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signals :

1. Signals with finite energy are called as _______ signals.

(a) Energy signals (a) time-variant (b) power signals (b) time-invariant (c) periodic signals (c) Dynamic (d) deterministic signals

[ [
(d) None of these.

] ] ]

2. A System is defined as y(n)=x(-n). This system is a_________ 3. The sinc(x) is defined as ________
(a) Sin(x)/x

(c) Sin ( x)/x (d) None

(b) Cos(x)/x

4. The value of integral () is equal to ________

(a) Zero (b) One (c) Infinity (a) Present input. (b) The future input. (c) The present and past input.

(d) Undefined

5. A system is said to be causal if the system output at any time depends only on the values of____
(d) The past output.

[ [

] ] ]

amreddy 6. A system is said to be linear if it satisfies______________________

(a)Homogeneity property. (b) Additive property (c) Only (a). (d) Both (a) and (b).

7. The Fourier transform of a voltage signal x(t) is X(f). The unit of X(f) is_____________
(a) volt (b) volt-sec (c) volt/sec (d) volt2

8. The impulse response of a system is h( n ) = a n u( n ) The condition for the system to be BIBO stable is__ [
(a) a is real and positive. (b) a is real and negative (c) a > 1. (d) a < 1.

9. The response of a linear, time-invariant discrete-time system to a unit step input u(n) is the unit impulse (n). The system response to a ramp input nu(n) would be_______________ [ ]
(a) u(n) (b) u(n-1) (c) n(n) (d) (n-1)

10. If f(t) is periodic function and it possess even symmetry, then its Fourier series contains__________
(a) Only Cosine terms (b) Only Sine terms (c) Both Cosine and Sine terms (d) None

[ [

] ]

11. Fourier Transform of Signum function is ______________

(a) [()] = (a) Infinity

12. Fourier Transform of Impulse function is_________

(b) Zero

(b) [()] = 2

13. If a rectangular pulse is passed through a ideal Low pass filter, then its response is a ________
(a)Triangular function (b) Trapezoidal function (c) Sampling function (d) none


(c) [()] =

(d) None

(d) None

] ] ] ]

(c) One

[ [

14. The units for Power spectral density is ___________

(a) Joules/Hz (b) Joules. Hz (c) Watts/Hz (d) None

15. The function f 1 (t)*f 2 (t) is given by ____________



f ( ) f

(t )d


f 2 (t )d

f1 ( ) d 2 (t )

(d) None

16. An LTI system is causal if and only if its impulse response is _______for negative values of n.
(a) Infinite (b) Unity (c) Finite (d) Zero

[ [

] ]

17. The inverse Fourier transform of (f) is_________________

(a) u(t) (b) 1 (c) (t)


18. Two discrete time systems with impulse responses h 1 (n) = (n -1) and h 2 (n) = (n 2) are connected in cascade. The overall impulse response of the cascaded system is________________ [
(a) [n - 1] + [n - 2] (b) [n - 4] (c) [n - 3] (d) [n - 1] [n - 2]

] ]

19. The auto correlation of a Rectangular Pulse is a __________

(a) Square function (b) Signum function (c) Triangular function (d) Gate function

20. The ROC of a LTI stable system contains____________________

(a) Poles (b) unit circle (c) impulse (d) ramp

21. The following technique is used to convert the continuous time signal into discrete time signal is ____ [
(a) Ideal sampling (b) Natural sampling (c) Flat-top sampling (d) All

] ] ] ] ]

22. Laplace transform of e-at u(t) is ________ (a>0)

(a) 1/(S-a) (b) 1/(s+a) (c) (S+a) (d) (s-a)

[ [
(c) F (2s) (d) None

23. Laplace Transform of -t f(t) is _________

(a) dF(s)/ds (b) F(s)

24. Two sequences x 1 (n) and x 2 (n) are related by x 2 (n) = x 1 (- n), In the z- domain, their ROCs are_____ [
(a) The same (b) Reciprocal of each other. (c) Negative of each other. (d) Complements of each other.

