up families on the other side of the city cram themselves into garden sheds leased illegally by homeowners trying to scrape extra cash to service their own mammoth mortgage. For Dorling, the solution isnt more construction, which pollutes the environment and only benefits developers, landlords and banks anyway. He says Britain has plenty of housing we just need to use it more efficiently. And by this, he doesnt mean charging social security claimants for every unoccupied room in their home, as does the coalitions



bedroom tax. He wants to tax the rich, not the poor. Step one, he says, is to remove the limit on council tax so the wealthiest pay in line with the value of their multiple properties. Sting them for a land tax, too, says Dorling; and while were at it, tax high wages in general so it becomes pointless to strive for top-end pay rises. If this sounds crazy, ask yourself why politicians are so keen to portray immigration and welfare as the cause of the countrys housing ills. For Dorling, the stunningly obvious reason MPs dont turn on those who buy more homes than they need is that they (or their backers) often own multiple investment properties themselves. Dorling brings up an interview in which David Cameron appeared to forget how many homes he owned.

Were also reminded that the family of a Tory minister who oversaw Thatchers right-to-buy scheme in 1980 now happen to own a sizeable chunk of ex-council housing stock. Dorlings left-wing sympathies are clear and he hardly expects freemarket advocates to heed a book that lifts its title from Karl Marx. But you dont need a copy of The Communist Manifesto by your bedside to read this and think theres something a bit whiffy about the slogan were all in this together. He cuts to the heart of things: if you think the bedroom tax sounds sensible, did you know it penalises parents of children who die? And did you know that in 2012 one in every four new jobs in Britain went to a new estate agent? So someones been doing all right. No austerity there, then.

by Benjamin Kunkel (Verso) More Westerners began to consider alternatives to capitalism after the 2008 financial crash and subsequent state bailout of banks behind the sub-prime mortgage fiasco in the US. Next month, Kunkel follows his cult novel from 2006, Indecision, with this primer on the big names on radical reading lists, from Karl Marx to Slovenian thinker Slavoj iek.


by Lynsey Hanley (Granta) In this celebrated slice of mythbusting from 2007, journalist Hanley examined the successes and failures of social housing in Britain from her own point of view as an East Ender who grew up on a Birmingham council estate that was once the largest in Europe. AC


The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton Ive got this for the same reason as everyone else, because it won the Booker, and I need to know what I think about it. I was put off by the astrology stuff, which isnt my bag, but Ive now glanced at the first page or two and they excite me. It looks like itll be really absorbing, so its coming with me on my next trip. The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon This is the first book in a mesmerising fantasy saga about an England of the future where clairvoyants are persecuted. Shes worked out a complex hierarchy of spirit gifts, which ranges from Tarot card reading to full-on spirit possession, and put it to work in a thrilling tale of capture and escape, complete with invaders from some other realm. Apparently, the next six books are already planned.

Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh Ive chosen this because Im on a Waugh binge at present, awed by his seemingly effortless mastery of language. His utterly non-PC African novels, Black Mischief and Scoop, left me weak with joy. Hes not mocking black people, hes mocking the pretensions of the entire human race. Brideshead is a gentler affair altogether. William Nicholson is the author of Reckless (Quercus) and the screenwriter of Mandela: The Long Walk To Freedom.

Life&Style open book

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Pushing boundaries
I wrote this novel in winter, dreaming of summer. I did sit on a
beach while writing the first draft but it was in Llandudno, North Wales. We hadnt been able to afford a holiday abroad that year.

In Helen Walshs sexual thriller The Lemon Grove, a woman becomes dangerously attracted to her teenage stepdaughters boyfriend. By Patricia Nicol
Jenns eyes and her transposing her fantasies on to him. beautiful location but its also an illusory space, where reality is suspended.

I have an ongoing love affair with Mallorca. I always wanted to write

a novel set there, to immortalise the coastal paths between Dei and Sller. After writing my first draft, I revisited Dei, looking at the landscape through the eyes of the main character, Jenn.

I find the pressure on women to preserve their sense of youth quite alarming. Jenn, who is 45, feels
anger and futility that her ageing body has never borne a child.

If I had cast Jenn as Emmas mother it would be difficult to sympathise with her at all. Casting her as a
stepmother makes the tension between them more believable.

I understand why Jenn does what she does but I dont sympathise or
empathise with her. That is why I abandoned trying to write the book in the first person. I also really liked the sense of voyeurism that writing from a third limited perspective gives: you can see the Villa Ana and them in it, almost as their intrusive landlord, Benni, does.

I didnt set out to redress any kind of gender imbalance but Ive
always been fascinated by depictions of intergenerational relationships in fiction. There are many classic novels where older men being attracted to younger girls is accepted but when you have an older woman desiring a younger boy, the women tend to be construed as deviant.

It does feel to me to be quite a sexy novel. The sex feels

very honest. There is still within society and literary fiction an idea of male desire as animalistic, irrational and driven, and female sexuality as passive and emotional.

I didnt want to give Nathan a voice at all. He could be supplanted

with any other fairly good-looking teenage boy. Nathan is just an illusion. We see him through

Usually I have an idea of how I want my readers to feel at the end of a novel before I start. I wanted this to
feel a bit like a bruise.

The holiday setting allows for a relaxing of social and moral boundaries. Dei is a remote,

The Lemon Grove by Helen Walsh (Tinder Press) is out tomorrow.

Sexy novel: Helen Walshs tense story is set on the island of Mallorca

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As easy as one, two, ski

A new valet service, lift and art deco hotel in Austrias St Anton sees Colin Nicholson in spring-time Alpine heaven
H, skiing! The joy of carving your way through airport crowds with a pair of oversize skis, the adrenaline at check-in to see if the airline will allow them on board, the swish of the carousel as you wait to see if they will ever arrive. This season, British firm Valet Alpin is ending the financial, practical and environmental hassle frequent skiers suffer by storing their equipment in a fancy warehouse in the Alps for as little as 29 for the year. Instead of flying skis and snowboards back and forth and paying ever steeper fees for the privilege, you can either pick them up at the airport or have them delivered direct to your resort. The day I arrive in Austria, I am proudly swishing down the slopes of St Anton in unusually warm sunshine on the first skis I have owned since the age of 12. Spring, for me, is the best time to ski. Now that snow cannon guarantee pristine pistes throughout the season, I prefer to enjoy them when the sun is shining and the weather is warm. And if you want to be shown around the ski area without forking out for an instructor, Austria is the place to go. While France has effectively banned British tour operators from employing chalet staff as ski hosts to show you around the


