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We at the Modern Corsair bring you, our faithful readers another live show at Downeys Stay Gallery on Febuary 28th. There will be readings, live music, and a special presentation: safe sex sketches. Our writers will be reading from a series of top ranked authors on the topic of protection in the intimate act, applicable to all sexualities.

Febuary 28th 11140 Downey Ave, Downey, California 90241

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Aaron Rosenberg
Jimmy Walker sat alone in his one room studio apartment. The TV was on and tuned to a channel showing cartoons from Jimmys childhood. The show kept a constant flow of jokes and most of them were ignored by Jimmy. But a few of them managed to catch his attention; one of which was a dirty joke about Prince. He was bewildered by how such a joke made its way into a childrens show. He switched off the television and turned on the radio. Jimmy closed his eyes and listened to a man rant about people and dogs. He laughed, but then the radios voice was cut off by another voice. We interrupt your regularly scheduled radio show for this amazing piece of news: I am in love and so are you. At 9:00, just this very morning, a beautiful thing came down from the beautiful sky. That beautiful thing stole my heart and were to get married soon. I highly suggest everyone to join us in matrimony. The man with the dogs started droning on again so Jimmy shut the radio off. He was disturbed by the radio message; he had never been married, and had no plans to marry anytime soon. Even more so: Jimmy had never been in love before. He most certainly didnt feel like he was in love. Jimmy paced around his apartment questioning his apparent lack of emotion. What gave this announcer the right to tell him how he felt? Jimmy was in the middle of his emotional crisis when his phone rang. His mother was on the other line. Jimmy! Have you heard the news? Im not sure. A man on the radio told me that Im in love, but I dont feel any different. I dont think Id die for someone else and I dont feel very tingly inside. Well, youre not in love yet! Youve yet to have seen your lover.. How can you be in love with somebody youve never seen, anyways? Thats true. And Ive yet to see any beautiful things fall out of the beautiful sky. Last time I checked the sky was just the sky; nothing beautiful about it. Forget all that- right after we hang up, run outside and look up. Id love for you to see your future partner. Its lonely. Promise me youll fall in love. Jimmy promised and he heard a click. In that moment, He seized the following moments to feel lonely. He felt lonely whenever he was alone. Jimmys mind wandered to home, and all his friends, and to the smell of pine trees, and Jimmy shut that door

because he hated reminiscing. Hed always been envious of those who could be alone and could keep it at that. Maybe I need a roommate he thought to himself. Or better yet: a girlfriend. Maybe Ill get lucky and shell fall from the sky. Jimmy wandered out of his barren apartment and out into the bitter city streets in front of his apartment complex. The sidewalks were crowded as usual, but were less busy than normal. Scattered across the sidewalks were dabs of people staring up at the beautiful sky, with saucer eyes and mouths that gaped. Yuppies wove through the stationary after being given a vacant Im not quite sure what were looking for. Jimmy looked up, and joined the crowd.

Leonard Summerfield pressed a button and sent music to the city in a flurry of color he could never hope to see. He looked down at the book in his lap and began the next chapter in Cats Cradle. Leonard would always read when the station played music. There was never much time in between set lists, so Leonard always opted for something with short chapters. His reading was technically against station rules, but the rule had never been enforced and Leonard never missed a cue. The job of a radio announcer consisted of concentrations of talking and respective silences in which he wished the city would rise up and respond to him. Leonard could only talk at the city.

