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Year 13 media communication rationale for final idea

I have thought of four ideas for my final production; one of my ideas being a take on the credit
crunch and the effects it has had on individual wanting to move out of there parents house, and how
the credit crunch has lowered the price of property yet still they are un able to afford moving out, I
felt that this would be a subject that may appeal to everyone as this type of production will educate
and inform the younger audience. Another production take which I had was around the British
National Party (BNP) and I was looking to explore into the issues surrounding there view and how
they conflict with the younger generation if they ever came into power, as statistics are proving that
due to externalities the vote for the BNP are rising so I thought it would be important to explain the
full effect of the BNP. My third idea was a take on self made success stories looking at
entrepreneurs and how they achieved there success and what it was that inspired them to take the
entrepreneurial route in life. My fourth idea was a take on Energy efficient cars and I was going to
look at the benefits of these vehicles and also how the future will bring an era of energy efficient
vehicles as manufacturers and government are trying there best to push things into this frame;
seeing this story containing the most amount of substance as it is an up and coming subject with
many opinion floating around the issue, I choose this as the direction for my production as I felt that
this also had many avenues of depth that could be explored and these are the reasons for me
choosing to create this piece.

As part of my selection process were I eliminated production when evaluating the viability of the
production, I thoroughly investigated the viability using primary and secondary measure of research
which allowed me to asses the state of the production, for example my credit crunch and the effects
it has had on individual wanting to move away from out from mum and dad; one reason that
effected the viability of this production was after analysing and evaluating my secondary and
primary research I found that some of the information would may be over complicated for the
younger end of my target audience to understand this is one of the reasons that lead me to conclude
in rejecting this production as a potential idea.
Another production that I used the same evaluating process on was my BNP idea and there
inflicting views, however after analysing and evaluating my secondary and primary research I found
from primary research when conducting a focus group resulted that there was no knowledge around
the subject and developing a strategy to educate and inform would be to time consuming and not a
viable scheme for me to adapt. Another potential; idea was around the idea of self made success,
after evaluating the pros and cons of this production I concluded by rejecting this idea as it was
technically un viable as the level and scale of interview required in this production was high as my
focus group felt that this type of a production would only be effective if the message was sent by
the production.
My final idea that I chose to produce was around the issue of Energy efficient vehicles, reason for
choosing this production included; that this issue was something that was enjoyed by my target
audience and also contained a vast appeal that would increase the appeal of this product, also the
viability of this production was within reason as there a so many different angles that I can look at
this issue with and will allow me to broaden the appeal. When considering the limitations of this
production I found difficulty in identifying the exact needs of my female audience and as when
considering limitations in my focus group the issue was high lighted, another limitation that I found
with this production was around the issue of the complex mechanisms involved in energy efficient
car and I found that my audience may struggle to identify these.

In conclusion to my rational I have decided on my final idea being a production on Energy efficient
cars I chose this production my main reason being that this issue is prominent and is something
every one will be effected by, there for I felt that it is most important to do also the fact that there
isn’t any other productions of this nature that aim to highlight the same issues in the same way. This
production also allows us to move a away from the ‘ordinary’ themes of documentary such as
stabbing, crime, pregnancy and music genres. As far as my next plans and for my pre- production:

• Research a few last important factors.

• I must complete a story board.
• Complete call sheets