25. The auto-correlation function of a rectangular pulse of duration T is__________

(a) a rectangular pulse of duration T. (c) a triangular pulse of duration T. (b) a rectangular pulse of duration 2T. (d) a triangular pulse of duration2T.

26. The average power (Pg) and energy (Eg) of the signal g(t) shown in figure are

(a) Pg = 25, Eg = 150 (c) Pg = 25, Eg = 3

(b) Pg = 0, Eg = 150 (d) Pg = 25, Eg = 50

] ]
(d) an ideal low-pass filter with appropriate bandwidth

27. A band limited signal is sampled at the Nyquist rate. The signal can be recovered by passing the samples through_______ [
(a) an RC filter (b) an envelope detector (c) a PLL

28. If a signal f(t) has energy E, the energy of the signal f(2t) is equal to______________________
(a) E (b) 2E (c) E/2 (d) 4E

29. A band pass signal extends from 1 KHz to 2 KHz. The minimum sampling frequency needed to retain all information in the sampled signal is_________ [ ]
(a) 1 KHz. (b) 2 KHz (c) 3 KHz. (d) 4 KHz.

30. If a function f (t)u(t) is shifted to right side by t0, then the function can be expressed as_____________ [
(a) f (t t 0 )u(t) (b) f( t) u (t- t 0 ) (c) f (t t 0 )u(t t 0 ) (d) f (t + t 0 )u(t + t 0 )

31. Match List I (Type of signal) with List II (property of Fourier transform) and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists: List I List II
A. Real and even symmetric B. Real and odd symmetric C. Imaginary and even symmetric D. Imaginary and odd symmetric Codes: A B C D matched with_____________________ (a) 1 4 2 3 (b) 2 4 1 3 (c) 1 3 2 4 1. Imaginary and even symmetric 2. Real and even symmetric 3. Real odd symmetric 4. Imaginary and odd symmetric

32. A signal x(t) = 5 cos 400t is sampled at a rate 300 samples/s. The resulting samples are passed through an ideal LPF of cut-off frequency 150 Hz. Which of the following will be contained in the output of the LPF? __________ [ ]
(a) 100 Hz

(b) 100 Hz, 150 Hz (b) X[Z.a]

33. Z-transform of a signal a x(n) is ______________

(a) X[a]

34. Z-transform of a signal u (n) is ________

(a) 1/(1-Z-1) (b) 1/(1-Z)

(d) 2 3 1 4 (c) 50 Hz, 100 Hz (c) X[Z/a] (d) None of these (c) (1-Z) (d) None of these (c) z > 1 (d) none of these (c) zeros (d) none of these

(d) 50 Hz, 100 Hz, 150 Hz

[ [

] ]

35. The ROC of Z -transform of unit-step sequence u(n), is____________________

(a) Entire z -plane (b) z < 1

[ [ [

] ] ]

36. The ROC of Z-transform does not contain any__________

(a) Poles (b) 1s

37. The differentiation of a unit step signal is, _____________________

(a) an impulse signal

(b) a ramp signal

(c) an exponential signal (d) a parabolic signal

38. Undersampling of the DFT of sequence x(n) of length L occurs if we choose DFT length N as___
(a) N<L (b) N=L (c) N>L (d) N=2L

[ [ [

] ] ] ]

39. Which of the following statement is true for the twiddle factor = 2/ _______________
(a) Periodic, &symmetric (b) aperiodic &symmetric

(c) aperiodic & asymmetric (d) periodic &asymmetric.

40. Zero padding to a time domain sequence improves_____________

2 41. 8 = ____________

(a) Power of the signal (a) j

(b) resolution of the spectrum (b)


(c) ISI (c) -j

(d) none of these

2 1

42. Assume x(n) and h(n) are two finite duration sequences both of length N with DFT s X(k) and H(k) respectively.
If Y(k)=X(k)H(k) the y(n) is computed with _________________
(a) Linear convolution of x(n)and h(n) (c) Multiplication of x(n)and h(n)

(b) circular convolution of x(n)and h(n) (d) correlation of x(n) and h(n)

43. For a sequence x(n)={1, 2, -3 , 0, 1, -1, 4, 2} ,the N-DFT points X(0), X(4) respectively are_________
(a) 6, 0 (b) 6, 6 (c) 0, 0 (d) 6, 2

[ [ [ [

] ] ] ]

44. 256-DFT consists ______________number of frequency samples in the spectrum.