As he finished his chapter in Cats Cradle, the final chord of A Day in the Life rung out. Leonard Summerfield had perfect timing. Hello again, world. Im glad you chose this moment to tune in because, up next we have the Robert Michael show for you. Enjoy. Its not like Leonard disliked comedians. Its not like Leonard disliked Robert Michael. Leonard just disliked humor that had been recited to death beforehand. Every time a routine is rehearsed, it become less you and more mechanic. The trick is finding the sweet spot, but Robert Michaels show was factory produced. Live radio is live for a very good reason: spontaneity. Leonard Summerfield could say anything he wanted to, and by the time station management would have realized what he had said, his voice would already be gone, vibrating through city air. Robert Michaels voice blared through his headphones and Leonard stared out of the station window, forced to listen- as not to miss his cue. He eyed the skyline and let his mind drift to the day he got this job. He loved his job. Leonard tuned back to Roberts droning. Another Tuesday; another Tuesday routine. Something, somewhere out in the sky caught his eye. He initially had to squint to spot the black blur, but when he got it into focus he realized that it covered the sky and had been leaking into the studio. Leonard Summerfield also realized he was in love, and that he couldnt stand to be in that room much longer. Leonard ripped the headphones off his head, dropped them, and then pressed the black button in front of him. He spoke sentences that the city heard but Leonard couldnt. He dashed outside to meet with his lover and as he ran; so did everyone around him. The vibrating thing that filled the beautiful sky took hold of Leonard. They accepted each other and Leonard Summerfield was spread across the atmosphere. Vanessa Tompkins estimated the electricity would go out in about three weeks, but that her food supplies would exhaust much faster than the nuclear power plants. She never thought to stock up on food in her basement. According to the internet, going upstairs would mean falling horribly in love. Staying down here meant starving. She consulted the internet but couldnt tell who was trolling and who was helping. The answers were mixed anyways. Vanessa had always wondered what love meant. Whatever was upstairs couldnt be love- just madness with a label. Everyone she knew wasnt responding to any of her calls, so Vanessa assumed the worst. Vanessa wondered how she had missed out on love in the long run- real love, not horrible love; unless love was horrible. She didnt know. Everyone told her to stay put and wait for love rather than going out and chasing

it. Vanessa sat in her empty basement and waited. Brian Hub had been floating for a very, very long time. He was surrounded by the void, always moving, never stopping. He only traveled, without control. As he drifted through space, Brian counted the seemingly stagnant stars. Around the time he reached 1,523 he happened to look upon an entire galaxy of stars; where planets, stars, and stardust swirled to create a blinding, beautiful shape. He counted that galaxy as number 1,524 and promptly became bored of the game. Brian waited, and waited, and waited. He wondered if he were even headed in a particular direction. Of course you are you fool. Ah. Very well, then. Brian wondered where everyone had gone. He couldnt help but think it was rather rude of them to have disappeared like that. It had been too long since Brian had talked to, cared for, or even loved anyone else. It had been too long since anything. Brian tried to remember life before the void. He dreaded going to that place, but he called upon the memories and it all came to him at once. Most people were afraid when It came down and grabbed our minds and grabbed our hearts. An unfortunate majority of people only heard about It at first. People were afraid of falling in love. It fell from the stars after watching us for a time longer than any of us have known; observing our infancy and our deaths. Our lover and our future came down when we were teenagers and decided to hold our hands. It mined love from the planet and the planet became empty and we turned content. We waited; content as we were and waited and waited. We became It again and It became lonely. It roamed and roamed and roamed. It was love at first sight for everyone that saw it- the first instance of it in the history of the human race. Love at first sight over and over again. Brian Hub floated through the void, dissatisfied by the information.

In the spirit of LGBTQ and Valentines day, the Modern Corsair magazine decided to contact each member of their staff along with an assortment of writers with a question for them to answer: What is love?

Oscar Valle
Philosopher Straight If one were to ask me for a definition of love? Then my response would not exclude justice. The question is not what we mean by love; it is rather an investigation at the borders and figure of love. (Ill let television commercials and the populists deal with a certain development on defining love). We are at a point in time where Love, is placed up as the ideal model for happiness under commercial use. This is not not well known; the problem is of a psychological one, with this occurrence conducing an ideology that divides and separates by raising the individual and his demands. Plainly written, I would say it is a capitalist machine that creates needs and therefore supplies. A machine that provides us with lost dreams, a machine that produces our dreams. So we are at this point where we must understand the meaning and value of our mortality. If it is not that much of an extreme deal, then what good are we to those revolutionaries who suffered and died in attempting to free the future-present? Where Love is involved Art must be involved. The unlimited mark in the capacity of art enables there to include a bridge between the dead and the living-present (for instance the painting in the Cave of el Castillo in Spain, which was painted 40,800 years). This bridge, is without one particular face. It is for that reason that the human as a demiurge may be able to justify the mortality of its own species. And it is a virtual act of justice, but one that, is becoming more necessary. A body without organs constructed by the dead and the past-living, would require a faith in this extreme point of fiction to the point of truth and overcoming through a reductionism from love itself.

