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Topic 1 Essay Research Causes of World War I

Details/Examples Details/Examples Details/Examples Details/Examples Details/Results of of Militarism of Alliances of Nationalism of Imperialism the Assassination
LESSON KEYNOTE ` European Arms Race

LESSON KEYNOTE ` Alliances meant

READING ` The Pan - Slavic movement was Slavic Nationalism - the Balkans wanted to create one slavic nation and it was supported by Russia ` Propaganda was used by military leaders to promote

LESSON KEYNOTE ` Colonies were prestigious at the turn of the century ` Nations with empires wanted to increase lands and spread their beliefs and they also needed their colonies raw

LESSON KEYNOTE ` On June 28, 1914 Gavrilo Princip - a Serbian Nationalist and member of the terrorist group called the Black hand - shot and killed the Archduke of Austria Hungary - sparking WWI ` Bosnia was the portion of Serbia under Austria Hungarys empire The Black Hand a Serbian Nationalist group in free Serbia fought to free Bosnia from Austria Hungary ` The Black Hand conspired to assassinate the Archduke (potential ruler) of Austria Hungary while he was visiting Bosnia. ` The rst two assassins did not throw grenades because too many innocent people were nearby ` The Black Hand had set up assassins at all entrances and exits to the city ` As the Archduke was leaving the city, Princip shot and killed

` France and Germany that some countries had no option but to doubled the size of their military ` British created a


new battleship called - ` Dual Alliance made between dreadnought & Germany in a race to keep up copied them ` Germans made a war plan called Schlieffen plan to prepare for war ` Germany doubled the size of its navy to compete with Britain LESSON READING ` Military expansion

Germany and Austria - Hungary - this made Russia mad at Germany because Russia and Austriawhat was best for the Balkans. This alliance meant the Germany favored their relationship

nationalism among the materials and natural resources to people so the people
supply their industries ` The need for resources and prestige of having colonies made European nations race to gain the most territories in Africa and Asia ` Imperialist nations justied taking

Hungary disagreed on would support war

when it came ` nationalism took two paths nationalism for independence and nationalism for dominance - this became imperialism ` Britain showed nationalism by supporting/

was encouraged by the with Austria Hungary. German Kaiser because he was worried about being in the middle of France,

` The Triple Alliance - made between Austria - Hungary,

Britain, and Russia who Germany, and Italy so Italy could gain were all friends of each other but enemies of Germany & because he was jealous of the respect Britain got for the strength and size of their navy ` Germany passed eet acts to expand their military LEARN MORE

territory and the other two kept Italy from siding with Russia ` The Triple Entente - made between Russia, Britain, and France to protect each other if Germany invaded LEARN MORE ` militarism,

celebrating their navy other lands with Nationalism - (Our ` British nationalism was nationalism of dominance (imperialism) which gave them the attitude that they were helping the countries they had taken control of under their empire ` Germany used nationalism to gain support of all German speaking
country is so great; were doing them a favor making them a part of our empire) ` Competition between European nations for territories led to conicts such as the Moroccan crisis and the Boer War ` Britain owned colonies on 5 continents ` military leaders