(a) 128 (b) 512 (c) 256

45. DTFT of a sequence is ____________________

(a)Discrete periodic with N (b) discrete aperiodic


(d) 2256

(c) continuous and periodic with 2

(d) continuous aperiodic

46. DFT of a sequence gives_______________

(a) Always imaginary spectrum (b) continuous and discrete (c) continuous spectrum (d) discrete spectrum

47. If x(n) and h(n) are sequences of lengths L , N respectively, then what are the resultant sequences lengths respectively, if they are linearly convolved and circularly convolved____________ [
(a) L+M-1, max(L,M) Communications::: (b) max(L,M) , L+M (c) min(L,M) , L+M-1 (d) L+M-1, min(L,M)

48. Which of the following method is used to generate amplitude modulated signal?__________
(a) Indirect method (b) Square-law modulator (c) Hartley oscillator (d) none

[ [

] ]

49. Double Side Band suppressed carrier (DSB-SC) modulated signal contains______
(a) Two Lower Side bands (c) Two upper side bands (b) One lower sideband and one upper side band (d) none

50. Which of the following modulation scheme requires the minimum transmitted power and minimum channel bandwidth? ____ [ ]
(a)VSB (b) DSB-SC (c) SSB (d) AM

51. According to Carsons Rule, the bandwidth of frequency modulated (FM) signal is _________ (a) B T =2(f+f m ) (b) B T =2f (c) B T = f m /f (d) None
{B T = Transmission bandwidth, f=frequency device, f m = message signal frequency}

52. Limiter is not required in following FM demodulator._____________

(a) Foster-Seelay Discriminator (b) Balanced modulator (c) Ratio Detector (d) None

53. In DSB-SC system, the figure of merit is ____________ (a) 0 (b) (c) 1 54. In AM transmitter, the Broad cast frequency range is _________
(a) 550 -1650 KHz (b) 300-3000MHz

(c) 30-300MHz (b) SSB with carrier (c) DSB-SC

[ [
(d) None

] ] ] ]

(d) None

55. The Pulse width modulation (PWM) is defined as ___________

(a) Amplitude of the carrier pulse changing. (c) Width of the carrier pulse changing (b) Position of the Carrier pulse (d) none

56. An AM signal and a narrowband FM signal with identical carriers, modulating signals and modulation indices of 0.1 are added. The resultant signal can be closely approximated by ____________ [ ]
(a) Broadband FM (d) SSB without carrier

57. For a message signal () = cos(2 ) and carrier of frequency fc, SSB signal represented by____ 58. Pre-emphasis and De-emphasis are used in ______
(a)FM transmitter, FM receiver respectively (c) Both used in FM transmitter (a) cos(2 ) cos(2 ) (b) cos(2 ) (c) cos(2( + ))

(d) [1 + cos(2 )] cos(2 )

[ [

] ]

(b) FM receiver, FM transmitter respectively (d) both used in FM receiver

59. A super-heterodyne radio receiver with an intermediate frequency of 455 KHz is tuned to a station operating at 1200KHz.The associated image frequency is __________KHz. [ ]
(a) 2855 (b) 2110 (c) 745

60. Armstrongs method is used to generate a _________signal

(a) AM (b) DSB-SC (c) NBFM


(d) 1655

(d) WBFM

61. Choose the correct one from among the alternatives A, B, C, D after matching an item in Group 1 with the most
appropriate item in Group2._______ Group 1
P- Ring modulator Q -VCO R- Foster-Seely discriminator S -Mixer

Group 2
1- Clock recovery 2- Demodulation of FM 3- Frequency conversion 4- Summing the two inputs 5 -Generation of FM 6- Generation of DSB-SC (c) P 6 Q 1 R 3 S 2 (d) P 5 Q 6 R 1 S 3

(a) P 1 Q 3 R 2 S 4

62. In FM modulation, when the modulation index increases, transmitted power is_______
(a) Constant (b) increased (c) decreased