Nathan Liclan
Gay love is flux each time its different but with you concerning its surrendering the control of my lungs letting go of the anger in my throat left unsung and accepting that only hope and not venom will leave your tongue


Josh Craft
Writer Straight Not the thing from movies. It is the thing you feel about the movies. You do not dissolve into each other like vagabond and sudden god. Its one of those simple ways to know that the heat-death of the universe is imminent, and that in this moment you nevertheless feel an infinite thing. You know that this person is in another country or asleep, but you are walking and see a stranger with their hair and posture and for a moment your stomach drops and blood throughout the temples and then you realize this experience is probably informative. We never evolved enough to lose the starry abstract ache. It is because of death that you know you are levitating and are rebelling wholly against despair just by knowing that this person exists. It makes you want to find a word that refers to both disintegration and collection. It is the moment you no longer remember movies. Why a camera, the light here, us.

Amanda Galindo
Writer Straight Love is an appreciation of the mind. It is embracing an individual, in their entirety, accepting the good and the bad. It is appreciating the way one; not only expresses themselves, but in the way one views the world. Love is respect; for ones self and for the other. Understanding that you may not always get your way and there will always be something wrong. To say there will not be bad days is to neglect the fact that life is constantly changing. Part of being understanding is being patient. Knowing that all things take time. There is far greater beauty in things happening on their own. If one tries to move things at a faster rate, it is bound to spoil. Lastly, one of the most important parts of love is the support. The support in anothers decision, whether it be with or without you. This type of love never forgets how precious every moment is and to appreciate the small things that life has to offer. It is for that very reason that I believe the greatest acts of love are the smallest. To express ones love does not lie in lavish gifts but in the ones from the heart.


Aaron Rosenberg
Writer Straight Love is quite unique to each person. Personality dictates how one lives and to what extent. The nuances and intricacies of every unique persons personality and upbringing cause every instance of this emotion to result in totally different types of love and are further varied by each unique persons lover. On a general note, love is not just a feeling, but an instinctual need. Its a driving force that keeps couples, and eventually the entire human race together. Its the ever-burning torch that emerges from the gasoline fueled fires of lust. Love is finding home within another person.

Julia Izquierdo
Pansexual Love is will to put yourself on the backseat for another. You have to love them but you should also be able to love yourself. It may not last though love leaves an impression on us. Love can be toward objects, animals, and people. Crushes become love after four months. Love is universal, understood in every culture. Defined by chemicals yet the power behind it gives love its true meaning. Love is within everyone (except Voldemort, because he was conceived with a love potion). Love is forgiveness, acceptance, support, joy and understanding.


Katie Lee McNeil

Poet Straight Two. Because love is becoming insanely jealous of the new girl who presents circus tickets to the soul I am most intertwined witha peach of a person, someone who makes two a delightful number, my best friend. Twenty-one. Because love is running sole-free across the blackened street, twenty-one more times each year, being caught and lifted by my sweetheart who loves my dirty toes.

Ian Adams
Writer Bisexual Love is willfully entering into a semi-consent state of fear. Fear that you will lose this person who has made your life so utopic and euphoric. You fear that with your inadequacies, in the light of open honesty that your object of adoration will flee from the revolting, unadorned thing your actions and thoughts have crafted your soul to be. And more than daily (moment to the next) you are uplifted to find love finds a way to thrive, despite the inadvertent bulwarks you have placed in its path. It leaves you fragile and eager to become somehow more venerable and stronger then you ever before were, simultaneously.



