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Bill Gates and Steve Barr are trying to take over UTLA, again Billionaires and corporations will

stop at nothing to bust unions and privatize education. For decades Steve Barr has made his living doing their bidding. Their latest attempt is supporting a candidate for UTLA President whose polic advocac matches their own. !nowing how unpopular Barr and his bac"ers are# Bill $affne %s narrative has been one of revisionist histor and obfuscation of facts. &e aim to let people "now the truth. FALS'( Steve Barr had nothing to do with the widel despised Parent Trigger law. FA)T( Steve Barr was on Parent *evolution+s Board of ,irectors before# during# and after the trigger law was passed. -n the Los Angeles Times he boasted about he would use it to convert public schools into charters.. FALS'( Steve Barr has a successful trac" record of turning schools around FA)T( Steve Barr has never turned a school around with either $reen ,ot or Future -s /ow. Their latest attempt to turnaround /ew 0rleans+ 1ohn 2c,onogh 3igh School was an ab4ect failure# leading charter friendl of5cials to shut Barr down.6 Their e7periment at Loc"e8 in Los Angeles has been 4ust as grievous. FALS'( Steve Barr supports unions and $reen ,ot has unionized teachers. FA)T( $reen ,ot+s Asociaci9n de 2aestros Unidos :A2U; is a compan union. -n over a decade of e7istence A2U has never had single case of successfull defending a teacher against termination. Article <.. of A2U+s contract< with $reen ,ot )orporation%s unelected Board of ,irectors sums up A2U+s impotence neatl .
It is understood and agreed that the Board retains all of its powers and authority to direct, manage and control to the full extent of the law. While input from the staff will be considered and decisions will be derived in a collaborative model !nal decisions will rest with the Board.

FALS'( $reen ,ot founded Los Angeles Parents Union# not Parent *evolution. FA)T( Parent *evolution and LAPU are of5ciall registered ,BAs of Los Angeles Parents Union=. Los Angeles Parents Union was founded b $reen ,ot%s> Steve Barr and * an Smith to increase charter market share. $reen ,ot+s )'0# 2arco Petruzzi# remains a current board member of Parent *evolution. FALS'( The $ates Foundation funds Future -s /ow?Teacher Action /etwor" to empower teachers. FA)T( The $ates Foundation provides F-/?TA/ with huge grants@ to strip teachers of their hard won rights and replace them with ineffectual Athin contracts#B that leave both students and facult vulnerable. FALS'( )harter schools are public schools. FA)T( Federal and State )ourts# the U.S. )ensus Bureau# and the /ational Labor *elations Board have all determinedC that with the narrow e7ceptions of charters run b Apublic universities and municipalitiesB# that charter schools are Aprivate entitiesB. 0n the other hand# "orbes sa s charters are great for corporate profits.D

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