Piste party: St Anton is the aprs-ski capital of the world and now boasts the art deco Montjola hotel (below)
mountain for free a very popular service in Austria, they can still take you to the best pistes and tastiest restaurants. We are staying at the Montjola, an art deco hotel with a curved wooden facade, which has been restored to its former glory this season by tour operator VIP Ski. It is run with the communal spirit of a chalet and an emphasis on social skiing, so the next day a gang of 15 of us head to nearby Lech, which you can do without buying a different lift pass. We are split into two groups by ability and our guide-cum-shuttle bus driver is a whizz with maps. There is a wealth of wide, undulating runs and he takes us to the new Auenfeldjet lift, which opened this season linking Lech with Warth and Schrcken on the German border, adding 66km to the total 340km of pistes covered on the Arlberg lift pass. We reach Lech by bus, although the brave can reach it on skis. Qualified guides are allowed to take guests in the six-person cable car to the Valluga peak, where after a terrifying drop into the valley below you can ski to neighbouring Zurs. I too was keen to try out my skis with their new-style touring bindings on powder (see box). If going off-piste, it is important to go with an official instructor or guide. As the sun begins to sink towards the jagged horizon, I wonder if I had left it too late but my instructor Maris suggests we hike to reach a powder bowl bathed in a golden glow. We throw ourselves into the white stuff and carve soft turns through the sepia-tinted landscape. St Anton is not just famous for its off-piste. It is also the aprs-ski capital of the world, with dancing on the tables of Alpine huts in ski boots, followed by mercifully short descents down the mountain. We start at the legendary Mooserwirt, which serves 5,000 to 10,000 pints of beer a day to the tunes of Europop, before moving to Taps next door. The great thing about Austrian aprs is that it does indeed begin straight after skiing, whereas in France, parties often start towards midnight. So we have time to dance our socks (and ski boots off) and still simmer in the Montjolas

Ski bindings are all the same, right? Chunky things that release boots from skis under pressure? Wrong. Salomon has launched the Guardian (above), a downhill binding that also allows you to go ski touring hiking up slopes to find powder where there are no lifts. As with dedicated touring bindings, they work by freeing your heels for the ascent. The difference is in weight and strength. Proper tourers are light and flimsy, making them a joy for going uphill. But when you are coming down, you can feel as if youre trying to steer a pair of ice-cream wafers. Since most skiers want to do just the occasional hike to find powder and spend most of their time on piste, Salomon came up with the Guardian. When you click your heels in for the descent, your skis perform just like proper downhill skis. When I tried them, I didnt even notice I had touring bindings on. 320,
steam room, sauna and hot tub under the stars before dinner. The only regular complaint about St Anton is that, because of its hard-core skiing image, it is very male-dominated, so the resort has introduced Ladies First weeks, offering women special deals. After our last ski, its a relief not to cart my skis back to the airport instead, I leave them in the hotel to be picked up by Valet Alpin for my next trip. Sadly, Andalo, in the beautiful Italian Dolomites, proved a resort too far for the firm, although it does plan to extend its reach beyond the Alps next season. Ski rental in Andalo costs a third of upmarket St Antons prices and you get a jar of homemade jam thrown in. But as a dedicated spring skier, I am definitely looking forward to being reunited with my skis later this season.

Colin stayed at the Montjola (, which offers a weeks half-board from 899 per person based on two sharing, including flights, transfers and ski hosting. For more on St Anton see www. Valet Alpin ( provides annual storage from 29, home collection from 25 and resort delivery from 59.


Colin Nicholson is editor of Ski+board, the magazine of the Ski Club of Great Britain. b business in 2008, buying The Greenwich Hotel in Manhattan. The star is now investing in a new venture in the Philippines, the 321-room Nobu Hotel from Japanese chef Nobu Matsuh Set within the City Matsuhisa. of Dreams Manila, a 6.2-acre casino resort due to open this summer, it will have a Nobu restaurant and an outdoor terrace overlooking Manila Bay. The first Nobu hotel opened in Las Vegas last year.

Wimbledon champ Andy Murray has bought Perthshires Cromlix House Hotel for n 1.8million. The Victorian mansion is minutes from wn of the tennis stars hometown Dunblane while his brother, Jamie, with Lisa Scott got married there in 2010. The hotel will open in April with five suites, This week, Lisa takes us to celebrity-owned hotels. Where ten bedrooms, a chapel, library, the Chez Roux restaurant and, of do you think we should go course, tennis courts. next? Tweet your ideas to @_LisaScott From 200 per night,



Marlon Brando fell in love with Tetiaroa, a cluster of 13 islands in the south Pacific, while scouting locations for Mutiny On The Bounty. The actor, who died in 2004, retreated there for more than three decades and dreamt of opening an eco-hotel hotel on his private sanctuary alongside


a university researching the local ecosystem. His dreams are about to be realised. In July, The Brando will open and will be home to 35 villas and the EcoStation, a centre fo sts for scientists and re rs. researcher From 2,470 per night, Fro w

Robert De Niro moved into the hospitality


Life&Style london tonight

Its not always easy for an awards ceremony to strike the right chord as a live event. Too often, the industry stuffiness or TV angle just doesnt translate to a gig atmosphere. Occasionally, though, they get it right with Gilles Petersons Worldwide Awards in January, and (increasingly) the enjoyably raucous annual NME Awards. This event, with categories ranging from best acts to Best Fan Community and Villain Of The Year (online voting is now closed), originally dates back decades, but has settled nicely into the atmospheric Brixton Academy. As ever, the awards celebrate buzz acts as well as established heroes and the sublime Debbie Harry (right) and Blondie are likely to steal the show as they collect their Godlike Genius Award. That Harry is the first female star to win this award seems ridiculous (the NME hasnt entirely shaken off its blokey rock stereotype) but her band will be marking its 40th anniversary with newwave panache and a set list that promises New York new wave classics such as Heart Of Glass, Rapture, Call Me and Union City Blue, as well as a possible taster of their upcoming album, the drolly titled Ghosts Of Download. Joseph Mounts arch synth-rockers Metronomy also perform from their excellent imminent album, Love Letters, and theres a further intriguing live contrast in the form of tenderhearted indie popsters Belle & Sebastian, and brotherly, raw-edged garage rockers Drenge. There should also be a few surprises, as further trophies will be collected by Damon Albarn (for Innovation) and Paul McCartney (as the Songwriters Songwriter). Its curiously sponsored by

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 METRO



Cassa Panchos acclaimed company of black and Asian dancers perform works by Arthur Pita, Christopher Marney and Martin Lawrance. Tonight until Mar 4, Linbury Studio, Royal Opera House.


Kerb regulars Bell & Brisket now have a seven-day-a-week residency at this Highgate pub, with a range of juicy salt beef sandwiches boasting diverse trimmings, from halloumi to kimchi, on bagels or black rye. Ongoing, Dukes Head. www.

State of Metronomy: Joseph Mounts electronic pop band are in Brixton tonight the city of Austin, Texas (which hosts the City Limits music festival) but Londons own rocknroll appetite looms large and loud tonight. Arwa Haider Tonight, Brixton Academy.