Patrick Sullivan
The GLBQT (Gay Lesbian Bisexual Questioning Transgender) population has gained a lot recognition in many aspects of pop culture coming into the 21st Century. Homosexuality in television picked up just twenty-nine years before the year 2000 in a television sitcom called All in the Family (CBS,71 - 79) where the first openly gay character was introduced to the world on the small screen. This one sitcom, made forty-three years ago, is what paved the rode for homosexual characters in television today. Now lets skip nearly 13 years later. Brothers (Showtime,84 89), a sitcom on Showtime introduced us to the Walter brothers Lou, Joe, and Cliff. Cliff came to be the first major character who was gay on television. The show was originally supposed to air on NBC, but the network changed their decision due to the homosexuality that was to be portrayed, and ABC shot it down instantly when proposed. The series revolved around the relationship of the three brothers after Cliff (played by Paul Regina) comes out after running out on his wedding day. Joe (Robert Walden) is more sensible and open-minded to the idea, as Lou (Brandon Maggart) felt more that it was a phase, but loved his brother no matter what. Cliff, whenever faced with a situation involving his sexuality, would speak of how proud he is of himself and that no matter what anyone does or says he will never try and change what he desires. In one episode of the series, Joe learns a friend of his is HIV positive. At the time, many American were not too informed about AIDS. Joe went on to look up the disease to better understand what his friend was going through, and what he learned was spread over televisions throughout America. When American viewers thought theyve just seen about everything gay on television, 1991 showed them
The Walking Dead


wrong! The episode Hes a Crowd of L.A. Law (NBC,86 94) aired the first lesbian kiss between characters C.J. Lamb (Amanda Donohoe) and Abby Perkins (Michele Greene). Advertisers began to pull commercials from the shows time slot, and phone calls rang in complaining about the kiss. L.A. Laws producer Patricia Greens response to that was There are probably twenty-five million gay people out there, all of whom have friends and relatives and loved ones. That is so many more people than thosewho are liable to be offended by it that, to us, the advertiser saying We lose business is irrelevant. Its a perception, not a fact. Different television series following after this episode began having flexible characters kiss straight characters, usually for comic relief. Coming up on the borderline between the 20th and 21st century, were introduced to different sitcoms depicting homosexuality like Ellen (ABC,94 98) and Friends (NBC,94 Venture Brothers 04). Ellen, obviously a given on the homosexuality depicted, was a sitcom starring none other than Ellen DeGeneres herself. For anyone whos seen Friends, there are a lot of characters who come and go all the time. The first depiction of homosexuality in this beloved NBC series is Rosss ex-wife Carol (played by Jane Sibbett) who goes onto marry her lesbian lover Susan (Jessica Hecht) and together they raise Rosss and Carols son Ben. Now to one of the holy grails in what comes to mind when you think about gay television in the early 21st century, Will and Grace (NBC,98 06). This fun sitcom followed characters Will Truman (played by Eric McCormack), a gay lawyer who studied at Columbia University, and Grace Adler (Debra Messing), an interior decorator. The two have been best friends since college, and have a great GBF (gay best friend) kind of relationship. Hes very neat, as shes very messy and neurotic which really contrasts with his character a lot. Their friends often would call them non-romantic life partners and sexless lovers. This sitcom really depicted the girl-gay relationship, which wasnt shown my prior to the series existence. Coming in now on modern day television, weve been brought great successful shows with homosexual characters such as The Venture Bros. (Adult Swim,03 Present), Bones (FOX,05 Present), Mad Men (AMC,07 Present), Modern Family (ABC,09 Present), Glee (FOX,09 Present), The Walking Dead (AMC,10 Present), and The Following (FOX,13 Present), just to name a few. Its pretty to safe to say that any big successful show in the past two to three years has featured a gay character or two. Some are even recurring in

the series listed above. One of Bones major characters Angelo Montenegro (Michaela Conlin) once was in a relationship with another woman during college. Two of the lead characters in Modern Family, Mitch (Jesse Tyler Ferguson, gay in real life) and Cam (Eric Stonestreet, straight in real life), are gay and are raising their adopted daughter together. The show itself has won plenty of awards. Gritty suspenseful shows such as The Walking Dead and The Following have featured homosexual characters. In the first part half of season four of The Walking Dead newly introduced characters Tara (Alanna Masterson) and Alisha (Juliana Harkavy) were in a relation-

Modern Family

ship that was subtly shown throughout a few episodes and in the first season of The Following two of the followers who were playing the part of a gay couple to not arouse suspicion began to fall in love with one another. Some may wonder why all this gay exposure in television is so important to the equal rights movement. It helps bring this diversity into our homes, helps people understand how the world around us is changing, and help some become more accepting of what things are shaping into. Just think, this all began with one simple sitcom in 1971 about a outspoken man, a bigot, struggling to adapt to the changing world around him. Oh Archie, if you could only see the world now. You may just fall over and croak.



