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Mystery He explained to the newspersons the fearful sight that he had seen.

Alec, in his late forties, was a heavy set man and a man who took his duties seriously. As a result, he had the habit of patrolling his precinct at night. That night too he went with his regular habit when this mysterious figure was sighted. It was the first Friday of the month and there was no moon on that day when he started off on his rounds after a late dinner. There were few vehicles on the road, and much of the neighborhood had retired early due to the cold weather. hen he turned left of the second avenue suddenly his eyes caught a figure near some shrubs about !" meters away. I am bit confused to say what it is.# He further added that it was seen near the house of the $ascals. %efore Alec went closer to investigate, the figure swiftly ran away. At around twelve at night &rs 'ichards woke up with a start because she imagined something (probably a chair) had fallen over. *he could not see anything but could smell an funny odour. *he explained it as a combination of rotting flesh and the peculiar smell that can be felt in the section where carnivores are kept in +oos. %eing a plucky lady, she went downstairs and then she saw an ugly figure in the candlelight. It was ,ust like the police person reported. It was a creature of somewhat eight feet height. *he saw the face very clearly. It appeared more like a monkey but the body structure of the creature turned more about a guerrilla. He met with this creature and according to his words, -.h/ I can0t say what it looked. It was about ! in the morning and I was going to my house. The creature was ,ust in front of me. It was eating something. I took my gun and aimed at this. 1ust that moment it turned back and saw me. I fired but it ran away 2uickly. I am not sure whether I got a hit.# The whole town became frightened under this news. For a few days this was the ma,or news in the front page of the news paper. The children became fearful about the new creature in the town and the news papers published the picture of the creature drawn from the details from

&rs. 'ichards and from &r. $eterson. The police warned the people of the creature and asked the cooperation from the people. The attempts of 3eller became futile as they could not see any creature. *uddenly the news came from the next station that a man was arrested suspiciously by the railway cops for travelling without ticket. 3eller and others reached the station and found that the man who was arrested had a deformed face somewhat resembling the features of an ape. %ut %arbers was saying that he was innocent. %ut everyone who saw this giant agreed that it was 2uite frightening The %ulging eyes and a little bit hunch back all made the witnesses think that he was the creature.

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