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Intellectual Property Law

Semester VI
Faculty: Mr. Vijay Singh

Module I Introduction (No. of lectures -10) 1. Meaning of property 2. Is IP a property 3. Justifications for protection of IP 4. Major forms of IP i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. vii. Copyright Patent Trade Marks Designs Geographic indication Semi conductors Plant varieties

5. Major international documents relating to the protection of IP i. ii. iii. Berne Convention Paris Convention TRIPS

Module II Copyright (No. of lectures 15) 1. Meaning and historical development of copyright 2. Subject matter i. ii. iii. Original literary, dramatic, musical, artistic works Cinematograph films Sound recordings

3. Ownership of copyright 4. Term of copyright

5. Rights of owner i. ii. Economic Rights Moral Rights

6. Assignment and licence (including compulsory licence)of rights 7. Performers rights 8. Infringement of copyright 9. Exceptions of infringement 10. Remedies i. ii. iii. Civil Criminal Administrative

11. Registration Module III Patents (No. of lectures 15) 1. Meaning and historical development 2. Criteria for obtaining patents i. ii. iii. Novelty Inventive step Utility

3. Non patentable inventions 4. Procedure for registration i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. Application Specification Publication Examination Opposition Grant of patent

5. Term of patent 6. Rights of patentee 7. Compulsory licence 8. Revocation 9. Government use of patent

10. Infringement of patents 11. Exceptions to infringement 12. Remedies 13. Patent office and Appellate Board Module IV Trade Marks (No. of lectures 15) 1. Meaning and historical development of marks 2. Functions of marks i. ii. Commercial aspect Consumer aspect

3. Concept of distinctiveness 4. Absolute grounds of refusal 5. Relative grounds for registration 6. Doctrine of honest concurrent user 7. Procedure for registration i. ii. iii. iv. Application Advertisement Opposition Registration

8. Term of mark 9. Rights of holder 10. Assignment and licensing of marks 11. Infringement 12. Passing Off 13. Trade Marks Registry and Appellate Board

Module V Designs, GI and other forms of IP (No. of lectures 15) Designs (No. of lectures 5) 1. Meaning and evolution of design protection 2. Concept of novel 3. Concept of original 4. Registration

5. Term of protection 6. Rights of holder 7. Unregistered designs

Geographical Indication (No. of lectures 5) 1. Meaning and evolution of GI 2. Difference between GI and Trade Marks 3. Registration 4. Rights 5. Authorised user

Reference Statutes The Copyright Act, 1957 The Patent Act, 1970 The Trade Marks Act, 1999 The Designs Act, 2000 The Geographical Indication of Goods Act, 1999 The Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers Rights Act, 2001 The Semiconductor Integrated Circuits Layout Design Act,2000

Books W.R.Cornish & D. Llewelyn , Intellectual Property: Patents, Copyrights, Trade Marksand Allied rights, Sweet & Maxwell. Lionel Bently & Brad Sherman, Intellectual Property Law, Oxford. P. Narayanan, Intellectual Property Law, Eastern Law House B.L. Wadehra, Law relating to Intellectual Property, Universal Law Publishing Co.