The Rainbow Connection

Ian Adams
Open on a high note. That is a message that the Rainbow Cabaret believes in wholeheartedly. Sashaying from the wings and raising from the audience like pillars of pride the cast serenades the audience with a song of support in Avenue Qs If You Were Gay. Color and warmth opens this night of inclusiveness. Brain child of Richard Rodriguez and co-directed by theater veteran Alex Billings from California State University Long Beach, The Rainbow Cabaret tells a history of the Queer community through sketches and songs. This show faces some of the great triumphs and struggles of the LGBTQ community, from the distant past to more resent matters, such as the attack and imprisonment of feminist rights group Pussy Riot during the Sochi Olympics or the continued stigmatization of the non-heterosexual population globally. When I asked Mr. Rodriguez what the initial thought behind the show had seems to be no gay theater for LGBT audiences. Instead it tends to be aimed at straight audiences in an attempt to explained us or change their minds- perceptions. IA: Films like Philadelphia.

Its like life. Its funny and sad sometimes.

RR: Exactly. So why not have a gay theater for gay people? We took music, and history, and some personal experience in a way to show how the community has evolved. You see, there is a lack of enlightenment within the community itself. A lot of misunderstanding and hate even between gays, and lesbians, hate for bisexuals, and hate for transgender. So we want to show the troubles, the high points and basically- its all about loveunderstanding. Were putting out little cards on every seat in the audience. Every card will have a fact about LGBTQ life or history. And the idea being that it will get people to talk and be like Oh, did you know and No, did you know such and such? And in that way bring them together. Unity in difference and joining in similarities stands as a great theme of the show. The Rainbow Cabarets sweetly gentile rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow is accompanied by a ballet-esq ribbon dance. These lyrics are framed to the wider context of longing to live in a brighter time and place, where those who are now called outsider

been he said a great deal on his motivations and investment as a member of the gay community. RR: Alex and I discussed that there

can find the glorious treasure at the end of the metaphoric rainbow: inclusion. Rhythmic bodies lilt to Sarah Kennedys vocals, backed by piano, in this timeless melody with a full dancing rainbow of color in those rippling strips of cloth. After her solo I spoke with Miss. Kennedy about her involvement in The Rainbow Cabaret and CSULBs theater department in the actors green room below the Theatrical Arts building. IA: What drew you to this particular project? What appealed to you most? SK: Id been in the directors class. Alex was an old professor and she was wonderful to work with. So as a freshman I signed up for whatever I could. Growing up with professional singers for parents I felt confident in that. I wanted to work more on my acting. So this show was the first thing I could be in, and they cast me. IA: Why theater? Was it your upbringing or something you saw growing up or heard? SK: I came to theater through Music. My church held a musical and I found a love for causing the emotions in those watching. So in college I went in for musical theater, which led to classical theater eventually. They know I sing so thats why I got the Over the Rainbow segment. As I spoke to more of the cast and crew working on this cabaret it became clear that true to the message of the show, there was a diversity of people coming to work on it with a plethora of motivations but also a great deal of common want. That want was for understanding and growth within the gay and straight worlds. One Blake McCormack, featured in a number of ensemble segments, took a breath from choreography

to discuss the Rainbow Cabaret and his involvement. IA: Unlike quite a few of your co-stars you are not an LGBT person. You havent lived such a life with that difference to normative society. Why join a show with these themes? BM: Well, Im not gay myself, I have a friend of mine, whos very close, who is a part of the LGBT and I did it to understand more and, boy, I know a lot more now. And I feel like I can and want to learn more. I thought this would help me understand my friend a bit better

and it would hopefully be something hes proud of. IA: Im sure your friend is proud of you. BM: Thanks. And, I am real proud of the show as a whole. Its good stuff on history and advances made over the years. From a somber segment of the program Torch Song Jaime Martinez spoke of his involvement on the Rainbow Cabaret. JM: Alex Billings was a teacher of mine. In high school I was in Moon over Buffalo and a musical Sweet Charity. In class one day a friend told me thered be a showcase about LGBTQI. Then it became bigger, different, about finding a

voice in the community. I dont know exactly if it started with that in mind, Richard and Alex have the facts, but I love the way it went. It became a show about finding a voice for the community. You know theres a lot of hate directed at the community. The show is about digging down to hope and love. Not hating others. Instead of like anger or blame we- have like overcome.

Instead of like anger or blame we overcome, The show is about digging down to hope and love
IA: Would you say that negativity was a part of your experience as a non-heteronormative person? JM: I cant say that. I mean, everyones experience is different. There are always jerks- bullies, but my situation was a lot better than some kids growing up. The Rainbow Cabarets director then returned from managing his performers to are conversation. Freshly moved to tears by a bold version of Pretty Women sung by a female, female couple being harangued by a bigoted assembly with signs and slogans reminiscent of the Westboro Baptist Church where in Co-Director and CSULB faculty member Alex Billings sang her solo highlighting the caution of carless speech in the ears of children. IA: So you mentioned the history of LGBTQ persons playing a grand role in this show. I understand that one or more persons involved with this were present for a moment of that history. Will there be mentions of Stonewall from a firsthand account? RR: Though well mention it we wont focus on Stonewall as A: gay history

doesnt start there, and B: it is an event in the LGBT history most people have heard of. We begin with a point in history before Jesus time and go up to the 1980s. We sing songs and use scenes, like one from The Maids by Jean Genet, to contextualize this for the audience. My co-director Alex, she lived through the 1980s epidemic and was tested positive back then. She was a lot for friends and loved ones die. We do this scene called the AIDS piece, and its very raw, emotional. The AIDs Piece is a jarring segment of the show. The entire cast in comfortable groups watches as slowly each cluster finds one cast mate feeling ill. The music swells and the trouble increases. They portray confusion and fear in their faces as that which they knew as familiar is torn apart by something they cannot understand. Those afflicted are striped on stage, naked and left so very venerable. Those watching feel empathetic twinges of the venerability of those naked bodies harshly lit. IA: This show seems to do something wonderful in that it has a clear welcoming spirit that crowds of straight or gay viewers could resonate with. But I find that in LGBT media, films and theater especially, there is a tendency to be camp and cavalier or to be dead somber and maudlin. I feel that this show seeks to paint a more complex view that has levity and tragedy. BM: Yeah, like life. Its funny and sad sometimes. I think either of them alone wouldnt be honest. JM: Its not too serious but there are several good moments of real feeling. I think the balance is good. And if straight or gay come to watch I think that makes no difference ether. This is a great show, with talented actors.

March 27, 2013

Katie Lee McNeil
Yet again, you prove all That is imperfect and cant beAll that is deep inside me. I listen and watch, on my knees, ready to crawl, I hide-sheepishly. You must not know, Hoping you still want to return till you hear the crow. My darkened hide out provides me with the proper provisions- preventing my fall, Though, not doing a very fine job, Easily, emotionlessly, not remembering, giving my words for a know slob. I have to be taller than you-tall, tall, tall


March 27, 2013

Katie Lee McNeil

I cannot lie and claim that I feel connected with my Native side, Im a mut, to and fro the Western Front. I bleed red and blue, And let me write the way I want to.