The Long Island alt-rockers blast back into town with fresh riffs from their sixth album, Happiness Is, fronted as ever by the hearty, highdrama vocals of Adam Lazzara. Tonight, Koko.


Celebrate the life of comedian Bill Hicks (left) with appearances from his family and comedy from the likes of Robin Ince, all raising money for charity. Tonight, Dingwalls.


Were in Poland, around the year 1900. A naive Young Wife (Maud Millar) becomes fascinated by the bitter character of her husbands unhappy mistress and learns some surprising lessons about love and life. Katarzyna Brochockas hourlong new monodrama for solo soprano and piano, based on a 1923 novel by Gabriela Zapolska, shows bags of promise. The music (in a spiky style somewhere between Scriabin and Stravinsky) switches from comedy to tragedy in a gulp, the vocal writing is assured and there are some atmospheric interludes. But, as with all monodramas, the drama only really takes flight when the main character stops being introspective and describes or even imitates her interactions with other people: these scenes Intense performance: Maud Millar stars as the Young Wife in Katarzyna Brochockas monodrama could profitably be expanded, and the early dramatic bagginess tightened. But with Millars intense performance and Robin Norton-Hales wellfocused direction, Brochockas operatic talents are still given a great opportunity to shine. OperaUpClose pairs this work with Purcells Dido & Aeneas, which director Valentina Ceschi sets among the jocks and cheerleaders of a US high school. Its amusingly perky at first and there are some jokey bits of rewriting. But then the gag wears thin and the campy setting doesnt prepare the ground for the heroines climactic suicide. There are some well-sung performances from Zarah Hible (Dido) and Eleanor Ross (Belinda) but the periodinstrument trio accompaniment is so out of tune as to be eargrating. Warwick Thompson Until Mar 29, Kings Head Theatre.

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Life&Style television
By Rahul Verma
Cultural theorist Stuart Hall died earlier this month and revisiting his Desert Island Discs from 2000 makes for remarkable listening. Its an accessible route into his groundbreaking ideas around race, identity and Britishness, and its eerie how much of what he says chimes with the rhetoric around immigration and Scottish independence. Along the way Hall recounts growing up in Jamaica, how he became West Indian while studying at Oxford University and enjoys music from Billie Holiday, Bob Marley and Marvin Gaye to Miles Davis, Bach and Puccinis Madame Butterfly.

& Larushka Ivan-Zadeh

with Carol Carter


Will Towie lover-boy turned reality show regular Mark Wright (pictured, seated) be able to get in touch with his inner drag queen as he turns party planner for salsa-loving Joanna, an habitue of Little Havanas flourishing club scene? Thats the faux drama driving the first episode of a series thats top of the nice work if you can get it league all the Essex lad has to do is tour the world and set up parties in a variety of exotic locations. The first stop is Miami, where his hosts throw him head first into the citys flamboyant gay scene. Is that Mark Wright or Rylan Clark under that flame-haired wig? CC


Last weeks Spectator podcast featured journalist and transgender activist Paris Lees and writer Julie Burchill discussing feminism and intersectionality a theory recognising multiple strands of prejudice, such as sexism and racism and how they interlock. Burchill (right) feels it has undermined the solidarity of feminism while Lees highlights its importance in understanding the discrimination marginalised groups face. A bitter, personal row ensues. Neither comes out of it well, though The Spectator is laughing all the way to the top of the podcast charts.


This supernatural drama gallops to a climax, with the second horseman of the apocalypse all saddled up and itching to bring the world to its knees. Will Ichabod and Abbie (Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie, below), who burned zombie George Washingtons Purgatory map last week, manage to save the day? There are shock revelations at every turn in a rollicking season finale with a creepy cliffhanger. Thats right: the apocalypse is on hold until season two. CC


The latest in NPRs Tech Talk explores dating and love in the digital age. Instantaneous apps such as Tinder and Grindr, and whether they remove the build-up to relationships, are discussed as well as the impact of always having a wealth of better options. The discussion moves on to whether its possible to fall for Siri, and with Spike Jonzes new film, Her, exploring this very theme, its not as fanciful as it sounds.

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OU can see why they varied the title format with Hair (BBC3). The Great British Hair Off doesnt sound quite right does it? More like a contest to find the most manscaped, depilated bod in Britain. Theres a show in that one but it wasnt Hair, which is Bake Off with rollers. Not having troubled the world of hairstyling for some years, I came to Hair with all the excitement of a skinhead at a beehive convention. However, strangely, as the eight competing home hairstylists (amateur is out, home is in) set about quiffing, blow drying and finally creating fairy tale fantasy Turner Prize hair and this was just week one it curled its way into my imagination. Its certainly way more fun TV than sewing. Whats not to love about a show where presenter Steve Jones (right) chosen, presumably, for his own trichological glory can gleefully

exclaim: Step away from the severed heads!? This came in the Blockhead Challenge, which had nothing to do with Ian Dury and everything to do with being able to cut in a straight line. The hair equivalent to figures in figure skating. Not all of them managed it and inspecting the efforts, we had judges Denise McAdam, who has been let loose on some royal bonces apparently, and celebrity superstar stylist Alain Pichon (Ive never heard of him either), who comes from that masochistic line of male hairdressers who have no hair. Well, Im guessing that he never takes his hat off. They made a fine good crop/ bad crop duo, she breaking the bad news gently, he going straight for the snip he called one hairstyle alienated, which was one for

the Marxists in the salon. Hair fulfilled the primary function of any TV talent show in letting you see enough to pick your own favourites, even if you dont know your backcomb from your er, actually, thats me done on the hair technical front. Annie, a critical care nurse from Leeds, has to be the early favourite after creating an Ice Queen showstopper that looked worthy of Emilia Clarkes Daenerys Targaryen in Game Of Thrones. But has she peaked too soon? Against expectations, out here on the fringes of the follically challenged, Im curious enough to go back to find out.

T might just be a crazy rumour but the mere fact that it was depressingly

believable that the jokers (not in a good way) who run BBC comedy would consider axing Vic and Bobs brilliant House Of Fools told you all you need to know. A corporation that once championed innovation is now a shameless ratings chaser. Welcome to a world with 99 further series of Mrs Browns Boys. And Pramface (BBC3) too, probably. Were now on to series three of this singularly unremarkable attempt to mine easy laughs out of teenage parenthood, featuring a bunch of characters with only a distant connection to what its actually like to have a child while still in your school years. Im not saying all comedy has to be social realism but it helps if the relationships are vaguely believable. Instead we get wet manchild Jamie, a human doormat desperate to win the affection of spoilt Laura who, week in, week out, gives him the runaround. Its all oddly depressing.

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This semi-improvised police drama has quickly and confidently marked out its territory as a rather different beast from your usual crime procedural yarn. The fly-on-the-nick-wall documentary feel lends an urgency and rawness to the action, the pressure stepped up this week as DI Martha Bellamy (Fay Ripley, left with Damien Molony) and her team try to unearth the truth behind a rape case. Its an even more sensitive situation than usual the victim is the wife of the local chief superintendent. CC


Reese Witherspoon (below) sparkles in this fluffy, pink, Golden Globe-nominated comedy that, like its heroine, is sharper than it looks. She is Elle, a blonde, seemingly bubble-headed LA fashion student whose life is about to become perfect when her boyfriend, who is off to Harvard Law School, pops the question. Instead, though, he dumps her, claiming (bless him) that shes too blonde and not serious enough. So Elle ups her game and gets herself admitted to Harvard, determined to win him back. There she encounters a rising young attorney (Luke Wilson) who provides the unexpected alternative love interest youd completely expect. A fun, feelgood dose of feminism lite, its the movie equivalent of having a mani-pedi. LI-Z


The title might be pushing the truth just a touch but this is still an intriguing look at one womans mission to understand what makes the ape mind tick. Dr Lyn Miles, researcher at the University of Tennessee, first met orangutan Chantek when he was nine months old. Over the course of ten years, they learnt to communicate by sign language while he lived with her on campus at Chattanooga. But when his behaviour became erratic, the authorities had to separate them CC


We reach the halfway mark of Jed Mercurios claustrophobic police thriller and things are looking bleak for the unpredictable DI Lindsay Denton, played with tightly wound intensity by Keeley Hawes. She believes shes being framed by the police investigating her suspected involvement in the ambush of a police convoy and shares her theories with her new sidekick DS Fleming (Vicki McClure, left). But has she chosen completely the wrong person to confide in? CC


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Bitcoin website vanishes after 200m theft

BITCOIN trader MtGox has disappeared offline along with millions of pounds in the virtual currency. One of the largest Bitcoin traders in the world, became an empty web page yesterday morning making investors nervous about the whereabouts of their cash. The exchange has been hit by technical issues and stopped all customer withdrawals after what it called unusual activity. It is rumoured up to 750,000 Bitcoins worth about 200million may have been stolen and the theft gone unnoticed for several years. Yesterday afternoon, MtGox posted a statement on its website. It read: Dear MtGox customers, in light of recent news reports and the potential repercussions on MtGoxs

operations and the market, a decision was taken to close all transactions for the time being in order to protect the site and our users. We will be closely monitoring the situation and will react accordingly. Best regards, MtGox Team. MtGox chief executive Mark Karpeles resigned from the board of the Bitcoin Foundation on Sunday, the charity that promotes the currencys use. The Tokyo-based exchange found a loophole that thieves could use to fool the transaction process into sending double the correct number of Bitcoins. However, six other Bitcoin exchanges issued a joint statement saying this did not affect the resilience or value of Bitcoin.

Play on: Nokia hopes its music streaming app, Nokia Mix Radio, will halt a sales slide PICTURE: REUTERS

Nokia pins its hopes on music

NOKIA is taking on Spotify and iTunes by launching a music app for its new phone range. Music streaming is key to grabbing emerging markets in India, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, where it will launch its new range of Nokia X phones later this year, the company claims. Chief executive Stephen Elop believes the preloaded Nokia Mix Radio app will help it win the race to connect the next billion people to the internet. He said emerging artists would also benefit as their music would be streamed to 31 new countries. Meanwhile, BlackBerry has gone back to the future with its new Z3 phone, costing 120 and featuring its popular keyboard and tracker design as it looks to halt a sales slide. Made by Chinese company Foxconn, it will launch in Asia in April.

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US$1.6696 1.2141 170.5750

0.5990 0.7274 102.1950

Australia (A$) ..............................1.75 Canada (C$) ............................... 1.76 Euro (E) ....................................... 1.16 New Zealand (NZ$).................... 1.86


Poland (zloty) ........................... 4.44 Singapore ($) ............................. 1.97 South Africa (rand) .................. 16.87 US ($).......................................... 1.59

FTSE 100 6830.50 -35.36

FTSE 250 16527.88 -11.41

CAC-40 4414.55 -4.58

DAX 9699.35 -9.59

DOW 16180.04 -27.10

Monthly payments under a moderate increase in interest rates Current monthly payments London South-east South-west Britain Average Northern Ireland West Midlands North-west Scotland East Midlands North-east Wales 1,032 836 705 683 666 589 584 566 556 554 487 483 Dec 2015 projections 1,064 862 727 704 687 612 608 603 584 574 572 502 498 Monthly increase

n THE Walt Disney Co is hoping to cash in on the digital revolution by offering a cloudbased film library. The service allows fans to buy and watch Disney, Pixar and Marvel films online. Customers will be able to buy digital movies from a collection of more than 400 titles through Apple Incs iTunes store and the Disney Movies Anywhere website and app. They can be viewed on Apples iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch or through the Apple TV. n SHOPPERS braving Britains wettest winter helped register the highest rise in retail sales since June 2012, figures show. Forty five per cent of businesses saw volume sales rise year-onyear, while eight per cent said they fell. Grocers, clothing, carpet and furniture retailers had strong sales, the Confederation of British Industry distributive trades survey shows. The CBIs Barry Williams said: The high streets have kicked on again. n ENGINEERING group GKN has predicted continued growth as it continues to benefit from a recovery in global car production. The company, which makes drive shafts for almost half of all new cars, increased annual profits by 17 per cent to 578million as sales rose ten per cent to 7.6billion last year. Global car production increased four per cent to 84.8million vehicles in 2013 and should rise by another three per cent this year, it said.

Yorkshire & Humber 593

32 26 22 21 21 19 19 19 9 18 8 18 8 18 8 15 5 15 5

Source: A survey for Barclays by the Centre for Economic and Business Research

Home loans hit a 6yr high... but is WIN AN iPAD AIR payback on way?
THE number of mortgage approvals is continuing to run at a six-year high, it was revealed yesterday. Almost 50,000 approvals for new homes worth 8billion got the go-ahead last month, a six per cent increase on December, according to the British Bankers Association. However, a separate report suggested borrowers could see their mortgage payments rise by 252 a year on average by the end of next year if interest rates start rising at a moderate pace. Compared with January 2013, the number of mortgage approvals made to home buyers last month was 57 per cent higher. Meanwhile, 22,972 approvals worth 3.6billion were granted for re-mortgaging, a

n PROFITS at housebuilder Persimmon jumped nearly 50 per cent last year, thanks to the governments Help To Buy scheme. House sales helped the company earn 330million in 2013. Its new-build homes sold for an average of 181,861 last year, up four per cent on 2012.
51 per cent increase compared with the same month last year. Demand is strong from the top to the bottom of the market, said Richard Sexton of chartered surveyor e.surv. First-time buyers are keen to lock into cheap deals and get on the ladder. British Bankers Association sta-

tistics director David Dooks said: Approvals for new purchases have climbed quite significantly and are now at their highest point since September 2007. But homeowners must budget for interest rate rises in the future, a study for Barclays by the Centre for Economic and Business Research warns It predicts the base rate will rise at a moderate pace, taking it to 1.25 per cent in November next year. It would see mortgage payments increase from their current monthly levels of 666 per month to 687 by December 2015. Andy Gray, of Barclays, said: In the face of a rise in mortgage rates and the cost of living, it is vital for homeowners to review their current situation.