63. Sound signals in TV are____________

(a) Amplitude modulated

64. The maximum power in AM, when modulation index is____________

(a) 0 (b) 0.5 (c) 0.7

(b) P 6 Q 5 R 2 S 3 (d) none of these (b) dc modulated (c) frequency modulated (d) a and c (d) 1 (b) temperature (c) frequency (d) noise (b) zero (c) variable (d) one (b)low modulation (c) high frequency (d)none of these. (b) Multiplexing (c) Compressing (d) None

[ [ [ [ [ [

] ] ] ] ] ] ]

65. FM signal is less affected by_______________________________

(a) Loss

66. In frequency modulation, frequency is____________________________

(a) Constant

67. Modulating signal has______________

(a) low frequency

68. Technique that allows the simultaneous transmission of multiple signals across a single data link.____ [
(a) Demodulating

69. The amplitude modulated wave form [1 + () ] is fed to an ideal envelope detector. The maximum
magnitude of () is less than 1.Which of the following could be the detector output?
(a) m(t)

70. A 3500 Hz audio tone amplitude modulates an 800 kHz carrier resulting in 85% modulated signal. The highest frequency that
appears in the spectra of the modulated signal is____________ (a) 3500Hz (b) 796500Hz (c) 800000Hz [ (d) 803500Hz ]

2 (b)2 [1 + ( )]

(c) [1 + ()]

(d) [1 + ()]2

71. A 96 KHz bandwidth is required to accommodate eight AM broadcasts simultaneously. The maximum modulating frequency of each station must be limit___________ [
(a) 12 kHz (b) 10 kHz (c) 8 kHz (d) 6 kHz

] ]

72. Average power of an angle modulated signal x(t) = 6cos[2x106t+2sin(8000t) +4cos(8000pt)] V. is____ [
(a) 10W (b) 18W (c) 20W (d) 28W

73. The Hilbert transform of 1 + 2 is ______________________

(a) sin1 t cos 2 t (b) sin 1 t + cos 2 t

(c) cos 1 t sin 2 t

(d) sin 1 t + sin 2 t

[ [

] ]

74. Find the correct match between group-1

P -[1 + ()]( ) Q - ()( ) R - ( + ()) ()} S - { + (a) P - Z Q - Y R X S - W (c) P - X Q W R Z S - Y


group -2. __________

W Phase modulation X Frequency modulation Y Amplitude modulation Z DSB-SC modulation (b) P W Q X R Y S Z (d) P Y Q Z R W S X


75. The Column-I lists the attributes and the Column-II lists the modulation systems. Match the attribute to the modulation system that best meets it__________ [ ]
P- Power efficient transmission of signals Q- Most bandwidth efficient transmission of voice signals R- Simplest receiver structure S- Bandwidth efficient transmission of signals with Significant dc component (a) P-4; Q-2; R-1; S-3 (b) P-2; Q-4; R-1; S-3 (c) P-3; Q-2; R-1; S-4


76. A device with input x(t) and output y(t) is characterized by () = 2 (). An FM signal with frequency deviation of 90 kHz and modulating signal bandwidth of 5 kHz is applied to this device. The bandwidth of the output signal is___________ [ ]
(a) 370 kHz (b) 190 kHz (c) 380 kHz (d) 95 kHz

77. The image channel selectivity of super heterodyne receiver depends upon_________________
(a) IF amplifiers only (b) RF & IF amplifiers only (c) Preselector, RF &IF amplifiers

78. Companding is used in PCM to____________

(a) Reduce B.W (b) Reduce power

(c) Increase S/N ratio (d) Get almost uniform S/N ratio (b) Less power (c) Better S/N ratio (d) Simple Circuitry (b) FSK (b) Rate of information (c) PSK (c) Measure of uncertainty (d) DPSK (d) Probability of message (b) 0.2663kbps (c) 26.63kbps (d) 2663kbps (b) PAM (c) PCM (d) FSK (b) Cyclic codes (c) Tree

