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Teacher Form Day Date Time Proficiency Level Subject Subtopic General Objective

: Mr. Mohd Ezraf Mohd Lizan : 1 Bestari SMK Anderson, Ipoh : Monday : 5th March 2013 : 07.50am 9.10am / 80 minutes : Low & Medium : English : Circle of friends (Speaking) : Students are able to speak using English fluently and produce fewer mistakes when speaking. : By the end of the lesson, students are able to: 1) Write 10 sentences about themselves. 2) Students are able to write a dialogue more than 4 lines. : Cooperation, confidence, and critical thinking : Brainstorming, Interactive Learning : 1. Blackboard 2. Handout - script

Learning Outcomes

Noble Values Teaching Method(s) Teaching Aids

Previous Knowledge

: Students have experience in acting and have acted out in front of class before. : 1. Anita Lim, Christine Khoo & Ainon Omar. 2009. FOCUS Ace PMR. Penerbitan Pelangi: Johor 2. Fin, R. & Heath, J. Song For Teaching. musicalplay.htm [Retrieved on 28 February 2013].


Teaching Content

1. Simulation 2. Team work

Content and Teaching Procedures: Stage/Time Content Teaching/Learning Activities 1. Teacher greets the students and shows concern about their well-being. 2. Teacher asks the students about the previous topic they had learned. Teacher introduces the lesson of the day.

Set Induction (5 minutes)

Greeting and introduction for the lesson.

Development 1 (20 minutes)

Writing, generate ideas, speaking

1. Teacher asks the students to write an essay about 10 sentences describing themselves. 2. Teacher prepares guidelines for writing a short paragraph. The students have to mention their name, ambition, hobbies, interests, family and their story. 3. After 10 minutes, teacher calls all of them in front and present about themselves towards the class.

Development 2 (20 minutes)

Collaborating, speaking, acting

1. Teacher moves on to the next activity. 2. Teacher distributes a script to the students. 3. Teacher asks for volunteer for the next activity. 4. Teacher picks up some of the students to act out the scripts in front of the class. 5. Teacher guides the students and corrects their pronunciation. 6. After finish with the activity, teacher gives some acknowledgment for their efforts and gives some comments to their involvement in the activity.

Development 3 (20 minutes)

Preparing a script Situation: 1. Inviting someone 2. Apologizing to others 3. Complimenting others

1. Teacher moves on to the next activity. 2. Teacher divides students into 3 groups. 3. Teacher instructs the students for the next activity. 4. Teacher gives a situation for each group and they are given 10 minutes to write a short script. 5. Teacher asks the group to send representatives to read their script in front of others. 6. Teacher comments on the activity and acknowledges the students. 7. Teacher writes the points on the white board.

Closure (5 minutes)

Summary of the lesson

1. Teacher inquires over the activities done during the lesson. 2. Both teacher and students summarize the lesson of the day together. 3. Teacher bid farewell

Self-Reflection: Supervisors Remarks: