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Hoysala monuments are found in Hampi and Hospet Halebid and Belur Mysore and Bangalore Sringeri and Dharwar

2. Which one of the following Muslim rulers was hailed as the 'Jagadguru' by his Muslim subjects because of his belief in secularism? Husain Shah Zain-ul-Abidin Ibrahim Adil Shah Mahmud II

3. ' bina!a "harat' a secret society of re!olutionaries was organised by Khudiram Bose V.D. Sa ar!ar "ra#ulla $ha!i Bhagat Singh

#. $he redical wing of the %ongress &arty with Jawaharlal 'ehru as one of its main leaders( founded the ')nde*endence for )ndia +eague' in o**osition to the %andhi-Irw&h "a&t the Home 'ule Mo ement the (ehru 'eport the Mont#ord re#orms


ccording to Mimamsa system of *hiloso*hy liberation is *ossible by means of

)nana bha!ti yoga !arma

-. Who among the following antici*ated 'ewton by declaring that all things gra!itate to the earth ? Aryabhata Varahamihira Buddhagupta Brahmagupta

.. With reference to /ufism in )ndian history( consider the following statements 0 Shai!h Ahmad Sarhandi was a &ontemporary o# Ibrahim *odi. Shai!h (asiruddin $hirg-I-Dehla i was dis&iple o# Shai!h (i+amuddin Auliya. Aurang+eb was a &ontemporary o# Shai!h Salim $histi. ,he -adiri order o# Su#is was #irst introdu&ed in India by Shai!h (iamtullah and Ma!hdum Muhammad )ilani.

1. $he following *ersons came to )ndia at one time or another. 1. 2a3Hien 2. )3$sing 3. Megasthenese #. Hieun3$sang $he correct chronological se4uence of their !isits is ./ 0/ 1/ 2 ./ 0/ 2/ 1 0/ ./ 1/ 2 0/ ./ 2/ 1

5. $he first feature film 6tal7ie8 to be *roduced in )ndia was Hatimtai Alam Ara "undali! 'a3a Harish&handra

19. $here was no inde*endent de!elo*ment of industries in )ndia during "ritish rule because of the absen&e o# hea y industries s&ar&ity o# #oreign &apital s&ar&ity o# natural resour&es pre#eren&e o# the ri&h to in est in land

Model $ests for ) /3&relims History $est &art 3 2

:uestions 0
1. 2rom the third century A#ri&an trade 4est-5uropean trade South-5ast Asian trade Middle-5astern trade ; when the Hun in!asion ended the <oman =m*ire( the )ndian merchants relied more and more on the

2. $he *aintings of realisti& so&ialisti& re i alisti&

banindranath $agore are classified as


3. $he first writer to use >rdu as the medium of *oetic e?*ression was Amir Khusru Mir+a %halib Bahadur Shah Za#ar 6ai+

#. %onsider the following statements0 1. +aj*at <ai o**osed the a**eal of

rya /amaj was founded in 113,. 2. +ala

rya /amaj to the authority of @edas in su**ort of

its social reform *rogrammes. 3. >nder Aeshab %handra /en( the "rahmo /amaj cam*aigned for women's education. #. @inoba "ha!e founded the /ar!odaya /amaj to wor7 among refugees. Which of these statements are correct? 0 and 1 1 and . 1 and 2 . and 2

,. Who among the following )ndian rulers established embassies in foreign countries on modern lines? Haider Ali Mir -asim Shah Alam II ,ipu Sultan

-. Which one of the following is 'B$ a feature of the Co!ernment of )ndia 153,? Diar&hy at the $entre as well as in the pro in&es A bi&ameral legislature "ro in&ial autonomy An All-India 6ederation

ct of

.. Which one of the following animals was 'B$ re*resented on the seals and terracotta art of the Hara**an culture? $ow 5lephant 'hino&eros ,iger

1. Who among the following *resided o!er the "uddhist %ouncil held during the reign of Aanish7a at Aashmir? "ars a (agar3una Sudra!a Vasumitra

5. Which one of the following *orts handled the north )ndian trade during the Cu*ta *eriod? ,amralipti Broa&h Kalyan $ambray

19. $he %ongress *olicy of *ray and *etition ultimately came to an end under the guidance of Aurobindo %hosh Bal %angadhar ,ila! *ala *a3pat 'ai Mahatma %andhi

Model $ests for ) /3&relims History $est &art 3 3

:uestions 0
1. %onsider the following statements0 $he stri7ing feature of the Jama Masjid in Aashmir com*leted by Dain3ul3 bidin include6s8 1. $urret 2. /imilarity with "uddhist *agodas 3. &ersian style Which of the abo!e statements isEare correct? 0 alone 0/ 1 and . 1 and . 0 and .