This Day
Christopher Amador
Friends gathered here today many years ago, Pursuing a dream forbidden at home. Shunned alive by God-fearing wicked men, Two patriots forced abroad hope driven, Wandered into this blessed holy house. Fiends massed that day to strike them a blow. God-fearing wicked men stood witness of, Two veterans of dreadful war doing so proudly Stunning a disbelieving haughty homeland, By expressing righteous innocent love. They did affirm with sacred vows unions bliss, And self-evident truth of divine right unchallenged now, to love and be loved. In sickness or health what God joins men obey. Shame to any that rudely speaks ill of this day. Two warriors made lovers saw horrors unknown, Two men returned home and found no peace. Countrymen scorned these honest brothers in arms. Blood earned battle honors weighed not, In judgment of this brave sacred band.


Friends gathered here today hold memory, Above these two carefully marked graves. Neither war abroad nor lone war at home, Could ever break that cherished holy vow, That to part, not til death, but nevermore.


The Dream
Christopher Amador
Beneath the beating sun, below the moist brow, Eyes, brown and bright look beyond the arduous hill. Through shivering wind, and clamoring cold did she stroll, With never a doubt or a second thought for the plow. Her breast boasting thirsty babe, a belly unfilled. The little one did cry shrill for his mother still. It hurt her so to see her sorrowed babe, but for bread, Blood and tears must be spilled. Through waters deep, and nightly creep, Did she cross not for country, god, or lie. But for life and love, even under the scorching sky. Through parched lips, and sagging skin did spirit seep. And still she drives on for future suns. Her will unbroken, her devotion untamed, No Hell can dowse this flame. No falling sky, nor flooding land will fell her son. Up ahead an oasis promised in this land. All around the muddied ground, the dry earth did stain. Plastic bottles punctured, and tossed about. Not by wind or beast, but by roving bands.

An oasis disturbed, by triumphant sign. Back to your country, we give no charity. Nothing but silence and foggy clarity. At her feet by the red line, A crumpled note, Agua Libre, scribed. Not a drop unspilled, nor a drip unspoiled. Low did the babe cry, hard did the mother sigh. A cruel joke, respite denied.


Broken Fuses and Bathtubs

Valentina Thompson
I knew a boy who loved poetry almost as much as those skinny jeans he wore with that tight blue sweater every Friday and we were great friends. We showed each other every letter on paper we were too afraid to let the world hear and we promised after high school wed never stop writing to each other its been a year since Ive heard from her. I had a feeling she was trapped in another body and wrapped in a different storyline than the one that echoed in her mind and I was ready to listen. But she never showed me that poem. I wondered when I stopped being her safety until the text from the hospital reminded me maybe I cant save everybody. Ive interrupted four what a fucking faggots and two look, dykes. Ive been the last one standing and the defender of Christ, because I may not pray on my knees each Sunday but Ill swear to God someday youll see that your phobic choir is only tolerable because


our ignorance level is higher than a little concept called common sense. Because we try to resist change because if we arent the same then one of us must be lesser than one of us cant make the cut into the fabric of a society thats main pattern is stitched to the bleeding definition of normal after being stabbed by so many people trying to sew their names into acceptance I used to play basketball with a girl named Kacy who wore long sleeves in 80 degrees until the day she rolled them up accidentally and I saw each scar that had never been tended to. Ive stopped one Kill yourself, freak, which equates to seven attempts at plugging a portion of the leak of hatred they speak that flows out of their minds so freely, Kacy said to me Im sorry. She said shes sorry. This is for the girl at home with the short hair


and boys underwear, this is for the boy at lunch finding a hall to hide out in for a few more minutes because food will never taste as good as refuge. For the ones trying to split their skin to drain their sin or down their failure with five pills and a letter. For each, Dear mom, I never meant to hurt you. This is for the ones fighting the shock of indecency in response to the simple spark of electricity we get from kissing someone of the same sex or for getting the both of best worlds, for the ones who havent had sex yet and for the ones who arent their true sex yet, for the ones who dont want a definition but still want recognition as a human being; I see you. Gus, MB, Justyce, Hannah, Kayley, Ellie, Madison, Joey, Laura, Katy, Kacy, Xochitl, Ivy, Randell, Jaden, Missy, Emily, Leah, Laurence, Ken, Kohen, Malarie me. I see you up close in all your color and beauty and bravery


to be yourself in a world where so many people are trying to find the cords whose colored ends coordinate with their upbringing to plug in to their narrow-mindedness and fuel their focus into the one channel theyve already memorized all the commercials for. I am 19 years old and I know over a hundred people who have been caught in these cables, taught to resist how were wired. And yeah, you know what? Maybe I cant save everybody. But Ill never stop trying. (v.t.)


