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Steven Phillips

Plano, TX 75025-4530 Email: Cell: 214-478-3939 Page 1 of 2

PROFILE Experienced, results-oriented Health, Safety, Environmental and Regulatory Affairs professional seeks to contribute organizational, managerial, and technical leadership skills to be challenged. SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS Over twenty years of progressive and diversified Fortune 500 and Healthcare experience in Safety and Health, Environmental and Regulatory Affairs, Product Stewardship, R&D, New Ventures Commercialization, and Information Management. Specific technical expertise in microbiology, chemistry, and genetics. Able to work productively with multiple disciplines, both inside and outside the Company. Experienced in identification, definition, and management of issues strategic to ongoing and developing businesses. Demonstrated team player with strong leadership abilities. Skilled in written, oral, and interpersonal communications.

Lead Washington representative for two Fortune 500 Companies. Experienced in multiple regulatory areas including: TSCA, DSL, EINECS, OSHA, HAZCOM, CERCLA, RCRA, CAAA, Prop. 65, FDA, NAFTA, among others. Reduced costs (savings of $100,000/year) and potential liability and improved response time, consistency, and accuracy. Earned a Company Special Recognition Award.

Lead Company representative for various industry, trade association and EPA activities. Extensive experience at Industry Trade Associations and as Business representative to Companys internal issue Management Teams. Managed multiple H&ES issues for billion dollar corporations. Earned a Company Special Recognition Award for these activities.

Collaborated with other companies to establish several Washington, DC based Trade Associations to manage broad, inter-company, and industry issues. Created and chaired several internal cross-functional teams to manage Company, business, and customer issues. Earned a Company Special Recognition Award.

Trade Association Communications Director. Extensive experience in written, oral, and interpersonal communications to internal and external audiences. Formal television hot box media training. Referred to as eloquent and articulate by supervisors and colleagues. Over 60 proprietary and 30 external publications. CAREER HISTORY BAYLOR HEALTHCARE SYSTEM (RESEARCH INSTITUTE), Dallas, TX 2004-2014 Chief Biological Safety Officer Identify, manage, and reduce risks in Safety and Health, Regulatory Compliance, Litigation/Liability and Public Relations / Public Perception. Design, develop implement and manage safety programs. Professional training. Result: Designed, built and directed a Select Agent BSL-3 containment lab for human vaccine Research and Development. Saved $2 MM capital project. Established OSHA and DOT/IATA training for 100+ students/year. No adverse events over 10 years. BONDO CORPORATION, Atlanta, GA Consultant in Health, Environmental and Regulatory Affairs 2003-2004
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Steven Phillips
Plano, TX 75025-4530 Email: Cell: 214-478-3939 Page 2 of 2

Developed and authored MSDSs (HAZOX), labels and product literature to ensure compliance and customer safety. Toxicology reviews of products and components. Customer interactions. Result: Improved responsiveness, worker safety and customer satisfaction. THE CARPET AND RUG INSTITUTE, Dalton, GA 2001-2003 Director of Marketing and Communications Improved program by: Identifying, prioritizing, and measuring barriers to member profit and growth; and developing targeted, cross-functional, multi-media marketing plans to reduce these barriers. Results: Reduced costs 60%. Increased impact 200%. OCCIDENTAL CHEMICAL CORPORATION, Dallas, TX 1997-2001 Product Stewardship Manager Developed and implemented a corporate Responsible Care product stewardship program for a $4 billion corporation. Managed issues and personnel in: Safety and Health; Regulations, Litigation/Liability; Public Relations/Public Perception. Result: 100% Responsible Care compliance on time and on budget. THE DOW CHEMICAL COMPANY, Midland, MI Dow North America 1980-1997

Chief Product Steward (1990-1997) Managed product stewardship issues and trained personnel for a multibillion dollar Business unit. Provided training, audits, guidance, consulting, and management for waste issues to 38 Business units. Prepared Company responses to EPA especially on various health and product stewardship issues. Federal and State advocacy. Developed standardized, prioritized program responding to 6,000 inquires annually in over 25 regulatory areas. Results: (1) No significant adverse Product Stewardship issues; (2) Developed Customer Service system that saved $50,000/year; (3) Reduced costs and liability over $100,000/year and improved response time and accuracy. New Ventures Commercialization R&D (1988-1990) Development Associate Managed business relations with outside company. Developed bioassays for proprietary, non-caloric cooking oil. Result: Patented intellectual property and composition of matter. Technical Information Services (1986-1988) Project Leader Led business research, training, competitive intelligence, computer searching, and information management. Result: Saved over $10 million annually. Bio-Products (Biotechnology) Department (1980-1986) Senior Research Geneticist Established a program in Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering. Designed, built, staffed and directed a $5 million, 15-person R&D laboratory for cloning industrial enzymes. Result: Proprietary technology sold to Pfizer. EDUCATION Ph.D., Microbiology, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH M.S., Microbiology, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH BA, Chemistry/Biology, Knox College, Galesburg, IL
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