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Playing online catch-up costs Ladbrokes

LADBROKES reported a sharp fall in profits yesterday as it battles to overhaul its digital business in time for this summers football World Cup. On top of a 66 per cent slump in 2013 profits to 67.6million, Ladbrokes warned that it will cut its 2,300-strong estate of shops by between 40 and 50 this year. Under-pressure chief executive Richard Glynn said the results were disappointing but that it had made progress in catching up with its online competitors. The firm was also hit by falling gaming machine revenues, Mr Glynn said.
225 200 175

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Aug 25, 2013

Feb 25, 2014

The Princes Trust registered charity numbers 1079675 and SC041198

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Life&Style puzzles

For solutions, see

by Patrick Arundell
Aries Mar 21 Apr 20
A friend can delight you by getting in touch or, then again, it could be you sending a text. You may have a change of mind about one long-term plan but, once you do, the chances are youll really settle on this new objective.
For your forecast, call 0906 474 0410

Libra Sep 24 Oct 23

Taurus Apr 21 May 21

NEMI by Lise

If youve being desirous of escapism over the last few days, it wouldnt be a surprise. This twist rather than stick emphasis may be true about work or life interests. Someone you respect may make you think about things in a completely different way.
For your forecast, call 0906 474 0411

If your energy has just been a little below peak, youll be pleasantly surprised that rather more drive starts to feed through. To make this work, you need to focus on as narrow range of activities as possible. Spreading yourself thin is unlikely to help.
For your forecast, call 0906 474 0416

Scorpio Oct 24 Nov 22

Gemini May 22 Jun 21

If travel plans have recently been afflicted, or you have sent a package which failed to arrive, this may be down to Mercurys rewind. Your ruler is now in the penultimate day of this, and events can soon speed up. Embrace this.
For your forecast, call 0906 474 0412

Your homely side can come out later today. This could see you catch up on domestic tasks or the latest news of the people youre close to. If you enjoy pampering yourself, this too can be pleasurable. Your romantic dreams and instincts are strongly aroused.
For your forecast, call 0906 474 0417

Sagittarius Nov 23 Dec 21

Cancer Jun 22 Jul 23

There may be somebody you need to have a conversation with. If one of you has been busy, or if the subject matter is a little tricky, this is time to clear the air. Grappling with this could lift a pressure.
For your forecast, call 0906 474 0418

ENIGMA Fresh oil, when its unrefined, By this word often is defined. In fact, describes all impolite Or base remarks one may recite. WHO AM I? An actor, I was born in Sydney in 1968. I play Wolverine in the X-Men films and I played the title role in the film Van Helsing.


WHO, WHAT, WHERE & WHEN? WHO is the Greek counterpart of the Roman Jupiter? WHAT... tree provides the majority of a koalas diet? WHERE... in the US is the counterpart of Londons Cleopatras Needle? WHEN... was Victor Emmanuel II proclaimed king of Italy?
The solutions from 1 to 12 are all six-letter words ending with the letter E in the centre. Moving clockwise from 1, the letters in the outer circle will spell out the name of a 20th century painter and author. 1. Walk like 8. Prone a duck 9. Become 2. Green apparent woodpecker 10. Complain 3. Sewing tool 11. Prisoner 4. Play at 12. Lissom 5. Knob Yesterdays solution: 6. Reach Howard Hanson 7. Ghost image

Venus continues in your opposite sign and still angles Saturn. This can help you to see relationships in a pragmatic way. Yet, with Uranus continuing to spring surprises, events at work and the people you deal with may be more challenging.

Capricorn Dec 22 Jan 20

For your forecast, call 0906 474 0413

If someone has seemed evasive about paying you money, your patience may have been tried. But one of your great characteristics is your tenacity, so dont give up. If youre sorting out debts, an end is in sight.
For your forecast, call 0906 474 0419

Leo Jul 24 Aug 23

Your mind can be a little bit sharper today, especially around joint arrangements, where a foggy haze may have made it difficult to think clearly recently. Discussions, responses and feedback can seem to pick-up.
For your forecast, call 0906 474 0414

Aquarius Jan 21 Feb 19

When we dont have experience, often we have no comprehension of its value, and when we do have it, it might not come at the best time. Still, the past few weeks has taught you that life is rarely one straight line.
For your forecast, call 0906 474 0420

Difficulty rating: Easy Difficulty rating: Moderate Difficulty rating: Challenging

QUIZ ANSWERS: ENIGMA: Crude. WHO AM I? Hugh Jackman. WHO, WHAT, WHERE & WHEN? Zeus; Eucalyptus; New York; 1861.

Virgo Aug 24 Sep 23

If its felt like your every word and action has been under the spotlight. The good news is that this pressure can start to ease. Equally, perhaps youve been looking for some form of exactitude, and you too can feel less tense. Romantically, the lines of communication can clear.
For your forecast, call 0906 474 0415

Pisces Feb 20 Mar 20

Your imagination and sensitivity are your strengths. You can benefit from tuning into undercurrents and insights. Yet equally, if these over-cook, they can leave you fearful, anxious and lacking in self-confidence.
For your forecast, call 0906 474 0421

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JOE ROOTS century carried England to 290 for eight in their 50over warm-up against a Vice Chancellors XI at the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium in Antigua last night. England appeared set at several stages for a bigger total, and had a fine platform at 170 for three in the 30th over thanks to a halfcentury opening stand between Alex Hales and Luke Wright before Root (104 not out) and Ben Stokes (58) put on 71 for the third wicket. But three wickets for the addition of only 23, including two lbws to leg-spinner Akeem Dewar, halted the midinnings progress. England, who rested one-day international captain Alastair Cook and Ian Bell, were playing for the first time since Kevin Pietersen was controversially axed. Root shared a stand of 62 with Tim Bresnan and reached his 103-ball century in the last over.


SPORT DIGEST Bulls takeover is abandoned after points deduction

RUGBY LEAGUE Bradford Bulls are in turmoil after their directors quit the club minutes after they were docked six Super League points for going into administration. The Rugby Football League imposed the sanctions after the Bulls breached the games insolvency regulations for the second time in 12 months. Bulls chairman Mark Moore confirmed that Bradford Bulls 2014 Ltd, the holding company formed by the directors which had a bid to purchase the club from administrators accepted last week, had withdrawn its offer. Moore said: We have been forced into making this decision, due to the Rugby Football Leagues proposed sanction, making relegation almost a certainty.

