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Wipro Limited (formerly Western India Products Limited ) is an Indian multinational information technology (IT),consulting and outsourcing service

company headquartered in Bangalore, [5][6] Karnataka, India. As of September 2013, the company has 147,000 employees serving over 900 [7] [8] clients with a presence in 57 countries. Wipro is the third largest IT services company in India. On 31 March 2013, its market capitalisation was 1.07 trillion ($19.8 billion), making it India's 13th largest [9] [10] publicly traded company. Azim Premji is a major shareholder in Wipro with over 50% of shareholding. To focus on core IT Business, it demerged its non-IT businesses into a separate company named Wipro [11] Enterprises Limited with effect from 31 March 2013. The demerged company offers consumer care, lighting, healthcare and infrastructure engineering and contributed to approx. 10% of the revenues of [12][13] Wipro Limited in previous financial year.


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Early formative years[edit]

The company was incorporated on 29 December 1945, in Mumbai by Mohamed Hasham Premji as 'Western India Vegetables Products Limited', later abbreviated to 'Wipro'. It was initially set up as a manufacturer of vegetable ghee, vanaspati, and refined oils in Amalner, district Jalgaon, Maharashtra, [1][14] under the trade names of Kisan, Sunflower and Camel. The company logo still contains a sunflower to reflect products of the original business. In 1966, after Mohamed Premjis death, his son Azim Premji returned home from Stanford University and [15] [16] took over Wipro as its chairman at the age of 21. During the 1970s and 1980s, the company shifted its focus to new business opportunities in the IT and computing industry, which was at a nascent stage in India at the time. On 7 June 1977, the name of the [14] company changed from Western India Vegetable Products Limited, to Wipro Products Limited. The year 1980 marked the arrival of Wipro in the IT domain. In 1982, the name was changed from Wipro [17] Products Limited to Wipro Limited. Meanwhile Wipro continued to expand in the consumer products [14] domain with the launch of "Ralak" a tulsi-based family soap and "Wipro Jasmine", a toilet soap.

In 1988, Wipro diversified its product line into heavy-duty industrial cylinders and mobile hydraulic [14] cylinders. A joint venture company with the United States' General Electric in the name of Wipro GE Medical Systems Pvt. Ltd. was set up in 1989 for the manufacture, sales, and service of diagnostic and [18] imaging products. Later, in 1991, tipping systems and Eaton hydraulic products were launched. The Wipro Fluid Power division, in 1992, developed expertise to offer standard hydraulic cylinders for construction equipment and truck tipping systems. The market saw the launch of the "Santoor" talcum [18] powder and "Wipro Baby Soft" range of baby toiletries in 1990.

In 1994, Wipro set up an overseas design centre, Odyssey 21, for undertaking projects and product developments in advanced technologies for overseas clients. Wipro Infotech and Wipro Systems were [18] amalgamated with Wipro in April that year. Five of Wipro's manufacturing and development facilities [19] secured the ISO 9001 certification during 199495. In 1999, Wipro acquired Wipro Acer. Wipro became a more profitable, diversified corporation with new products such as the Wipro SuperGenius personal computers (PCs). In 1999, the product was the one Indian PC range to obtain US-based National Software Testing Laboratory (NSTL) certification for the Year 2000 (Y2K) compliance in hardware for all [20] models. Wipro Limited joined hands with a global telecom major KPN (Royal Dutch telecom) to form a joint [16] venture company Wipro Net Limited to provide internet services in India. The year 2000 was the year Wipro launched solutions for convergent networks targeted at Internet and telecom solution providers in [21] the names of Wipro OSS Smart and Wipro WAP Smart. In the same year, Wipro got listed on New [22] York Stock Exchange.

In February 2002, Wipro became the first software technology and services company in India to be [23] certified for ISO 14001 certification. Wipro also achieved ISO 9000 certification to become the first [24][25] software company to get SEI CMM Level 5 in 2002. Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting Group entered the market of compact fluorescent lamps, with the launch of a range of CFL, under the brand

name of Wipro Smartlite. As the company grew, a study revealed that Wipro was the fastest wealth [27][28] creator for 5 years (19972002). The same year witnessed the launch of Wipros own laptops with [29] Intel's Centrino mobile processor. Wipro also entered into an exclusive agreement with the owners of [30][31] Chandrika for marketing of their soap in select states in India. It set up a wholly owned subsidiary [32] company viz. Wipro Consumer Care Limited to manufacture consumer care and lighting products. In [33] [34][35] 2004 Wipro joined the billion dollar club. It also partnered with Intel for i-shiksha. The year 2006 [36][37] saw Wipro acquire cMango Inc., a US-based technology infrastructure Consulting firm Enabler, and [38] a Europe based retail solutions provider. In 2007, Wipro inked a large deal with Lockheed [39][40] Martin. It also entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Oki Techno Centre Singapore Pte Ltd [40][41] (OTCS) and signed an R&D partnership contract with Nokia Siemens Networks in [42][43] Germany. The year 2008 saw Wipros foray into the clean energy business with Wipro Eco [44][45] Energy. In April 2011, Wipro signed an agreement with Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) for the acquisition of their global oil and gas information technology practice of the [46][47] commercial business services business unit. The year 2012 saw Wipro make its 17th acquisition in IT business when it acquired Australian analytics product firm Promax Applications Group (PAG) for $35 [48][49] [50] million. Wipro is the No. 1 employer of H-1B visaprofessionals in the United States in 2012. In 2012 Wipro Ltd. announced the demerger of its Consumer Care & Lighting (incl. Furniture business), Infrastructure Engineering (Hydraulics & Water business), and Medical Diagnostic Product & Services [51][52] business into a separate company to be named Wipro Enterprises Ltd. Wipro's scheme of [53][54] arrangement for demerger turned effective from 31 March 2013.