Kaleidoscope Love
Valentina Thompson
Define love. Open your mind and explain it to me. Define a relationship. Envision what would make you truly happy and tell me what you see. Define a lover. A partner. A spouse. A home. A family. A support system. Because I see two people, with mutual admiration, adoration, and respect. With hands intertwined, playful. Teasing. And huge smiles, and warm hearts. Who compromise, and strengthen each other

to overcome any obstacles. I see intimacy. And fire, and sparks; heated looks, want, and need. Raw passion. I see a new house or apartment, or condo, or loft with couches, and parties, food, and relatives; maybe even a pet roaming around. I see a childs innocence. Their laughter, their love, their affection. Who they look up to, attracted by kindness in its purest form. I see happiness. I dont see gender. Nor exclusively a man and a woman. I dont see hetero- or homosexual


stamped on their homes lease. Not judgment in an untainted childs eyes. Nor harm or pain inflicted on those around a same-sex right to love. No fault, no fear, no inferiority. I dont see pets cringe or flinch when their owners kiss. Not a trace of immorality or impurity or violation of God. I do not see a relationship founded only on sexual interaction. But apparently the second two same sexes come together, thats almost always the primary concern. So what explicitly, besides intercourse, differentiates gay from straight relationships? Because Im pretty sure theyre gay the rest of the day too. Can you tell ones a homosexual based on how they drive a car? Or make a pot of coffee? Or sing?


I know you can based on their ability to make a commitment to one another, because theyre still deprived of equal rights. I do not see fault in loving another unconditionally. But maybe you see things differently. Maybe, you disagree. Maybe I am just blinded by love; Just maybe, Im blinded by the way it should be. (v.t.)


Can You Hear it?

Andrew Henry
After her, I understood. I guess, before that beautys mystery Was not mine to understand. I had seen beauty, Gods beauty. Fields of flowers that never end. A sunset filled with colors that men could never duplicate. I had seen man made beauty, Monuments so great they touched the sky and the soul, Masterpieces that took generations to complete. But none of that had any substance, after her.

After her, after I saw her I had nothing. Could think of nothing but of how lovely she was. That I would grasp forever at what could not be held. I think it was her eyes, With one glance I was lost in them,


Eyes which promise so much but reveal so little, Or maybe it was her smile. That smile, not even a full one, more of a smirk, a half-smile, if you will, One that says Hi, without saying Hello. I was solely and completely lost in her, Undoubtedly a common fate for us mortals. How could any man understand the depths of you?

It was the beauty of her that trifled me. Perhaps thats the burden of possessing an essence, So vivid that it drowns out all sounds of the physical, A force so wonderful, that no matter how many, Striking physical qualities she possessed, It would never make her as beautiful as her essence. It flowed out of her in every direction.


It was the way she moved, the way she looked, But most of all the way she spoke It was her soul that spoke to me. And after that, after her, I understood. I could not only see her beauty, I could hear it.

The evil that men do lives after them. The good oft interred with their bones. - The Bard


The Modern Corsair for Febuary 2014 Issue Number 5 This issue was: LGBTQ. The omisexual members of the Modern Corsair have demanded representation. As a result, we have created a Kinsey tesseract. The members and the tesseract have recently fallen in love and you are invited to their polyamorous marriage. Im sure youll make a wonderful partner. The next issue will be Science Fiction. Do bring the laser beams. The last guy forgot them and our party was a huge flop because of it. Check out our subreddit at Send all entries, comments, or suggestions to Wed be happy to hear from our readers. Special thanks to: Pyung Kyu Choi Gabriel Enamorado The Stay Gallery The cast of The Rainbow Cabaret And the biggest thanks of all to: You. Not you as the reader of this magazine, specifically you as the human being reading this text in this moment. Keep on reading, beautiful person.