Wiggins commits to Commonwealth

CYCLING Sir Bradley Wiggins will compete at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow this summer, just a week after finishing the Tour de France. The 33-year-old Olympic champion and 2012 Tour winner (pictured) claimed Commonwealth silver medals in 1998 and 2002, and told Cycling News: Its a nice thing to have within the UK. Itll be nice to add that [gold] and its a couple of days after the Tour, so its just for the sake of carrying on for a few more days and doing it.
Good start: Root kicked off his tour with a century in Antigua

3 Sets it took British No.3 James

Ward to see off world No.60 Teymuraz Gabashvili at the Dubai Duty Free Championships

Sloans Sochi show is an ice surprise for pals

BRITISH curling bronze medallist Anna Sloan admits her friends did not even realise she was going to an Olympics until they saw her playing on TV. As curling fever swept the UK over the past fortnight, Sloan helped Eve Muirheads Scottish rink seal third place in Sochi. But it was not until the tournament was under way that many of the 23-year-olds friends grasped the extent of her success. I dont think they really realised, they just thought I was off to any old tournament, said Sloan, who lives with team-mate Vicki Adams at the squads base in Stirling. Then my mobile started going

Opening of 2012 pool key for legacy

SWIMMING The public opening of
the Olympic Aquatics Centre will be the biggest step taken so far in proving a legacy of the 2012 Games to the community, according to London Legacy Development chief executive Dennis Hone. The centre, which opens this weekend, has undergone a slight makeover since the conclusion of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. This will be the venue where people will come in and come with their kids and participate in sports in the Olympic pool, Hone said. That is what we want to see happen as a legacy.

Down time: Sloan (second right) and her fellow curlers visit prime minister David Cameron yesterday
crazy with people saying to me: Youre where?. Hopefully now we can get the sport better known and promote it so people realise what a big deal it is for us, especially at the Games. Sloan also expressed her pride at being part of such success, adding:

Quitting not an option for Alcott

FOUR-TIME Olympic skier Chemmy Alcott has insisted she is not retiring. The 31-year-old, who finished 19th in the womens downhill and 23rd in the super-G in Sochi, wrote on her Facebook page: For the record I am NOT retiring. I have fought so hard to get back to skiing.
Its great to be able to do this with your best friends. Were still quite young so we want to go back in 2018 and go for gold.

Davies on way back

RUGBY UNION Jonathan Davies remains on course to play a part in Wales Six Nations campaign as he continues his fightback from injury, and could be fit to face England next week. It would not surprise me if he got some game-time this weekend [for Scarlets], Wales assistant Shaun Edwards said.

44 METRO Wednesday, February 26, 2014

boxing what next for amir khan?

With his dream fight against Floyd Mayweather dashed after the American opted to face Marcos Maidana, Matthew Nash takes a look at the options now facing Amir Khan

New balls no problem for Roy

ROY HODGSON is sure England will be fully accustomed to the lightweight Brazuca ball by the time they arrive at the World Cup. Under the terms of the FAs deal with Nike, only balls manufactured by the American giant can be used in games at Wembley. However, England are able to train with the ball next week, and in their pre-World Cup training camps, and Hodgson said: If you have got two or three weeks playing with the same ball every day, you should be quite comfortable with it. I have far more important things to think about.


Unconcerned: Hodgson

An all-British blockbuster
Khan could go for the big payday, which would entail taking on fellow Briton Kell Brook, now the No.1 challenger for American Shawn Porters IBF welterweight crown. An all-British showdown would surely suit both fighters and the next big challenge for Brooks promoter Eddie Hearn after Froch-Groves II.

Fellow Brit: Brook

Why not a new Port of call?

After Khan withdrew from facing Devon Alexander in December, Porter stepped in and subsequently took his countrymans IBF belt from him. Could Khan now challenge the 26-year-old from Ohio? Porter was fairly unknown until his points victory over Alexander but has a record of 23 wins from 24 fights, with one draw, and 14 knockouts.

Andy still dreams of World Cup adventure

ANDY CARROLL is refusing to give up on his World Cup dream as he prepares to return to the West Ham team. The Hammers target man has missed the last three matches after his red card for elbowing Swanseas Chico Flores was upheld following an appeal to the Football Association. Carroll last featured for England in the 5-0 World Cup qualifying win over San Marino at Wembley in October 2012. But, despite missing the majority of the season with a foot injury, the former Newcastle and Liverpool striker remains determined to become part of Roy Hodgsons plans for Brazil this summer, having been tipped for a recall to the international squad in next weeks friendly against Denmark. I have definitely not given up on the England squad and I never will do, he said. First, though, Carroll must work his way back into a West Ham team who have hit top form during his latest absence,

winning all three matches and climbing to tenth in the Premier League table. The 25-year-old is still expected to feature in the game at Everton on Saturday and Carroll is desperate to come back and help Sam Allardyces resurgent side. The sending-off has happened and I was annoyed at the

Chance to settle old score

Lamont Peterson holds the IBF lightwelterweight crown and would represent the chance of revenge for Khan, who lost his two titles to the Washington man in 2011. Peterson is one of three losses for Khan but the split decision in DC just over two years ago will still rankle with the Bolton man, who could choose to try to settle an old score.

Yo, Adrien!
Adrien Broner only held the WBA welterweight title for six months, before handing over the belt to Maidana two months ago. However, he remains a dangerous beast and Golden Boy Promotions are said to be trying to find the right weight for him to meet Khan at. The most promising option for Khan from a fight point of view.

I will never give up on England

time with missing games, which was not what I wanted after the season that Ive had, but Im over it now, he said. I just need to focus on getting back in the team and playing games. I have just got to work hard on the pitch and in training, because that is all I can do. In the end, its the manager that picks the team.

Dangerous: Broner

Unwanted break: Carroll is desperate to play again


Trouble on the terrier-ces ruff to comprehend

A SPANISH football fan has been fined 200 euros (165) after throwing a dog at a referee. The clash between Comarca del Marmol and La Canada took an ugly turn when the man, frustrated at the decisions of the official, hurled a small dog from the stands in the direction of the man in black. Happily, the Yorkshire Terrier, named Goofy, is recovering well after initially being left unconscious in the incident.