Wipro Group of Companies[edit]

Wipro Ltd.[edit]
Wipro Limited is a global provider of comprehensive IT solutions and services, including Systems Integration, Consulting, Information Systems outsourcing, IT-enabled services, and R&D services. It is also a value added reseller of desktops, servers, notebooks, storage products, networking solutions [55] and packaged software for international brands. Wipro entered into the technology business in 1981 and has over 140,000 employees and clients across [56] 54 countries today. IT revenues stood at $ 6.2 billion for the year ended 31 March 2013, with a repeat [57][58] business ratio of over 95%. The business model at Wipro Technologies Ltd is an industry aligned customer facing [59][60][61] model which gives greater understanding of customers businesses to build industry specific solutions.

Wipro Enterprises Ltd.[edit]

Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting[edit]
Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting (WCCLG), a business unit of Wipro Limited operates in the FMCG segment offering a wide range of consumable commodities. Established in 1945, the first product to be introduced by WCCLG was vegetable oil, later popularised under the brand name "Sunflower Vanaspati". It offers personal care products, such as Wipro Baby Soft and Wipro Safewash, toilet soaps like Santoor [62] and Chandrika as well as international brands like Yardley. Its portfolio of lighting solutions includes [63] [64] products like Smartlite CFL, LED, emergency lights and more.

Through its customer-centric products and acquisitions, Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting has become [65][66][67] a fast growing company in the FMCG segment.

Wipro Infrastructure Engineering[edit]

Wipro Infrastructure Engineering is the hydraulics business division of Wipro Limited and has been in the business of manufacturing hydraulic cylinders, truck cylinders, and their components and solutions since 1976. This division delivers hydraulic cylinders to international OEMs and represents the Kawasaki, Sun [68] [69] Hydraulics and Teijin Seiki range of hydraulic products in India. It has entered into partnerships with [70][71] [72] companies like Kawasaki and aerospace giant EADS. The commitment to quality has made Wipro Infrastructure Engineering the second largest independent manufacturer of cylinders in the [73][74] world. The company has recently ventured into water treatment systems and solutions to cater to the [75] needs of various industries.

Wipro GE Medical Systems Limited[edit]

Wipro GE Medical Systems Limited is Wipros joint venture with GE Healthcare South Asia. It is engaged in the research and development of advanced solutions to cater to patient and customer needs in [76] healthcare. This partnership, which began in 1990, today includes offerings like gadgets and equipment for diagnostics, healthcare IT solutions and services to help healthcare professionals combat cancer, heart disease, and other ailments. There is complete adherence to Six Sigma quality standards in all [77][78][79] products.

Sustainability at Wipro[edit]
Wipros approach to sustainability is structured on enabling itself, as an organisation, and its customers to be more ecologically sustainable. It is driven by issues considered important to employees, India current and future generations, customers, investors, suppliers, and the community as a whole. Wipro has been TM [80] ranked 1st in the 2010 Asian Sustainability Rating (ASR ) of Indian companies and is a member of [81] [82] the NASDAQ Global Sustainability Index as well as the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. In November 2012 Guide to Greener Electronics, Greenpeace ranked Wipro first with a score of 7.1/10.

WIPRO LTD (Kolkata location )

Wipro Kolkata

Wipro Kolkata, image taken from 1st floor of cafeteria (arena)

Cafeteria Wipro Kolkata.

Towards Gate No.1 Inside Wipro.

Towards Amphitheater, Wipro

Listing and shareholding[edit]

Listing: Wipro's equity shares are listed on Bombay Stock Exchange where it is a constituent of the BSE [84] SENSEX index, and the National Stock Exchange of India where it is a constituent of the S&P CNX [85] [86] Nifty. The American Depositary Shares of the company are listed at the NYSE since October 2000. Shareholding: On 30 September 2013, 73.51% of the equity shares of the company were owned by the promoters: Azim Premji, his family members, partnership firms in which he is a partner and Trusts formed [10] by him/his family. The remaining 26.49% shares are owned by others.

Shareholders (as on 30-September-2013) Shareholding


Promoter group led by Azim Premji


Foreign Institutional Investors (FII)


Indian Public


Bodies Corporate


Mutual Funds/UTI






American Depositary Shares




At the end of FY 2012-13, its employee strength was 134,541 of which 30% were women and 0.35% were persons with disabilities. Its global workforce consists of 98 nationalities working from 57 countries. Approx. 8.5% of its workforce is non-Indian. The average age of a Wipro employee is 29 years. The attrition rate for 2012-13 was 14.1%. During the same financial year, the company incurred 180 billion on employee benefit expenses.

Awards and recognitions

In May 2013, it was ranked 812th on the Forbes Global 2000 list.
[87] [88]

Wipro was ranked 2nd in the Newsweek 2012 Global 500 Green companies.

It was recognized by the Ethisphere Institute as one of the Worlds Most Ethical (WME) Companies in [89][90] 2013, for the second year in a row.

Wipro received the 'NASSCOM Corporate Award for Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion, 2012', in the category 'Most Effective Implementation of Practices & Technology forPersons with [91][92] Disabilities'. In 2012, it was awarded the highest rating of Stakeholder Value and Corporate Rating 1 (SVG 1) [93] by ICRA Limited. It received the award for excellence in Financial Reporting from Institute of Chartered Accountants of [94] India in 2012. It received National award for excellence in Corporate Governance from the Institute of Company [95] Secretaries of India during the year 2004.