2. $he term ' ryan' denotes an ethni& group a nomadi& people a spee&h group a superior ra&e

3. $he first !enture of Candhi in all3)ndia *olitics was the (on-$ooperation Mo ement 'owlatt Satyagraha

$hamparan Mo ement Dandi Mar&h

#. %onsider the following e!ents0 1. <egin of Arishna ;e!a <aya of @ijayanagara. 2. %onstruction of :utab Minar. 3. 1/ 2/ ./ 0 1/ 2/ 0/ . 2/ 1/ 0/ . 2/ 1/ ./ 0 rri!al of &ortugese in )ndia. #. ;eath of 2iruF $ughla4 $he correct chronological se4uence of these e!ents is0

,. Who among the following streamlined the Maratha administration after /ambhaji? 'a3a 'am Bala3i Viswanath %anga Bai (ana3i Deshmu!h

-. %onsider the following statements regarding the %ha7iar7oothu form of dance0 1. )t is *erformed by %ha7iar caste. 2. )t cannot be traditionally witnessed by the higher caste Hindus. 3. MiFha!u is the accom*anying instrument. #. )ts theatre form is called foothambalam Which of these statements are correct? 0/ . and 2 0/ 1 and . 1/ . and 2 0/ 1 and 2


ssertion 6 8 0 +ord +inlithgow described the

ugust Mo!ement of 15#2 as the

most serious rebellion since /e*oy Mutiny. <eason G<H 0 $here was massi!e u*surge of the *easantry in certain areas. Both A and ' are true and ' is the &orre&t e7planation o# A Both A and ' are true but ' is not the &orre&t e7planation o# A A is true but ' is #alse A is #alse but ' is true


ssertion 6 8 0 ;uring the time of

7bar( for e!ery ten ca!alrymen( the

mansabdars had to maintain twenty horses. <eason G<H 0 Horses had to be rested while on march and re*lacements were necessary in times of war. Both A and ' are true and ' is the &orre&t e7planation o# A Both A and ' are true but ' is not the &orre&t e7planation o# A A is true but ' is #alse

A is #alse but ' is true

5. Which one of the following *airs is not correctly matched? )ahangir 8 4illiam Haw!ins A!bar 8 Sir ,homas 'oe Shah3ahan 8 ,ra ernier Aurang+eb 8 Manu&&i

19. Which one of the following leaders of the %ongress was totally in fa!our of %abinet Mission *lan? Mahatma %andhi )awaharlal (ehru Sardar "atel Maularia Abul Kalam A+ad

Model $ests for ) /3&relims History $est &art 3 #

:uestions 0
1. $he earliest e!idence of sil!er in )ndia is found in the Harappan &ulture $hal&olithi& &ultures o# 4estern India Vedi& te7ts sil er pun&h-mar!ed &oins

2. $he Hunter %ommission was a**ointed after the Bla&!-hole in&ident )alianwallabah massa&re 9prising o# 0:;< "artition o# Bengal

3. $he historian "arani refused to consider the state in )ndia under ;elhi /ultans as truly )slamic because the majority of the *o*ulation did not follow )slam the Muslim theologists were o#ten disregarded the Sultan supplemented the Muslim law by #raming his own regulations religious #reedom was a&&orded to non-Muslims

#. $he last o**ortunity to a!oid the *artition of )ndia was lost with the rejection of $ripps Mission

'a3agopala&hari 6ormula $abinet Mission 4a ell "lan


ssertion G H 0 $he effect of labour *artici*ation in the )ndian nationalist u*surge

of the early 1539s was wea7. <eason G<H 0 $he labour leaders considered the ideology of )ndian 'ational %ongress as bourgeois and reactionary. Both A and ' are true and ' is the &orre&t e7planation o# A Both A and ' are true but ' is not the &orre&t e7planation o# A A is true but ' is #alse A is #alse but ' is true


ssertion G H 0 Muhammad bin $ughla4 left ;elhi( and( for two years li!ed in a t that time( ;elhi was re!aged by a form of

cam* called /warga3dwari. <eason G<H 0 *lague and many *eo*le died.

Both A and ' are true and ' is the &orre&t e7planation o# A Both A and ' are true but ' is not the &orre&t e7planation o# A A is true but ' is #alse A is #alse but ' is true


t the time of *artition of )ndia( which one of the following *ro!inces of "ritish

)ndia came forward with a *lan for a united and inde*endent e?istence? "un3ab Assam Bengal Bihar

1. While deli!ering the *residential address( the %ongress &resident who ad!ocated the introduction of <oman scri*t for Hindi language was Mahatma %andhi )awaharlal (ehru Abul Kalam A+ad Subhash $handra Bose

5. $he <aga which is sung early in the morning is ,odi Darbari Bhopali Bhimpalasi

19. %onsider the following statements about the )ndian 'ational %ongress 1. /arojini 'aidu was the first woman to be the &resident of the %ongress. 2. %. <. ;as was in *rison when he functioned as the &resident of the %ongress 3. $he first "ritisher to become the &resident of the %ongress was 0 and . 1 and 2 1/ . and 2 0/ 1/ . and 2 lan Bcta!ian Hume #. lfred Webb was the &resident of the %ongress in 115# Which of the statements are correct?