ODDBALLS T Metro_Sport

1-D star ready for Rovers debut

ONE Direction idol Louis Tomlinson is set to fulfil his dream of turning out for his beloved Doncaster Rovers today when he makes his debut for the reserve team. And the Keepmoat Stadium is set to echo to the scream of over 4,000 delirious Directioners who are expected to cheer on the popster. Rovers fanatic Tomlinson agreed a non-contract deal last summer as part of the clubs efforts to raise money for the Bluebell Wood Childrens Hospice. An injury ruled the 22-year-old out of a September fixture but he will finally pull on Donnys red and white jersey when their second string take on Yorkshire rivals Rotherham. Doncaster spokesman Shaun Lockwood said: Louis has met all the players, but I should probably say theyve met him because there are certainly a few wives, girlfriends and daughters [who are] glad that hes been around.

Debut: Tomlinson

football premier league

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 METRO 45


FOOTBALL DIGEST Toffees hamstrung by Traore

EVERTONS on-loan striker Lacina Traore will be out of action for several weeks with a hamstring injury, manager Roberto Martinez has confirmed. The Ivory Coast international (pictured) missed Saturdays defeat at Chelsea after suffering a problem during the pre-match warm-up. Martinez said: With this sort of injury it is normally weeks rather than months. The type of player Lacina is, a sprinter, means this sort of injury needs to be well recovered. u THE Football League has confirmed it is still in talks with Leeds over the clubs proposed 25million takeover by Italian businessman Massimo Cellino. Contracts have been signed and the Cagliari owner has since been waiting for the Leagues approval.

Ryan shown the exit

FULHAM boss Felix Magath has wielded the axe again at Craven Cottage by showing midfielder Ryan Tunnicliffe the exit just 25 days after he signed from Manchester United. The German, who dismissed head coach Rene Meulensteen, assistant head coach Ray Wilkins and technical director Alan Curbishley last week, has shipped Tunnicliffe out on loan to Wigan.

9.9milllion Profit reported by

Newcastle United for 2012/13. It is the third year in a row the club has posted a profit and is up from 1.4m in 2011/12.

Back in business: Aguero joins Fernandinho, left, on the training field


HERES a picture to warm the hearts of all Manchester City fans star striker Sergio Kun Aguero running freely again. The Argentine, out since picking up a hamstring injury against Spurs last month, began his rehabilitation last week but trained fully for the first time yesterday and now faces a race to be fit for Sundays Capital One Cup final.

We paid out over 6.5m last month!

Spurs wont hide, insists Sherwood

TIM SHERWOOD says Tottenham are not about to crawl into a corner and hide as they seek to get their season back on track. Sherwoods men suffered a second successive defeat when beaten 1-0 at Norwich on Sunday, having lost the first leg of their Europa League last-32 clash away to Dnipro three days previously. Tottenham lie fifth, six points adrift of Liverpool in the race for Champions League qualification. But with the return leg against the Ukrainians on Thursday followed by the visit of Cardiff, Sherwood sees no reason why his team cannot respond well before huge games with Chelsea and Arsenal. Good players and good teams come back when theyre down and thats what weve got to do straight away, Sherwood said. We need to have character in front of our home fans after the disappointment of losing to a team

Defiant: Sherwood expects Spurs to respond

10 25


Weve got to come back straight away

near the bottom of the league. That happens, what can you do? You cant crawl into a corner and hide. You have to confront it and have a go. Meanwhile, Sherwood has been backed by Norwich boss and

former White Hart Lane coach Chris Hughton after Holland manager Louis van Gaal recently suggested Tottenham could approach him after the World Cup. If he has said that, its certainly not something he should have done, Hughton said of Van Gaal. As managers in the game its not the best policy to be mentioning potential jobs when there are already other managers in the job


Welcome Bonus Terms and Conditions: New Customers only. Players must be 18+. First Deposit will be matched 150% from min 5 to max bonus value of 250. All deposit and bonus funds must be wagered x25 before cash winnings can be withdrawn. Please play responsibly. Visit MONOPOLY 1935, 2014 Hasbro. All rights reserved.

46 METRO Wednesday, February 26, 2014

football champions league

Another night to forget as poor United slip in Greece

UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE LAST 16, FIRST LEGS Zenit St Pburg .2 B Dortmund........ 4 Olympiakos ......2 Man United ........0 SKY BET CHAMPIONSHIP Blackburn ........ P Brighton ............. P SKY BET LEAGUE ONE Colchester........ 0 Sheff United ........1 Oldham ............ 1 MK Dons ............. 2 Preston .............3 Rotherham ......... 3 Stevenage......... 1 Crewe .................0 Swindon ........... 1 Crawley................1 SKY BET LEAGUE TWO Cheltenham ...... 1 Chesterfield ........ 4 Exeter .............. 0 Wycombe ............1 Fleetwood ....... 0 Plymouth ............ 4 Mansfield ......... 1 Bury .................... 4 Newport ........... 1 Wimbledon ........ 2 Northampton ...2 Southend .............1 Portsmouth ...... 1 Accrington ..........0 Scunthorpe ....... 1 Bristol Rov ...........1 Torquay............. 1 Burton .................1 SCOTTISH PREMIERSHIP Aberdeen..........2 Celtic....................1 Ross Co ............ 0 Inverness CT ....... 3 St Johnstone .....3 Motherwell ........0


OLYMPIAKOS ............................. 2 MANCHESTER UNITED.............0
MANCHESTER Uniteds shortcomings were cruelly exposed last night as they were outplayed, outfought and outmanoeuvred by European minnows Olympiakos. David Moyes disjointed team must now produce a significantly superior effort in the second leg at Old Trafford where they have been far from convincing this season if they are to stand any chance of reaching the quarter-finals. United, buoyed by a 2-0 win at Crystal Palace in the Premier League on Saturday, lacked cohesion from the start with passes going astray and Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie isolated in attack. The home side were all too often allowed to make dangerous, surging runs deep into United territory although they were unable to test David de Gea in the United goal. That all changed in the 38th minute when

Robert Lewandowski scored twice as Borussia Dortmund won 4-2 at Zenit St Petersburg

(7.45pm kick-offs) Uefa Champions League Round of 16 First Leg Galatasaray v Chelsea ....................... TV Sky Sports 1 Schalke 04 v Real Madrid ................. TV Sky Sports 4

Under pressure: Moyes

Olympiakos shocked United by going ahead. A poor clearance from Patrice Evra fell to Giannis Maniatis and his shot from distance appeared to carry little menace until it was smartly redirected past the wrongfooted De Gea from 12 yards by Argentinian midfielder Alejandro Dominguez. Worse was to come for the Premier League champions as Joel Campbell, on loan from Arsenal, added a second in the 54th minute, curling in a superb shot from 25 yards. United did not create a decent chance until eight minutes from time but Van Persie fired over with the goal at his mercy. Midfielder Michael Carrick said: Its a disappointing night. We feel like we are still in with a chance going back to Old Trafford. We are not getting results and as players we have to take that on the chin.