1- Conventional AM 2- FM 3 -VSB 4 -SSB-SC (d) P-2; Q-4; R-3; S-1

(d) Preselector ,&RF amplifiers

79. The main advantage of DM over PCM is _________________

(a) Less bandwidth

[ [ [ [ [ [
(d) Trellis

] ] ] ] ] ] ] ]

80. Which of the following gives minimum probability of error__________

(a) ASK

81. Entropy gives____________

(a) Amount of information

82. Channel capacity, if B=4 KHz, SNR =20db.__________

(a) 2.663kbps

83. Slope overload distortion occurs in _________modulation system

(a) Delta modulation

84. Convolutional codes are easily generated with a ________

(a) Shift Register


85. Non uniform Quantization is used in______________ system

(a) PCM (b) DPCM

(d) ADM

86. The bit rate of QPSK communication system is 34Mbps, Baud rate of the system is_____
(a) 68Mbps (b) 34Mbps (c) 17Mbps (d) None of these

(c) DM (c) FSK (c) companding

87. ________system is more affected by noise

(a) PSK (b) ASK (d) DPSK

[ [

] ]

88. The cascade combination of a compressor and an expander, is called ________

(a) modem (b) Limitter (d) ISI

89. Aperture effect in flat-top sampling of PAM signal generation is reduced by using_______
(a) predictor (b) Integrator (c) comparator (d) equalizer

[ [

] ]

90. Which of the following pulse modulation scheme is analog_____________

(a) PCM (b) PWM (c) DM (d) DPCM

91. For a bit-rate of 8 Kbps, the best possible values of the transmitted frequencies in a coherent binary FSK system are________ [
(a) 16 KHz and 20 KHz (b) 20 KHz and 32 KHz (c) 20 KHz and 40 KHz (d) 32 KHz and 40 KHz

] ]

92. For a BPSK Scheme bit error probability is given by____________

(a) =
2 1

(d) None of these


93. Nyquist sampling rate of a signal given by () =

(a) 4000Hz (b) 1000Hz (a) ISI (b) jitter

cos(4000)cos(1000) 2

(c) 2

(c) 3000Hz

94. Eye diagrams used to measure the ______________parameter of a digital communication system
(c) both (a) and (b) (d) power

(d) 5000Hz

[ [

] ]

95. Match Group 1

1. FM 2. DM 3. PSK 4. PCM



Group 2 ____________

(a) 1 T 2 P 3 U 4 - S

P. Slope overload Q. -law R. Envelope detector S. Capture effect T. Hilbert transform U. Matched filter (b) 1 S 2 U 3 P 4 T (c) 1 S 2 P 3 U 4 - Q (d) 1 U 2 R 3 S 4 Q

96.Noise with double-sided power spectral density of K over all frequencies is passed through a RC low pass filter with 3dB
cut-off frequency of f c . The noise power at the filter output is______________ (a) K (b) Kf c (c) Kf c (d) [ ]

97. In a PCM system with uniform quantization, increasing the number of bits from 8 to 9 will reduce the quantization noise power by factor of______________________ [
(a) 9 (b) 8 (c) 4 (d) 2

] ]

98. Match the following



group-2 ____________
P-TDM Q-SSB-SC R-PCM S-AM T-slope detector U-DM V-DSB-SC W-aliasing effect (c) 1-S 2-V 3-P 4-U 5-T 6-W

1. Envelop detector 2. Quadrature null effect 3. Voice signal transmission 4. Quantization noise 5. Slope overload distortion 6. Under sampling


(a)1-S 2-V 3-Q 4-R 5-U 6-W

(b) 1-S 2-Q 3- 4-U 5-R 6-W

(d) 1-S 2-Q 3-V 4-R 5-T 6-P

99. Four independent messages have bandwidths of 100 Hz, 200 Hz and 400 Hz, respectively. Each is sampled at the
Nyquist rate, and the samples are time division multiplexed and transmitted. The transmitted sample rate is ______[ (a)1600 Hz (b) 800 Hz (c) 400 Hz (d) 200 Hz ]

100. QAM uses different in order to transmit multiple bits in one signal change.
(a) Frequencies (b) pulses (c) bit-rates (d) amplitude-phase