1 2 3

Fan who threw dog at ref fined 165 the dogs recovering well

Greece frightening: Campbell celebrates scoring his teams crucial second goal


Joel ready to shine at Arsenal

OLYMPIAKOS goal-hero Joel Campbell has signalled his intent to return to Arsenal next season. The Costa Rican forward, 21, who joined the Gunners back in 2011 but is yet to feature after spells on loan in France, Spain and now Greece, scored a stunner against

United and wants to make his mark in England. Speaking before the Champions League clash, Campbell said: I believe I am ready to play for Arsenal next season. I know I have the capacity to play there. I am only waiting for the opportunity. With hard work I know I can get there.

Bacary Sagna could quit Arsenal at the end of the season Video: Keeper pays the price for premature celebration DIDIER DROGBA is certain to score against former club Chelsea in tonights Champions League duel in Istanbul. The footballing gods have decreed it. The darling of Stamford Bridge won the tournament two seasons ago with his last kick for Roman Abramovichs richly-assembled team when they beat Bayern Munich in the final at the Allianz Arena and it is fate he finds the net with probably his first touch


Destiny calling for Blues old boy to deliver

against old boss Jose Mourinho. The Ivory Coast striker is worth a decent wager at evens with Ladbrokes to not celebrate if he scores and he is 31/10 with Bet Victor to trouble the scoreboard. The draw looks good at 5/2 with Bwin while under 2.5 goals is an attractive proposition at 8/11 with Stan James and Sky Bet. Branislav Ivanovic pops up with Timely: Ivanovic vital goals and is 9/1 with Ladbrokes to score.

u REAL Madrid have won 15 of their last 16 matches and can ease past Schalke by leading at both halftime and the final whistle at 11/10 with Coral and Paddy Power. Luka Modric is 7/1 with Coral to score while Julian Draxler is 5/1 with William Hill.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 METRO 47

Galatasaray v Chelsea
157 Goals Drogba scored for Chelsea in 341 appearances
words by Danny Griffiths

7.45pm, sky sports 1

Friends reunited: Drogba and Terry will go head-to-head in Turkey tonight

Furious Jose goes on the attack after Etoo age slip

JOSE MOURINHO insists his relationship with Samuel Etoo has not been affected by footage showing him questioning the Chelsea strikers age. Preparations for the Champions League last-16 tie with Galatasaray have been overshadowed by Canal Plus showing film of the Blues boss making inflammatory comments to a businessman at a sponsors event. The recording, aired on Monday, shows Mourinho commenting on Chelseas lack of depth up front and questioning the Cameroon stars age. Mourinho was apoplectic that what he perceived as a private conversation was aired and said: Im not defending what Im saying, Im attacking something that is, I think, fundamental in your professional area. From my perspective, the comment is obviously not a good one, and obviously not something I would do in a serious way, something I would not do in an official way in an interview. First of all, because I dont make fun. Secondly, because if there are managers in the world who really defend their players, Im obviously one of them. And third because Samuel Etoo is Samuel Etoo. Hes four times a Champions League winner. He has no reason to be upset because also, he told a few years ago, that Mourinho is the only manager in

ANTHONY WILLIAMS says the Blues still miss their former star striker

KEY BATTLE: Didier Drogba

v John Terry
IT couldnt be scripted better in a Hollywood screenplay, with Drogba squaring up to his old Blues brother-in-arms Terry tonight. Drogba, the fourth leading scorer in Chelsea history, faces his old Stamford Bridge team-mates for the first time since leaving the Kings Road on the most emotional of highs, the above picture

When Didier Drogba leads the line against Chelsea, it represents yet another reminder that weve failed to replace him. John Terry and Co will have to keep Drogba quiet if they are to bring a lead back to London.
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the world who I would never play for, and after one year he was playing with me at Inter and now here. There is no story. I really think its a disgrace that someone is taping and recording a private conversation when we dont know. Mourinho, meanwhile, says it will be odd to go up against ex-Chelsea star Didier Drogba tonight. He added: To face Drogba, I know that is difficult and its a strange feeling, I have to admit that.

showing him celebrating with Terry after they beat Bayern Munich to win the Champions League two years ago. At 35 the striker remains a

handful for even the very best defenders and former England captain Terry will have his work cut out to keep his old friend quiet.

Galatasaray: Muslera, Gulselam, Balta, Kaya, Telles, Melo, Inan, Sari, Drogba, Sneijder, Yilmaz. Chelsea: Cech, Ivanovic, Azpilicueta, Terry, Cahill, Willian, Luiz, Oscar, Hazard, Ramires, Etoo.

Out of action
JANUARY signings Nemanja Matic and Mohamed Salah are ineligible because they played in this tournament for their previous clubs.

Angry: Mourinho

Mancini: Mourinhos little horse is a big favourite

GALATASARAY manager Roberto Mancini laughed off Jose Mourinhos suggestion that Chelsea are not ready to win competitions like the Champions League. The Blues boss has described his side as a little horse this term but former Manchester City chief Mancini is not buying it, believing the Londoners to be huge favourites to win tonights last-16 clash against his side. Its a young team, like ours, the Italian (pictured) said with a smile. I think that Chelsea are on top of the Premier League because they are a top team. They have really good players who can change the game. They have fantastic players who are used to

Chelsea have an 80 per cent chance of going through

playing games like this. I think they have an 80 per cent chance of going through. Galatasarays attack is expected to be their

biggest strength in Istanbul, with two men Mourinho knows well key to that Wesley Sneijder, who worked with the Portuguese at Inter Milan, and former Blues danger man Didier Drogba. And Mancini added: They have a good relationship with Mourinho but tomorrow, for 90 minutes, they will be enemies. Ninety minutes after they can go and have a dinner together. But for 90 minutes they should not play 100 per cent, but more. We need Didier and Wesley to play very, very well.

Fresh misery for Moyes and United
MANCHESTER UNITEDS season sunk to a new low last night as David Moyes men were dismally beaten 2-0 by Olympiakos in Greece leaving them an uphill task to reach the last eight of the Champions League. United, three times European Cup finalists in the past six years, were hugely disappointing in the last-16 tie, and their season could be effectively over after next months second leg. The Premier League champions had just one shot on target during the 90 minutes, and Moyes admitted he was shocked by the performance. Thats the worst weve played in Europe, we didnt deserve to get anything, he said afterwards. Im surprised, I didnt see that level of performance coming. I take responsibility, we have to play better. Goals from Alejandro Dominguez and Joel Campbell, on loan from Arsenal, either side of half-time were just rewards for the impressive hosts. Robin van Persie blasted Uniteds only real chance over late on, and with the Reds sixth in the league and out of the domestic cups, the prospect of the clubs worst season for a quarter of a century is now a very real one.

Desperate times


Jose hits out but insists he has no problems with Etoo



Pain game: Robin van Persie holds his head after hitting the deck on a dismal night for United


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